Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha

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Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill

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Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain




Internal Presidential Consulting Agency

Weapons in level


Anti-armour frag grenades





Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha


Retrieve equipment from crash site

Destroy power substation

Destroy communications truck

Disable AA tower

Shut down gas main

Destroy Scud missile

Eliminate Pulikovsky

Rescue Stone

Destroy tank

Obtain sewage sample

Retrieve Ivankov's papers

Destroy bridge to stop tank (Team)


CDP soldiers

Mikhail Pulikovsky


Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha is the sixth level of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. The player works with Stone to figure out where the cattle shipments went to and sabotages the CDP operations in the process.


  • "Cobra" (playable)
  • Gary Stoneman (P.O.W.)
  • Alima Haddad (P.O.W.)
  • Mikhail Pulikovsky (K.I.A.)
  • Tank commander (K.I.A.)
  • Mikhas Ivankov (seen in cutscene)
  • Mara Aramov (seen in cutscene)
  • Imani Grey (seen in cutscene)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

A truck is stopped by patrols at a security checkpoint close to a chateau in Mazyr, Belarus, but is allowed to pass. Inside, Pulikovsky tells his men to stay alert: something has gone wrong at Krivorozhstal. Though his goons understand, the terrorist insists he wants a patrol not only on the roads, but also in the back country. Ivankov tells his subordinate that he (the former) is going to the base, and Pulikovsky must meet him there when the operations are closed. He is told that Pulikovsky does not trust Aramov: she is working for Niculescu. This surprises Pulikovsky: Mara heard the conversation. She heads towards a car, while Ivankov tells Pulikovsky that he will settle scores with the banker. Left alone, Pulikovsky watches the wilderness while somebody behind him struggles to carry a crate; the latter smashes its contents all over the floor. Furious, the terrorist tells his man to clean the mess up, and the scene cuts away.

We see the helicopter carrying Stone and Alima flying towards the chateau; a missile is fired towards them. The stabilisers are hit; the screen then cuts to black.

With the mission starting, you have nothing except your pistol and melee weapon. Head towards the power substation, watching out for snipers. You can kill them with the taser if you have it, but this wastes time, and chances are you won't have it yet. Ignore the sharpshooters, then kill the soldiers and pick up C4 explosives. Sprint to the power station and plant your bomb - run back out to get more.

From the substation, hang a right and follow the path along the snow. More snipers attempt to ambush you - kill them, or evade their fire. Follow the map to the crashed helicopter - avoid the fire and grab your gear. Note that there are two crates, one with your weapons and the other with general mission equipment.

With your guns loaded, kill the enemies and return to the power station. Before going there, you will notice a ledge that you can interact with. Drop down, look for an alcove and go through it. At the very end is your sewage sample, so climb into the pipes and grab it. Kill all who lurk around, return to the ledge and go back to the power station.

Return to the starting point, but follow your map to the comms truck. Drop the guards who patrol the road, but ignore the fellow atop the vehicle. Set your C4 on the truck and sprint for the AA tower. If you have a grenade, toss it up there to simultaneously kill the rocket-launcher enemy and destroy the computer. If you don't have one, you must go up the ladder and shoot the computer.

Slide down the ladder and return to the now burning comms truck. Follow the route to a tunnel, killing all the enemies. Go through this tunnel and you will see a sniper atop the bridge. Punch his head with a bullet and shut down the gas mains. Follow this bridge and evad the tank.

Ignore the tank for now - there is nothing you can do about it without a teammate. Kill the enemies instead and toss a grenade at the SCUD missile - if you have none, C4 will be an excellent substitute. Go through this path and kill the enemies, then enter the gate. Follow your map to the chateau.

Go to the left, and two guards will confront you. Neutralise them. Enter this entrance, mowing down all who attempt to stop you. Return to the doorway and climb up the scaffolding. You will now have the objective of rescuing Stone.

Follow the vents to Pulikovsky and Stone. The former is busy stabbing your teammate, so snipe him through the head. Take this opportunity to sift the lone guard's skull as well. Drop down slowly and untie Stone - he will arm himself. Grab the anti - armour grenades from the crate here and head outside.

Enemies will confront you, so run-and-gun. When you reach the exterior, try to kneel and aim your grenades towards the tank. It will eventually blow up, and the mission is complete after a couple of minutes.

In the ending cutscene, we learn that Imani thinks it's nothing that Alima went missing. Stone says that he never lost a pilot in his ten years in the army. However, Imani points out the trick of Teresa Lipan in Syphon Filter 3: nobody is dead unless you touch their body. Stone tells her that should Alima be alive, she would rather she be dead.

Meanwhile, Lian disagrees with Gabe's diagnosis of trusting Zohar, but Logan argues that they must find out what Yushchenko is selling. The Mossad has set up a surveillane operation in Sana's, which makes things much easier. Lian counters that there's no limit, but Gabe will let her know when he crosses it. When he asks who they can send, Teresa replies that she knows a good field agent.

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