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Sana's, Yemen: Taherir Palace

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Sana's, Yemen: Arms Bazaar

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Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain




Internal Presidential Consulting Agency/ Mossad

Weapons in mission




Sana's, Yemen: Taherir Palace


Eliminate security room guards within 5 minutes

Retrieve weapons from security cage

Provide cover fire for Zohar

Jump to extraction chopper

Do not sound alarm before al-Hassan is dead

No collateral damage

Destroy Scud firing mechanism (Team)


Palace security personnel


Should you have the neck snap ability, this mission's first part will be immensely simplified. Otherwise, stick to the Stun Jack.

You have 5 minutes to neutralise the security threat when this level begins. Wait for a few seconds and a moving guard will approach you. Move aside and he'll go to the stairs. Get behind him when he stops and break his neck, or zap him. Move up and wait for the guards to separate before you kill them.

The tricky part is on the last guard. He's watching security cameras, so wait for him to be distracted before you silently jump down. Drop him and acquire your weapons. Hit the switch on the door to open it, and head back upstairs. Kick open the double doors, and go to the balcony.

This part is rather easy. You just have to protect Zohar from enemy patrols. You will need a good weapon with a ton of ammo. Remember: an assault rifle will lock on faster than a sniper type. You don't want to waste time zooming in and out because Zohar has 100% HP and is injured 10% if he draws too much gunfire. If his health hits 0%, the mission fails.

Zohar will search the place for a while, so shoot the guards who threaten him. Just be careful of enemies climbing to your platform and try to stay alive - the more often you die, the higher the chance that Zohar will succumb himself. Eventually, he'll head to your position, which makes things even easier. Stay on the balcony and hold your position, killing guards as they appear.

After a long battle, the helicopter will drop down.  You need to jump to it.  Make sure you get a good running start and are running straight when you make the jump. Not enough starting room or turns will prevent you from jumping.