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Basic Information


Personal Status


Date of Death

August 24th, 1999

Killed by

Anton Girdeux
Girdeux's Terrorists
Edward Benton (set up)


Presumed shot and burned to death.


The Agency (19?? - 1999)


Agency Operative (19?? - 1999)

Misc. Information
Appears in

Syphon Filter

Jenkins is a character in Syphon Filter. He is an operative in The Agency, who was supervised by Deputy Director Edward Benton. During the Washington D.C. Attack by the terrorist organization known as the Black Baton, Jenkins' Team was sent in first on Search and Defuse while Gabriel Logan acted as the "Trigger", eliminating the terrorists one by one. It is presumed they acted as backup for CBDC, who were also on scene to disarm Viral Bombs planted by the terrorists.

As Gabe fights his way through Georgia Street and later the Destroyed Subway, he learns that the Black Baton is making their way into Washington Park and contacts Lian Xing with the information, telling her to send Jenkins in that direction. Unfortunately for Jenkins and his team, Benton (who is working with the Black Baton) notifies Anton Girdeux and his terrorists that the Agency team is on the way and an ambush is set up waiting for them. Lian receives a distress call from Jenkins' Team claiming that they're under heavy fire and one of the terrorists has a "Flame Thrower" (Girdeux).

Contact is lost with the team as Gabe tracks down and wounds Mara Aramov in the Main Subway Line. After Gabe is out of the subway and moving across the D.C. streets, he tells Lian to inform Jenkins that there are other smaller viral bombs situated throughout the park. Benton contacts him shortly thereafter with a "Mission Redirect", letting him know that Jenkins (as well as his team) have been eliminated and that he is to pick up their operation of defending the CBDC as they disarm the bombs.

Following the incident and during a briefing involving Pharcom as well as Edward Benton, Logan lays blame on his former superior for the botched operation in Costa Rica and Jenkins' entire team being wiped out. Logan later succeeds in eliminating Benton, avenging the death of a fellow Agent.


  • Jenkins is never seen within the game or in any other title.
  • It is presumed he was either killed by gunshots or incineration, due to his encounter with Girdeux.
  • Jenkins' Team cannot be found within game, even as corpses following their destruction. It's unknown where they were killed in Washington Park.
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