This is it.
Hargrove's daughter, Blake. D'you think she's still alive?
As long as Singularity thinks he needs her, she has a chance.

The Takedown of Red Section was the penultimate confrontation in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Motivated by Addison Hargrove's apparent death, Gabe Logan led an assault on Aerospace Integrated Technologies, where Singularity had established his headquarters. He resolved to destroy Red Section and capture Project Dark Mirror.

The IPCA was mostly successful in its endeavours, hunting down the remnants of the paramilitary group and killing their commander. Dark Mirror was also acquired and analysed, while Logan went to Hargrove's grave to reflect on their relationship a week following the incident. To his surprise, Addison was in fact alive and well, having prepared for and faked her death in advance. A second shock came to Gabe when Hargrove's daughter, Blake, indirectly revealed that she was his child by mentioning her age. Despite being reunited, Logan was persuaded by Hargrove to let her leave, and watched the duo drive away.

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