Shen Rei: "Wait... Gabriel Logan?"

Gabe Logan: "Shen Rei."

Shen Rei: "Lian told me about you."

Gabe Logan: "What's going on with these?"

Shen Rei: "The charge stations are unstable. I need your help- -"

Gabe Logan: "I have to stop Bitar--"

Shen Rei: "These are heading for a meltdown. If you don't help me remove the devices right now, we all die."

Gabe Logan: "Can't you shut off the power?"

Shen Rei: "No. I'll work from back there in the control room, while you stay here and remove the devices. It's dangerous, but it's the only way."

Gabe Logan: "So I have to reach into a live, unstable power terminal and remove each device?... Let's get started."

"Leading the Blind" is the twenty-first mission of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. It involves Gabe traversing into the dam, where he removes the X-Z-2 devices and pursues BItar.


  • Gabe Logan (playable)
  • Shen Rei
  • Lian Xing
  • Ghassan al-Bitar


It will be an all-out war right from the start. Take out the enemies opposite you, using the wall mines to your advantage. When the coast is clear, CAUTIOUSLY tread forward into the room, where another thug is waiting. Blow him away, and turn the wheel which triggers a new enemy.

Exit the room, and an AS-wearing man will confront you. Use an electric attack or explosive to bring him down, and shoot the backpack he wears. Destroy or disarm the mine here, grab his keycard and get all the ammo you need (and armour as well, if required). Head into the next room, where Bitar, being the coward that he is, will run off.

Now you need to take out the X-Z-2 from the machines.

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