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The shotgun is a weapon used throughout the Syphon Filter trilogy.

Syphon Filter

'The12-gauge modified choke shotgun is standard issue for the DEA, FBI and USSS. In firing tests using tactical 00 shot with nine lead on an ISCP regulation target at 25 yards, the payload was delivered into the "A" kill zone with limited collateral damage.'
Syphon Filter weapon description
The shotgun is a devastating close quarters weapon that is best used for personal defense in Syphon Filter. Its sluggish firing rate and reload time both hamper its effectiveness; it is also essentially useless at long distance. Thus, one is advised to be in point-blank range before firing it. It is strong enough to send enemies flying. It can be used in the Washington DC missions as well as those in Rhoemer's stronghold.

Syphon Filter 2

'This fully choked version maximizes accuracy and minimizes collateral damage out to 25 yards. It is commonly issued to law enforcement, DEA and Secret Service agents. At close range, nothing you could carry hits harder.'
Syphon Filter 2 weapon description
Just as in Syphon Filter, this weapon inflicts ruinous destruction against enemies at very short proximity. It is used in the Colorado Mountains missions, in Moscow when pursuing the Gregorav imposter and in Aljir Prison.

Syphon Filter 3

'This modified choke version maximizes hitting power while keeping collateral damage to a minimum and is used by police forces, DEA agents, and the Secret Service. A 12 gauge is one of the most feared weapons around because it shreds anything within a range of up to about twenty-five yards.'
Syphon Filter 3 weapon description
The shotgun is yet again, extremely powerful for close range combat. It can be found in Hotel Fukushima, during the Costa Rican missions, in the Pugari missions, Kabul, Afghanistan, Aztec Ruins and during the Paradise Ridge missions.

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