Weapon cartridge. I found a weapon cartridge that reads hot under EDSU. A depleted uranium round? The manufacturer's ID is missing, but it has a location stamp that reads Helsinki, Finlan. Either Red Section has an arms supplier in Finland, or a facility of their own. Either way, I'm going to have Teresa start digging. - Gabe Logan

More KemSynth paperwork. This manual describes security protocols for Security Section D: who is authorized to enter, ID checks, retinal scans, the works. It doesn't explain why an oil refinery needs this kind of security, or why a hydroponics lab would be set up inside it. But I guarantee one thing: this is the real reason Red Section is here. THey are not a terrorst group going after the pipeline. They want whatever it is that's inside KemSynth Security Section D. - Gabe Logan

More grow lights. These are still warm, as if they had been dismantled recently. These look like metal halide lamps, designed for use where no natural sunlight is available. This makes sense. The light they emit is blue oriented in the spectrum, which promotes growth, not budding. This far north, the sun is low to the horizon for over half the year, so anything they grow would require artificial light, and lots of it. - Gabe Logan