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  • This is your local admin. A user named HelloDouchebagAss Spirit Splasher was seen vandalising, spamming and offending the articles you commented on. I suspect you returned on a new account but anyway that person is banned permanently. The same will occur to YOU if you make any more desultory remarks.

    I am here to justify my responds to the comments you posted.

    Alec: Watch this cutscene FROM THE GAME ITSELF. JOHN GARVIN HIMSELF created the series and LISTEN TO THE LINES HE WROTE:

    Markinson is CLEARLY heard talking about Cavanaugh: "This is Rhoemer's Stronghold, a place where he keeps prisoners. Undesirables. Alec Kabanov runs the site for Rhoemer. He kept Phagan supplied with human test subjects for various forms of the virus. Now Phagan is being held prisoner himself, probably somewhere in the catacombs"

    Bishop: Again, watch this cutscene that JOHN GARVIN HIMSELF created.

    At the 45:20 mark, Bishop is HEARD saying 'see ya' tonight, toots' and 'oh, man I thought she'd never leave'.

    At the 49:30 mark, he is AGAIN HEARD saying 'She built this course so she'd have more excuses to see me'.

    This video has more evidence. Again, GARVIN HIMSELF created this!

    Concussion grenades: question the developers yourself BEFORE spouting bullshit like that.

    Jane Doe: did you play the game? No you did not. Otherwise you would NOT spout more bullshit.


    -Teresa was wearing a level four flak jacket, which would explain why she appears to have absolutely no breasts. The bullets from the vest were, I believe, from an MP5 (known as an HK5 in the game), which is a weak gun, but fast. The bullets hit the armor with full force in one general area, probably breaking a rib or two, and some of them penetrated the non-lethal zone. Stress on the non-lethal area. And the bloodflow was strong when Gabe apologized to her, so her arteries was still pumping blood at full force. Factor all this into the decently large distance between Teresa and Chance when the gun was fired, and you've got one very much alive spy gal. 

    Any attempts to justify yourself, or post more insults, WILL result in a ban. This is your ONLY warning.

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  • This is your local admin. I noticed you have made quite a few edits in the wiki.

    First of all, please go over the rules and regulations, PARTICULARLY the section where information should be credited to a RELIABLE source. Most of your edits lack substantial proof and evidence, I can't stress this enough. These include:

    Alec Kabanov not being a boss, not being KIA and being German

    Jane Doe lacking a flak jacket

    Dane Bishop and Teresa not connecting

    Syphon Filter 2's factual error of concussion grenades: do NOT assume 'the developers probably mistook concussion grenades forstun grenades , which has a concussive blast that is non-lethal.'

    Chance's USAS-12 and Teresa's status

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