Robert Cordell: "I'm no expert on how things are run inside CSS, but something tells me if you don't recover Shen or the X-Z-2, you'll be facing a firing squad... But my organisation appreciates your skills and experience. America is the land of opportunity and second chances."
Cordell taps into Trinidad's comm during the mission.
'Shadowed' is the third bonus mission in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. It replays Gabe's infiltration of Bitar's dam and his destroying the power substations, from Trinidad's perspective.

This is arguably one of the more significant levels in terms of plot, since it at least partially reveals Trinidad's reasons for assaulting the IPCA secondary headquarters.


  • Trinidad (playable)
  • Gabe Logan
  • Robert Cordell (radio)
  • Lian Xing (radio)
  • Shen Rei (mentioned)

Plot synopsis

As he attempts to infiltrate Bitar's dam, Gabe tells Lian to prepare the diversion, and she replies 'on your signal'. He dives into the water, while the camera tilts up to show Trinidad standing on a vantage point, watching him.

As the mission begins, Trinidad provides covering fire for Gabe. Cordell can be heard talking over the radio, telling Trinidad he knows her and introducing himself. He mentions that he's probably the only person to hate Gabe Logan as much as she does, and goes on about her track record, with which Beijing is unsatisfied. He then recounts how Lian was her pupil and she defected, before talking about Shen being babysat for fifteen years until Trinidad got lazy, at which point he defected with the X-Z-2. Cordell then goes on about Trinidad possibly facing a firing squad if she does not reacquire Shen or his brainchild. He then somewhat manipulates Trinidad into working for him, claiming that his organisation appreciates her skills and experience, since America is the land of opportunity and second chances. The mission ends when Gabe has destroyed all the transformer substations and if he survives.

Hidden Evidence

  • Don't allow enemies to kill Gabe.
  • Finish the level.


  • Although Gabe is seen with a UNP .45 in this mission, he was apparently armed with a Heckler and Koch MP5 during the cutscene 'I Had No Choice', which shows the introduction to his infiltrating the dam. Yet, he has totally different weapons in gameplay.


  • When Gabe has used the RTL to access the central tower, aim your scope towards the west, top of the dam. You will see Lian's C4 diversion - a burning truck will crash down from above.
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