Gabe Logan: "Damn it, we're too late. He's dead."

Teresa Lipan: "Why didn't Cordell tell us Special Forces were on board? Did he think that would have scared us off?"

Gabe Logan: "Then he underestimated us, again."

Logan and Teresa discussing Cordell's deception

"Pirates of Somalia" is the first mission of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. Upon receiving an assignment from the pencil neck, Cordell, Gabe is sent to the St. Helen, which was hijacked by al - Jamil thugs earlier, to secure classified cargo.


  • Robert Cordell (cutscene only)
  • Gabe Logan (playable)
  • Teresa Lipan (heard only)
  • Alima Haddad
  • Special Forces (KIA)
  • Ghassan al-Bitar
  • Pirate

Plot sypnosis (Start of episode)

The opening cutscene begins with a pirate assault on the USS St Helen, a naval supply vessel. An al - Jamil thug reporting to Ghassan al - Bitar says "he's dead." Bitar asks further questions about the code, and his henchman replies that he found nothing. The former gives an order to find the captain, and says he will interrogate his victim. He then commands for the men to get ready.

The scene then cuts to "12 hours earlier" and we see the IPCA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where Cordell gives Gabe and Teresa a briefing about the ship theft. Cordell says "we need (Logan) on site now", giving the excuse that "we don't have time to go over all the details". Gabe recounts the fact that "a fully manned US Naval supply ship is boarded by Somali Pirates" and Cordell says he doesn't know how the thugs got there, thus he needs Logan. Gabe jumps to the conclusion that the Somalis "want the contents of Hold Five" but Cordell replies "I never said they were after Hold Five", emphasising on the fact that he needs Logan to secure it. He reinforces on how even the Navy doesn't know what cargo the St. Helens was carrying.

When Logan asks exactly what's inside, Cordell responds "classified, need to know basis". The Fifth Fleet Admiral also has no idea. However, Cordell tells Logan that he doesn't want the pirates getting their hands on it. At this point, Teresa interjects, saying "we're not under your jurisdiction". The pencil neck replies that it's not just the Somalis they're dealing with. Logan realises Cordell can't trust Special Forces to keep his secrets and needs an outsider to interfere. The pencil neck reveals the fact that Bitar is behind the attack, and Gabe shows anger at how Cordell got his team pulled. Logan says that he'll do it, but because he has a score to settle with Bitar.

Later on, Alima reports that she has a distress signal originating from Special Ops, who are in trouble. Gabe radios Teresa and she replies that Cordell forgot to mention some facts. Logan realises Special Forces are not alone, and the mission begins.

Plot sypnosis (The mission)

The player starts off operating a turret with infinite ammo but it will overheat at times so one should be careful. Logan will be tasked with taking out the missile launchers which the pirates hijacked, before neutralising the RPG threats. The explosive barrels scattered around the ship can help in clearing groups of enemies. Once this is done, control switches to the ship deck, where Gabe tells Teresa he will locate the distress signal location.

Once on deck, the player should take out the few enemies who spawn, before grabbing a Spectre from the dead bodies. He can then advance towards a door which can be opened, and decide which SMG to use. Eventually, one can proceed towards the staircase leading to the next level, but another pair of thugs will appear from the stairs (however, they can easily be killed with an explosive/ gas dart). At the second floor is another wave of thugs who can quickly be neutralised with cover/ fire techniques.

It is recommended that one grab the flash bang grenades at the extreme right corner; they are hidden behind some crates but will be very useful later on in the episode. The player can keep walking to the opposite end, where his route is blocked by debris. Logan calls in Alima to move the missile warhead, and the player must perform in some context sensitive actions to open the route. Later on, another group of enemies ambushes Gabe, and should be slayed.

Going up another stairs, more thugs wait for Logan, and another RPG soldier can be seen firing at the chopper. He must be killed before Logan can clear the next warhead. It is here that Gabe realises Cordell did rely on Special Forces, and wonders why the pencil neck failed to inform him of their presence. Teresa asks if Cordell thought it would scare Logan off, and Gabe replies that he must have underestimated the IPCA.

After ascending a couple of ladders, the player can elect to use an M4A1 carbine hidden behind some doors. More pirates attempt to kill Gabe, but are done in. Eventually, Gabe pries open a vent cover.

A dying Special Forces opens fire, but Logan orders him to hold his fire. He finds that the soldier's vitals are weak; the troop reveals the fact that Cordell's intel was incomplete. Gabe orders Teresa to get Cordell on the line, and the mission ends.

Hidden Evidence

1. After dropping to the ship, go down the stairs, walk forward into the steamy area and find the dead body which is the first intel.

Transcript: Pirate body. The dead pirate was part of the Warsingala Protectors clan. Part of the first wave of men to board the St. Helens, he was probably one of the first to die. Equipped with a small caliber pistol, he didn't stand much of a change against the ship's crew. But this was a numbers game, a battle of attrition. The Warsingala kept sending men until they eventually overtook the St. Helens crew. This doesn't fit the typical pirate M.O. They attack for money, and money's no good if you're not alive to spend it. - Gabe Logan

2. After you take care of the live warhead, eliminate the guards and go to the room directly in front of you. In the corner of that room is intel on the ground.

Transcript: CIWS debris. On our approach, the St. Helens' defensive systems tried shooting Alima and I out of the sky. I managed to destroy the systems so we could land. It takes a year to train crews how to operate these guns and how to discern between friendly and hostile aircraft. The crew working the radar stations knew who we were, and they chose to fire on us anyway. If it weren't for Alima's piloting skills, this chunk of steel would have been from our helicopter. - Gabe Logan

3. Before you pry open the grate, backtrack a bit to the area next to the ladder. There is a door with a handle; open it and find the dead body which is the last intel.

Transcript: Dog-tag. I expect Cordell to lie or withhold sensitive information from me. He doesn't trust anyone. That's how he is. So I wasn't surprised to find Special Ops already onboard. But I never expected to find an entire Spec. Ops team killed by a group of rag-tag Warsingala pirates. Special Ops has the best training, resources, and intelligence in the world. They're more likely to die from friendly fire, drowning, or helicopter crashes than the enemy's hand. I guess Cordell didn't give them all the facts either. - Gabe Logan


Somali Pirates, led by Syrian terrorist Ghassan al Bitar, have attacked the U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens, a navy ammunition supply ship. Bitar doesn't take prisoners. The ship's mayday signal has been broadcasting for four hours.

The St. Helens was transporting classified cargo in hold number five. The man in charge of the mission, Robert Cordell, says the content of the cargo is need-to-know. Cordell is a pencil neck, a DC bean-counter of the worst kind. But I'm going anyway. I've got an old score to settle with Bitar.

--Gabe Logan


  • Board U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens, and secure contents of cargo hold five


  • Destroy 4 missile launchers
  • Eliminate RPG threat (added)
  • Reach distress signal location (added)
  • Help Alima clear route (added)
  • Attach cable to debris (added)


  • Clear the LZ of significant threats
  • Get to the distress signal on the main deck (added)
  • Alima is waiting for you to attach the cable (added)
  • Search for a roof entry into the room (added)


Scene 1: Our Only Option

Abd al Kuri Coastline
Somalia, Indian Ocean

U.S.S. Mt. Saint Helens
US Naval Supply Ship

Al-Jamil Thug: He's dead. Ghassan al-Bitar: Did you get the code?
Al-Jamil Thug: He WOULDN'T talk.
Bitar: Throw him overboard and find the captain. This time I will do the questioning.
Bitar:  They are coming.  Get the men ready.

12 Hours Earlier...
IPCA Agency, US Command
Langley, Virginia

Cordell: We DON'T have time to go over all the details, Logan. We need you on site NOW. Transport's standing by.
Gabe: Let me get this straight. A fully manned US Naval supply ship is boarded by Somali... ...Pirates, from these?
Cordell: We DON'T know how. That's why I'm sending YOU.
Gabe: Because the Somalis want the contents of Hold Five.
Cordell: I NEVER said they were after Hold Five. I said I NEED YOU TO SECURE IT. The damn Somalis can't possibly know about it, hell not even the goddamn NAVY knows about it.
Gabe: What's inside?
Cordell: Classified, clearance level's through the roof. Need-to-know, Logan, hell not even the Fifth Fleet Admiral knows. But I can tell you this, you DON'T want the Somalis to get it.
Teresa: Listen to me Cordell, we're NOT under your jurisdiction. You CAN'T order us to just go in there and get our heads blown off.
Cordell: We're NOT just dealing with Somalis here. We need you because YOU are the ONLY...
Gabe: Because you CAN'T expect Special Ops to keep your secrets. We KNOW the drill.
Cordell: Let me finish. The Somalis are NOT acting alone. They are being led by a Syrian. You remember him?
Gabe: Bitar.
Teresa: What are YOU doing Cordell? Ghassan al Bitar was OUR case, remember?
Cordell: Yes. You know WHO he is, you know WHAT he is.
Gabe: Bitar's NOT my problem anymore. You had our team pulled last year. WHY do you want us now?
Cordell: I'm going to level with you Logan. You're the ONLY option I've got.
Gabe: Alright I'll do it. But I use...
Teresa: No. Gabe, WHAT are you doing? This...
Gabe: But I use MY people. Comm goes through here. Teresa's in charge of all operations.
Cordell: Now listen Logan, you DON'T have authority to tell me-
Gabe: -Have transport here in an hour. Logan out.

Cuts off transmission. Teresa: WHAT are you doing?
Gabe: You KNOW what I'm doing.
Teresa: He's NOT telling you everything. And you never accept outside assignments...
Gabe: I DON'T expect him to. He's a politician.
Teresa: Then WHY?
Gabe: We let Cordell interfere in the first place. I've got a score to settle with Bitar. Tell Haddad to get her gear. She's got half an hour. And get hold of Lian, tell her to cut her vacation short. We're going to need her.

Abd al Kuri Coastline
Somalia, Indian Ocean

Alima: Chief I'm picking up something. A distress signal.
Gabe: From the ship?
Alima: No. Special Ops, code blue. Sounds like they're in trouble.
Gabe: WHAT the hell are Special Ops doing here? Teresa?
Teresa: Surprise, surprise. What else did Cordell conveniently forget to mention?
Gabe: Just get on the horn.
Teresa: Already on it. Sage commentary's free of charge.
Alima: Chief, they're in real trouble.
Gabe: They're NOT alone.
Gabe: Damn it.

Mission: Main plot

Gabe: Alima, begin the attack run!  I've got to take out those missile launchers.
Alima: Copy that, Chief.
Teresa: Somalis have taken over the ship's weapon systems?
Gabe: They WON'T have them for long.

Teresa: Gabe, focus on the launchers.

Alima: Gunfire on the deck!

Alima: Incoming!

Alima: Another missile!

Alima: They're still coming!

Alima: You've got to hold them off!

Alima: Chopper's not built to take this!

Alima: Systems critical.

Gabe: Missile launchers destroyed!  Take us down!
Alima: Rocket launchers!
Alima: Zone is way too hot.
Teresa: RPG's on the deck!  Take them out!

Gabe: Threat eliminated!
Alima: That was close!
Gabe: Alima, take us down!
Gabe: I'll get those guys from the deck.

Gabe: Teresa, I need a route to Cargo Hold Five.
Teresa: Navy WON'T give us access to the ship's network.  Glad to see Cordell VOUCHED for us.
Gabe: Forget Cordell.  I'll get a sit rep from the special ops team.  Send me the position of that distress signal.
Teresa: Main deck, just inside the aft superstructure.
Gabe: Roger that.  Logan out.

Al-Jamil Thug: On the helipad!

Al-Jamil Thug: He's heading up!

Gabe: Alima, there's a live warhead on the deck.  Bring your lift cable to my position.
Alima: On my way!
Alima: Attach this hook.  I can drop the missile at sea.

Gabe: Uhh!!

Gabe: Get it out of here! / Locked down.  Move it out!

Al-Jamil Thug: On the main deck!

Alima: --entering holding pattern.

Al-Jamil Thug: He's on the lower deck!

U.S. soldier: Helllpppp, meeee!
Gabe: Wounded spec ops is buried under this debris.  Alima, get over here.
Alima: Negative.  RPG's above your position.
Al-Jamil Thug: Get rockets on that, now!

Gabe: Ready when you are.
Alima: Zone's still hot. / Take out those Somalis first! / It's not clear yet.

U.S. soldier: moaaannn! / groaaannn!

Gabe: Alima, it's clear.  Bring that bird in close.
Alima: On my way!
Alima: Attach this hook onto the debris.

Gabe: On it.

Gabe: Get it out of here! / Locked down.  Move it out!
Alima: Lifting away.

Gabe: Damn it, we're too late.  He's dead.
Teresa: WHY didn't Cordell tell us Special Forces were onboard?  Did he think that would have scared us off?
Gabe: Then he underestimated us, again.

Gabe: Hughh!
Gabe: Teresa, the door is stuck. I can't get through.
Teresa: Find another way in.

Al-Jamil Thug: He's on the upper deck!

Al-Jamil Thug: He's coming this way!  Get him!
Al-Jamil Thug: We'll be ready!

Gabe: Approaching distress signal. / Standby, almost there.

Special Forces man fires on Gabe, who takes cover.

Gabe: Check your fire!
Gabe: Teresa, I've got a wounded spec ops here.  Vitals are weak.  Get hold of Fifth Fleet and...
Teresa: I CAN'T get through.  All Navy comm is down.
U.S. soldier: The mission was... wasn't... a straight... op.
U.S. soldier: My whole team... gone.
U.S. soldier: Intel... WASN'T right.
Gabe: Teresa, get Cordell on the line.

Mission: Wrong actionsEdit

Chopper is shot

Alima: Aaaahhhhh!

Do not attach hook

Alima: Attach this hook onto the debris.
Teresa: Gabe, is everything okay?
Alima: You need to lock down your end!
Alima: Lock it down!
Alima: Can you reach the line?

Fail to attach

Gabe: Damn it!
Gabe: Sorry, Alima.
Gabe: One more time...

Ignore Alima

Alima: Talk to me, Chief!

Fail to attach 2

Gabe: One more time...
Alima: Waiting on you.
Teresa: Gabe, you have to make faster connections. / Gabe, secure it to the right points.

Mission: Unused dialogs

Teresa: Alima, Gabe!

Alima: I can't come in until it's clear.

Alima: It looks clear.  Coming in!
Alima: Chief, I'm not waiting anymore.

Alima: Watch out overhead.

Teresa: See if you can find a way in from above.

Al-Jamil Thug: Attack the chopper!
Al-Jamil Thug: Shoot it down!!
Al-Jamil Thug: Helicopter is landing!
Al-Jamil Thug: He can't go up those stairs!
Al-Jamil Thug: Boxed him in by the stairs!
Al-Jamil Thug: The hatches are destroyed!
Al-Jamil Thug: That hatch is sealed shut!
Al-Jamil Thug: Heading down!

Alima: More Somali boats have arrived.

Teresa: Eliminate the Somalis with RPG's!

Gabe: Missile launchers destroyed!

Gabe: Don't have much time.
Gabe: Move it out!

Gabe: Damn it, we're too late.  He's dead.
Alima: Zone is too hot.  Radio me when it's clear.

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