Richard Kress
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Gabriel Logan

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Syphon Filter Dark Mirror



Kress was a Red Section mole working in the UN like a medic. Gabe first finds his papers within a beat up satchel in 'Forged Under Fire', but does not see him until some time later. After Logan and Janzen enter the tent, Kress come with a injured UN soldier needing urgent medical attention. He asks Logan to get the medical supplies so he could help the wounded soldier. Gabe arrives at the cabinet apparently containing medical supplies but finds nothing and is ambushed by soldiers of Goran Zivmović. When Logan kills them and goes back to the tent he finds Janzen and the wounded soldier both dead, killed by Kress. Logan swears to exact revenge. After eliminating several soldiers of Zivmović, Logan finally finds Kress and shoots him in his leg. Kress orders more soldiers to terminate Gabe, but Logan kills the remaining soldiers of Zivmović. Eventually, Kress reappears with a AUG-HBAR in a battle against Logan. Gabe taunts Kress about what happens to traitors, and kills the mole finally avenging the death of Janzen.


Kress is a cowardly, immature sociopath as seen in his attempts to kill as many people as he can. He first deceives Gabe into leaving Janzen and the unnamed soldier with him, while in fact he was using this as his advantage so he could terminate the duo. Logan later finds the empty medical cabinet and realises his mistake of trusting the medic when ZP soldiers assault him, saying that Kress told them Gabe would be there. His actions of running away only emphasise his character, which is reinforced when he radios Zivmovic for help, after realising Logan survived his ambush. During his battle with Gabe, he is taunted to 'fight like a man', displaying his rather flimsy character, and he is then killed in vengeance of Janzen's death.


This guy has full body armour and wears a helmet, so he can shrug off headshots. He's armed with an AUG carbine, so you'll want to keep your distance. The easiest way to kill him is to use the SMAW launcher in the truck bed, but be careful, for a close shot will cause Gabe to die. Alternatively, you can use explosive darts to wear him down and then concentrate body shots on him until he's dead. Another way is to fire an X34 gas dart and trigger it for an instant KO.


  • His betrayal is a clear reference to Jason Chance's revelation about working for the Agency in Syphon Filter 2.
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