A signal jammer. Hidden in one of the wings was a sophisticated signal emitter that spoofed a legitimate NORAD ID code. Military planes flying without registered flight plans that enter US Airspace must have this code or they risk being shot down. The codes are changed weekly, so I have no idea how Red Section obtained them. - Lian Xing

A radar jammer. Red Section was using a radar jammer to mask the true location of their transport plane. I've seen technology like this before, but only on first - world stealth craft, like the stealth bomber. First, how wouls Red Section obtain technology like this, and second, how could they afford it? There's more to these guys than we expected. - Lian Xing

A homing beacon. I found a homing beacon buried at the edge of the landing field. It's battery was dead so it didn't appear on EDSU, but it still had a heat signature. Red Section must have used it to direct them to their LZ. It has to have been planted before their OP began, which means that either they has an advance operative out here weeks in advance, or they have a mole inside KemSynth who came out here in advance. I'm betting on the latter. - Lian Xing