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Investigation into Yavlinsky
Previous conflict UN Assault in Bosnia
Concurrent conflict (s) Nil
Next conflict Transaction on Germany
Location Konigsberg Casino
  • Red Section forces wipe out Yavlinsky crime family
  • IPCA captures MI6 recording devices
  • Addison Hargrove reconciles with Gabe Logan
Factions and belligerents
  • International Presidential Consulting Agency
  • Military Intelligence section 6
  • Red Section
  • Yavlinsky mafia
Commanders and leaders
  • MI6 head
  • Gabe Logan
  • Singularity
  • Viktor Yavlinsky
Combatants and strength
  • Gabe Logan
  • Viktor Yavlinsky
  • Petr Lopatin
  • Casino security members
  • Red Section forces
Casualties and losses
  • Classified amount of prostitutes
  • Viktor Yavlinsky
  • Petr Lopatin
  • Unknown quantities of security personnel
  • All onsite Red Section members

The Investigation into Yavlinsky was a major confrontation of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror where joint MI6 and IPCA efforts carried out surveillance on the Russian crime family.