Red Section shipping invoice. The scope of Red Sections operations is becoming clear. Using AIT as a front they were able to steal weapons materials from around the world and ship them using AIT registered hazardous material permits. Not only were they going after depleted uranium in Bosnia and the KemSynth project, but other materials as well, operations in at least twelve countries. Addison had no idea who she was dealing with. Killing a ten year old would mean nothing to a man like Singularity. - Gabe Logan

KemSynth shipping container. I uncovered several KemSynth shipping containers. They were easy to find because using data from Freeman's optical discs, Teresa was able to decrypt the KemSynth tracking codes. I was able to use my EDSU goggles to find the ID devices they used to control shipping and inventory. According to the bar code data, these containers are filled with proprietary hydroponics equipment that KemSynth had developed. Evidence that Singularity is trying to cultivate the same species of plant. - Gabe Logan

Data scan filter. Singularity has installed high frequency data scan filters on all of his CAT - 10 lines. Teresa warned us to be careful patching into the Red Section data system because there was a danger that Singularity would be able to trace back the entry point and gain access to our system and Zeus. These data scan devices originated with Interpol. How did Red Section get them? - Gabe Logan