The jump glitch is a technique in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain which allows a single player to complete particular online objectives without a teammate using a super-jump.


Face the object you wish to traverse, roll and hit the X button as your character's back hits the ground. This may require significant amounts of practice and as such it will make certain objectives much more difficult.

  • Equip a back or auxiliary weapon
  • Roll with the circle button
  • Hit the circle button again
  • Press the X button when your agent's is on the ground
  • This will cause your character to jump if done correctly
  • Activate the flashlight to make things easier. The X button should be pressed when the light points at the ground.

Objectives for which this glitch works

Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone

Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace

  • Destroy SCUD missile mechanism

Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin

  • Recover black box flight recorder

Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base

  • Stop missile from launching

Is the glitch useful outside of team objectives?

  • In Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone, the player can use the same technique to recover C4 charges from a building that is usually only accessible online. These explosives can be used to blow open a gate leading to Andre Proust without requiring the character to access the train tunnels.
  • In Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District, the player can again acquire C4 from the train's rooftop in the tunnels. Plant a charge in the furnace room to quickly kill the ALA death squad without needing to fight them directly!
  • In Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill, it may be possible to access an items cache that can only be reached online with this method. This cache is accessed via a vent, which in turn is on top of a platform to which a team member can be lifted. (The contents of this cache remain unknown)
  • In North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig, the player can also use this to access Mujari's location from the topside deck and this allows one to access a 10,000 point flak jacket.
  • In Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower, it may be possible to bypass the security level even when the alarm is triggered using this glitch.
  • In Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar, it is possible to enter the bus right next to the player and explore it with this technique.
  • Completing Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace while tackling this objective is rather tricky. Because Zohar's death will automatically fail the mission, extensive practice is required to destroy the SCUD missile.
    • It is also possible to leave the balcony and explore the area using this method.
    • If the player happens to jump off the palace from the area where the copter will arrive before the aircraft appears, mission failure is automatically triggered.
  • In Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base, the player can use this to access Rodion Ushakov's tank.
  • It is impossible to complete both the objectives in Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha and Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base even with this technique.


A walkthrough for the method can be found here.

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