Mujari: "We tend to paint life with a limited pallet of black and white. Governments are good or evil. Leaders, wrong or right. In my fight against apartheid, I saw much that would make one think in those terms. But missions like ours to the North Atlantic, where we face evil, certainly, and a man like Jandran, prove to me most things are not so simple. Is it just a fight to take a single innocent life to prevent a greater evil? During my mission to Chechnya, I had similarly difficult questions to answer."


For this mission, you will assume the role of Lawrence Mujari. His mandate is that he will NOT kill anybody, regardless of what crimes they may have committed. Be careful to practice using the taser before playing this mission. If you set anybody aflame, the mission restarts. As for the air pistol, do NOT aim for any heads, so it's best to use auto-targeting.

From the start, go up the hill and turn west. A lone soldier is digging a grave. Stun him and go back towards the start. Three soldiers are gathering at the east corner. Aim a grenade towards the staircase landing, and one more if anybody else happens to survive the first gas cloud.

With these four rendered unconscious, go to the grave and catch a picture. There will be three more guards in the far distance. You can toss a few grenades at 'em, or use the air pistol.

That done, go towards the place where the first group was gathering.

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