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* Find Chance and the Transponder Locator
* Reach High Ground to fix Transponder Signal
* Recover C4
* Clear Cave In
* Take Out Snipers
* Defend GI's
* Reach the Highway

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McKenzie Airbase Interior is the second mission in Syphon Filter 2, which is based in the McKenzie Airbase (located in Colorado, in the United States). Before the mission begins, Lian Xing has been transported to the airbase under the guise of a "terrorist" by The Agency, to be held until "FEMA" can continue further with her. Previously, she had been captured in Kazakhstan by Dillon Morgan.

Prior to Mission Start

Abduction in Kazakhstan

Before the Colorado Mountains mission, Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing along with the CBDC investigate the Missile Silo that Erich Rhoemer fired a nuclear missile from in Kazakhstan. In the surrounding Pharcom Warehouses they recover Pharcom data and personal files from Jonathan Phagan placed onto Data Discs, which could help them discover a cure for the Syphon Filter Virus that Lian is currently infected with.

The Agency, aware of the Black Baton attack on the warehouses and Logan's presence there, arrive in two Black Hawk Helicopters led by Dillon Morgan and Derrek Falkan, with Steven Archer piloting at least one of them. With them is several teams of Spooks with the mission of eliminating Logan and capturing Lian Xing along with the Data Discs, to prevent that data from landing in the SVR's hands. They manage to capture Lian (as well as a CBDC agent by the name of Dobson) while killing several others and evading Gabriel Logan in the process. Dr. Elsa Weissenger confirms that Lian is a match for being infected with the virus and Morgan orders a retreat, heading towards the McKenzie Airbase with her in tow before the Russians arrive.

With Steven Archer tasked with hunting down Logan and the Data Discs, the remainder arrive at the airbase where Lian and Dobson are taken in under the moniker as "terrorists" so that the Military Airmen don't become suspicious. The airbase itself is currently used to smuggle (in secret) Syphon Filter Virus infected Corpses to avoid security checks and customs, under the guise of "FEMA".

Secret Council

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., a secret meeting is being held between Lyle Stevens, Mara Aramov, Mr. Cochran and a man in shadow. Shi-Hao, a Chinese General seeking to force war with the Russians, is heard on the phone speaking to the group warning them that if he doesn't get his shipment soon there may be a "leak to the American Press". After hanging up the phone, the shadowed man simply comments on how unfortunate that call was before Mara and Stevens argue among one another for Erich Rhoemer's actions.

Aramov questions if Gabriel Logan has been dealt with and Stevens replies that the UN Peace Keepers had arrived not giving his men enough time. Mara concludes that this is another Agency screw-up and that their incompetence has been bringing them closer and closer to killing all everyone. Stevens mentions Thomas Markinson as his predecessor who wasn't in control while Mara claims that he was Stevens' man. He replies by stating that Rhoemer was hers and brings up Uri Gregorov whom she was supposed to keep away from the area. She scoffs at the suggestion, saying that the SVR wasn't under her control just like the Black Baton under Rhoemer.

The shadowed man says that's enough and states that they all have much at stake. Stevens goes on to say that Logan was their best operative with years of experience that would not make this easy, something that the shadowed man idly comments on. He says that perhaps they didn't understand what he was saying, that success is everything and directs his speech towards Mr. Cochran who begins making excuse after excuse involving the delays in getting plasma from Lian Xing. It's revealed that he was given Phagan's job as he promised to have Stage Two of the Syphon Filter Virus ready on time but sees that Cochran has failed, like Rhoemer and Markinson before him. While Cochran tries one last time to save face, Aramov impatiently snaps his neck and he falls dead to the floor while the shadowed man explains how Mara has proven her usefulness.

He goes on to state that Logan will be taken care of and the girl's plasma will be ready on time. Stevens tells him that he has an army on the way to Colorado and Xing is already in route to the airbase.

Inside the Airbase

Dillon Morgan arrives outside of Lian's room with Dr. Elsa Weissenger and an Unnamed Agency Doctor. An Unnamed Airman asks for their ID before Thomas Holman announces him and the rest as "FEMA" while also threatening to inform the airman's superior. He apologizes and leaves while Weissenger enters the room with the doctor, telling him to be careful as she expresses her concern that the virus has weakened her this quickly in the development cycle. She proceeds towards Dobson's room while Morgan heads to Jonathan Phagan's room and Thomas Holman goes to check on their shipment. Falkan suggests heading over to the F22's himself, but Morgan says he'll "deal with them personally".

Meanwhile, inside the room with the doctor, he says that two bags of plasma should be enough while stating she shouldn't feel a thing. Lian suddenly punches him in the face and he falls unconscious beside the bed, while she replies that "he's the one who won't feel a thing" while weakly standing up.

Summary of Events

Lian Xing is weakened due to the effects of the Syphon Filter Virus and needs to find an adrenaline shot. She sneaks out of her room and makes her way through the hallways avoiding Airmen until she comes across Derrek Falkan outside of a room that Dr. Elsa Weissenger exits. He asks if she's finished with "him", to where she replies that she gave him the shot and it will take a moment to go into effect. She wishes to check on Xing, however Falkan says she needs to go to Phagan's room right away. The two walk by and Lian makes her way into the room they were just in to take the shot. She looks on the bed to see Dobson and morns, asking why he didn't stay back when she told him to.

Bidding farewell to an ally, she makes her way further through the complex coming through the observation end of a room where Jonathan Phagan was being kept in a comatose state. Weissenger finishes extracting the plasma from Phagan, while Dillon Morgan insists on removing his life support. Weissenger tries to claim that he could still prove useful at her lab but Morgan reveals that his orders are to make Phagan disappear, lest the Government find Pharcoms CEO rotting away in this hospital room. He goes ahead and pulls the plug, with everyone exiting the room shortly thereafter.

Lian enters the room, taking a glance at Phagan before heading to a Restricted Area (where her Combat Gear is being kept). She notices an Unnamed Airman talking to Carter at the reception desk, saying he needs to get some fresh air with these government types looming about. He grows even more untrustworthy when he learns about several body bags being brought in and the place having been locked down tight. Carter buzzes him through and he moves into the lower level, while Lian sneaks under the window and into the back where she obtains her gear.

Mission Briefing


The McKenzie Airbase Interior takes place at night however the entire mission takes place within the medical wing of the base. That said, the environment is that of hallways lined with open gaps where one can hide to avoid detection (the gaps being there for doors leading to individual rooms). Exploration is limited due to restrictions on where you can go with no weaponry and the parameter in place of not killing any enemies (which are all innocent npcs) means everyone has to be tased if you wish to go anywhere.

The area itself is relatively small and the path you take to complete the mission makes this one of the shortest in the game.



  • Do not kill any airbase personnel
  • Do not allow yourself to be detected





Tricks and Hints



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