Laser mines
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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Laser mines are a weapon used in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.


"Laser trips are incendiary mines that, when detonated, create a fire blast of up to 40 feet from the position of the mine. Laser mines can only deployed onto a vertical surface."

Laser mines are used in Dark Mirror by Red Section personnel, who plant it in Security Section D during their assault on KemSynth Petroleum. They also use it in Kreisler's garden, and in the pipeline substation.

Laser mines are seen again when Gabe investigates Tuzla Munitions. He also finds them in the Kaliningrad casino and in the Zugspitze tram pass terminal.

In Logan's Shadow, the player can find laser mines in Azerbaijan, where the Spetsnaz are conducting genocidal activities. They are seen again in Bitar's dam, when Gabe infiltrates the area to stop the antagonist from carrying out his scheme.


  • Laser mines can be programmed to kill hostile personnel; it has allowed Red Section and Spetsnaz to run through them without exploding, but anybody else is fair game. It is possible to 'turn' these devices against their user if the player elects to disarm and deploy them.
  • They will show up on the EDSU goggles.
  • If shot, laser mines will explode, killing Gabe (should he be too close) and enemies within its blast radius.
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