aka Franco Ferrer-San Miguel

  • I live in Altamonte Springs, FL
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Mainly a musician, currently a Student in Full Sail University
  • I am Male
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  • Many thanks for your contributions to the pages you've been helping out.

    I intend to have the scripts for SF4-6 (OS, DM, LS). The first one in particular is fucking MASSIVE. Not only will we tackle the cutscenes, but also radio transmissions, the awards (ratings, ranks, medals etc)... The things to be done are mind-boggling.

    If possible, could I therefore ask for your assistance in Omega Strain transcript?

    I will appreciate it if you could please respond asap.

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  • I noticed that you have contributed to editing a couple of pages and I would like to thank you for doing so. However, please bear in mind these points:

    1. If you have NOT played the ENTIRE SF series, please do NOT go about spouting nonsense that "Markinson was DEAD at the end of SF1, so wouldn't be alive in SF3". No offense but this is absolute BULLSHIT. Had you played ALL the games, you would have realised SF3 is a PREQUEL to SF1 (well, most of them anyway except the last 2 missions). 3 happens BEFORE 1.

    2. The page 'Assassination of Shi Hao', according to your last edit from the history, had "Chronologically: First sinking of the SS Lorelei" as the next conflict. This is WRONG for 2 reasons.

    a. Firstly, the page 'First sinking of the SS Lorelei' is called 'First DESTRUCTION of the SS Lorelei'. Please do NOT go about changing article names at your own whims and fancies.

    b. Also, the 'Chronological' section comes BEFORE 'In-game'. I see you switched the order around.

    I appreciate all your efforts and hope you will stay here to further improve the wiki but PLEASE ask around before changing things like that. Thank you! :)

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