One of Hargrove's men. A background check confirmed my suspicion: David Carter was an NSA agent. He and Jack Miller were both assigned to monitor this NSA project that KemSynth was working on. When Red Section got hold of it, the first thing they did was track down the NSA agents and eliminate them. How did Singularity know who they were? - Gabe Logan

Ortega's papers. The entire revolution is a scam. Ortega, one of the Peruvian Revolutionary War Council leaders, was in an Iquitos prison serving life for rape and murder when Red Section broke him out, funded an army, and paid him to attack Iquitos. Maybe Red Section had committed too many of its personnel to the KemSynth refinery op and could not take on Hargrove's forces as well, or maybe they simply wanted to sneak in unnoticed. Whichever, Ortega's days of rape and murder are over. - Gabe Logan

PRWC bank statements. These records show that huge sums of money were transfered from Red Section numbered accounts directly into accounts controlled by the Peruvian Revolutionary War Council (PRWC). Some of the money was being funneled directly to Carlos Barrera, the leader, and Luis Ortega, his number one goon. It's costing Red Section a fortune to fund this revolution, which proves two things. One, Red Section is well funded, and two, they're investing heavily in their bid to acquire Project Dark Mirror. - Gabe Logan

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