Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill is the fifth mission of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Players work with Stone to figure out the reason that shipments of infected meat turned up in Italy, destined for a mill compound.


  • "Cobra" (playable)
  • Gary Stoneman
  • Alima Haddad (seen in cutscene)
  • Tekla Dobranski (player determined)
  • Vladimir Zhidkov (K.I.A.)
  • Mikhas Ivankov (mentioned)

Plot synopsis

At a mill in Mazyr, Belarus, workers wait to get shipments of infected beef moving when they see a train approaching. Suddenly, a voice announces 'Let him come burn his own dead cattle', and red dot sights settle on the civilians as the carriage doors open. They fall dead and it becomes apparent that the CDP is storming the compound. Zhidkov orders for the mill machines to be set on overload, for the stack explosives to be deployed and for the workers to be slaughtered.

The mill foreman Dobranski is brought before Zhidkov, and the former is told that Ivankov decided not to renew his contract. He asks what is happening, and is ignored: Zhidkov orders his soldiers to bring him back to his office and that his safe be opened. They are authorised to kill the foreman should he not co-operate. Before being taken away, Dobranski calls Ivankov a dog, and curses them all to hell. Seeming not to care, Zhidkov tells his men to kill Dobranski after they have the documents. At the same time, Alima drops the player into the area, and the mission begins.

The cow carcass will disappear in approximately 90 seconds so you need to hustle. As Stone gives a heads-up, clamber the wall and drop down. Prepare your weapons for a battle: this is a huge map, and you can easily get lost. Roll through the fence at the far end and kill the soldiers before the workers can get shot.

Follow the curving train track to a building, and a carriage. Shoot all the armed personnel, and toss a grenade into the train to get rid of the soldier inside.

Kick open the first door you see. Kill all the CDP soldiers, then get the tissue sample and go up towards the mill machine. Switch it off, and escort the worker to the elevator. Shoot the enemies who spawn, and bring the worker downstairs. Head back into the main room.

From the elevator, you will see stairs: approach it and kill any armed people who you see. Follow this passageway to a dark room; go through, shooting all who threaten you. Enter the next huge room and you will see a second mill machine - turn it off. Spin around and kill the soldiers who charge in (if any do), then head to the stacks. Two snipers with night vision goggles wait to ambush you, so use head-shots to decommission them. Climb the ladder to the stacks and grab the blocks of explosives, then get night vision goggles from any snipe's body. From here, you should also kill the soldiers below - you have a good height advantage.

Return to the ladder and slide back down into the second mill machine. Look for a door that opens up to reveal the train tracks - a worker is hiding here. Kill all the enemies and escort the worker back to the elevator, making sure he does not get killed. Bring him down and return to the first mill machine.

Go back outside to the train tracks and run along them to the starting point, making sure you check your map to see where the C4 must be planted. Head towards the stacks' lower position and shoot the enemies - a worker is hiding here. Kill the soldiers and bring him into the elevator. Ride it to the lower level and go back up to the first mill machine.

Return outside and head towards the stacks, but this time follow the train tracks that go into the tunnels. Turn on your night vision to make things easier. If enemies attempt to intercept you, drop them with a volley of bullets. Look for an alcove you can climb into - this is Dobranski's office.

Kill the soldier beating the foreman, then turn your attention to the second. Do not let your guard down, for a third guy will tear in from outside, apparently having heard the gunfire. Reward him with death from your weapons. Dobranski, assuming you kept him alive, will thank you for helping and then opens his safe. Grab the documents (If he was killed, you can use C4 to blow the safe open, but leave the office fast for the explosion will kill you).

Ignore Dobranski, but head outside to the last mill machine. Kill the enemies in here, and shut down the machinery. In a few seconds (or even a few minutes) Zhidkov will attempt to escape with his elites. Worry not (remember the explosives you set earlier on?), but kill as many enemies as you must - eventually Zhidkov's carriage will hit your C4, and he will get killed.

At the ending, Stone explains they have a point of origin for the cattle shipments: Dobranski had shipping invoices from a chateau north of the mill. The copter heads there as the screen fades out.

A bonu video recovered from Dobranski's safe shows that Jandran made a safety tape about handling the virus properly: it killed his lab assistant, who failed to follow the proper safety procedures.



This mission will be massive as compared to the previous ones, so good map knowledge is essential. Bring in an arsenal, making sure you have a ton of ammunition and high accuracy. The enemies have weapons that fire quickly, but lose out at range. So you'll need a good weapon that has a balance of good firing speed and one that has long range.

Weapon Likely Moderate Best
Back AU300 Mod-SMG C8 Rifle* C8 Rifle
Sidearm Jerico-41* Jerico-41 Mark 23 SD*
Auxiliary Biz-9 Biz-9 SSP 90
Grenade Smoke grenade DormaGen gas Sarin nerve agent
Melee Stun Jack E.D.T. E.P.D.D.

Primary weapons are marked by the star.

The Jerico is more powerful than the AUG.

The Mk 23 SD is especially useful for this mission, since silent kills mean less enemy spawns. Use your SMG in small areas, like the dark stairwell.

1) Jump up the wall in front of you, head left and roll through the gate. Run around the right side of the train and pop off the 2 dorks.

2) Head straight for another train. Wipe out the people near the train and go in the building on your left.

3) After entering, turn right and make note of the cow carcass. DO NOT get the sample!!!

(*) If you do want to get the sample, you'll increase the number of 

enemies for the stage. This not only makes it harder to get 0 deaths, but also

makes it difficult to successfully rescue all the workers.

(*) If you don't make it here on time, the cow carcass disappears... and

you're screwed for that objective. If you're not sure if you will make it,

look  for the moving "bucket" with the lava - once it starts pouring in the

slag pit, you're screwed. There is also no timer that shows how much time you have, so make this your priority.

4) Kill the 4 people in this room ("slag pit") then go back outside. Head right back inside, and wait a bit.

5) Four more people respawn (just this one time). Kill 'em. 

(*) You don't have to exit and re-enter, but it helps pass the time.

6) Rescue the worker up the stairs on your right (the lower set near the cow, not the taller set). DO NOT touch the machine.

7) Let the worker run to the elevator on his own while you head up the tall set of stairs on the left (one of the guys you popped off was up here).

8) Head to the end here and bust the doors open. You're now at the mercy of the "spawning staircase of doom". Run down it and head in the nearby door.

(*) Guys respawn a lot in this staircase, and it's obviously integral to

leading workers back - thus the nickname "spawning staircase of doom"

9) Pop out the people in here and shut off the machine on your right for a checkpoint.

10) Head up the long stairs (facing the machine, turn right and go forward) and down the path to end up near the stacks.

11) Run/roll to the ladder for the towers, then immediately take out the 2 soldiers on both sides

(*) Alternatively, you could kill them before climbing, but they get at 

good angles to dodge your shots

12) Grab the C4's from both sides of the central tower, then slide down the ladder and back to the machine room.

> Objective Complete: Disarm stacks explosives

13) Down the stairs is an open area to the left - follow it to the end. Open the "garage door", but ignore the worker first.

14) Run ahead and kill 2 guys coming from the tunnel on the right. Rescue the worker.

15) Follow the worker back the way you came, to the "elevator" near where you got the cow sample.

(*) If you hadn't figured, this is where all the workers go to get 

rescued, and if you don't "follow them someone will spawn and kill them. That,

and they will SOMETIMES stop if you get too far ahead of them.

16) Once he's safely in the room, you can leave (no more guys appear in this room at any further point, so he's at no risk).

17) Go back towards the 2nd machine, this time there's a left exit in the corner of the room (with an odd awning/roof).

18) Outside, you'll be at the bottom of some stairs. Run up the stairs.

19) Take out the guys if you wish, they'll try to shoot a worker. He's not worth rescuing in 1p. (don't let Mujari know I said that, he'd fire me).

20) Head to the left, go in the door and you're in another machine room. Make note of the huge open area on the left.

21) Head around, past the machine on your left and turn right. Go down here, passing a door on the left, and you should see a small set of stairs.

22) At the top is a machine. Clear out the first few people you see, including the grenade fag on your right at the top of the platform ahead.

23) Once you get a chance, turn off this machine. Head back to the door you passed on your way here.

24) Open the door and look straight ahead for an opening near the roof. Jump up to it and quietly climb down (X button).

25) Sneak your way through the doors until you see a guy beating on Dobranski. Headshot him, rush in the room and blow away the guy to the right.

26) Another guy comes from the hallway you were just in - rush out and pop him off before he can get to Dobranski.

27) Now you can rescue Dobranski. He'll open the safe - go ahead and grab the papers. Dobranski starts to go back to the elevator.

(*) Leave Dobranski to his own devices - he takes too long to escort and, anyway, we only need three workers in total. 

> Objective Complete: Save Dobranski

> Objective Complete: Take mill documents from safe

28) Head back the way you came near the 3rd machine, go right after you exit, and look for the worker in that large open area ahead (NOT the statue room).

29) Follow this worker back to the elevator (you should know the way by now). 

30) Take the elevator down with all the workers - once they get off the platform, go back up. There's nobody down here to worry about, so they're safe.

> Objective Complete: Escort some workers to safety

31) Turn off the machine near the worker that was next to the elevator. Now you can grab the cow sample and run outside to the train.

> Objective Complete: Shut off overloading mill machines

> Objective Complete: Take tissue sample from cow carcass

32) You're basically heading back towards where you started the mission. Follow the tracks, and when they go left turn. The tracks you are on merge with another set of tracks to the right.

33) Near the spot at which the tracks merge, plant the C4, get some distance, and go ahead and watch the fireworks.

> Objective Complete: Eliminate CDP soldiers

> Objective Complete: Eliminate Zhidkov


Normal mode

Cobra:  Dobranski, Coil Room Machine

Python: W6, Slag Pit Machine

Viper:  W3, W4, C4

Dragon: W1, W2, W5, Cow Carcass, Melt Foundry Machine

Cobra:  As soon as you leave the starting point, head for the tunnel - Make sure you kill the two soldiers at the entrance so you can pick up their NVG.  Around the middle of the tunnel, you'll see a light - Go into the passage and climb up the ladder to reach Dobranski's office. Kill the soldiers (ill-advised to use a shotgun, explosive, gas, or duel wield, since you may also kill the foreman). After he is clear, exit the office via the door to the coil room and kill the enemies there and turn off the mill machine.  Once that's done, go back into the office and wait for Python signal to take the paper.  After you take them, stay with Dobranski. 

Python: When you're out of the initial area, go for the train. Keep following the tracks, past the entrance to the slag pit; try to hug the walls.  You'll eventually reach the water tower.  Kill the soldiers there, go up the stairs and use the door to enter the machine room. Keep moving and killing - go down the stairs in the machine room, and take the door directly in front; this will lead you into the coil room.  Kill all the enemies (Cobra should be here, helping you out) and then take the far door in this area (door opposite to Dobranski's office) to the Courtyard.  Kill the soliders there and head for the worker. Once the worker is near the door, signal Cobra to grab the paper in Dobranski's office.  Once both workers reach the slag pit, wait by the mill machine and turn it off at the appropriate time.

Viper:  Follow Python to the train and enter the slag pit. Don't bother doing anything there - Just take the stairs to your left up to the office and then exit via the door, into the dark stairway and then exit that area via the door into the melt foundry.  Once at the melt foundry, take the stairs up, then go into the passage, to the stacks. Disarm the stack explosives and stick around to kill the soldiers that will spawn below you.  Now, go all the way back outside to the fence area, and head for the tunnel. Ensure you set the C4 on the tracks on the way. Instead of going into the tunnel, head for the loading dock and to the worker hiding behind the barrels. Start escorting him back.  Once you kill the all the soldiers that spawn, head for the worker hiding under the stacks.  Odds are there will be some distance between the two workers - Stay between them so they both move; you shouldn't face any resistance on the way back.

Dragon: Go with Viper to the train.  Again, access the slag pit. Clear the soldiers in the room, and head for the worker near the mill machine.  Escort him down to the elevator; grab that sample from the cow carcass on the way down.  Stay in the room to nail the 4 tangos that respawn in the room. When they fall, exit the slag pit via the dark stairway area, go to the melt foundry, to the courtyard, and finally the coil room. Head for the giant coils, and escort the worker hiding behind them.  Once he reaches the elevator, go back outside, follow the tracks to the tunnel, and escort the worker hiding by the pipes, at the tunnel entrance.

Team (Speed)

Cobra: Triggers/Zone W5, W6, Dobranski, Coil Room Machine

Python: W3, W4, Covers W5, W6, Dobranski

Viper: W1, Cow, Machine 2x, C4, Covers W5, W6, Dobranski

Dragon: Papers, Escorts W2, Track C4

Cobra: Confused?  Well, you SHOULD be...  The idea for this is to zone escort BOTH Dobranski AND the statue man (W6) at the same time.  You'll be responsible for this. Your job starts with getting to W6 as fast as you can.  You should head to the Slag Pit first, then to the Melt Foundry, and lastly, the courtyard.  Before you reach the courtyard, you should've killed only ONE soldier - The one in the Slag Pit, on top of the stairs; he's the ONLY one that'll be in your way.  Now, trigger the worker and get him safely into the coil room.  After that, go for the coil room worker (W5), and make your way back to the courtyard with the worker.  From here on your job is to stay near the statue.  This will keep both Dobranski (whom Dragon triggered) and W6 moving; they will be safe because enemies will AVOID them.  At the same time W5 will also be in the courtyard with you; he'll be in the area with the coils, near the door to the Melt Foundry. Once the workers are near the door to the water tower, you can make a break for the coil room machine.  How fast you can break for it depends on Python.  If you want to time the mission end, use the door that leads to Dobranski's office as a tool.  It takes 7 seconds from that spot to reach the coil room machine.  And, it takes 1:55 from the final machine going off to the mission ending. In other words, if you leave the door at 5:00 and head directly for the machine, the mission will end at 7:02.  So, you'll be really busy during the first couple of minutes, have a minute or so of break time, then have to hustle again.

Python: Python's role is ALSO a roller coaster ride. Start by DOUBLE escorting W3 AND W4 (Head for W3 first, kill the 4 soldiers that'll spawn, then grab W4 and kill the soldiers that spawn). Stay with them all the way to the Slag Pit. Once you reach the Slag Pit, head up the stairs and to the dark staircase area (you know, leads to Melt Foundry and Water Tower) and stay on the lower floor of that area (kill soldiers that appear).  Here, you'll be on the receiving end of the zone.  Dobranski and W6 will soon reach you and you'll be responsible for escorting them back to safety.  Don't worry, Viper will be backing you up. That said... W5 will also be with Viper, meaning that you two will be responsible for a total of 3 workers in a VERY small area that tends to have a LOT of cheap enemy spawn points.

Viper: Viper's role isn't a roller coater ride; instead, it's HARD from start to fin.  You need to kill AND move fast. Start by killing the 2 soldiers gunning down two workers when you first roll under the fence.  After they fall (and they should fall QUICKLY), eliminate the 2 soldiers that are by the train.  When they go bye-bye, kill the one soldier that's in the train car.  So, in total, you should've killed a total of 5 soldiers so far. Now, go inside the Slag Pit and eliminate the soldiers there (There should be 2; odds are, Cobra killed 1).  Immediately afterwards (or even during the "kill soldiers" step), head for W1, the worker in the Slag Pit that's right by the mill machine. Turn off that mill machine, and then race down and grab the cow carcass; during this time the worker SHOULD be making his way to the elevator.  Make sure you kill the respawning soldiers in this room (and kill them FAST!) Sarin gas REALLY saves time for the 2 soldiers that appear via the 2 doors.  After you've killed the 4 respawn soldiers, make your way to the stack explosives; you are NOT allowed to stop and fight; head directly for the stack explosives.  After you disarm the C4s, turn off the mill machine in the Melt Foundry.  Once there, you should see a worker very close to you.  This is W5, the Coil Room worker.  Escort him back, but NOT all the way. You will STOP at the stairway to help Python cover Dobranski and W6.  Ideally, you want to have one player cover the upstairs area and the other cover the downstairs area.  You two are also responsible for taking the 7 workers down to the bomb shelter.  Note that if you were, as Kiet (and Brian) would say, "too slow", W5 will be the trailing worker.  If you DID move fast enough W6 will be the LAST worker on the elevator.

Dragon: Dragon's role is somewhat easier than the rest, but it's STILL difficult overall.  Head straight for Dobranski's office once the level starts via the tunnel.  Save him...  And now comes the complicated part.  Here's the thing: Dobranski and W6 take the SAME path to the Slag Pit.  Dobranski has a head start since he DOESN'T have to go through the courtyard.  Now, since none of the players will be with either Dobranski or W6, they have to open the door by THEMSELVES, and that WASTES time.  So, the idea is to take advantage of the head start that Dobranski has and use HIM to open the door for W6. The problem is that the door only remains open for 5 seconds.  Since there are 2 doors that he has to open for W6, you need to give him about a 4 second lead. It takes approximately 23 second from the time you grab the paper to when Dobranski is running in the Coil Room.  So, you need to cooridnate this with Cobra.  Now, if Cobra executes his job correctly, W6 should reach Dobranski's office door at around 2:11.  This means that for a 4 second lead, you should grab the papers at around 1:48; to play it safe, you may want to subtract a second.  Also, there's NO way Cobra can execute his run the same every single time, so it'll be +/- 1 for that 2:11. Anyway...  After you're done grabbing the papers, go back down into the tunnel and keep going in the direction you were, before you made the Dobranski pit stop.  Save W2 from the soldiers and escort him back.  You WON'T be escorting him all the way back to the elevator.  When the worker is near the train, grab the C4 from the train car and go plant it.  You have PLENTY of time (you're really the only one that does), so you can wait until W2 reaches the door to the slag pit, and THEN go plant the C4 on the tracks. 

Enemy spawns

  • W1, the worker in the Slag Pit, doesn't trigger soldiers, but watch out for 4 soldiers that will appear in the room...   
  • W2, the worker hiding outside, behind pipes, will initially be attacked by 2 soldiers.  Other than those 2, he will not trigger any soldiers. 
  • W3, the worker hiding outside, behind the barrels, will initially be attacked by 2 soldiers (also from the tunnel).  Grabbing him will trigger a total of 4 soldiers.  The first one will be near the close wall of the stacks area.  The second one will be near the stacks.  The third one will appear near the tunnel once you kill the first one.  And, the last one will appear where the 2nd soldier was
  • W4, the worker hiding outside, under the stacks, may trigger up to 6 soldiers.  You trigger none if you already grabbed the C4 explosives. If you didn't, the first 2 (or 3) will appear in the general area where the worker was hiding.  So, just stay close to him and shoot them down. The 3rd (or 4th) will appear near the tracks.  # 4/5 will appear near where the 2nd triggered soldier for W3 appeared, and the last one will appear near the tunnels. 
  • W5, the worker in the coil room, will not trigger any soldiers
  • W6, the courtyard worker, is a nightmare.  The first soldier will enter from the door to the coil room.  Numbers 2 will spawn near the stairs, and 3 will enter from the other door.  Kill them (best to throw sarin at the stairs) and number 4 (usually) appear from the coil room door.  A couple more will appear via the other door, but you SHOULD be out of the courtyard by that time. 
  • Dobranski and W6 take the same path. W3 (if gate closed) and W4 take the same path. W3 (if gate open) and W5 take the same path. 
  • The hardest workers to escort are Dobranski, the statue and coil worker. All of these have to go through the water tower of doom to reach the elevator. 
  • Dobranski, the statue room worker and the coil room worker can all return to the elevator room in this fashion, all from staying at the right spots in the statue room. I believe at some point you do have to enter the elevator room to get them to go to the elevator. 

General strategies and tactics

  • While the par time for this online is 13 minutes, the absolute latest deadline for turning off the last elevator is about 11:05.  The train sequence takes a while, and Stone rants a LOT.
  • From the instant you switch off the last mill machine, wherever it is, to the instant Stone stops his monologue, is approximately 1:55. Keep this in mind, especially when going for par.
  • The first worker you encounter, in the slag pit, is almost always the easiest to escort, particularly in offline mode, since he's so damn near the elevator anyway.
  • When doing this online, the important thing for team par is that Dobranski and W6 both be rescued. If you clear a route to the water tower before you escort them, this will make things much, MUCH easier, since you'll only encounter between 6 and 10 soldiers going to the slag pit.
    • Also in multiplayer mode, stick as close to your worker as possible. This can actually prevent enemy spawns!
    • Do NOT bring any workers to the shelter until you have gathered ALL the civilians. This will shave off some time.
  • In offline mode, it IS possible to bring the workers down, and then plant the C4. However, you need to know WHERE to deploy the bomb.
    • The objective to kill Zhidkov is perhaps the fastest and easiest to complete, so prioritise that after you have the tissue sample. You can clear out the guarded train carriage and grab an explosive from there, then return to the junction to place the C4.
  • Be warned there's a sniper occupying the water tower, as well as two more marskmen on the stacks. They should be cleared out as soon as you can before escorting the workers too.
    • Should you wish to escort ALL the workers to safety offline, this is also particularly important. Keep it in mind, but be aware the objective can ONLY be completed in multiplayer.


  • A single player, in offline mode, can escort all 7 workers to safety, but will not receive the credit for completing this without teammates.
  • Hitting the workers with non-lethal weaponry somehow counts as actually killing them.
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