"What's that? Oh, hello, precious."

"Bishop, I'm approaching the engine room."

"Ah, roger that... Take all the time you need, mate."

"Bishop, Gabe could come out at any moment. And you need to be ready!"

"Don't you need you telling me my job, sweetheart. I'm a bloody expert."

"Ugh, Lipan out."

"Ha! I've caught you red-handed this time!"

"Oh, hey Cassie! Cool down, baby! I wasn't flirting! I had to get her off my back so I could collect some...inventory."

"Logan's not paying us to scavenge for parts."

"I have some time to kill."

'Killing Time' is the first bonus mission in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. It shows what Dane Bishop was doing when Gabe Logan had infiltrated the St. Helens' wreckage during 'Depths of Darkness'.


  • Dane Bishop (playable)
  • Teresa Lipan (radio)
  • Gabe Logan (radio)
  • Cassie (radio)
  • Alima Haddad (mentioned)

Plot synopsis

Continuing from the infiltration of the St. Helens' wreckage, the mission plays out Bishop's perspective of Gabe's entrance to the scuttled ship. Despite Cassie's insistence that they're not there to 'scavenge for junk', Bishop argues that he 'still has time to kill', thus the mission's name.

Halfway through the mission, Dane gets a radio call from Gabe, in which the latter asks his friend to meet him in the engine room. Towards the end, Bishop tries to delay Logan, who needs help cutting his way out of the silo room. Teresa presses Dane to meet Gabe.

When all the valuables are collected, Bishop reports that he 'felt the entire ship shudder' and Logan tells him he's on the way to the reactor. Dane asks Gabe how he got out from the room and his response is that his friend 'pulled a Dane Bishop'. He questions what this means and Cassie tells him his solutions are stupid since they always involve blowing something up. Bishop remarks that this is just plain rude as the mission ends.

Hidden Evidence

  • Near the helicopter, look toward the bottom side of the 'cliff wall' and there will be a flag, 'interact' with it to get the evidence.
  • Go toward the deck of the ship (roof of this level), and look for a 'cable rolls'. There are only 3 of them, and counting from the left, go between the 2nd and the 3rd. You will see cables tied up to a structure and a 'torn map'. 'Interact' with the map.
  • Collect all 16 valuables.
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