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Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

The MB-150 is the IPCA's prototype sniper rifle, and it is also Gabe Logan's most useful and versatile weapon system.

It appears in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Lian Xing is armed with a modification, the VSS Special, in the former, and Teresa Lipan also uses it in a bonus mission in the latter. Touchstone steals it and uses it against Gabe in Episode 6, Part 2 in Dark Mirror.

It has the ability to fire specialized darts that can be triggered by the user at any time. Types of darts are:

  • 6mm shots: General purpose bullets used to take down enemies at extreme range
  •  Explosives Darts: These will create a minor blast radius that kills multiple enemies, but they make much noise
  •  X34 Gas Darts: Similar to the explosive darts in that they take out a group of guards, although they are silent
  •  EDT Darts: Generally used to stealthily neutralise individuals, but firing one into a puddle of water and triggering it will eliminate many patrols positioned inside the puddle.


  • In Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, enemies wearing electronic armour are invincible against explosive darts. This was changed in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, allowing players to drop them on their knees.
  • This weapon seems to resemble the Heckler and Koch MSG90, more commonly referred to erroneously as the C8 Rifle.
  • Even if armoured enemies are killed instantly using explosive darts, they will still register as being equipped with a flak jacket.
  • The scope in Dark Mirror has a complete crosshair, while that in Logan's Shadow is incomplete, with an arrow at the bottom indicating where the shot will approximately hit.
  • Darts can be removed if the EDSU goggles is equipped and close enough to the initial dart, allowing players to retrieve them.
  • It is strikingly similar to the SC-20K from Splinter Cell. Both weapons have a variety of ammunition types, with the MB-150 being used primarily for firefights and the SC-20K being more functional. The latter can be used not only as firepower but also as a reconnaissance instrument.
  • According to Teresa, the X34 darts are a variant of Sarin nerve agent, a gas grenade which was available in The Omega Strain, but can also be used in multiplayer in Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow.
  • Enemies may sometimes comment on how amazing the weapon's functions are, and may even use explicit terms such as 'damn'.
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