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  • This is your local admin. While I appreciate the things you've done thus far, I'm not too sure if we need it at the moment. You should understand that, as mentioned earlier, I am the only active admin at least at this point and even though our founder sometimes appears, it may not be often that he is present.

    Because of this, please refrain from changing anymore pages until further notice. I see that he has been undoing your edits for some reason and I'm not too certain about the reason for this...

    If you wish to continue performing such edits, bring the matter to my attention and I will see how we can proceed from there.


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    01:45, September 17, 2017
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    • From Merriam-Webster dictionary:

      "Definition of plagiarize

      plagiarized; plagiarizing transitive verb

      to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own :use (another's production) without crediting the source."

      I have already said that the Spanish wiki may use any of our content since I now see that we have been credited, if you continue to argue with me, I WILL, rescind this offer and block all of you from this wiki.

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    • Close topic and done

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  • Welcome to the wiki. I'm not sure what exactly you've been contributing, but they don't seem to be positive edits that literally construct the site. While I can see from your profile that you're a vanguard and counsellor, I doubt if your contributions are benefiting to the community here.

    As such, because I am currently the only active admin, please be advised that I AM monitoring the wiki, and am considering issuing a ban.

    Before you continue contributing, please review the general rules and regulations in accordance with the wiki policy.

    The rules and regulations can be found here:

    Thank you.

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    Answered in: Thread:5092.
    05:51, September 10, 2017
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