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  • Hi, this is the wiki admin.

    Your spelling of the word 'militia' is for whatever reason inaccurate and you type it "Militsiya". I'm not sure where this came from, but I STRONGLY suggest you get some spelling education before you edit anymore articles. Your way of spelling it is wrong and you've done this on TWO articles. This is action that I consider vandalism, and this is NOT ALLOWED on this site.

    Furthermore, I have no clue why you removed the plot hole in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow regarding Gabe killing Gregorov. SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED FOR ANY CLAIMS on this website.

    Continuing ANY of your above actions WILL result in disciplinary action.

    If you have any questions, feel free to respond to me.

    I'm not trying to threaten you, but there are rules and regulations for this website. I hope you understand.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    • (Sorry for late reply, was really busy)

      Yeah, I am aware of that. I do not understand why they decided to drop the idea completely though, it really looks like it could have been it's own separate game and probably a something to those who didn't like the OS itself.

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    • It was decided early on that what we now know as The Omega Strain was to be an online-only game from very early on in development. The footage -in other words the beta footage where you play as Gabe and Lian -  and such was actually some scrapped stuff from an earlier version of the PSP game (which at the time was known as Logan's Shadow for some reason, before they went with Dark Mirror instead --> Logan's Shadow was obviously re-used later on). The early version of the PSP game basically ran on a modified version of the TOS engine, which is why it looks so similar to TOS in terms of gameplay and controls.

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