Gabe Logan: "Teresa, the initial suicide attack happened just outside the cargo holds. Al-Jamil is here for a reason. Whatever Cordell's trying to protect, Bitar wants."

"Ocean's Five" is the third mission of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Gabe Logan destroys the pirate boats looting the St. Helens, and the secondary explosion blows open the ship's hull, allowing him to access the cargo holds.


  • Alima Haddad (mentioned only)
  • Teresa Lipan (heard only)
  • Gabe Logan (playable)
  • Robert Cordell (mentioned only)
  • Ghassan al-Bitar (mentioned only)

Plot sypnosis

The mission opens with Gabe floating in the water, intending to blow up pirate boats to stop them from stealing the contents of the St. Helens. Teresa reminds him to "stay on task", but Logan is determined to avenge Alima Haddad, who was killed in the previous mission.

With the player taking control, there are a few pirates on board the ship, and they can be killed with stealth. Logan must retrive the C4 explosives from the second deck, before planting them on the bridge. The player is given 20 seconds to get off the boat or he will get killed.

A second boat remains, but the pirates are alerted to Logan's presence. Some good advice would be that the player stay on the debris and take cover, slowly taking out the thugs. A few will jump into the water, so one should do this fast.

On board the next boat, a few more enemies remain, so one should be cautious before approaching the interior. Once again, the player has 20 seconds to clear the blast radius after setting the explosives.

With the boats destroyed, Logan rips a hole in the St. Helen's hull, and enters the next section. Another wave of thugs wait to ambush Gabe, so take them out. One should be careful not to venture into the pool before entering the cargo hold, for it is charged with electricity. Instead, shoot out the green light and wait for the charge to die down before swimming deeper in.

As soon as the player gets close to the hold, a couple of enemies will charge in, but can hilariously be killed if they enter the water: one must simply hit the electric switch to neutralise them. When this wave is clear, Gabe opens the door to the hold; he then makes a remark about the pirates being on the St. Helens for a reason before advancing into the ship.

Hidden Evidence

1. Before heading to the first pirate boat, swim to the St. Helens and look at the hole.

2. Inside the box next to the stove on the second pirate boat.

3. Underneath the pool in the area where you must switch off the electric current.


  • This mission's name is a reference to the "Ocean's" movie series.
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