Zivmovic capsules. One of Zivmovic's men, dead but no gunshot wounds. Beside the body is a case of cyanide capsules. Zivmovic left specific instructions for all of his men that they were not to be captured alive. Each man carries a cyanide capsule. If they are captured, they were ordered to take their own life to avoid interrogation. I suspect this had nothing to do with security. It seems like the kind of command a sick mind comes up with to maintain total control. God help us if a man like Zivmovic ever rises to a position of real world power. - Gabe Logan

Janzen's Unit orders. Using my IR, I've discovered one of the young men from Janzen's unit shot in the head. Inside his pack was their unit's orders. When this op began, Janzen's unit had eighteen men. How many are alive now? If I find out that Red Section had a mole inside the UN who sold out these boy's lives, I'll kill the bastard with my bare hands. - Gabe Logan

Red Section orders. One of the Red Section mercs, dead. He was carrying orders to the onsite Red Section commander signed by someone codenamed Singularity. I wonder who at Red Section is picking thse code names? A singularity is a black hole, a point of matter so dense it creates a gravity well from which nothing can escape. I wonder if Singularity, whoever he is, is trying to communicate something? When I find him, I look forward to seeing bullets enter his event horizon. - Gabe Logan

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