Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is a third-person action video game released for the PSP and is being brought to the Playstation 2 some time in 2008.

Release Date: 2007

Format: Playstation Portable,
Coming Soon To Playstation 2

Preceeded By Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Followed By: Upcoming Syphon Filter in 2009


The game has protagonist Gabe Logan sent on a mission to retrieve a package containing a dangerous new technology within a ship's cargo hold. While there, Gabe discovers that the ship has been ambushed and the package stolen. Robert Cordell, the governmental bureaucrat in charge of the IPCA, is shutting down the agency due to the failed mission and because Gabe's long-time partner, Lian Xing, has disappeared and is suspected of being a double agent. In disbelief, Gabe acts alone, traveling the world in order to find Lian and recover the stolen technology.


 Logan's shadow, like dark mirror is a third person shooter game that can be played as either a stealth or action game. Underwater levels make an aperance with their own weapons, puzzles and 3D movement.

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