Main Subway Line is the third level of Syphon Filter. It takes place in the main subway lines beneath Washington, DC and continues directly from where the Destroyed Subway mission left off. Gabe meets Mara Aramov for the first time here.


As Gabe escapes from the destroyed Georgia Street subway station and reaches the main line, he spots international terrorist Mara Aramov in the subway tunnel.

Mission Briefing

08/24 00:30


Logan, intel indicates Rhoemer has fled the scene. Jenkins is meeting heavy resistance in the Washington Park area and DCPD reports fifteen officers down. We fear an Agency leak has given his position away.

Mara Aramov's identity has been confirmed by Interpol. Do not let her escape. Caution: FEMA is using the eastbound tracks to shuttle emergency personnel: do not use explosives of any kind in the tunnel or you will cause a derailment.


Syphon Filter (HD) Walkthrough Mission 3 "Washington DC Main Subway Line!"

Syphon Filter (HD) Walkthrough Mission 3 "Washington DC Main Subway Line!"

Eliminate Mara Aramov

Gabe must pursue Aramov through the subway tunnel and eliminate her. She is wearing a flak jacket so a headshot is the quickest way to do so. There are no other objectives; once Aramov goes down, the ending cutscene triggers. This mission can be completed in just a few seconds if Gabe can score a quick headshot.

While Aramov is still running, Gabe must pursue her while avoiding active trains traveling on both tracks, and defeat an ever-increasing number of Black Baton goons. Eventually, Aramov will stop running and turn and fight.


Gabe injures Aramov but is unable to get any information out of her before she passes out. Gabe leaves her behind and continues up to the street level to get to Washington Park and continue his pursuit of Rhoemer and Girdeux.

Ending Dialog

Gabe: "Where's Rhoemer? Where are the other bombs?"

Mara Aramov: "You're too late, Logan!" 

Gabe: "We'll see."

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