Basic Information
Reno, Nevada, 1968


6'3 "

214 lbs

Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Gabriel Logan


Cut by helicopter blades


The Agency

The Consortium


Bronze Star in the Persian Gulf combat zone

Misc. Information
Appears in

Syphon Filter 2



Voice actor(s)

Peter Kepler (SF2)

How many men did you kill to get here? All of them, they were just doing their jobs. Did they deserve to die? I'm just doing what I was trained to do! - Jason Chance

Jason Chance was an Agency operative assigned to undercover work as an Army Lieutenant in the Chemical and Biological Defense Command. He had a history with the military for being a West Point graduate and fighting in Gulf War where he received the Bronze Star. Afterwards, the U.S. Army bestowed him the rank of second lieutenant and his presumable career with the Agency began alongside enlistment with the CBDC.

Syphon Filter 2 

"Hey! You want some of this!?" - Jason Chance

"There's just one guard out there. Does that seem right to you?" "Yeah, it seems right. For a ambush." - Jason Chance and Gabriel Logan talking

The unit commanded by Chance was active against the terrorist forces of Erich Rhoemer and his biological attack on Washington, D.C. Chance would later join Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing in Kazakhstan to secure crates of the Syphon Filter virus stockpiled by Pharcom. The CBDC agents accompanied Logan on the flight to the United States, only to have the C-130 transport shot down in Colorado. Chance kept Agency commandos informed on Logan's progress to recover Pharcom data discs, and maintained his cover.

Chance is then seen again on the Colorado state highway and informs Logan he's pinned down. Logan manages to grab some arms for himself and Chance and both manage to escape the Agency spook commandos. Chance is told to wait in the highway's first tunnel in which Chance isn't seen again for some time.
Syphon2 790screen012

When Logan arrived at the Agency's New York labs to trade for Lian's vaccine, director Lyle Stevens used Chance's association with Logan as a ploy in case Logan escaped custody. Chance dressed as a test subject and eliminated CBDC agent John Ramirez after Logan released him from a cell.

Chance encounters Logan along a parking garage roof attempting to escape by helicopter. He wounds Teresa Lipan and confronts an angered Logan, after their talk of Chance's true motives, Chance then challenges Logan to a showdown donning his full body armour mask and pulling out his own UAS-12 Semi-automatic shotgun.

During their showdown Logan shoots Chance into the helicopter's rear rotary blades using a UAS-12 Semi-automatic shotgun, killing Chance and evading the Agency.

Appears in

Syphon Filter 2


"Let's dance!" - Jason Chance

When facing Chance on the parking lot, be sure to avoid his sight. He has incredible accuracy and is armed with the deadly UAS-12 semi-automatic shotgun, which can make quick work of the player (Note: It is NOT recommended to hide behind the cars in the parking lot as Chance can destroy them with his UAS-12). If the player wants to defeat Chance traditionally they should run to the Helicopter located in the middle of the parking lot and retrieve the UAS-12 in the weapons crate inside, whenever the player shoots Chance with another weapon (excluding the M-79) no damage will be inflicted and Chance won't be knocked back, instead Chance will stumble for a breif moment from the bullets.

The player should then try to lure Chance near the rear of the helicopter (Note: Be careful near the rear, as you can also be killed by the rotary blades) to be able to shoot him into the rear rotary blades where they will slice through his armour and kill him. Alternatively, if the player still has any remaining M-79 grenade launcher ammo with them they can use the M-79 to knock Chance into the rotary blades; however this is not recommended as the M-79 has limited ammo depending on how the player used it in the previous mission, has a low fire rate compared to the UAS-12, the explosion's impact could kill the player, and the M-79 can destroy the Helicopter that is needed to escape.

If the player should run out of bullets they can retrieve another UAS-12 from the same weapon crate, likewise with Flak Jacket armour if the player loses any armour a weapons crate on the opposite site of the helicopter can be found.

Taunts during battle

  • "You were the best, Gabe, but you let that partner of yours get under your skin!"
  • "Too bad about Teresa, looks like you did as good a job saving her as you did with Lian!"
  • "Ramirez died thinking you were the one who betrayed him!"
  • "Is that the best you can do, Gabe?!"
  • "You can't hide in there all day. That get your attention?"


  • Chance is the third boss character to have worn full body armor, with the first being Anton Girdeux and the second being Erich Rhoemer.
  • Chance is referenced in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain UAS-12's weapon description. He's also mentioned in Syphon Filter 3 when Logan explained that Rhomer used the same armor during their encounter.
  • Chance is the first Boss character to refer to Logan as "Gabe" while the ones before him say "Logan".
  • Chance is also one of the few antgonists who have been mentioned by Singularity in Dark Mirror.


Jason Chance

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