Paradise Ridge Incident
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Chronologically: Nil

In-game: Assassination of Commander Silvers

Concurrent conflict (s) Nil
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Chronologically: Costa Rican Incident

In-game: Second Takedown of Mara Aramov

Location Western Montana, United States of America: Paradise Ridge
  • Teresa Lipan rescues Oakton family and gives Gabe Logan satellite data
  • Mihai Niculescu orders Mara Aramov to kill Vince Hadden

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Department
  • National Security Agency personnel posing as Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Local milita
  • ATF top brass
  • Colonel Silvers
  • Unknown
  • Teresa Lipan
  • Agent Kelly
  • Agent Demarco
  • NSA operatives
  • Dusty Oakton
  • Gangs of militia
  • Substantial quantity of operatives
  • Heavy number of foot soldiers
  • Earl Oakton
  • Significant amount of militia

The Paradise Ridge Incident was a major conflict of Syphon Filter 3 in which Teresa Lipan became involved in a conspiracy where the NSA attempted to kill militia members who had recovered a seemingly significant government satellite.

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