MI6 has been running a surveillance op in Kaliningrad. A group has been smuggling stolen groups across the border from Poland into Kaliningrad, where they're being resold by the Russian mafia. MI6 has evidence that Red Section is involved.
The Investigation into Yavlinsky was a major confrontation of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror where joint MI6 and IPCA efforts carried out surveillance on the Russian crime family.

Gabe Logan was successful in his endeavours; not only did he recover information on Yavlinsky's affairs, but Hargrove, who had vaporised during the previous conflict, resurfaced and pleaded for his assistance. Yavlinsky's matters were terminated by Red Section, who sent forces to tie up loose ends, but the troops in their faction were taken out after Touchstone, who commanded the overall operation, made his leave.

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