Missile Silo is the last mission of Syphon Filter. The player must stop the missile from launching and then kill Rhoemer.

Find the missile destruct codes

Lian informs you that you need to collect the self-destruct launch codes from the missile before it launches. Although, there is no timer, it is timed so you need to get there as fast as you can. As the stage begins, kill the guard that's guarding the elevator and take it down. Once at the main base, shoot the guard, then climb up and collect the data from the missile.

The Truth

As soon as Gabe lands on the base, Markinson appears. He explains to Logan that he was secretly helping Rhoemer since Gabe went on the mission in Costa Rica. Upon learning of Rhoemer's plantation and connection with Phagan, Markinson intended to collect the virus for the Agency. Rhoemer shows up and shoots Markinson in the head revealing the missile was his idea and that Markinson failed to stop the missile launch and leaves, but not before explaining to Logan that it doesn't matter what target the missile was going to hit.

Save the World!

Get to the elevator fast as soon as the cutscene ends and roll under the closing door or else you will be fried. Once the door opens,

Logan vs Rhoemer

Now if you thought, Girdeux or the helicopter boss was bad enough, Rhoemer is equipped with an M-79 and he will be more than happy to hit you without any hesitation. He's also heavily armoured all over his body so shooting him or using any grenades is absolutely useless. You need to avoid Rhoemer, climb up the ledge that has a box of gas grenades. Collect the grenades, equip it and throw it down. When the screen fades, congratulations! You have killed that terrorist once and for all.


  • This mission is very similar to Ukraine from Syphon Filter Omega Strain in that the player must stop a missile from launching.
  • Rhoemer does not have a helmet, but cannot be killed with a headshot to make things more challenging.
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