Gabe Logan: "Kreisler! Where's Freeman? Where are the discs?"

William Kreisler: "You're too late... They got him in the substation... And they're gonna blow it up..."

Gabe Logan: "Teresa, check the schematics for a hothouse. And tell Lian to head over to the substation. I'll meet her there."

Teresa Lipan: "Copy that. As soon as I restore contact, I'll let her know. I'm looking at the schematics for Security Section D, and a whole section of it's blacked out. Looks like enough room for a hothouse."

Gabe Logan: "Whatever the hell it is, I bet the optical disc is there... Logan out."

Kriesler's Garden is the eighth story mission of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. It shows Gabe diving deeper into the KemSynth facility to stop Kreisler's execution, and his attempt to recover the scientist's optical disk.

Plot synopsis

In the starting cutscene, Black King announces that he has no more need for Kreisler, and a Red Section soldier is given the green light to kill the scientist. The antagonist mockingly asks the latter how long he can hold his breath, but the scientist responds with a taunt. The soldier hits a control panel and backs off, leaving Kreisler to suffocate.

The player has 1:30 to stop Kreisler from dying. Shoot out the ventilation shaft panel, crawl inside and then use the vents to enter the chamber. Use your taser to shoot out the four vents in the ceiling, and interact with the control panel. There is a flak jacket and a door key on the dead worker below Kreisler. When you have what you need, climb up the ladder.

As he unties Kreisler, Gabe asks the scientist where Freeman is and what happened to the discs. He's told it's too late: they have him 'in the substation' and they will destroy it. No sooner has Kreisler spoken than he dies, a white flower on him. Gabe tells Teresa to search the schematics for a hothouse and orders Lian to go to the substation - he'll meet her there. Teresa agrees, saying that a whole section of Security Section D is blacked out - enough room for a hothouse. Gabe tells her the optical disc must be there.

When the game continues, two Red Section soldiers will rush in, complaining that somebody turned off the gas. Gabe kills them and continues on, fending off more thugs. He gets on an elevator and jumps off at the lower level; at this point, a flamethrower-brandishing person confronts him but like Anton Girdeaux and Red Jack, he is incinerated. Logan proceeds into the next room, where he kills a horde of enemies and attempts to open a door, but not having the credentials, he asks Teresa for help. She accidentally triggers the sprinkler system and more guards arrive; Logan drop them and the door subsequently opens.

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