The R-9 Devyatka (R-9 девятка) is a two-stage liquid-propelled nuclear missile with a maximum effective range of 12,500 km. The maximum payload capacity is 5 megatons. Russia retired the Devyatka-class rocket in 1977.


In 1999 Erich Rhoemer's terrorist consortium, Black Baton, stormed the PHARCOM Warehouses in Kazakhstan where at least one of these were stored and instigated a massive firefight with the security personnel guarding the facilities. Rhoemer refitted the payload with the Syphon Filter virus, intending to launch it at an unidentified target. Gabe Logan entered the fray to prevent such a scenario and Mara Aramov, who had changed her allegiance temporarily, rendered him assistance in stopping the launch.

Logan succeeded in stopping the missile via a self-destruct mechanism.


  • The Devyatka is presumed to be based off the R9 Desna (SS-8 Sasin)
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