New York Slums is the 19th mission in Syphon Filter 2. 


Logan has escaped the labs but the Agency is now after him. To make matters worst, SWAT officers are called in to stop him. Can Logan flee through the streets?


Kill the Agent that's coming on your left as the level begins then turn around and head down the street. As you walk, watch out for Agents that are hiding in store entrances and on rooftops. Shoot the lock on the pwan shop and dispose of the two Agents inside. Continue through and kill the agent and collect the M-16 gun in the crate. Once outside kill the Agent in the window on your right, and climb up to the roof on your left. As you climb the roof, kill more Agents. Theresa will tell you that SWAT officers are attacked by snipers and need help getting disposed. To get off the roof, turn around and land on the blue cover of a store.


  • Do not kill SWAT officers
  • Protect the female SWAT officer, who's trying to get to her downed partner.
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