M-16 Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

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The M-16 is a staple weapon in Syphon Filter, Syphon Filter 2 and Syphon Filter 3. It is one of the more favored guns among the CBDC, Black Baton and The Agency, often found on the field wielded by many soldiers. Overall it is a dependable weapon with a nice clip size that means it can take down multiple soldiers before running out. The ammo is also plentiful and easy to find due to many opponents using the same weapon.



Fire Rate ||||
Damage ||
Clip Size 30
Max Rounds 180

This weapon is lightweight, accurate, and has very low recoil. The preeminent assault rifle in the world, it was developed by the US Army in 1965, and has since become a mainstay for armed forces, police, and personal defense enthusiasts.

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