Jack Miller's body. I know this man. His name is Jack Miller, an NSA agent. What the hell is he doing here, and dressed like a KemSynth technician? Before this op, we were given no briefing that indicated other agencies were running ops inside KemSynth. Again, something doesn't add up. Jack was a good man. He still shows up in IR, so he can't have been dead long. I hate leaving him here, in a pool of his own blood. - Gabe Logan

Requisition forms. I've found a box of KemSynth requisition forms for sunlamps, grow lights, hydroponics tanks, water lines, and watering systems. What the hell would they need this for in an oil refinery. These are all signed by William Kreisler. Classified is stamped over his signature. - Gabe Logan

Page from KemSynth safety manual. A Red Section soldier has ripped a page from the KemSynth safety manual which shows how all the maintenance tunnels connect together beneath the refinery. This elevator shaft leads down to the employee lounge, and into the gas rooms. Red Section will be using the tunnels like rats in a tenement building. It's time for extermination. - Gabe Logan

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