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The Omega Strain


Fade in to the exterior of Zurich, Switzerland, where the Niculescu funds tower is visible. It's raining, and peals of thunder boom, with flashes of lightning. Vehicles flash past as we pan up. A siren is heard.

Intercut to an upper level.


Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

Aramov: You must miss me terribly to bring me here at such expense...
Niculescu: Perceptive creature, Mara dear... But this is business. Ivankov has decided to go into business for himself...
Aramov: I warned you the man was another Stalin. There's nothing I can do.

Niculescu: (goes to a painting and grabs it) You and I are much alike. We use things until they are worn. And then... (tosses the painting to the floor)
Aramov: (goes to the fallen painting) Alright, Mihai... I will deal with him if I can find him.

Cut to Pescara, Italy: St Cetteo's Square. Camera pans down from a high angle as we hear the Belarus 2 ambient theme song.

Pescara, Italy: St Cetteo Square

Niculescu (VO): It shouldn't be difficult. The new virus appears rather unstable. But Ivankov doesn't seem to care. He has someone making the arms, selling it anywhere. We won't know where he's going next...But we'll know where he's been.

Transit to:

Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone

An arm is seen in the same location as before. CHA officers are on the scene.

CHA Officer 1 (OS): Where's Broussard?
CHA Officer 2 (OS): Has anyone seen Broussard?
Lawrence (OS): Events are becoming complicated. The Carthage Health Authority is not cooperating. At this moment, I'm waiting to interview Broussard.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Establishing shot. Zeus Files main theme plays.


Lawrence (OS): If my suspicions prove correct, we may all be in grave danger. My preliminary findings suggest- (gunshot, screen cuts out)
Teresa: That was Mujari's final report. His cell phone went dead four hours ago. Gabe?
Gabe: Thanks Teresa. Alright. I'm sending Imani with another team to Carthage to find him. Stone. You investigate the outbreak in Italy. Lian and I'll go to Uganda.
Lian: Everyone'll be briefed individually on their assignments. That's it.
Teresa: Hey you guys? I know you don't wanna hear it. But I need information as soon as you get it. Check in once in a while.
Imani: That means you, Stone.
Stone: Whatever you say, darlin'.
Alima: I'll make sure he pipes in.
Teresa: Thanks, Alima. Get goin'.
Stone: What?!
Alima: Leave Imani alone.
Imani: What're you standing around for? Head to your locker and get loaded up. Weapons check before you board my chopper so your gear had better shine.
Gabe: One more thing. Each of you were hand-picked to join this team. This threat is growin'. We're the only ones who have a chance to stop it. I'm counting on you... Thanks.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA European Command Training Center

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Imani: Good work Cobra.

Imani: Make your way to the shooting range and practice the different types of weapons I've set up for you.

Imani: Climb over that.

Imani: Every mission has a mission deadlines which you have to beat if you want to achieve the highest ranks in this agency. Some missions also have team deadlines. To beat the deadline - you have to complete all of the objectives for that mission before the mission deadline timer expires.

Imani: Roll under that.

Imani: If it gets too dark use your flashlight. But be careful, they'll be able to spot you easier.

Imani: You can climb that ladder.

Imani: Shimmy across that.

Imani: You can interact with that.

Imani: Stay away from fire, we've got enough trouble without having to get you a MEDEVAC.

Imani: I want you to pick up that body and hide it. Some missions require you to do this under fire, other times, you have to hide bodies to prevent patrols from knowing you've been there.

Imani: The first part of the mission is complete. Good work.

Imani: You need to use IR goggles down here. They'll spot your flashlight.

Imani: To earn the bonus weapon you have to hit all the targets before the timer expires wrap it in accurate targeting is an essential skill in the field.

Imani: You can pick up that armour.

Imani: You can pick up that ammo.

Imani: The training mission is now complete. Are you ready for a real mission yet?

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Imani: Welcome to the training course

Imani: Note to all new agency recruits ranked field agent and below. Commander Logan has asked me to run this training facility and teach you everything I can about agency protocol so that's what I'm gonna do. That does not mean I have to like it. Green recruits are a liability in my opinion. Let's see you prove me wrong.

Mission: Wrong actions

If Player is down

Imani: Cobra is down, repeat, Cobra is down.

Imani: Cobra is down.

Stay for some time

Imani: You haven't completed any objectives. Start pulling your weight.

Going the wrong way

Imani: You're going the wrong way.

If Player blown an objective

Imani: Cobra has blown an objective.

If Player interacts with a locked door

Imani: You can't open that door!

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Imani: Mission complete. Good work.
Imani: How did you find your way in there?
Imani: What are you doing in there?
Imani: Looks like no one's ever been in there before.
Imani: You lose any more blood you're not going to be much use to me. Take more evasive action.
Imani: Your flak jacket is getting pretty torn up. You better find another one.
Imani: You're taking too many hits. Find some cover.
Imani: You're taking a lot of damage. Try rolling.
Imani: You're almost out of ammo. Switch to another weapon or find some more.
Imani: You're out of ammo. Switch to another weapon or find some more.
Imani: Try to stay off the tracks, the terrorists are running the subways and they're not stopping for anyone.
Imani: Watch out for sniper fire. Those guys are taking headshots.
Imani: Use flashbang grenades to blind them. It really messes up their IR.
Imani: Get down!
Imani: Get moving!
Imani: Roll!
Imani: You can jump there.
Imani: For this mission I'm assigning you the code name Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon has just joined the mission.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon has left the mission.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon has been removed from the mission.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon outranks you so pay attention.
Imani: Everyone outranks you so pay attention.
Imani: Almost everyone outranks you so pay attention.
Imani: You're the highest-ranking agent on this mission, so show them what to do.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon has a higher clearance level than you, so watch and learn.
Imani: Everyone has a higher clearance level than you, so watch and learn.
Imani: Almost everyone has a higher clearance level than you, so watch and learn.
Imani: Cobra's / Python's / Viper's / Dragon's injured. Repeat, Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon is injured.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon is down, repeat, Python / Viper / Dragon is down.
Imani: To find your way in dark areas, use your personal illumination device but be careful, enemies will be able to spot you easier when you have it turned on.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon. is down.
Imani: Cobra / Python / Viper / Dragon, you've just blown our stealth. Be more careful.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon has blown an objective.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon, I said no collateral damage.
Imani: Good work Python / Viper / Dragon.
Imani: Use your head Python / Viper / Dragon.
Imani: Stop screwing up Python / Viper / Dragon.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon is out of control.
Imani: Python / Viper / Dragon is screwing up.
Imani: You need to work together to eliminate this one.
Imani: There's too many, you need a full team to take them on.
Imani: You need to work together to get this done.
Imani: You can't complete this objective without working together as a team.
Imani: I want you guys to stay together on this one. Work together as a single unit.
Imani: If you split up and work separately, you'll be able to get this done faster.
Imani: PDA update.
Imani: Teresa's checking in.
Imani: You'll need assistance to climb up there.
Imani: Try to rendezvous with the other team members.
Imani: You're leaving the mission area.
Imani: You're going the wrong way.
Imani: Nice teamwork, you guys are quick.
Imani: Listen up team, you're way too slow. Let's get this done.

Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone

'Area is going to hell'

Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone

Imani: Alima, we're heading into the quarantine area now. Head to LZ2 and wait for my call.
Alima: Copy that. Good luck you guys.
Imani: Remember, let me do the talking.
Broussard: You're
insane! I told you he wouldn't go along with this and now look what's happened! Shut up and listen to me. I don't care! That was not our... Wait...!
Imani: Dr. Broussard?
Broussard: Yes?
Imani: I'd like to ask you a few questions...
Broussard: Who are you? This is a
restricted area.
Imani: I'm an investigator for the IPCA... We're looking for this man. (flashes a picture of Mujari)
Broussard: No! I'm sorry... I don't have time for this... Let me to ask you-

Car bomb explodes; Broussard runs off in the panic. Imani draws her pistol.

Imani: Teresa! We're under fire! Repeat, the entire area is going to hell! Can you find out what's going on?
Teresa (OS): Copy that... Already on it.
Imani: I'm headin' into the subway after Broussard. Stay on task and keep your head down.
No one dies on my watch, got that?

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Teresa: Imani, attacks reported all over the quarantine area. D'you wanna pull out?
Imani: Hell
no! We're not leaving 'til we find Mujari! Imani out. Let's get this mission done and get the hell outta here!

Imani: Locate some gear and start collecting those water samples.

Imani: CHA officers: Dialog from Radio Log

After saving the CHA officer

CHA Officer: Who are you? What are you doing there?

Imani: Elsa needs those water samples.

Imani: Find the field morgue and get that tissue sample.

Imani: Okay, that's one water sample. We need four more.

Imani: Look, I hate these much work assignment as much as you do, but someone's going to do them and ain't gonna be me.

If Player go in tent of first area without CHA Suit or shoot at CHA officer

CHA Officer: Stop or I'll shoot!

If Player go in tent of first area in CHA Suit

CHA Officer: Where is Broussard?

Imani: That's two samples. Collect three more.

Imani: You're gonna have to prove yourself.

Imani: You need to get those samples scanned and updated.

Imani: Look, I know Gabe wouldn't have recruited you if you weren't the best. So don't disappoint me.

CHA Officer 1: Move it, keep your heads down. They're coming from everywhere!
CHA Officer 2: Here they come! Watch out.

Imani: That's three. Two more though. I hope Dr. E appreciates all this work.

Player must save both CHA officers while wears CHA suit

CHA Officer 1: Thank you. There's a few more men on the streets that might need your help.
CHA Officer 2: Let's get out of here before we get ambushed again.

Save CHA officer 1 only

CHA Officer 1: Thanks for your help. My partner and I appreciate it.

Save CHA officer 2 only

CHA Officer 2: Thank you for your help. Wish you could have save my partner.

If Player go in tent where scanning station is, in CHA suit

CHA Officer: Has anyone seen Broussard?

If Player go in tent where scanning station is, without CHA suit

CHA Officer: Stop! This is a restricted area!

Imani: Don't screw up that field autopsy, follow The Agency protocols.

Imani: Teresa, we've completed the field autopsy, let Elsa know that tissue samples are on their way.
Teresa: Copy that. Theresa out.

Imani: Find the scanning station and get Teresa the data she's asking for.

While in CHA suit

CHA Officer: I saw someone moving over there. Watch out!

While in CHA suit

CHA Officer: Quick, over here!

Save CHA Officer while in CHA suit

CHA Officer: Thanks buddy. That was a close one.

Teresa: Teresa here. The scan process will take some time to complete. Stay alert.

Teresa: Imani, they've just finished uploading samples. Imputting them into the database now.
Imani: Good work. Imani out.

While in CHA suit

CHA Officer: Come on.

CHA Officer: Over that way!

Save CHA Officer while in CHA suit

CHA Officer: Thanks for the backup. I wouldn't have made it without you.

Imani: You're doin' good. One more to go.

ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): Proust says get ready to move.
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub): The men are ready. We have men at both ends of the subway.

Imani: Huh... Good work, I let Command know that we have all the samples.

Imani: I've located Proust in the subway, I don't wanna lose Broussard, so you're gonna have to eliminate him. You up to it?

Imani: Good work. Teresa, Proust is been taking care of.
Teresa: Copy that. I'll file the DPE.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Imani: CHA officers

Imani: CHA officers are on and won't be able to tell you from the terrorists so keep your distance from them. They're considered collateral targets and I want no collateral damage on this mission. We're doing this by the book.

Imani/Teresa: Broussard Captured in Subway

Imani: I've managed to get into the subway before they lock down the emergency gates, Broussard's been captured by the terrorists. I'm going to follow them and see where they're dragging him of to. Maybe they'll lead me to Mujari. Teresa, these guys are all speaking French, don't know if that'll help you ID them.
Teresa: It might. Keep searching for whatever radio frequency they're using. We can use that to voiceprint them.
Imani: Copy that. Imani out.

Teresa/Imani: Get gear & water samples

Teresa: Imani, Elsa wants to make sure you finish Mujari's original mission, she's going to need both water and tissue samples for her research.
Imani: The car bomb ruined our collection gear, so we'll have to commandeer some from the CHA, but we'll get it done. Imani out. There's a separate water system in the west terminal of the subway, get them from there. And any other place you see to expose water.

Teresa/Imani: Get tissue sample

Teresa: Elsa needs a tissue sample from a recent victim. Once you find the field morgue, you're gonna have to perform a field autopsy and get a tissue culture from a victim's liver.
Imani: Sounds appetizing. Teams on it.

Teresa: Broussard's laptop

Teresa: Have your team keep an eye out for Broussard's laptop. We've already checked the CHA main computers and found nothing.

Teresa: Scan tissue sample

Teresa: Elsa's worried about the potential contamination in the samples. You need to get to a DNA scanner and upload the data as soon as you can. The CHA investigationes must have one set up somewhere.

Proust/Masson: Proust's Location

Proust (sub): Masson, come in. Masson?
Masson (sub): Damn it Proust!  Close down this frequency. Masson out.
Proust (sub): OK, Proust out. I am going to the East Terminal. Stop them, damn you!

Imani: Terrorist radio acquired

Occurs instead of "Proust/Masson: Proust's Location" if to kill Proust first, using C4 to pass through subway

Imani: I killed one of the terrorists. No ID of course. But I did get one of the radio devices, should have something soon. They're moving Broussard west into the main subway tunnels. I'm still on them.

Imani: Night vision goggles

Imani: Power is off between the connecting tunnels and the west terminal. I just pulled a pair of IR goggles off one of the terrorists. You're gonna have to find a pair or you won't be able to see the thing. There is a stash of them in one of the storage room in the east terminal.

Imani: Subway cars

Imani: These guys are using the subway system to move men and equipment. The mainline seem to be shut down but... the cars are moving back and forth between the platform. Be careful down here.

Imani/Teresa: Terrorists Transmission

Imani: Teresa, I'm picking up a radio transmission from the terrorists. Pipe in it to you.
Teresa: Ready.
Masson (sub): Order all of your men to move, now, now.
Fournier (sub): We don't have time. Our transport is not here.
Masson (sub): Where is Broussard?
Proust (sub): We don't know.
Masson (sub): Find him and take him to the warehouse with the other.
Teresa: It's going to the computer voice banks now. I let you know if I find anything.
Imani: Thanks.

Imani: DPE order - Proust

Imani: You have to eliminate Proust. I'm not going to let a good DPE go to waste.

Imani: Hole to sewer system

Imani: Ok, I found where they be moving the viral containers. They've opened a hole that connects the subway system with the city's water and sewer systems. They've taken Broussard through. I'm gonna follow. Get a rough idea where they're going and then rendezvous with you back here when you're finished.

Mission: Wrong actions

If Player is down

Imani: Cobra is down, repeat, Cobra is down.

Imani: Cobra is down.

Stay for some time

Imani: You're running out of time. Pick up the pace.

Imani: You're almost out of time.

Kill CHA Officer

Imani: Cobra, I said no collateral damage.

Imani: Use your head Cobra.

Imani: Stop screwing up Cobra.

Imani: Cobra is out of control.

Imani: Cobra is screwing up.

No tissue samples

Imani: You don't have the samples yet. You're gonna to need them before you can scan them, won't you?

Destroy the scanning station

Teresa: Teresa here. The power's been cut to the tent. Now you can't upload that data.

Mission: Characters quotes

The ALA Terrorists

  • I need back up
  • Kill them!
  • Kill them all
  • Stop Them
  • Shoot Them
  • Over here
  • Give me cover
  • There's one!
  • They're over this way

Andre Proust

  • Someone moved over there
  • Who are you? What are you doing here?
  • What do you want? Get out!
  • You cannot hide from my men. Whoever you are, you will be defeated
  • Back here
  • Don't let them escape
  • They're over there!
  • They're in front of the counter, stop them

Uncategorised lines

If you heard / seen any of these lines during your gameplay, add them to appropriate category.

  • For the ALA!
  • You will die in the name of the Rising Hand!
  • They're using NV Goggles. Use flash grenades
  • Use flash grenades!
  • They've blasted through the security gate, get them!
  • I hear someone in there!
  • They're in there!
  • Move back! Back!

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

CHA Officer 1: I'm not moving anything until they stop shooting at us.
CHA Officer 2: They need this scanning equipment back at the lab.
CHA Officer 1: Go ahead. Be a hero. I say let them get it themselves.

CHA Officer: Don't shoot! I'm unarmed!

CHA Officer: Please, don't shoot me!

CHA Officer: Kill him!

CHA Officer: Stop them!

CHA Officer: Someone's coming, hurry up and hide!

Imani: Watch out for this C4 trigger man. The ALA have explosives set up all over.

Imani: You're not going to be able to get through the subway security gates without C4.

Teresa: Teresa here. We needed to get that data uploaded to Dr. E. Now her work's going to be delayed.

Imani/Teresa: Voice Print data

Teresa: Imani, I have data on those voices. Looks like he might be dealing with the Anarchiste Libertaire Armee.
Imani: The ALA, are you sure?
Teresa: Vioce prints have confirmed one of the voices belongs to Philippe Masson, known as 'The Hawk'. Downloading his file into Zeus now. Masson's second and third in command a are Andre Proust and Jean Fournier. They almost as dangerous as Masson. You've been given a DPE for all three.
Imani: Copy that. We'll take care of it.

Teresa: Terrorist identified

Teresa: Imani, we've finally got an ID on the man who rented the car that was exploded in front of the Carthage city bank. Andre Proust - ex-French military explosive specialist. He's been hook up the ALA for a couple of years.

Broussard's laptop audio ('The deal is off')

This file is unlocked by recovering Broussard's computer from the bank. While technically a team objective, it can be done as an individual using the jump glitch.

IPCA room - Audio recovered from Broussard's laptop...

We see two people in a room of the IPCA headquarters.

Broussard (VO): ...I know we had a deal! But you can plainly see that the situation has changed!
Masson (VO): ...unintelligible French gibberish...
Broussard (VO): Speak
English, damn you!
Masson (VO): As I was saying, we have paid a lot of money for this material, Broussard! You
cannot back out on the deal now.
Broussard (VO): Who d'you think you're talking to? I'm
not some local pencil pusher, I have connections-
Masson (VO): I know all about your 'connections'!
Stop interrupting me, you arrogant bastard! I don't give a damn about your 'connections' or your problems! We gets out on the international market that you cannot be trusted! And you won't be able to sell, or use-
Broussard (VO): Look around you. This...
thing... is out of control. I have people dying all over the damned city. Anyone who's coming to contact with this thing is dying!
Masson (VO): A
lot more people are going to die if you don't do as I say-
Broussard (VO): Someone's coming. I
have to go. The deal is off, Masson! That's all I have to say.

'There's no stopping it'

Carthage, Michigan: Subway Tunnel

Imani: Masson's men are inside the water system. You deal with them while I go after Broussard. With any luck, he's being taken to the same place they're holding Mujari. Alima, are you there?
Alima (OS): Standing by.
Imani: Head to LZ1. If we find Mujari alive, we'll need to move him
Alima (OS): Copy that. OTW.
Imani: I've
never trusted anyone before I worked with. You're doing alright. Let's take them out.

Scene cuts to elsewhere. Screen reads

Kiev, Ukraine: Ukraine Military Base

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Zhidkov: Товарищ Иванков. (Comrade Ivankov.)
Ivankov: Жидков. (Zhidkov.)
Zhidkov: Мы готовы. (We are ready.)
Ivankov: Хорошо. Я возвращаюсь в Мозырь закрыть виллу. По моему разрешению все внешние операции должны быть прикрыты. (Good. I am returning to Mazyr to close the chateau.
All outside operations must be shut down by the time I return.)
Zhidkov: Понятно. (Understood.)
Ivankov: Начинаем в Криворожстали. Это самая последняя операция Никулеску. Владимир, когда всё начинается назад дороги не будет. Все наши лучшие ребята будут нужны здесь. Понятно? (Begin in Krivorozhstal. That is the last of Niculescu's operations. Vladimir, when this thing begins there will be
no stopping it. We will need our best men here. You understand?)
Zhidkov: Да товарищ. (Yes comrade.) (goes offscreen, Pulikovsky appears behind Ivankov)
Pulikovsky: Значит вы расчитываете справиться с этим. Мы отказываемся от больших денег. (So you mean to go through with it. We are giving up a lot of money.)
Ivankov: Именно это мы и планировали сначала. Где сейчас Юшенко? (It is what we have planned from the beginning. Where is Yuschenko now?)
Pulikovsky: Он вернулся из Торронто, и находится сейчас на пути в Киргистан. А потом отправится в Йемен. Деньги переведены как было предусмотрено. (He has returned from Carthage and is on his way to Kyrgyzstan, then Yemen. The funds have transferred as planned.)
Ivankov: Хорошо. Что от неё слышно? (Good. Any word of her?)
Pulikovsky: Её держат под замком в Гуантанамо. Они никогда её не отпустят. (She is locked away at Guantanamo. They will never let her out.)
Ivankov: Возможно это и к лучшему. Пойдём. Они будут нас искать, а нам нужно много сделать до того как они нас найдут. (Perhaps it is for the best. Come. They will be looking for us, and we have much work to do before they find us.)

Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District

'Innocents die every day'

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Fade in to show a warehouse interior in Carthage, Michigan. Screen reads...

Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse DIstrict

We see Mujari lying motionless in a warehouse. Broussard is shot once and falls on his knees. A second gunshot and he drops dead. A puddle of blood pools around him.

Masson: Un mot de Proust? (Any word from Proust?)
Les gens de Broussard ont eu plus de problèmes que nous le pensions. (No. Broussard's people were more trouble than we thought).

Fade out then fade back in.

Fournier: De plus, quelqu'un cherche Mujari. (Also, someone's looking for Mujari.)

Camera intercuts between Masson, Fournier and Mujari, the third of whom is moving fitfully.

Masson: Zut. Remonter le tableau des heures. Nous allons réaliser le plan ici. (Damn. Move up the time table. We'll carry out the plan here.)
Fournier: Ici? (
Mettez-en un dans l'approvisionnement en eau. Je vais prendre l'autre dans le centre commercial. Envoyez deux équipes pour traiter avec la police. Vous traitez avec les gens de Mujari.(Put one in the water supply. I'll take the other into the mall. Send two squads to deal with the police. You deal with Mujari's people.)
Masson, beaucoup d'innocents vont mourir. (Masson, a lot of innocent people are going to die.)
Masson: L
es innocents meurent pour de justes causes chaque jour mon ami. Je ne peux pas changer cela maintenant. (Innocents die for just causes every day my friend. I cannot change that now.)

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Teresa: Imani, ALA radio traffic is moving north and you were right about the water system. They're planning on dumping containers of the virus into the Carthage water supply.
Imani: Copy that, we're on it. Find the terrorists with that viral container I want them stopped.

Imani: Find those viral containers, I don't want the virus getting into the water supply.

Imani: A lot of Carthage citizens are going to die.

ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): Hand me the explosives. If we set it here, we can blow another hole to the subway system
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub): Masson did
not give orders for more explosives
ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): I
don't care. I'm giving the orders
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub): It's
your neck

ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): We're to spread the contaminate around. Fournier says to dump it in at least three places
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub): I
don't feel good about this. Children are going to drink this water
ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): I know.. But
not our children

ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): Stand watch. We've been ordered to keep this generator on
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub):
ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): I
don't know. Something about keeping the pumps running

ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): It smells like shit down here
ALA Terrorist 2 (sub):
What are you complaining about? I have to smell the sewers and you!
ALA Terrorist 1 (sub): That's funny. I
don't know whether to laugh, or shoot you

Imani: Good work. If those canisters had gotten in the water I don't know how many people would have died.

Teresa: Imani, I've got confirmation on the ALA. Apparently Masson is been smuggling operatives in the U. S. from Martinique through the port of Carthage for quite a while.
Imani: Copy that... but
what's their connection with Syphon Filter?
Teresa: That's what
you're gonna find out.
Imani: Maybe Lawrence can tell us when we find him. Imani out.

Imani: Well... I guess Gabe knows what he doing after all. You're doing a good job.

Imani: I know where they keeping Lawrence, he's on the second floor this warehouse but I can't get to him. They've got a sniper in the theater marquee. That's Fournier up there. Eliminate him so I can get into the warehouse.

Imani: I'm still pinned down by the sniper fire, are you gonna get him or not?

Imani: Okay, he's not shooting at me anymore. Take him out. I'm heading into the warehouse.

Imani: The first part of the mission is complete. Good work guys.

Imani: Good job. Teresa, DPE order on Fournier - carried out.
Teresa: Copy that.

Imani: I'm in the warehouse but I've got... But I've got some problems here. Another ALA squad, get over here!

Imani: They're in the machine room, get in there and clear this line of fire.

Imani: Huh... Good work. We've been told to provide assistance whatever we can.

Imani: Good job. On my way in.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Imani/Teresa: Stone's Progress

Imani: Teresa, any word from the other teams? Stone check in from Italy yet?
Teresa: Yeah. He's found some interesting stuff. I can download part of it onto your PDA. But the rest of it's classified.
Imani: Tell him I said chao and send some kisses.
Teresa: Yeah right. Lipan out.

Teresa/Imani: Lian checking in from Uganda

Teresa: Imani, Lian's checked in from Uganda. Gabe wants an update from your end.
Imani: Give him the preliminary report I already filed, I'm a little busy right now to follow another one.
Teresa: Copy that, just forwarding orders. Not like I wanna deal with the paperwork either.
Imani: I hear that. Imani out.

Alima/Imani: Stop Death Squad

Alima: Imani, picking up more ALA radio traffic.
Masson (sub): Get a squad to the morgue now. I want those witnesses taken out.
Fournier (sub): They are already on the way.
Masson (sub): Damn it Fournier, I want to be kept informed.
Imani: On it. We'll see if we can stop them.

Teresa/Imani: ALA leader identified

Teresa: Imani, I have a positive ID on the ALA leader you're dealing with. Jean Fournier. According to his dossier he's a trained sniper. He's to be one of the best shot in the French military.
Imani: Copy. Keeping our heads down. Imani out.

Alima/Imani: Intercepted Terrorist talking to Fournier

Alima: More chatter.
Female Terrorist (sub): Where are you? Someone is heading to the warehouse.
Fournier (sub): I'm sitting up at the theater. No one will get in.
Female Terrorist (sub): Masson is not paying me enough for this crap.
Fournier (sub): Shut up and do your job.
Imani: They setting up a trap. Be ready for anything.

Imani/Alima: Alima heading to Warehouse

Imani: Alima, ETA?
Alima: I'm circling over the south warehouse area now. Be there soon.

Teresa/Alima: Female Terrorist Noticed Missing

Teresa: Who was that? She was using some kind of voice mask, I can't get a print. I've got her on video though. I'll try to get an ID later.
Alima: Listen to this.
Fournier (sub): Has she checked in yet?
ALA Soldier (sub): No word. Get some men over there.
Fournier (sub): Torch the whole damn neighborhood.
Imani: That doesn't sound good. Imani out.

Alima/Imani: Circling Over Warehouse Targets Sighted

Alima: Imani, I'm circling over the south warehouse area now, be advised you got multiple targets moving north, I've spotted another group heading west to where's the main mall.
Imani: Give me a count.
Alima: They moving on the rooftops in and out of the warehouses. I'm counting at least 25... maybe 30.
Imani: Copy that. Imani out.

Teresa/Imani: Keep an eye out for Mujari's gear

Teresa: Imani, doctor E. want you to keep an eye out for Lawrence's gear. He had on this microrecorder that she needs.
Imani: Copy that. We look for it.

Imani/Teresa: Mujari's gear found

Imani: Teresa, tell doctor Elsa that we found Lawrence's gear. We will be able to analyze whatever samples he took before we got here.
Teresa: Copy that. She'll be glad to hear it.

Mission: Wrong actions

Don't kill terrorists with containers, timer expires

Imani: Dammit, you didn't get those bio-terrorists in time, now I have to report to Teresa that we failed to protect the water supply.

Objective failed: Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins

Alima: Damn... I'm patching in a radio call, from the CHA Field HQ.
CHA Officer: Someone's coming. Doh, stop! Don't shoot! 
ALA Soldier (sub): Fournier, tell Masson that they are finished.
Fournier (sub): Understood.. Fournier out.
Imani: I wish we could to save him. Dammit I can't do everyting myself.

Mission: Characters quotes

Jane Doe

  • Get them!
  • There is someone over here
  • Damn you!
  • Kill them
  • I will kill you myself
  • Who are you

Uncategorised lines

If you heard / seen any of these lines during your gameplay, add them to appropriate category.

  • Free the ALA! English Pigs!
  • I need backup!
  • Who are you?
  • I have you in my sights!
  • I'm going to put a bullet through your head!
  • I'm going to spatter your brains all over the street
  • Viva la ALA!

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Teresa/Imani: Site License DPE authorized

Teresa: Imani, we following local police radio traffic pretty closely. They're getting their asses kicked. They're waiting on backup from the RCMP Special Forces, the help is not here yet.
Imani: What's taking them so long it's a war zone out here.
Teresa: Some logistical screw-up. Command is authorizing you to intervene when possible. Don't go out of your way or needlessly risk the mission or team, but if see a chance to help - go for it. Gabe is giving you a site license DPE order.
Imani: Understood. Imani out.

Teresa/Imani: Female terrorist not identified

Teresa: Imani, still no ID on that female terrorist. Weird... I guess we'll just file it and see if something turns up later.
Imani: Her accent was definitely not Quebec.
Teresa: Yeah, that's what makes it weird. I wanna see if she was tied into another organization. Teresa out.

Imani: You've completed an objective. Good work.

Imani: You should have saved that cop. We're instructed to help the locals when possible.


ALA Terrorist: Talk you pig! Who are the people who have come for Mujari?
CHA Officer: Please, stop hurting me. I don't know what you are talking about.
ALA Terrorist: Sniveling heath authority. Why don't you grow some courage eh? Here, let me help you.
CHA Officer: No, stop! Please, I know nothing!


ALA Terrorist (sub): Talk you pig! Who are the people who have come for Mujari?
CHA Officer (sub): Please stop hurting me. I don't know what you are talking about
ALA Terrorist (sub): Sniveling heath authority. Why don't you grow some balls eh? Here, look at these
CHA Officer (sub): No, stop! Please, I know nothing

ALA soldier A: Fournier, they are in the theater
Fournier: I'm ready for them. Fournier out
ALA soldier B: Yeah, he's ready. Hiding on the roof while we have to run around on the streets and be shot up

Imani: Find the control switch to the power generator, you can use it to lockdown the pump room valves and the south sewer doors.

Imani: I asked you to get all of those containers, now I have to go and do it myself.

Mujari's audio recorder ('They are all going to die')

This is unlocked by rescuing the CHA officer held hostage in the theater. If the man is killed, the recorder objective will automatically fail.

IPCA room - Audio recovered from Mujari's equipment...

Lawrence (VO): It will go easy on you if you fully cooperate-
Broussard (VO): ...I get not mean it moves to happen. The container... it lead to... must have... but we never saw any sign. People just couldn't die!... We didn't... mean it to happen-
Lawrence (VO): ...Yes, as you keep insisting. Where is the container now? Where did you get it? Where did it come from?
Broussard (VO): Millions of people will die. It's not my fault! I tried to stop them, I tried to tell them.
Lawrence (VO): BROUSSARD! Listen to me carefully! I do not have time for this! I want you to answer my questions and I want you to-

Sounds of scuffles. An oath or swear is heard in an unintelligible French dialect.

Masson (VO): ...unintelligible French gibberish...
Masson (VO): Broussard! Get back on the street and get those authorities off my back until I am ready!
Broussard (VO): Millions of people are going to die. They... are all... going... to die.

'It's like a hydra'

Carthage, Michigan: Warehouse District

Imani: Hang in there Mujari. Alima, I need an emergency medical EVAC! We'll be on the roof of the warehouse!
Alima (OS): Almost there.
Imani: Teresa, Mujari is in bad shape, give Alima the coordinates for where Elsa is set up.
Teresa (OS): Copy that Imani. Already done.
Imani: Masson is on his way to the path mall. The locals have no idea what they're dealing with. Normally I wouldn't trust a new agent with this kind of mission but you've proven you can handle it so I'm counting on you.
Alima (OS): At the LZ!
Imani: Copy that Alima. We're ready. You know, I had my doubts when the agency started to grow so quickly. But I guess Gabe really does know what he's doing.

Masaka, Uganda: Ebola Investigation

Gabe: I feel like we have no idea what we're doing...
Lian: I'm worried, Gabe. You're letting this get to you!
Gabe: It's like a hydra. We cut off one head, it grows another! There's no stopping it! Someone's behind this. Someone we haven't seen yet. He's clever. Thorough. But he's made a fatal mistake.
Lian: Mara...
Gabe: Exactly. Mara. He needs her. Trusts her. He's using her.
Lian: But why?!
Gabe: I don't know yet. But if we follow the trail of corpses, we'll find Mara. Once we find her, we'll find him.

Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall

'A Carthage welcome'

Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall

A SWAT cop runs away from a mall entrance. In the background the Carthage battle theme song can be heard.

SWAT Officer: We've lost four men already! Whoever's in there has a sniper rifle and knows how to use it. We have to pull our men out of there.
SWAT Leader: No, we have to stop them!
SWAT Officer: But chief! Our guys're getting massacred!
SWAT Leader: Attack squad's gonna use smoke grenades. Have teams ready to move in on my command. That's an order!

Audio track cuts off; camera transits to the mall interior.

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Masson: Vous, les hommes, restez ici et finissez de placer l'explosif. Vous, prenez des hommes et couvrez les entrées. Le reste d'entre vous m'accompagne au troisième niveau. Tout le monde essaie d'entrer, donnez-leur la bienvenue.(You men stay here and finish setting the explosive. You, take some men and cover the entrances. The rest of you come with me to level three. Anyone tries to get in, give them a welcome.)

Smoke grenades are thrown in from the skylight.

Masson: Il est temps de mettre en place une petite galerie de tournage. Voyons combien de lapins le faucon peut tuer, hein? (Time to set up a little shooting gallery. Let’s see how many rabbits the hawk can kill, eh?)

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Imani: Check those guys and see if they are alive. Move them out of the ALA's line of fire before they get killed!

Masson (sub): Fournier, come in? Fournier? Damn it, where is he?

Imani: Those guys don't know what's waiting for them in there. See if you can find a way to lock down those doors.

Masson (sub): Get those explosives set. Hurry, they have us hemmed in.

Imani: There are four entrances to the mall. Make sure you locked down all of them.

Imani: Keep your head down in there, Masson's dossier says he's the best sniper the French army ever produced.

Imani: Get that explosive before they set it off. Masson is planning a quick exit and he's gonna take Carthage with him.

Masson (sub): Move to the south entrance. Someone is in here, but they are not local cops.

ALA Soldier (sub): They are trying to move the cops, shoot them!

Imani: Keep those SWAT guys on getting in. They don't stand a chance against Masson.

Imani: Masson still taking pot shots at those injured officers. You have got to move them out of harm's way.

ALA Soldier (sub): Stop them from reaching the bomb

Imani: Get to that explosive and defuse it.

Imani: Have you defuses that explosive yet?

Imani: Good work. That's the last of them.

ALA Soldier (sub): They are by the doors. Kill them!

Imani: Good work. All the doors are locked tight.

Imani: Good work. Now let's hope they live until the medics show up.

Masson (sub): Take this bastard out. We are too close to fail now.

Imani: What's taking so long on Masson? Eliminate him!

Masson (sub): Take them out. Fight you cowards.

Masson (sub): Jean is down. Damn it, who are we up against? I can not get a clear shot at them, they move too quickly, a shadow in the fog.

Imani: The Hawk is down. Teresa, our last DPE is filled out and sined.
Teresa: Copy that. I can't wait to read the report on this one. Lipan out.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Alima/Imani: Officers injured, more entering

Alima: Alima here. I've patched your MDRD so you can pick up the local police band.
SWAT Officer 1: Officer down! Repeat, I've got men dead and down in here!
SWAT Officer 2: We're sending in more teams now!
SWAT Officer 1: Negative! We're still under fire, repeat, do not send in more men! It's a trap!
SWAT Officer 2: Hold tight and let me give the orders. Get those teams ready!
Imani: Keep those cops out of there until you deal with Masson. Imani out.

Imani: DPE Order for Masson

Imani: You got a DPE order on Masson. Take him out.

Imani/Teresa: Get ALA scoped rifle

Imani: Check the terrorist's rifles. They must be using an infrared scope that cuts through the smoke. You can use it to beat them at their own game.
Teresa: Let me see if the spooks have any intel on what those guys might be using.
Imani: Copy that, thanks Teresa.

Gabe/Teresa/Imani: Thanks for finding Mujari

Gabe: Teresa, patch me through to Carthage.
Teresa: You're good.
Gabe: Imani, this is Logan. I heard you've found Mujari alive. Just radio in to say thanks and excellent job.
Imani: Thanks chief. I have a lotta hell.
Gabe: I look forward to the report. Maybe we can hand out some commendations. Logan out.
Imani: Nice to know we're appreciated, but just doin' our jobs. Imani out.

Alima/Imani: Mujari's medevac

Alima: ETA to medevac point in 0-1-3.
Air Force man: Kept you on and standing by. Air Force 7 at your service.
Imani: Copy that Air Force. We've got a hot package order to rush delivery.
Air Force man: Copy that IPCA. Standing by.
Imani: We're dropping Larry off now. ETA on return pickup is 1-0 minute. Please have our DPE order on Masson filled out by then.

Alima/Imani: Carthage is cordoned off

Alima: Heading into Carthage airspace now.
Imani: Oh my god... No kidding. You would not believe what we're seeing from up here. The entire downtown areas is in flames. Look's like the entire city is cordoned off.
Alima: ETA to mall is out of 5 minutes.

Alima/Elsa/Imani: Mujari is stabilized

Alima: Incoming call from Command.
Elsa: Imani, this is doctor Weissinger. Lawrence has arrived and has been stabilized. Just thought you would want to know.
Imani: Thanks doctor E.. Is good to hear. Imani out.

Mission: Wrong actions

Objective failed: Rescue injured SWAT officers (Team)

Imani: Damt it! Those officer are probably dead now. Why didn't you moved them?!

Mission: Characters quotes

SWAT Officers

  • I'm hit!
  • I'm down here!
  • Help me!
  • I can't move
  • I'm bleeding to death
  • I've been hit in the back, I think I'm paralyzed
  • They're still shooting at us! Help!
  • God, why won't someone help us?

Soren Masson

  • Playing hide and go seek, eh? You cannot hide from me forever
  • Now you will learn why they call me the Hawk!
  • It's time to die!
  • There is no where to run my friend. Soon all of Carthage will be a rotting infestation. Where will you go then?
  • Who are you? Lay still so that I can shoot you like the coward you are!
  • I'm going to spit on your corpse
  • For the ALA!
  • I'm going to blow us all to hell
  • Die you anglo dogs!

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Imani/Teresa/Alima: Team is in the Mall

Imani: Teresa, I'm on route.
Teresa: Elsa's got everything set up. How is Larry?
Imani: Still onconscious. We're dropping him off at the medevac, just outside the quarantine area. Then heading back.
Teresa: Copy that. Teresa out.
Alima: Monitoring police radio traffic. Those guys are getting chewed up pretty bad. Masson's in a hurry.
Imani: Teams in the mall now. Won't be long before Massons in a body bag.

Teresa/Imani: ALA using MRD scopes

Teresa: Imani, downloading some data in your PDA. You're not gonna like it.
Imani: I can't wait.
Teresa: Turns out the ALA are using tech purchased from our own military. Those scopes are prototype MRD.
Imani: MRD?
Teresa: Magnetic Resonance Displacement. Designed to pinpoint targets intense cold, fog, another situation were traditional IR won't work. Evidently we shared some with the Canadian government for testing.
Imani: Well tell them they can stop testing. Masson prove and it works fine.

Alima/Imani: Heading to extraction point

Alima: I'm 2 minutes out from the Carthage mall now. Flying in the Michigan police beaking protection.
Imani: Once you take out Masson, Alima is going to drop this bird within a foot of the roof and drop the ladder. Be ready to move, we won't have much time.

Imani: Damn it, If you're would locked those doors, you could save their lives.

Masson (sub): Do you have the Explosives set up yet?
ALA Terrorist (sub): Not Yet
Masson (sub): In case you haven't noticed, there is a war going on hin here. Hurry it up!
Imani: Get that explosive before they set it off. Masson is planning a quick exit and he's gonna take Carthage with him.

SWAT Officer 1: We've moving in.
SWAT Officer 2: Remember, stay down.
SWAT Officer 1: Sniper fire! It's a trap! Pull back!
SWAT Officer 2: Shit... Too late we've pinned down.
SWAT Officer 1: Doh! I'm hit, I'm hit!

Imani: Careful. They may have other explosive devices set up as traps, if you find any - disarm 'em.

Imani: We're picking up frantic radio traffic from the local police channel. You have another down SWAT officer in there. Get to him before Masson does.

Masson (sub): We will make our last stand here, but the ALA will survive us. Let us make a statement that the US government will not forget, eh?

ALA Soldier (sub): Someone is alive down there. Stop them!

ALA Soldier (sub): Don't let them up the escalators!

ALA Soldier (sub): They are in the food court area

ALA Soldier (sub): They have one of our scopes

'I take all the risks'

Hampton, Virginia: Langley Airforce Base

Elsa: He's going to be fine. You have to leave now and let me work.
Imani: Okay. Come on.
Teresa: Sounds like Lawrence was pretty lucky. Must be because of your good luck charm.
Alima: Hey, don't knock it! I know it's just superstition. But it seems to work for me. Here's Imani.
Teresa: Good. Imani? New assignment. I've got a team of specialists already lined up and on route. Gabe wants you there.
Imani: Where?
Teresa: Brazil. Somewhere along the Amazon. Gabe's sending you up a creek.
Imani: That's some creek. Whoo! I love babysitting Agency reseachers... tell Gabe thanks.
Teresa: Alima's gonna bring your team back with her to hook up with Stone. Base commander's got a jet already fueled up and waiting.
Alima: Yes ma'am. You know how much I love hanging out with Ms. Grumpy here.
Imani: Better you than me. You know how much I love Stone!
Teresa: I've downloaded your mission plan into your PDA. You'll meet up with Crush and-
Imani: Hang on Teresa. Hey, wait! I just want you to know that you did a good job out there today. When I write up my report I'm gonna let Gabe know that he's hired some real professionals. Thanks.
Teresa: Wow, listen to you! It almost sounds like you're turning into a nice person!

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

Niculescu: We're running out of time, Mara. Your old friend has shown up in Uganda asking questions.
Aramov: Gabe Logan? Of course he has. I told you we would not be the only ones looking for Ivankov.
Niculescu: I don't think he's looking for Ivankov. This is costing us a lot of money and the risks are starting to worry me...


Turin, Italy: Cafe Montevecchio

Aramov: (laughs) I like our partnership Mihai. I take all the risks while you play host to your precious paintings. I don't see any scars on your pretty face. But don't worry. I've already found our lost pol-
Niculescu: Where is Ivankov?
Aramov (OS): In Belarus. I'm meeting him tomorrow.
Niculescu (OS): I want you to go-

Aramov: (cuts off connection abrupt) I know what you want... But it's not always about what you want, is it Mihai?

Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square

'Just say whack 'em'

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Stone: Now I'm pretty impressed with the way you handled that Dobranski business. There's a man who's corrupt to his bones. Deserves what he got. I've worked with you long enough now to give you some personal advise. But first, lemme tell you little 'bout myself you may not know.

Dissolve to show the clock tower.

Pescara, Italy: St. Cetteo Square

Stone (VO): You know that I just returned from a mission to Italy. You also know that I'm retired military. Fought in every war from Nam to the Gulf. What you don't know is that I'm retired CIA. Ex-spook. Trained hitman. But, I'm getting 'head of myself.
Teresa (VO): Remember, Stone. Dimitri'll leave the church around 3.00 PM. He'll have a limo waiting so you have maybe 30 seconds to carry out your DPE order.
Stone: Don't you worry sweetheart. I was doin' this when you were still in diapers. And that's a whole lot of words when you could have just as easily said 'whack 'em'. And if Hunter hadn't gotten lost I'd had a little more time to set this up.
Teresa (VO): We're a government agency, Stone. We don't use words like 'whack'. And complain to Crush about your problems, not me.
Gina (VO): Sorry about that boss.
Stone: Just kidding a little gal. I got plenty of time left. Stone out.

Mission: Dialogs and Conversations

No bio-weapons for family business: Dialog from Radio Log

Bodyguard 1 (sub): How long is he going to be?
Bodyguard 2 (sub): The ceremony gets over at 3:00 I think

Planting a diversionary explosive: Dialog from Radio Log

Knives are too messy: Dialog from Radio Log

Use the tolling of the bell: Dialog from Radio Log

Dimirti (sub): That was a beautiful ceremony. I should get out more often, eh?
Bodyguard (sub): Yes Godfather

Dimitri (sub): And this business with the Russians, is it completed?
Bodyguard (sub): Yes Godfather. Everything went well. There were some complications with the package, some workers got sick
Dimitri (sub): Complications? Why was I not told? Come back to my villa with me. We will discuss it
Bodyguard (sub): Of course, Godfather

Bodyguard (sub): GODFATHER! NO!!

Stone: After I took the shot and saw Dimitri drop. I triggered the explosives.

Stone: Running for a life provides an intense adrenaline rush. Really, there's nothing like it. Except the incredible feeling of satisfaction, when you know you've completed a mission and done your job well.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

No bio-weapons for family business

Stone: During my investigation in Pescara, I learned the Cosa Nostra was involved. Big crime family in the Umbria region. Gabe decided we couldn't afford to let them think it was okay to use bio-weapons, for a family business. Their leader - Dimitri Alexopoulos had to go. And while you may think Gabe hired me for my good looks, he really hired me for my skill with a scope.

Planting a diversionary explosive

Stone: I had C4 with me. I knew that after I made the hit, I would need a diversion to help me escape. My plan, was to plant an explosive down the street in the opposite direction of my escape route and set it off, after Dimitri went down.

I was pretty good with a rifle

Stone: Ahh... As a kid I was pretty good with a rifle. in boot, earned every medal they had for sharpshooting. I went to Nam as a GI, but it wasn't long before a couple of spooks approached me. I was reassigned as Special Forces, and got special training. Within a month, I was working behind enemy lines, taken out VC generals, politicians, leaders. From that war on, all my battles were private ones. Me and a single target.

Knives are too messy

Stone: Here's another tip, I don't use knives. Too messy. I like to keep my clothes clean. And killing a man with a knife can be a noisy business. Not good when you're sneaking around with a sniper rifle. Instead, I use a neat trick I call "the neck cracker". Step up behind a man real close, grab his chin with your right hand and twist, like you're trying to catch a wet football. They go down nice and quiet.

Dimitri was a recluse

Stone: Dimitri was a recluse. He came out into public maybe once a year. It was sheer luck that he was going to this ceremony, whatever it was. I knew he was gonna be antsy. He had patrols everywhere, the streets, the rooms, even in the sewers. I was gonna have to watch my step. If his bodyguards found out I was there, it pulled Dimitri out faster than shit through a goose.

I broke their necks, dumped their bodies

Stone: I knew I had to take out as many bodyguards as I could. I didn't want to be fighting them as I was trying to escape. I was patient. Waited for my opportunities. Then broke their necks and dumped their bodies where they couldn't be seen.

To focus, take just one bullet

Stone: If you're gonna stay in this business, you're gonna have to learn a few tricks. Here's my favorite. If you've been assigned to make a hit, take just one bullet for your sniper rifle. Just one. Has an uncanny way of making your focus. And if you miss... well you won't get another shot anyway.

Use the tolling of the bell

Stone: I knew the Dimitri would be coming out of the front doors of the church. There was only one logical place for me to be to take the shot. The tower across the street. I knew I had to make my way there and set up at least five minutes before three o'clock. I would use the tolling of the bell to mask the sound of the rifle. That had given me a few minutes before they figured out, which direction the shot came from.

The best rifle in the world, is your own

Stone: Here's another thing. You find a rifle you like, a scope you can trust, you keep it. Don't let it out of your sight, don't let anyone else touch it. Don't take it in to get it fixed or reboard, no you fix it yourself. This old rifle of mine, it's held together with duct tape and spit. It's got scratches, scrapes and dings... but it's a best damn rifle in the world.

On the third ringing of the bell

Stone: Seconds before three o'clock, the bell was about to sound. I steeled myself and got ready. I am the door through my scope. The bell would ring three times. On the first - I would aim. The second - I would breathe. And on a third - squeeze the trigger.

Mission: Wrong actions


Stone: While it was possible to escape with bodyguards all over the streets. I knew that it would be much harder.

Do not set the explosives

Stone: If I hadn't set off that diversionary explosion, it would have been much harder for me to make it back to my extraction point.

Miss the shot

Stone: I only had one shot at it. Good thing I didn't blow it. Because Dimitri wasn't gonna stick around and let me try again.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Hmm?
  • Shoot him
  • Kill him!
  • Don't let him escape
  • Stop him!
  • There he is!
  • Over here!
  • I need Backup!!
  • Kill him!
  • He's over this way
  • Give me cover!
  • Get that guy
  • What

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Never replace this old scope

Stone: Your scopes is important as your rifle. Mine is old, beat-up, scratched and the crosshairs are off-center. I have to compensate by aiming half a head to the right. But I don't care, I know how it works, I know how to judge range and drop with it. When I squeeze off my one round, I know I'm gonna hit my target. I'll never replace this old scope.

Stone: When I was younger, I had nightmares about blowing a mission. I learned not to screw up. The spooks would only give you one chance, if you blew it, they never trusted you again.

Stone: I knew that if I wasn't in that tower when Dimitri made his exit. I wouldn't be able to take a shot without being ripped to shreds by his bodyguards.

Stone: I heard the explosion rocked the street, clay tiles and glass flew everywhere. Once the bodyguards took off in that direction, I made my move going the opposite way.

Dimitri (sub): How is your brother, eh?
Bodyguard (sub): He is good, Godfather. He is in America, in New York City. He's working for my Uncle there
Dimitri (sub): You don't say? I know him well. We do business all the time

Dimitri (sub): Look at the time. It's after 3:00, past time for my afternoon nap. Let's be off. Get the boys. Tell them we're leaving

Bodyguard 1 (sub): I'm surprised the old mad is even awake this late in the afternoon
Bodyguard 2 (sub): Quiet you, show a little respect. He hears you and you'll wake up with the fishes tomorrow
Bodyguard 1 (sub): True

Bodyguard 1 (sub): Check down here. Why are they making us check the sewers?
Bodyguard 2 (sub): What for? This is a nice quiet little town. Nothing is going to happen here
Bodyguard 1 (sub): So you say, just remember when we made the hit on the Lapoza family, it was in a town just like this
Bodyguard 2 (sub): True

Bodyguard 1 (sub): It stinks down here. Why are they making us check the sewers?
Bodyguard 2 (sub): Shut up and do your job. I'm tired of listening to you cry all the time

Bodyguard (sub): Dimitri's been hit!

Bodyguard (sub): It's a hit! Get the men

Bodyguard (sub): No, it can't be!

Bodyguard (sub): An explosion! Up the street, lets go

Bodyguard (sub): That way, lets go!

Bodyguard (sub): Up there! The shot came from the tower

Bodyguard (sub): Get him!

Bodyguard (sub): There he goes! After him!

Bodyguard (sub): He won't get away! Avenge Dimitri!

'Never sleep easy'

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Stone: So, that's my story... Do I think about all the hits I've made, lost lives, that they had families, that they loved their dogs? Yeah, I think about it. You can't help it if you're human. In the middle of the night you sit in the dark and their magnified faces stare back at you from the blackness. And the fact that their deaths have saved lives, maybe thousands of lives, don't make it easier. But that's ok. You ever start sleepin' easy in this line of work, you stop being human, become something else. Whenever it gets to that point, you keep a sharp eye. Maybe I'll have a DPE order, only made out in your name.

Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill

Some Blue Collar Joes

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Fade in to show the mill. Workers are sitting on the ground. A train suddenly pulls in from a distance.

Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill

Worker 1: Скажи людям что груз здесь, пусть поднимаются, заставь их шевелиться. Быстро, быстро, быстро, пошли! (The shipment is here. Get them up. Get moving. Quickly! Go!)
Worker 2 (OS): Пусть он приходит и клеймит свою проклятую скотину. (Let him come burn his own dead cattle.)

The workers stand waiting for the train. A carriage door opens and they register a look of shock. Red dot sights settle on them. Sounds of weapons locking and loading can be heard. Safety catches flick off with an audible sound.

A hail of gunfire rings out. A few workers drop dead. Some survivors try to flee and are pursued by slugs. Laser sights can be seen from the distance. Camera shows a dead body on the ground. Pan up revealing Zhidkov looking down at the cadaver.

Zhidkov: Мне нужно чтобы взрывчатка была быстро заложена. Установите все механизмы на перегрузку, и убейте всех рабочих. (I want the explosives set quickly. Set the machines to overload and kill all the workers.)

Insert cut to show a soldier deploying a C4 charge on a tower. Return to Zhidkov, who sees two men escorting the mill foreman to him.

Zhidkov: Добрански. Иванков решил не возобновлять с вами контакт. (Dobranski. Ivankov has decided not to renew your contract.)
Dobranski: Что это значит? Что происходит? (What is this? What is going on?)

Zhidkov ignores this.

Zhidkov: Отволоки его в сторону и заставь открыть сейф. ...если он будет сотрудничать, убей его. (Drag him back to his office and force him to open the safe. ...and kill him if he does not cooperate.)
Dobranski: Иванков эта собака, ты меня слышишь Жидков? Вы все отправитесь к чёрту! (Ivankov is a dog, you hear me Zhidkov? You are all going to hell!)
Zhidkov: Когда получишь документы, убей его. (When you have the documents, kill him.)

Pan up to show the skies above the mill.

Alima (VO): Copy that Stone. ETA 1 minute.
Stone: Copy that. Take us on it, gal. I want you to follow the mission plan. We droppin' you at the perimeter. Been circling back to check the train yards. The whole lap keep you shake, just a nice family interview with some blue collar joes. Just like you and me.

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Stone: Your primary objective is finding the mill foreman Dobranski. If he's not around, search his office for documents, shippin' invoices, crap like that. That shipment of biohazardous material I found in Italy was supposed to be delivered to this mail. I wanna find out why.

Stone: Allright, no more playing nice. Tear these guys a no one. You are authorized to use deadly force on all combatans, repeat, shoot to kill!

Stone: I know it wasn't part of our mission, but we need to help as many of these workers as we can.

CDP Soldier 1: Занесите эти тела внутрь. Жидков хочет сжечь все трупы. (Move those bodies inside. Zhidkov wants all the corpses burned.)
CDP Soldier 2: Да товарищ. (Yes comrade.)

Stone: Teresa, we've got confirmation that this was the intended destination of that livestock in Pescara. They're using this mill as a front to burn contaminated cattle.
Teresa: Copy that. Get some samples. Doctor E. is gotta need them.

Alima: Got something else.
Zhidkov: Переведите механизмы в режимы перегрузки. Мне нужно ровное место. Жидков уходит. (Set the machines into overload mode. I want the place leveled. Zhidkov out.)
Stone: Let's not have any of that. Search each building, and find those machines. I want that hardware shot down.

Stone: Make sure you get a sample from that carcass.

Stone: Got that sample doctor E. asked for. Hope she can use it.

Zhidkov: Докладывай. Взрывчатка заложена? (Report. Have the explosives been set?)
CDP Soldier: Ещё нет товарищ командир. Все на ушах. (Not yet comrade. We are at the stacks now.)
Zhidkov: Вот бестолочь, поторопись! (Incompetent. Hurry up.)

Stone: They're planning on blowing the stacks. Find those explosives and defuse them.

Stone: The CDP leader is named Zhidkov. We've got a failed DPE order. So, if you wanna cross him, eliminate him. And don't mess around. If he's running this massacre, he's gotta be the CDP's attack dog.

Stone: That shelter must be where they hidin'. See how many other workers you can help in there before we have to pull out.

Stone: Wow, bad idea partner. You don't wanna go into a small room filled with sick and dying workers. Let's limit our exposure to this thing.

Stone: Good work. See how many more you can save.

Stone: Defuse those explosives.

Stone: Find the Dobranski. He is the key to finding out what's going on here.

CDP Soldier: Нас атакуют! Я уже потерял много людей. (We're under attack. I've lost men already.)
Zhidkov: Проклятие. Ты их задержишь понятно? Может это просто местная полиция, она не может на противопостоять. Владимир уходит. (Damn it, you hold them, you understand? It's probably just the local militia, they cannot stand up to us. Zhidkov out.)

Stone: Good work defusing those explosives. Through I admit as kind of wonder whack kind of fireworks show they would've made.

Stone: Good job. Damn, I wonder how old those things are. So what are they don't blow up without being overloaded.

CDP Soldier: Они вошли в изгибающее здание! (They went into the coil building.)

Stone: Good work. One more to go.

Stone: They're gonna execute Dobranski. You've gotta stop them if possible. We might need him alive.

Stone: Did you find Dobranski's office yet? You gotta stop that execution.

CDP Soldier: Открой же сейф, чёрт тебя подери. (Open the safe damn you)

CDP Soldier: Тебя снова побить? (Shall I hit you again)

CDP Soldier: Почему ты не хочешь открыть сейф? (Why won't you open the safe?)

CDP Soldier: Делай что он тебе говорит приятель, мы не желаем тебе вреда. (Do as he says comrade, we don't want to hurt you)

CDP Soldier: Давай же, прояви благоразумие. (Come now, be reasonable)

CDP Soldier: Не заставляй меня снова тебя бить! (Don't make me hit you again)

CDP Soldier: Открывай! (Open it)

CDP Soldier: Назови нам комбинацию. (Tell us the combination)

CDP Soldier: Упрямый болван, говори же! (Stubborn fool, Tell us)

Dobranski: Не надо пожалуйста, не надо! (Stop it. Please stop)

Dobranski: Пожалуйста, не бейте меня. (Please don't hurt me.)

Dobranski: Я не могу вам сказать. Жидков убьёт меня. (I can't tell you. Zhidkov will kill me.)

Dobranski: А где Иванков? Дайте мне с ним поговорить. (Where is Ivankov? Let me talk to him.)

Dobranski: Нет, нет! Пожалуйста! (No, no. Please.)

Dobranski: Я не могу я вам говорю. Я не буду! (I can't, I tell you. I won't.)

Dobranski: Спасибо дружище. Спасибо они бы убили бы меня. Вот, смотри я открою сейф, вот здесь те документы которые они разыскивают. (Thank you my friend. Thank you. They would have killed me. Look, I open the safe, here  those documents they were looking for.)

Stone: We came for the documents in that safe. Let's not leave them lying around.

Stone: Clean up that safe. We need those documents.

Stone: Good work. You've got Dobranski's documents.

Stone: Better take him to the shelter. If you leave him there, he's gonna get killed.

CDP Soldier: Они окало водонапорной башни. (They're near the water tower.)

CDP Soldier: Товарищ Жидков, мы здесь не одни. Здесь кто-то пмогает рабочим! (Zhidkov, we're not alone. Someone's here helping the workers!)

CDP Soldier: Это американцы. Я их чуствую по запаху. (It's Americans, I can tell by their smell!)

CDP Soldier: Остановите их! И не дайте помочь рабочим! (Stop them, they're trying to help the workers!)

CDP Soldier: Я здесь видел кого-то. (I saw someone over here!)

CDP Soldier: Кто-то вошёл в это здание. (Someone went into that building!)

CDP Soldier: Они в здании со шлаковой ямой. (They're in the slag pit building.)

CDP Soldier: Они в литейном цехе. (They're in the melt foundry.)

CDP Soldier: Они в туннеле! (They're in the tunnel.)

Stone: That was the last of them. Now this old mill might last another 50 years.

Alima: Sounds like Zhidkov is going to take off.
Zhidkov: Возьми людей, мы уезжаем. (Get the men. We're pulling out.)
CDP Soldier: Но они разбросаны, нужно время чтобы их собрать. (But they are scattered, it will take time to organize.)
Zhidkov: Я не буду ждать. Каждый кто не будет на поезде сейчас же, останется здесь. (I'm not waiting. Anyone not at the train now will be left behind.)
CDP Soldier: Да товарищ командир. (Yes comrade.)
Stone: I want him stopped. Get to the track by the north gain, blow 'em up. Zhidkov's not gettin' out of here alive.

Stone: You don't have much time. Blow up those tracks, Zhidkov's on the move, blow those tracks!

Stone: Yeeehaaa! It's a fourth of July in Belarus. Good job. Zhidkov ain't goin' no where but to hell.

Stone: All right kids, time to wrap it up. Make your way to the LZ. I'll be there in 4 minutes and you don't wanna keep Papa waitin'.

Stone: Mission complete. Good work team.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Stone/Alima: Keep scanner going

Stone: Alima, you be a good girl and keep the frequency scanner goin'. You pick up any local traffic, pipe it straight in!
Alima: You got it boss.

Stone: Mill is a warzone

Stone: Teresa darling. Can you find out why my team was sent into a warzone without my consent?!
Teresa: Sorry Stone. But if anyone can handle it, you can. Grabbing video feed from the MDRD.
Stone: Don't wanna complain. But it seems like Larry and Imani were both dropped into warzones without advance intel! And now us! What're we paying you folks for?!
Teresa: What can I say Stone? The world it's a dangerous place. That's why we keep you around. Lipan out.

Stone/Alima/Teresa: ID requested on soldier

Stone: Alima. Be a sweetheart and patch us into command.
Alima: Copy Stone. Uploading now.
Teresa: What you got Stone?
Stone: Got a combatant here. Dead as of two minutes ago. Take a look at his colours and see what you can find. No ID but he had this folded flag in his pocket.
Teresa: Got it. Get back to you soon.

Teresa/Stone: Soldiers identified

Teresa: Stone, you've got trouble. I've got an ID on those uniforms. Chechnyan Democratic Partizans. May not sound like much but the CDP are made of ex-Spetsnaz, KGB and old-Soviet hardliners. A mixed crowd. All fanatics.
Stone: What the hell they doin' here?
Teresa: No idea. Scrambling now to get a hold of Gregorov. See what SVR intel has. I'll keep you posted. Lipan out.
Stone: Copy that.

Stone: DPE authorized on soldiers

Stone: Teresa, I'm orderin' a mission redirect! I dunno who these guys are, but they're slaughterin' these mill workers! And my teammate's standin' by let it happen!
Teresa: Copy that. Mission redirect logged and forwarded to Gabe.
Stone: Alright, you guys heard the lady. You get 'em in your sights you whack 'em! We're not gonna let these murderin' sons of a bitches get away with this!

Stone: Bomb Shelter

Alima: Stone, picking up radio chatter.
Stone: Pipe it through.
CDP Soldier: Мы не можем уничтожить всех рабочих. Больше половины из них исчезло, возможно ещё больше. (We can't account for all the workers. Over half of them are missing, perhaps more.)
Zhidkov: Должны быть, они прячутся. Во время холодной войны под всеми этими заводами были построены бомбоубежища. Там их и найдёте. (They must be hiding. All of these old mills had bomb shelters built beneath them during the cold war. That's where you'll find them.)
CDP Soldier: Мы никого не нашли... (We have not found any...)
Zhidkov: Ищи идиот. Я не могу всё делать сам. (Look for it, idiot. I can't do everything myself.)

Stone/Teresa: Stack residue

Stone: Teresa, find out from Dr. E what kinda residue on those stacks they might be tryin' to get rid of. The CDP seems pretty intent on levellin' the entire mill!
Teresa: Copy that.

Teresa/Stone: Voice print on leader

Teresa: Stone, we've got a voice print ID on the CDP officer leading the raid on the mill. It's Vladimir Zhidkov. He's got an Interpol rap sheet as long as my leg. Going back to war crimes in Afghanistan.
Stone: Sounds like a rough customer. We'll take care of him. Anything else on these Chechnyan guys?
Teresa: According to the SVR, they're a hardline terrorists. Russian troops have been fighting in uprisings since Perestroika. And Uri has no idea what they might be doing in Belarus. Lipan out.
Stone: Thanks hon.

Stone/Alima: Dobranski to be executed

Alima: Stone. Picking up something.
Stone: Patch it through to our main channel.
Zhidkov: Вы уже получили документы? (Have you got the documents yet?)
CDP Soldier: Нет. Пока ещё на пути к оффису Добранского. (No. Still en route to Dobranski's office.)
Zhidkov: Когда он будет убит, сбросьте его тело в шахту. Нам нельзя оставлять после себя никаких улик. (When you kill him, dump his body in the stacks. We don't want any evidence left behind.)
CDP Soldier: Да товарищ Жидков. (Yes Comrade Zhidkov.)
Stone: Giddy up! We might need Dobranski alive for questioning. So get to him quick!

Stone/Teresa: Mill documents obtained

Stone: Teresa, might have a break in the case. We have Dobranski's documents!
Teresa: Copy, that's good news! Gabe and Lian haven't turned up much in Uganda. And Imani's coming up empty in Brazil.
Stone: I love bringin' Teresa homework. A suitcase full of Russian shipping documents oughta keep her busy.
Teresa: Just turning my paycheck Stone. Unlike some of us...
Stone: Keep 'em flyin' darling. Stone out.

Stone: On way to LZ

Stone: Alima, I've finished my sweep of the train yards. On my way back. Fire up.
Alima: Copy. Ready to go.
Stone: What a mess out here. Zhidkov hit the train area first. All the workers're dead. Must be two dozen corpses. I also count 4 train cars filled with dead cattle. Teresa, dig up the track layout for the Mazyr area. We don't find anything at the mill. We'll have to try to track down the origin point of these cars the hard way.
Teresa: Copy that. Lipan out.

Stone/Teresa: Samples not found

Objective failed: Cow tissue sample not taken

Stone: Teresa, there's signs all over the mill that the workers have been dragging dead cattle in and dumping them in stacks and steel vats.
Teresa: Did you get any tissue samples?
Stone: No, they must have finished before we got here.
Teresa: Elsa is gonna be disappointed. She wanted brain tissue samples from the specimens they were destroying.
Stone: Sorry... Stone out.

Stone/Teresa: Stacks destroyed

Objective failed: Stacks destroyed

Teresa: Stone, Elsa says we can analyze ash from the stacks to determine what they've been burning there for the last year.
Stone: Too late now. It's all blow' up. Tell her we're sorry. Couldn't get to him in time.
Teresa: What the hell you people doing out there Stone?
Stone: I just work here darlin'. Stone out.

Stone: Rookies

Teresa: Oh poor Stone, you just love having to explain things like this in your paperwork, don't you?
Stone: You know it darlin'. I think I'll retire and become a politician.

Mission: Wrong actions

If Player is down

Stone: Cobra is down, repeat, Cobra is down.

Stone: Cobra is down.

Stay for some time

Stone: You're running out of time.

Dobranski is killed

Stone: Dammit. We needed him alive. Now you're gonna have to find another way into that safe.

Blow the stacks

Stone: Holy shit! I guess you didn't defuse those explosives. They'll be able to see those fireworks all the way to Minsk.

Zhidkov got away

Stone: Oh hell... They let Zhidkov get away. Alima, pull this bird around. I'll take him out myself. You know, Imani wrote up some good things about you in her report. But I'm not seeing much at that today.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Убейте их! (Kill them!)
  • Сюда. Сюда идите! (Over here!)
  • Остановите их! (Stop them!)
  • Не дайте им меня забрать! (Don't let them get me!)
  • Уйдите от меня! (Get away from me!)
  • Спасибо дружище. Вот этот лифт ведёт в бомбоубежище. И вам нужно уходить сейчас, пока солдаты не пришли, и не увидели вас здесь. Пожалуйста, помогите моим товарищам. (Thank you my friend. This is the elevator to the bomb shelter. You must go now before the soldiers come and see you here. Please go help my comrades.)
  • Извините, я не говорю по английски. Я-я вас не понимаю. (I'm sorry. I don't speak English. I can't understand you.)
  • Немного дальше. Не дайте им меня убить, пожалуйста. (Just a little further. Don't let them kill me, please.)
  • Мы почти на месте. Пожалуйста защитите меня. (We're almost there. Please protect me.)
  • Убежище находится в нижней части шахты лифта. (The shelter is down this elevator shaft.)
  • Это чеченцы. Я не знаю почему они здесь, я не знаю! (They are Chechen, I don't know why they are here.)
  • Помогите. (Help me!)
  • Я не зн- Я не знаю почему они нас убивают. Мне очень плохо... (I don't know why they are killing us. I am so sick.)
  • Аа тупой скот. Это из-за них нам плохо. (The stupid cattle, they are why we're sick.)
  • Вы ведь американцы, вы поможете нам. (You are American aren't you? You will help us.)
  • Пожалуйста не надо! (Please, No!)
  • Вы можете меня взять в убежище? Помогите! (Can you take me to the shelter? Help me!)
  • Не убивайте меня! (Don't kill me!)
  • Помогите! (Help me!)
  • Не стреляйте! (Don't shoot!)
  • Осторожно! Там солдаты! (Be careful, there are soldiers over there!)
  • Они убивают нас. Помогите нам! (They are murdering us, help us!)
  • Мне плохо. Помогите. (I am sick, help me!)

CDP Soldiers

  • Хватайте их! (Get them!)
  • Сюда! (Over here!)
  • Умрите капиталистические собаки! (Die you capitalist dogs!)
  • За свободную Чечню! (Fight for free Chechnya!)
  • В бой партизаны, стреляйте! (Fight Partizans, fight!)
  • Убейте их всех! (Kill them all!)
  • Да товарищ. (Yes comrade.)
  • Вон один. Убей его! (Here's one. kill him.)
  • Здесь ещё один! (Another one over here.)
  • Вот ещё. Убей его! (There's one, kill him.)
  • Там рабочий, заберите его! (A worker over there, get him.)
  • Там ещё один рабочий, заберите его! (There's another worker, get him.)
  • Убейте их всех! (Kill them all.)
  • Не дайте ему уйти! (Don't let him get away.)
  • Сюда! (Over here!)
  • Они пошли туда! (They went that way.)
  • Он пошёл туда! (He went that way.)
  • Подкрепление! Мне нужно подкрепление! (Reinforcements, I need reinforcements!)
  • Умри свинья! (Die pig.)
  • Умри собака! (Die you dog.)
  • Кто ты? Ты не рабочий. (Who are you? You're not one of the workers!)
  • Эй, ты не наш! (Hey, you are not one of us!)
  • Пришлите кого-небудь на помощь! (Send some backup!)
  • Прошу подкрепления! (Requesting assistance!)

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Stone/Teresa: Take tissue sample from cattle

Stone: Teresa, I'm pretty sure this was the intended destination of the beef carcasses that ended up in Pescara. Near as we can tell. The workers here are using the steel mill to hide the destruction of bio waste materials.
Teresa: Get samples if you can. Elsa would want a samples of brain tissue.
Stone: Copy that. Tell Elsa we'll bring it back a nice plate of head loaf.
Teresa: Thanks for the image. Lipan out.

Stone/Teresa: Workers appear sickly

Stone: Teresa, these mill workers are looking sicker then a dog. Get on the horne to the WHO, tell them they may have another outbreak to deal with. Looks like the same thing I saw in Pescara. And matches the profile from Brasil, Toronto and Uganda. 
Teresa: Copy that. I've got Elsa alerting authorities through channels. Can't do it directly, since legally... we're not even in Belarus. Lipan out.

Stone: Teresa, we got a situation here. The mill is under attack by unknown forces, repeat, the mill is under attack.
Teresa: Copy that Stone. You're authorized to use deadly force to protect yourself and any non-combatans.
Stone: Lock and load and take them out.

Stone: Good work. Hope the CDP bought some bodybags with them.

Stone: Any workers you find you can't walk while have to be carry to the shelter.

Stone: If you would work a little harder, you could save more lives.

Stone: Good job on saving those workers. I've bettin' Mujari buy us dinner whe we get back.

Stone: Good work getting to Dobranski before they killed him. Couldn't have done it better myself. Now get whatever is in that safe. It's gotta be important.

Stone: Looks like Dobranski is out cold.

Stone: You're gonna have to blow that safe. Use your C4, but don't use too much, just enough to blow the lid.

Stone: You're gonna have to blow that safe. See if you can find some C4. They might have some stored in the plant, what a CDP might have some.

Stone: You get into that safe yet? What's taking you so long.

Stone: Allright. Good work.

Stone: You not shut down those machines. They're gonna blow!

Stone: Good work. Wonder what keeps those machines running. Doc tape and chicken wire. They must to be built before WW2.

Stone: I'm at the LZ, you come in?

Stone: These workers are non-combatans. Understood? These workers are not to be killed or injured, if you see an armed worker, you fire in self-defense only.

Jandran's Safety Video

This is unlocked by acquiring the documents from Dobranski's safe. It is one of ten components that is required to cure the Omega Strain. While slaughtering the soldiers who harass Dobranski without getting the civilian killed will open the safe, the player can also use C4 charges to blow the door if the man is somehow slain.

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Video from Dobranski's safe...

We see Jandran in a stereotypical mad scientist uniform (white lab coat and glasses). He stands at a computer terminal.

Jandran: Работает? Окей хорошо. Хорошо. Это не займёт много времени, поэтому надеюсь что вы будете слушать внимательно. Переключитесь на слайды пожалуйста. Нет ты идиот, это отправляется к сельским кузнецам, они даже не поймут что это... Хорошо. То, на что вы сейчас смотрите называется Бос Тарус Индикус, обычно известна под названием корова. Это экземпляр после одного часа воздействия. Тот же экземпляр четыремя часами позже. Обратите внимание на пятнистые повреждения и ушибы, не правда ли потрясно? Подавление имунитету к вирусному патогенезу, приводит к полному коллапсу гомеостаза. Я использовал трансгенную модель, чтобы объединить ВИЧ экспрессорс ПСВ и СВ с гистохимическим клеточным промоутером, с целью транскрипционного перемещения патологии за пределы имунно-регуляторного пути распространения в организме. Гм-хм... Извините. В итоге она умирает очень быстро, её органы съедаются изнутри. Этот вирус распространяется самыми разными путями. Передача через воду является наиболее подходящей поскольку геномная последовательность содержит ЧИВ и несколько родственных аденовирусов, поэтому избегайте контакта со всякими вязкими средами и жидкостями. Отсюда понятно что вирус не является видоспецифичным, и из-за понимания этого мой лаборант, дорого заплатил. Не закончите как он. Всё время носите маски. На вас всё время должна быть защитная одежда, и перчатки. Я отправляю вакцину первого этапа, используйте её. Не делайте ошибок, берегите себя, или этот вирус вас убьёт. Благодарю вас за внимание, желаю хорошего- (Is the camera running? Ok, good. Alright, this won't take long, so I hope you listen carefully. Switch to the slides please (screen cuts to show a Syphon Filter viron) Wrong one, idiot, this is going to peasant steel workers, they won't even know what that - (sceen shows a cow) Good. What you are looking at here is Bos Taurus indicus, commonly known as a cow. This specimen is one hour into exposure. (screen shows the same some time later) Same specimen four hours later. Note the mottled lesions and bruising. Fascinating isn't it. (cow is shown dead) The immunosuppression of the viral pathogenesis leads to the complete collapse of homeostasis. I've used a transgenic model to combine an HIV suppressor with a BSV and SF histochemical cellular promoter to transcriptionally move the pathogen beyond the specimen's immunoregulatory pathway. Sorry. In sum, it dies very quickly, its organs eaten from the inside out. The virus is spread in multiple ways. Water transport is the most likely as the genomic sequence contains HAV and several related adenoviruses, so avoid contact with all viscous fluids and aquifiers. (camera shows a lab where Jandran's assistant is on a stretcher dead) Here you see the virus doesn't discriminate between species, as my assistant learnt the hard way. Don't end up like him. (cuts back to Jandran) Wear a mask at all times. Wear protective clothing and gloves at all times. I'm sending along the first phase of the antidote, use it. Make no mistakes; protect yourself, or this virus will kill you. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.)
Voice (OS): Может нам следует сделать ещё одну попытку? Похоже ты поте- (Perhaps we should do another test? You seem to lose-)
Jandran: Какая разница? Они крестьяне. Я закончил. (Who cares? They're peasants. I'm done.)

Fade out

Russian for White Tower

Mazyr, Belarus: North of Krivorozhstal Mill

Stone: We finally gotta point of origin for these cattle shipments. Dobranski had shippin invoices from a chateau just north from here. The Belaya Vezha.
Teresa (VO): That's Russian for "white tower". I'll try to dig up.
Stone: Headin' there now. Alright, kids. Let's go get us some Spetsnaz barbiecue.

Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha

You Don't Trust Me?

NOTE: Almost entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Mazyr, Belarus: Belaya Vezha

Fade in to a security checkpoint, where a boom barrier blocks vehicles from passing. It's manned by a thug we can see, and presumably by a few more off-screen. The man calls out to an approaching truck.

Security man: Стой (Halt!) (looks at the people within the vehicle) Дай им пройти. Пошли! Пошли! (Let him through. Go! Go!) (the boom barrier rises and the truck passes through)

Cut to show the front of the vehicle. We see the passenger but not the driver. The truck drives into a tunnel.

Pulikovsky: В Криворожстали что-то не в порядке. Все на стороже. (Something has gone wrong at Krivorozhstal. Everyone on alert.)

Intercut to show the truck and a different area.

Passenger: Да товарищ командир. Понятно. (Yes comrade. Understood.)
Pulikovsky: Но только не на дорогах. Мне нужен патруль в глуши. Вы меня понимаете? Пуликовский уходит. (And not just on the roads. I want a patrol in the back country. Do you understand me? Pulikovsky out.)

Ivankov appears from behind Pulikovsky.

Ivankov: Я отправляюсь на базу. найди меня там, когда вы закончите здесь. (I'm heading to the base. Meet me there when you have finished here.)
Pulikovsky: Михас, я ей не доверяю. Ты знаешь она работает на него. (Mikhas, I don't trust her. You know she works for him.)

Aramov: Ты мне не веришь? Пуликовский, я удивлена, внатуре. (You don't trust me?) the two men turn back (Pulikovsky, really, I'm surprised.)

Mara exits from the chateau.

Aramov: И это после всего того что я для тебя сделала. (After all I've done for you.)

She heads towards the road, where a car has pulled up.

Ivankov: Никулеску для меня. Идём. (Let me worry about Niculescu, comrade. Let's go.)

He makes a start for the vehicle. It drives off with the two leaving Pulikovsky alone outside the chateau. He stares at the falling snow for a few seconds until, from behind, a man struggling to carry a crate falls to the ground. Turning to the goon he enters the structure. As the man tries to stand he speaks.

Pulikovsky: Ты идиот! Убери всё это. К этому времени тебе пора всё разобрать! (You idiot! Clean this up. You were supposed to be finished by now.) (shuts the door)

Cut to the copter.

Stone: We need to blow up this power station. Looks like they have a comm truck parked here. They gotta tank workin' the main road. So we need to touch down and-
Alima: Look up! We're up for a little chop.
Stone: Alima! Where'd you learn to fly, darlin'?
Alima: From your daddy Stone. Hang on!

Outside the aircraft, somebody fires a SMAW at the 'copter.

Alima: The stabilisers're gone! We're going down!
Stone: Bail, bail, BAIL!

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Stone: Did everyone make it? Oh that was something riding a pronto in a tornado. Allright, you scattered from my position all the way to the gates. I saw the chopper go down just north of where I was thrown from it. So I'm heading up there to find Alima. You take out that damn defense tower. And blown up anything else you can get close enough to. Try to make your way to the chopper crash site. And retrieve any gear that survived. We'll rendezvous at the Chateau. Command, our bird's gone down, repeat, the bird is down. Ahh storm must be blocking our SATCOM. Looks like we're on our own.

Stone: You arm yourself yet? You're not planning on throwing snowballs at them, ain't you?

Pulikovsly: Доложи мне что там. Вы хотя бы выяснили, кто был в этом вертолёте? (Pulikovsky: Give me a report out there. Have you found who ever was in that chopper?)
CDP Soldier: Мы взяли одного, женщину. (We've captured one, a female.)
Pulikovsky: Верните её в дворец найди остальных. Их нужно найти, живыми или мёртвыми. (Bring her back to the chateau and search for the rest. I want them found, dead or alive.)
CDP Soldier: Да товарищ командир. (Yes comrade.)

Stone: I'm going in after Alima. They gonna kill her.

Stone: Take out that power substation. They're gonna be sorry they missed with us.

Stone: You hit that substation yet? Damn it, get on it!

Stone: Good work. That took down the grid to the entire stockyards. Whatever operation they had back there will be shut down for a while.

CDP Soldier: Они взорвали гидроэлектростанцию. Будут ли ещё приказы? (They've blown the power station sir. Awaiting further orders?)
Pulikovsky: Даже не смей приказы. Остановите их, бестолковые идиоты! Почему вы их до сих пор не убили? (Further orders? Stop them you incompetent idiots. Why haven't you killed them yet?)
CDP Soldier: Извините товарищ командир. Мы стараемся. (Sorry comrade, we are trying.)
Pulikovsky: Пуликовский уходит. (Pulikovsky out.)

Stone: Time is running out.

Stone: You take out that comm truck yet? Get on it!

Stone: The first part of the mission is complete. Good work.

Pulikovsky: Чёрт возьми! У нас прервалась связь с Иванковым. Что случилось с грузовиком командира? (Dammit, we've lost communications with Ivankov. What happened to the comm truck?)
CDP Soldier: Сожалею товарищ командир но его аа нет. Уничтожен. (I'm sorry comrade, it's gone. Destroyed.)
Pulikovsky: Прекрати говорить мне о сожалении. Вот когда я тебе пущу пулю в лоб, тогда ты действительно пожалеешь. Схватить их! (Don't tell me you are sorry, you won't be really sorry until I put a bullet in your head. Get them.)

Stone: You shut down those gas mains yet?

Stone: Good work. That'll stir up the heads nestes even more.

Pulikovsky: Прикажи прислать танк ко дворцу. Он может нам понадобиться. (Order the tank to the chateau. We may need it.)
CDP Soldier: Да товарищ командир. Он уже в пути. (Yes comrade. It is on its way.)

Stone: You're not gonna be able to stop that tank by yourself. Get on up here. We'll deal with that tank later.

Stone: We've got problems. Pulikovsky's ordered that tank to the Chateau courtyard. That's gonna make our LZ a little hot.

Teresa: Stone. Stone? His PCD is dead. Sounds like his rescue of Alima didn't go all that well. Now it's up to you to rescue him.

Teresa: Get to Stone as quickly as you can. Who knows what they're doing to him.

Pulikovsky: Говори! Отсюда нет выхода. (Talk. There is no way out of here.)

Pulikovsky: Я могу быть таким же терпеливым, как и ты. Русская зима длинная. И мы привыкли к ней. (I can be as patient as you. The Russian winter is long, and we are used to it.)

Pulikovsky: Если ты хочешь когда-небудь снова увидеть живой эту девушку. Тебе лучше заговорить. (If you ever want to see the girl alive again, you better talk.)

Pulikovsky: Иванков найдёт самый интересный способ для того, чтобы пытать твою подругу. Ты можешь заговорить, и избавить её от лишних страданий. (Ivankov will find very creative ways to torture your friend. You could talk and save her much anguish.)

Pulikovsky: Я хочу знать, на кого ты работаешь. Кто тебя послал? Зачем ты здесь? Как ты разузнал об этом месте? (I want to know who you work for. Who sent you? Why are you here? How did you find out about this place?)

Pulikovsky: Говори! (Talk!)

Pulikovsky: Говори! Или я снова буду тебя резать. (Talk, or I will cut you again!)

Pulikovsky: Может это поможет тебе вспомнить. (Maybe this will help you remember.)

Pulikovsky: Ты здесь совершенно один. Никто тебе не поможет. (You are quite alone here. No one will help you.)

Pulikovsky: Так что ты говоришь. Возьми это! (So you say? Take this.)

Pulikovsky: Может это освежит тебе память! (Perhaps this will jog your memory.)

Stone: Where have you taken her? Damn you.

Stone: I'm not telling you a damn thing.

Stone: Do your worst chech boy.

Stone: You men touch that girl and I'll break your neck.

Stone: That the best you can do?

Stone: Shit... my lady hits harder than that. (Sub: I got a girlfriend hits harder than that.)

Stone: You better kill me, 'cause if you don't, I'm gonna break your neck!

Stone: Chechnya, now what is that? Russian for toilet?

Stone: Damn cowards, untie me and I'll show you how to torture someone.

Stone: Look out, place is crawling!

Stone: Poured into team. Now we'll show 'em.

Stone: Dammit, untie me so I can kill some of them.

Stone: That it. Tear him apart!

Stone: Get over here and untie me.

Stone: What took you so long. Huh?

Teresa: Good work. I wonder where Alima is.

Stone: Teresa, PCD hooked up again.
Teresa: Stone, thank god. We're really worried about you.
Stone: Take more then a few dozen sadistic terrorist to take me out. Alima is gone. We're gonna look for her but I'm assuming she's dead.
Teresa: No...
Stone: Sorry. Mine damn fault. I was too cocky. Woudn't careful enough.
Teresa: I let the team know. Lipan out.

Crush: Crush here. You guys have a tank guarding my LZ, repeat, LZ is hot. Can you guys get that clear please?

Stone: Crush is here. Let's get to the LZ. And then see if we can find Alima.

Stone: Allright. Let's deal with that tank and clear the LZ. Grab some of these anti-armor grenades and let's move.

Stone: Tank near the gate. Let's take him out.

Stone: Move, move, MOVE!

Crush: You guys gonna clear that tank or what?

Stone: Mission complete. Good work team.

Stone: Job well done. Bet those boys are wished they been sent to Siberia.

Stone: Crush, LZ is clear. Come get us. We gotta see where they took Alima.

Crush: Roger that. On my way.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Stone: Radio traffic

Stone: Were they still cutting off SATCOM, but we're still picking up local CDP traffic. Keep your ears peeled for anything interesting.

Stone: Find weapons wherever you can

Stone: Find an ammo dump and arm yourself. I saw at least two on our SAT recon on the way in. If nothing else, take out a patrol and borrow their gear. Just make sure they won't need it again.

Teresa/Stone: Stone finally gets through to Teresa

Teresa: Stone, this is command. Stone, can you read me.
Stone: Teresa, Stone here. Good to hear from you little lady.
Teresa: Thank god! We've been trying to reach you.
Stone: Been dealing with a wild out here. Quick update - bird's gone down. Alima's MIA.
Teresa: Copy that. We're dispatching another ride. No ETA yet.
Stone: We'll be ready. Stone out.

Teresa/Stone: Look for Ivankov's papers

Teresa: Stone, check Zeus when you get back. And I'm dumping some of these files into your PDA. Uri came through with all the SVR files on these guys. Enough to give you nightmares. Acts of terrorism, murder, connections to the Obshina Organacia.
Stone: Russian mafia no kiddin'. Some bad eggs there.
Teresa: The Chateau and all the surrounding property belongs to Mikhas Ivankov. I know they're bugging out, but see if you can find any of Ivankov's private papers. Gabe wants to find out how they're connected to these outbreaks.
Stone: Copy that. Stone out.

Stone: Alima taken prisoner by CDP soldiers

Stone: A CDP patrol has Alima. It looks like they're headin' back through the cattle yards to the Chateau. I'm gonna follow 'em. You were thrown clear on the other side of this ridge. So after you hitch your objectives, you to find another way in. When I get my hands on these bastards... they're gonna regret the day they ever saw me.

Stone: Cattle yards

Stone: Sweet mother... You would not believe what I'm seeing back here. They got barns and fence fields that covered 20 acres, stockyards, filled with dead cattle. Each barn is some sort of lab setup.

Stone: Made it to the Chateau

Stone: I follow them through the back country. Up into the rear entrance of the Chateau compound. They've taken Alima inside. Two patrols are moving along the back fence. Once I eliminate them, I'm headin' in. Wish I had my sniper rifle, they'd be dead already. Gonna have to do it the hard way. You start wrapping stuff up out there. And make your way to the Chateau.

Stone: Inside the Chateau

Stone: I'm inside. Looks like they're shutting the place down. Boxes everywhere. CDP's getting ready to bug out. It's a damn maze in here. They're taking her to the dining hall. Too many guards, can't get to her. Here vents all over the place. Gonna see if I can find another way in. I'll keep you posted.

Teresa/Stone: Obtain waste dump sample

Teresa: Stone, doctor E. wants you to keep an eye out for any biohazard waste sites. Since they were only
destroying solid to the steel mill, they must be dumping liquid waste somewhere else.
Stone: We're a little busy right now dear but tell her, we'll keep an eye out. All our collection gear got scatter when the chopper went down. But maybe some of it survived the crash.
Teresa: Thanks Stone. Lipan out.

Teresa: Waste sample taken

Teresa: Good work. Elsa we'll need that sample to see what liquid waste materials they dumping.

Stone/Alima/Pulikovsky: Stone captured

Stone: I'm in the vents above the dining hall. They've been torturing Alima that bastards. They get ready to move her out. I can't wait for you. I've got to get to her.
Alima: I don't know anything. I told you that. I'm just a pilot. I can't tell you anything. Why don't you believe me? Oh god, nooo!
Pulikovsky: You expect me to believe you? I want to know who you work for? Why are you here? Who sent you? Aramov? Ukranians? Take her away. Ivankov has other ways to make her talk.
Stone: Leave her alone, you bastard!
Pulikovsky: Остановите его! (Stop him!)

Pulikovsky/Stone/Alima: Alima gone

Pulikovsky: So, we have a big tough American here, eh? We shall see.
Stone: Let her go, you son of a bitch! Whatever you got planned, do it to me!
Alima: No! Stop it! Leave him alone!
Pulikovsky: Yes, we will do it to you soon enough. Я с ней закончил, заберите её или пристрелите. (I've done with her, take her or shoot.)
Stone: YOU BASTARD! Let go of her!

Teresa: Ivankov's Papers found

Teresa: Excellent. He must have been trying to hide Ivankov's papers. We'll need those to figure out how he's involved.

Teresa/Stone: Crusher on the way to Chateau

Teresa: Stone, Gabe and Lian are back from their mission. So I'm sending Crush and a transport team to pick you up. 
Stone: Okay. Tell him to land in the Chateau courtyard. We'll need a quick pickup and dust off.
Teresa: Copy that. He's on the way.

Mission: Characters quotes

CDP Soldiers

  • Здесь мёртвый солдат. Тревога. Дайте сигнал тревоги. (There's a dead soldier over here! Alert! Sound the Alert!)
  • Где патруль который должен быть здесь. Рассредоточься И найди его! (Hey, where's the patrol that's supposed to be here? Spread out and find him.)
  • Разве здесь не полагается быть охраннику? Где он? (Isn't there supposed to be a guard here. Where is he?)
  • Нам необходимо их найти. Иначе этот ублюдок Пуликовский вместо их застрелит нас. (We must find them or that bastard Pulikovsky will shoot us instead.)
  • Сюда! Охранника убили! (Over here! A guard's been killed!)
  • Командир, пришлите замену охраннику. Один охранник пропал. И мы не можем найти его. (Commander, send a replacement guard. One's missing and we can't find him.)
  • Я что-то слышал на той стороне. Проверь. (I heard something over there. Check it out.)
  • Да сэр. (Yes sir.)
  • Стоп, брось оружие! (Halt, drop your weapons.)
  • Убей их. Не дайте им сбежать. (Kill them. Don't let them escape.)
  • Группа, выдвигайся. (Squad, move out!)
  • Группа, начать движение. (Squad, lets move!)
  • Группа, сюда! (Squad, over here!)
  • Группа, прекратить огонь! (Squad, cease fire!)
  • Там какое-то движение! (Something moved over there!)
  • Что-то потревожило то дерево. (Something moved those trees.)
  • Кто-то в тех кустах, огонь! (Someone in these trees, fire!)
  • Засада! (Ambush!)
  • Какое-то движение там! (Something moved over there!)
  • Группа, строем назад! (Squad, back in formation!)
  • Группа, остаться на патрулирование. (Squad, stay on patrol)
  • Группа, развернуться! (Squad, fan out!)
  • Группа, оставаться вместе. (Squad, stay together.)
  • Прикрывающий огонь! (Covering fire!)
  • Мне нужно подкрепление! (I need back up!)
  • Назад! На дорогу! (Back to the road)
  • Под мостом кто-то есть! (There's someone under the bridge!)
  • Там кто-то есть окало командирского грузовика. (There's someone by the comm truck!)
  • Там кто-то ещё. Окало электростанции! (There's someone by the power station!)
  • Я кого-то видел в подвале. (I saw someone in the cave!)
  • По дороге кто-то движется! (There's someone moving on the road)
  • Там кто-то есть окало газопровода. (There's someone by the gas main!)
  • Охраняй этот вертолёт. Чтоб никого окало него не было. (Guard this chopper! I don't want anyone near it.)
  • Там кто-то есть окало сторожевой вышки. (There's someone by the guard tower!)
  • Здесь внутри кто-то есть. (There's someone in here!)
  • Там внутри кто-то есть! (There's someone in there!)
  • Охрана! Охрана! (Guards! Guards!)
  • Товарищ, нет лишней сигаретки? (Comrade, spare a cigarette?)
  • Ты чё мне не отвечаешь? Э?. (Why don't you answer me? eh?)
  • Почему ты не на своём посту? (Why aren't you at your post?)
  • Ааа ты пришёл чтоб мне платить свой проигрышь. Или проиграть ещё. (Ah, here to pay up your gambling debt? Or lose some more?)
  • Ух, холодно. Нет у тебя водки? (I'm freezing, you have some vodka with you?)
  • Ты здесь чтобы освободить меня? (You here to relieve me?)
  • Как продвигаются их поиски товарищ? (Any luck finding them comrade?)
  • Эй, что ты тут делаешь? (Hey, what are you doing here?)
  • Они окало главных ворот. (They're near the main gate)
  • В подвале кто-то есть. (Someone's in the cave.)
  • Они на шоссе. (They're on the main road.)
  • Они на шоссе. (They're on the back road.)
  • Они окало моста. (They're near the bridge.)
  • Я кого-то видел. Окало командирского грузовика. (I saw someone near the comm truck.)
  • Они окало линий электропередачи. (They're near the power lines.)
  • В туннеле кто-то есть. (Someone's in the tunnel.)
  • Они в районе ущелья. (They're in the canyon area.)
  • Они у ворот дворца. (They're at the chateau gates.)
  • Они окало кухни. (They're near the kitchen.)
  • Я видел кого-то в комнате с пианино. (I saw someone in the piano room.)
  • В главном зале кто-то есть. (Someone's in the main hall.)
  • В левом крыле кто-то есть! (Someone's in the south wing.)
  • Я видел их во внутреннем дворе. (I saw them in the courtyard.)

Following lines can occur when Player in CDP disguise

  • Товарищ, подойди сюда пожалуйста. (Comrade, come here please.)
  • Ергей это ты? Я не знал что ты патрулируешь этот участок. (Yergi, is that you? I did not know you were on patrol in this area.)
  • Яков, это ты? (Yackov, is that you?)
  • Эй Борис это ты? А иди сюда. (Boris, is that you? Come here.)
  • Эй там товарищ, я тебя не знаю. Кто твой командир? (You there, comrade, I don't recognize you. Who is your commander?)
  • Ты! Самозванец! (You, Imposter!)
  • Тревога! Самозванец! Тревога! (Alert! Imposter, alert!)
  • Это один из тех. Из вертолёта! (It's one of them, from the chopper!)
  • Они переоделись в нашу форму. Остановите их! (They're disguised in our uniforms. Stop them!)
  • Вы не Чеченцы, вы меня не проведёте! (You're not Chechen! You don't fool me.)
  • Умри Американская собака! (Die you American dog.)

CDP Tank Commander

  • Танк прриехал на передний контрольный пост. Ждём приказов. (Tank's at the front check post. Awaiting orders)
  • Это командир танка. Сейчас движемся по направлению к туннелю. (Tank commander here, moving towards the tunnel now.)
  • Это командир танка. Сейчас движемся по направлению к шоссе. Скоро будем там. Конец. (Tank commander here, moving up the main road. Be there shortly, out)
  • Это командир танка. Мы почти у моста. (Tank commander here, almost to the bridge)
  • Мы пересекли мост. Расчётное время прибытия: 3 минуты. (We're across the bridge. Eta three minutes)
  • Это командир танка. Занимаем позицию у главных ворот. Никто не пройдёт мимо нас товарищ. Уверяю вас. (Tank commander here, setting up position at the main gate. No one will get past us, comrade, I assure you)
  • Это командир танка. Нас атакуют! Повторяю, нужна поддержка пехоты. (Tank commander here, we're under attack. Repeat, requesting infantry support.)

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Stone: Train loading area

Stone: Damn... You wouldn't believe the smell back here. I'm passing the train loading area now. Whole place is shut down. Must be a hundred cattle piled up here ready to transport. Wonder where everyone's gone.

Stone: Damn it, wish you would have followed orders and taken out that substation.

Stone: I want their communication systems shut down before this storm blows over. Make your way to that comm truck and light it up.

Stone: You shoud to take out that comm truck. Hope that don't come back to haunt us.

Stone: Good work. That'll stop those guys from squawking.

Stone: I remember seeing the gas main along the main road. Let's fuck with them by turnin' off the gas huh? Shut 'em down.

Stone: Dammit man... Why did you get anything done? I wanted those gas mains shut down!

Stone: Grab someone and find a way to blow that bridge. Gotta stop that tank from crossing. And you don't have much time.

Stone: Damn, tank just cross the bridge. Now we're gonna have to do it the hard way.

Stone: Maybe they got some anti-tank grenade stockpiled in here somewhere.

Teresa: Good work blowing the bridge. Now get in there and rescue Stone.

Stone: Chateau is crawling with elite guards. You come across any of them, you take them out. If they're around when our ride gets here, things will get sticky.

Stone: Remember, eliminate all the elite guards.

CDP Soldier: Товарищ Пуликовский, они взорвали мост. Танк тоже... (Comrade Pulikovsky, they've blown the bridge. The tank...)
Pulikovsky: Да-да, ну конечно. Зачем вам вообще выполнять приказы? Здесь мой частоту, я больше не разговариваю с тобой. Сейчас, заговорят пули. (Yes, yes. Of course, why should any of you follow orders at all? Get off my frequency I'm done talking to you. I'll let bullets do the talking from now on.)

Stone: Teresa. I found those papers you said to keep an eye out for.
Teresa: Awesome Stone. Let's hope they shed some light on Ivankov's involvement.

Stone: Come on, pick up the pace.

Stone: Assholes and elbows, keep your boots movin'.

Crush: Crush here. ETA 5 minutes. Hope you're ready for pick up.

Crush: LZ is clear. Let's do this quick. Landing now.

Crush: Stone, how you doin' bud? Hey, snag some of Ivankov's spot for me will ya?

Crush: I've done a complete fly by the cattle yards and in the stable area. No sign of Alima or anyone back there.

Crush: Looks like a convoy of Belarus regulars are heading this way. Better wrap this up.

Alima: No, stop!

Alima: I know nothing.

Alima: I can't answer your questions.

Alima: Go to hell you bastard.

Alima: Whatever... do what you will.

Alima: I don't remember.

Alima: I have nothing to say.

Alima: NO!

Dull Knife In My Ribs

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Imani: Hey! How you holdin' up? Damn, sorry! Forgot about the stiches.
Stone: Huh, ain't nothing!
Imani: It wasn't your fault, Stone.
Stone: Ten years in 'Nam and I never lost a pilot. Like a dull knife in my ribs.
Imani: You never found her body. Remember Lipan's trick in New York? No one is dead in this business until you touch their corpse.
Stone: Don't know. If Alima's not dead, she's wishin' she was.

Transition to somewhere else, where Lian and Gabe are quarrelling.

Lian: No, Gabe! Not Zohar! I don't trust him!
Gabe: He's all we've got. We need to find out what Yushchenko is selling. And the Mossad already has an op set up in Sana'a.
Lian: What's the price Gabe? Where's the line?
Gabe: I'll let you know when I cross it. Who can we send?
Teresa: I know a pretty good field agent.

Tash, Kumyr, Kyrgystan: Saydahmat's Village

I Had To Stop The Deal

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Lian: Teresa told me you obtained these credentials in Yemen, from a North Korean agent. I dealt with another North Korean agent in Kyrgyzstan.

Transit to...

Tash Kumyr, Kyrgyzstan: Askar Saydahmat's Compound

Camera pans downwards from a high area.

Lian (VO): If you read my mission report you'll know that I was sent to Tash, Kumyr, to retrieve the bio-weapon container that we knew Yushchenko had sold. I knew from my sources that a North Korean agent was coming that night to purchase it. I had to stop the deal from going down. The village guards bought into my old peasant woman disguise, but warned me to keep to myself. Saydahmat's men were not to be trusted. If drunk enough, they would have accost anyone. But if they bothered me? They would get more than they bargained for.

Mission: Dialogs and Conversations

Lian: A little mission background: Dialog from Radio Log

Yang: Я здесь по делу. Как дойти к Досболу Самаеву? (I'm here on business. Which way to Dosbol Samaev?)
Guard: Жди на городской площади. Он тебя найдёт. (Wait in the town square. He will find you)

Samaev: Должно быть ты Сок-джу Янг. У тебя план банка? (You must be Sok-ju Yang. You have the bank draft?)

Lian: When I got to the village square, I watched the transaction. Samaev came up to Sok-Ju, took something, probably a bank transfer draft. Then went off. That was the moment I was waiting for. I then had to follow Samaev back to the armory.

Lian: Here's where it got tricky: I had to eliminate Samaev after he got the container from the armory. There were guards everywhere, so I had to wait until some moment, when he was out of sight of the guards. I picked my spot carefully.

Samaev: Подожди здесь. Я вернусь через несколько минут. Мне придётся позвонить по сотовому, чтобы навести справки о фондах. На это, может уйти некоторое время. (Wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes. I'll have to use our cell phone to verify funds. It may take a while)

Samaev: У меня есть чек банка Северной Кореи. После того, как мы проверим фонды, я отнесу ему контейнер. (I have the North Korean's bank check. After we verify funds, I'll take the container to him)

Lian: Evidently the North Korean agents weren't the only terrorists looking to buy arms. I ran into a Yemen terrorist I later found out was Zayed Al Dhahiri. I didn't have a DPE order so... I issued a field order.

Samaev: Всё впорядке, контейнер у меня. Будь внимателен, не думаю, что он что-нибудь планирует. Но я ни кому не доверяю. (Alright, I have the container. Keep a sharp eye. I don't think he is planning anything, but I don't trust anyone)

Lian: I waited until just the right moment, then hit him with a poison star.

Lian: He went down like a sack of rice. I got the container. And had to hide the body. He was... heavier than it looks.

Lian: Part one of the mission was complete. But now I was racing against the clock. I had to find Saydahmat's house, break in and execute the DPE order. I didn't have much time because Sok-Ju Yang was not going to wait very long before he'd start asking where his container was.

Lian: Heading completely out of the way, I found a stash of Saydahmat's personal files. In it were more of Yuschenko's papers.

Lian: At some point, I forgot that I was on a dangerous mission. I was having so much fun changing outfits.

Yang: Кто... кто ты? Где Самаев? (Who are you? Where is Samaev?)
Lian: I'm Saydahmat's mistress. Samaev is sent me in his place. He's working out some problems with the funds transfer on our end. But says funds have been verified. Here's your product.
Yang: Ч-что? (What?)
Lian: He humbly apologizes for the delay. He does not wish to keep you waiting any longer.
Yang: Это очень не стандартный ход. Но... раз он так говорит, я думаю он не послал бы тебя если бы было что небудь не так. (This is most irregular. But if he says so, I guess he would not send you if there was something wrong)

Lian: Sok-Ju seemed pretty surprised to see a concubine show up instead of Samaev, but he bought the story completely. Men can be pretty gullible. Show a little skin and their brains just seemed to shut down.

Lian: Now I had to duck out of sight, lose the guards and wait for Sok-Ju to reach a secluded spot. Then, I would make my move.

Lian: Finally Sok-Ju moved into the shadows. I was ready with a poison throwing star.

Lian: Some were so skimpy they felt like nothing but strings.

Lian: Once I got past the guards and into the suite. I simply had to eliminate him. Then, slink back out. I hadn't counted on the laser trip wire warning system. Pretty high-tech for a Yak Herder. But... I knew how to deal with it.

Lian: I really hated changing back into that old sherpa woman disguise. Clothes really do make the woman.

Lian: At last I'd made it to the gate. Soon, I would be at the LZ and on my way home. The mission was a success.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Lian: A little mission background

Lian: I didn't have any firearms only my throwing stars. I couldn't afford to make any noise. If I set off any alarms, the deal wouldn't go down and I might not get the container. What you don't know from reading my initial report is that I was also sent to carry out a DPE order on Saydahmat. Getting to him was going to be tricky. All the more reason to keep to the shadows.

Lian: How the arms deal works

Lian: They ran a pretty tight operation. A buyer would come to the village and wait in the central square. Saydahmat's courier, Dosbol Samaev, would take an order and the money. And go to the actual armory. The buyer, never got to see it.

Lian: All legal targets

Lian: Advanced recon showed that almost everyone in the village was involved in the arms trade. Anyone out at that time of night was certainly going to be a legitimate target.

Lian: Hide bodies

Lian: But I knew that if I took out one of Saydahmat's thugs, I'd have to do it where no one could see me. And I had to hide the body in the shadows.

Lian: Disguise

Lian: My disguise was pretty solid. So long as I didn't act suspicious or get too close to those leering guards.

Lian: Can't take weapons

Lian: They were all pretty heavily armed. I could have taken any of their weapons of course but, there was no reason to. The sound of a gun would set the whole place off.

Lian: Concubine Outfit

Lian: I didn't want to pick out something too sexy to wear on to the streets or it would cause too much distraction.

Lian: Revealing Outfit

Lian: I knew I had to wear something provocative to get past the guards and into Saydahmat suite.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • A dead body?
  • What?
  • Мне показалось, что я заметил какое-то движение в тени. (I thought I saw someone moving in the shadows.)
  • Думаю ничего не было. (I guess it was nothing.)
  • Эй! Ты! Старуха! Остановись! (You there. Old woman, stop!)
  • Эй, ты милочка... Ты идёшь, чтобы развлечся с нами? (Hey there, sexy doll, you coming out to play with us grunts?)
  • Не припоминаю чтобы я тебя видел раньше. Ты здесь новенькая а? Из женщин Сэйдамата? (I don't remember seeing you before. You new here, one of Saydahmat's new women?)
  • Охрана, охрана! Дайте сигнал тревоги! (Guards! Guards! Sound the alert!)
  • Застрели её! (Shoot here!)
  • Убей её! (Kill here!)
  • Не дайте ей сбежать! (Don't let her escape!)
  • Останови её! (Stop her!)
  • Сюда! (Over here!)
  • Уходи! Здесь никому нелья находиться. (Go away, no one is allowed in here.)
  • Убирайся отсюда. (Get away from here.)
  • Отправляетесь на прогулку госпожа? Будьте осторожны, кругом бандиты. (Going for a walk mistress? Be careful, there are ruffians about.)
  • Старуха. Ты что там делала? Тревога! Проверьте где хозяин. (Old woman! What were you doing in there? Alert! Check the master!)
  • Направляешься к боссу а? Счастливщик он. (Going to see the boss eh? Lucky man, him.)
  • Эй красотка! Плюнь на босса, займись мной! (Eh gorgeous. Forget the boss, come entertain me.)
  • Боссу здорово повезло. Иди прямо. (Boss has all the luck. Go right in.)
  • Постой ты кто? Охрана! Тревога! Нарушитель! (Wait, who are you? Guards! Alert! Intruder!)
  • Нарушитель! Убийца! (Intruder! Assassin!)
  • Он не задержится. Заткнись и веди себя тихо. (He won't be long. Shut up and be patient.)
  • Он появится здесь с минуты на минуту. (He should be any minute.)
  • Я не знаю что его так задерживает. (I don't know what is taking him so long.)
  • Неизвестно. (I don't know.)
  • Должно быть что-то не так. Дайте сигнал тревоги. Что-то случилось с Самаевым. (Something must be wrong. Sound the alarm. Something's happened to Samaev.)
  • Да сэр, сейчас мы начнём его проверять. (Yes sir. We'll run a check on it now.)
  • Это контейнер который вы потребовали сэр. (Here is the container per your request sir.)
  • Уу-уу детка. Иди сюда, ты что тут делаешь? Ты пришла меня согреть? (Ohh baby. Come here you, what are you doing out here? Come to keep me warm have you?)
  • Оу ля-ля поцелуешь нас а? (Ohh la, la. Give us a kiss eh?)
  • А ну иди сюда. Босс ни о чём не узнает. (Come here, the boss won't know!)
  • Эй, ты не из любовниц Сэйдамата. Тревога! Нарушитель! (Hey, you're not one of Saydahmat's mistresses! Alert! Intruder!)
  • Эй ты старуха! Убирайся отсюда! Здесь никому нельзя находится! (You there, old woman, get away from here. No one is allowed back here)
  • Эй ты старая ведьма, убирайся отсюда! (You there, old hag. Get out of here)
  • Старуха остановись! (Old woman, stop!)
  • Ааа, уйди от меня, ведьма. (Get away from me Hag)
  • Уйди от меня ведьма! (Beastly old woman. Get away!)
  • А ну подожди... ты вовсе не старуха. Охрана! (Wait, you're no old woman! Guards!)
  • Самозванец! Охрана! (Imposter! Guards!)
  • Кто-то убил Самаева. Охрана! Тревога! (Someone's killed Samaev. Guards! Alert!)
  • Кто-то убил хозяина, Сэйдамат мёртв. Тревога! (Someone's killed the Master, Saydahmat is dead. Alert!)
  • Кто-то убил одного из покупателей. Тревога! Дайте сигнал тревоги! (Someone's killed one of the buyers. Alert! Sound the alarm!)
  • Кто-то убил охранника. Тревога! Дайте сигнал тревоги! (Someone's killed a guard. Alert! Sound the alarm!)
  • Застрели её! (Shoot her!)
  • Убей её! (Kill her!)
  • Не дай ей уйти! (Don't let her escape!)
  • Останови её! (Stop her!)
  • Она прячется в тени! (She is hiding in the shadows!)
  • Она на той стороне! (She is on another side!)

Sok-Ju Yang

  • Что ты делаешь? (What are you doing there?)
  • Кто ты? (Who are you?)
  • Где Самаев? Я-я очень долго ж-ждал. (Where is Samaev? I've been waiting for a long time.)
  • Что его... з-задерживает так на долго? (What is taking him so long?)
  • Так, я больше не буду ждать. (I'm not waiting here much longer)
  • Где Сэйдамат? Разбуди его, я требую вернуть мне деньги. (Where is Saydahmat? Wake him up, I demand my money back.)
  • Охрана. Охрана! Сейчас же отведите меня к Сэйдамату! (Guards! Guards! Bring me to Saydahmat at once!)
  • Что тебе нужно старуха? Убирайся! (What do you want old woman? Get away!)
  • В темноте что-то движется. Кто там? (Something's moving in the darkness. Who's there?)
  • Кто там? (Who's there?)
  • Засада. Охрана! (Ambush! Guards!)

Dosbol Samaev

  • Ах ты... подожди... Кто ты? Охрана! (Wait, you there. Who are you? Guards!)
  • Кто там правит? (Who's moving over there?)

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Lian: I waited near the gates for Sok-Ju Yang to arrive. I knew I just had to keep to the shadows and tail him to the village square.

Lian: The entrance to Saydahmat's house was well guarded. The only way in was through the upstairs balcony that opened into his concubines quarters. That fit into my plan perfectly.

Lian: My plan was to ditch the sherpa disguise and dress up as one of Saydahmat's mistresses. Then, I could sneak into his bedroom, execute the DPE order and walk straight out the door I past the guards. After that, my plan was to go meet Sok-Ju in the village square and pretend that Samaev had sent me in his place.

Lian: Saydahmat must have spent a fortune on his mistress's. Silks, furs, sheerlace, you name it, they had it.

Lian: Some of the outfits were not provocative enough. It had to be... very revealing to distract the guards by Saydahmat's door.

Lian: Now I had to change into something less sexy and get to the town square to meet Sok-Ju Yang. I would give him the container then ambush him on his way out of the village and take it back. Where he wouldn't be able to alert the guards.

Lian: I finally figured out that Sok-Ju wasn't going to pay any attention to an old sherpa woman. I'd have to dress as one as Saydahmat's mistresses.

Lian: Once I got the container, I had to change back into my sherpa outfit and skulk my way out the way I came in.

Lian: Since I had my sherpa disguise on already, I just had to sneak out the village gate. The way I had come in.

Saydahmat: Что, кто там! (What, who's there?)

Saydahmat: Ааа это моя прелесть. Иди ко мне. (Ah, it's you my pretty. Come to me.)

Saydahmat: Что? Кто ты? Охрана! (What? Who are you? Guards!)

Saydahmat: Ты. Будь на стороже. За что мы тебе платим? (You, keep alert. What are we paying you for?)

A Few Surprises Waiting

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Lian: Anyway, I'm sure Saydahmat's thugs had quite a few surprises waiting for them in the morning. Yeah they'll find someone to take his place. But I shut down at least one illegal source of weapons... for a while. And with this evidence you found in Yemen, we're one step closer to solving this thing. I'm going to have Teresa start putting more feelers out in the east. Might have to pay another visit to Tokyo... or Seoul.

Sana'a, Yemen: Arms Bazaar

Today You Work For Me

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Sana'a Yemen: Taherir Palace

Fade in to show Fatha al-Hassan on the phone.

Al-Hassan: يتم إجراء الترتيبات. رجالى فى المدينة يتوقعونه (The arrangements are made. My men in town are expecting him.)

Khorsh Wallid Abdul enters from behind him; he holds up a gesture to 'wait'.

Al-Hassan: متفق عليه. بلغها تحياتي. يفهم. وداعا. خورش ، الروس سيكونون هنا قريبا. قابلهم في البازار وأحضرهم لي. (Agreed. Give her my regards. Understood. Good-bye. Khorsh, the Russians will be here soon. Meet them in the bazaar and bring them to me.)
أنا لا أثق بالكفار. بعد أفغانستان ، لا أعرف لماذا تتعامل معهم. (I don't trust the infidels. After Afghanistan, I don't know why you deal with them.)
لم أطلب منك أن تثق بهم. وأسباب بلدي هي بلدي. سوف تستجوبهم؟ (I did not ask you to trust them. And my reasons are my own. Will you question them?)
بالطبع لا.(Of course not.)

He nods and exits.

Sana'a Yemen: Zohar's Safe House

Cobra is making its way through the streets. As this happens the screen intercuts to show Teresa in the headquarters.

Teresa (VO): Okay, we're going to do this Zohar's way, for now. But remember Gabe's instructions. We're here for the viral container, nothing else.

While she speaks, the agent finds a door which is pulled open from inside. Zohar sticks his head out from behind.

Zohar: Quickly! I'd been expecting you... Come in, come in please. I am Ehud Ben Zohar. I must ask you for your Agency communication devices. For today, you'll take orders from me. It'll be a very dangerous mission. Your Agency asks much of me, and offers little in return. But working together, much can be accomplished, eh? Here's the plan...

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Zohar: Remember, you're undercover here. Your disguise will work only so long as you keep your distance from Khorsh's men. Objectives are outlined in your... how do you call it: PDA. Find some credentials and move quickly. We don't have much time to set up the ambush before Yushchenko arrives.

Zohar: You must obtain credentials to get into the restricted area.

Zohar: Look for a quiet out-of-the-way place. Where's Khorsh's men would not see you.

Zohar: Why have you not obtained credentials yet? You must hurry. Yushchenko will be here soon.

Zohar: You cannot leave corpses or they can be spotted by Khorsh's men. You must move them.

Zohar: Excellent. Now make your way into the restricted area.

Teresa: Fadhil wanted by Interpol: Dialog from Radio Log

Guard: I'm Sorry. Passage is not allowed unless you have proper credentials.

Zohar: Destroying communications equipment: Dialog from Radio Log

Zohar: The equipment to controls the south tower is on top of the mask. Use your sniper rifle to destroy it. I'm outline it on your mission display. All of the communication apparatus that must be destroyed.

Zohar: When you are already, we must eliminate Khorsh.

Teresa: Follow Zohar's instructions: Dialog from Radio Log

Zohar: You must eliminate Khorsh before Yushchenko arrives. Or the operation will be very difficult to complete.

Zohar: Excellent work. You can make a living as a freelancer, eh?

Zohar: The detonators are prepared. Yushchenko is too to arrive shortly. It is time to set up plan in motion. Retrieve the explosions. I will contact you again when you have them.

Zohar: There is another radio in an old apartment in the south part of town. You must destroy it as well, or Khorsh's dogs will run to it, when they are alerted.

Zohar: Try to get to Khorsh's office. And get his video tapes.

Zohar: Remember, I need those video tapes from Khorsh's office.

Zohar: Khorsh has a backup radio at his headquarters. You have to find it, and disable it.

Zohar: If you destroyed all of the comm equipment yet?

Zohar: You have to disable the satellite uplink.

Zohar: The overglasses almost empty.

Zohar: Excellent work. Now the people of the world will see and hear al-Hassan for themselves. And see the kind of man that he is.

Zohar: Excellent work. All communications are now shut down.

Zohar: Eliminate as many of Khorsh's thugs as you can.  If they are too many left when Yushchenko arrives, we'll be taking fire from all sides.

Zohar: You must eliminate Khorsh's thugs!

Zohar: Very good. With Khorsh's men out of the way, this should go very smoothly.

Zohar: Time grow short. You need to retrieve those explosives.

Zohar: Excellent work my friend.

Zohar: I am at the bazaar. Bring the explosives to me here. The Russians will be here soon.

Zohar: You must hurry with the explosives. But the Russians will arrive before we can set them.

Zohar: Excellent. Now stand back and find some cover. When the Russians arrive, we have a little surprise for them.

Zohar: The explosives are planted. Now we wait.

Zohar: Ready? Now!

Zohar: A southern courses, do you clothes that armor? Be ready, we are in for a fight.

Zohar: Quickly! That blast isn't enough take them out. They running for it. You must take them out!

Zohar: Good work. That the last of Yushchenko's guards.

Zohar: Excellent. You have eliminated Yushchenko eh? But he did not have the viral case on him, did he?

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Zohar: Credentials required to enter market

Zohar: I have been working the market place for some days now. Course to the take record system. No one gets in, or out of the restricted market place, without a proper credentials. You must... out way see, acquire some of these credentials from one of the terrorist buyers outside the market place. I am sure that they will not fight for them willingly, eh?

Teresa: We're monitoring Zohar

Teresa: Can you read me? Okay. This is a secured channel. Zohar dosn't know that our MDRD contains a backup PCD system. Sorry, too many acronyms. I'll be monitoring everything. Good luck.

Zohar: I'm readying the detonators

Zohar: I'm readying the detonators now. Soon, you may see me in the central market place. Do not approach me or intent to communicate with me directly. We must not be seen together, or call attentions to ourselves.

Teresa: Fadhil wanted by Interpol

Teresa: Oh my god, I think you found Fadhil's office. He's a plastic surgeon wanted by Interpol in 12 countries. He specializes in doing identity changes for criminals and terrorists around the world. If you can, take photos of his files.

Zohar: Khorsh is a murderer

Zohar: When al-Hassan took over this part of the town, the local police did not wish to go along with him. They were men of integrity and honor. Those fresh graves our evidence of the price they paid for that honor. Remember this, we are here fighting terrorists, not the people of Yemen. Men like al-Hassan and Khorsh, use and destroy entire villages for their own purposes! Terrorism is our enemy. But you are not here to help me with my problem, are you?

Zohar: al-Hassan is more evil than Khorsh

Zohar: But of course is the embodiment of evil, what does that make the man who employs him. Al-Hassan is far worse than Khorsh, because al-Hassan, as an important leader, is in trusted to serve and protect his people. Instead, he abuses and exploits them. It is bad enough when he does it to his own. But we draw the line when he attempts to profit by selling weapons to those who would destroy us! Of course we have gone to the UN Security Council. But they do nothing but abate and argue. But this is my problem yes?

Zohar: Destroying communications equipment

Zohar: You must shut down all of Khorsh's communication equipment before Yushchenko arrives. I have a scrambler on the south tower. So Khorsh won't be able to alert the palace. But he will be able to alert the reserve troops to barracks outside town.

Teresa: Follow Zohar's instructions

Teresa: This is Teresa. We've given you okay for any action necessary to eliminate Yushchenko and obtain the viral case he's carrying. Follow Zohar's instructions. Lipan out.

Teresa: Lian also found a NK agent

Teresa: That's interesting. Lian's report from Kyrgyzstan also mentioned a North Korean agent. Get his credentials and any other paperwork his carrying. We'll see if we can find a connection.

Zohar: Khorsh video taped confessions

Zohar: Inside Khorsh's headquarters you will find the room al-Hassan uses to torture his prisoners. They have a camera set up, so they can fill their false confessions. I have obtained enough evidence to already shut down this entire operation. But that additional evidence will help sway the UN Security Council to act. You must obtain it, before Khorsh and his thugs are alerted or they will destroy it. Once you have the tapes, you may then eliminate all of the evil dogs.

Zohar: Yushchenko's car is armored

Zohar: Very disconcerting. The Russians are not driving the vechiles I was led to expect. These were armored. Built to in stand explosive fire. Perhaps recent events in Belarus have... how do you say? Spooked them.

Mission: Wrong actions

If Player is down

Zohar: Cobra is down, repeat, agent Cobra is down.

Zohar: Cobra is down.

Alert, timer expires

Zohar: Hurry, Khorsh in desert sands. Now we are in for a fight.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Are you lost?
  • Watch yourself.
  • Shove off, you peasant.
  • Move along before my friend moves you for me. You're scaring aways the esteemed clientele.
  • Stop that person! They are an imposter!
  • Alert! Alert! We have an intruder!
  • We are adding fresh graves today...You want one too?
  • I see you have proper credentials. Welcome to our private market.
  • Sorry to keep you waiting. You'll find the exclusive market just south of here.
  • Welcome back.
  • Good to see you back so soon.
  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • This area is off limits. Move along.
  • I am sorry, not even credentialed customers are allowed in here, I am sorry.
  • You there, what are you doing?
  • Ok, then. Move along.
  • No loitering around here, get moving.
  • Have you seen anything unusual?
  • Yes sir.
  • Everything seems ok.
  • You, stop. Who are you? What are you doing here?
  • Stop or I'll shoot.
  • I lost the intruder. Look over there.
  • Something is not right here.
  • Let me pass peasant.
  • Move along.
  • What are you doing here?
  • Excuse me.
  • Move out of my way dog.
  • Pardon me.
  • Let me pass please.
  • Move along.
  • What are you doing here?
  • Excuse me.
  • Move out of my way please.


  • Hello, transport driver!?
  • Where is that transport driver?
  • ...A camel could have been more timely.
  • A stench pervades this market. Is it the sewer or your wares?
  • Foul.
  • Interesting.
  • Can you ship this wagon to this address? Thank you very much.
  • Abdul! Are you home yet?
  • Help me! I'm being attacked!
  • Guards! Someone is trying to kill me!
  • Help! Help! Guards!
  • Call the guards! Someone is trying to kill me!

Walid Abdul Khorsh

  • Keep on your toes you dogs. You have to earn your pay around here.
  • Look alive there. If al-Hassan sees you slouching about, I will have your ears.
  • Why must I do everything myself around here?
  • The Russian and his men will be here soon. Make sure everything is prepared.
  • Arms dealing a little slow today men? Soon we will have some extra rubles to spend, eh?

Ahmed Salim Fadhil

  • Welcome. I am Dr Ahmend Salim Fadhil. You are looking for a new face perhaps? You have come to the right place.
  • Come with me. I will show you examples of my work, and then we can talk price.
  • I have clients all over the world. Of course, I cannot discuss them. I need to keep all my files in the strictest confidence.
  • You understand the limits of plastic surgery I assume. I can make you into a very different person, but I cannot change the overall structure of your head.
  • Back again? I knew of course that you would find no one else in Sana'a that could match my skill.
  • What are you doing there? You are not allowed to go into the basement my friend.
  • Alert! Alert! Get the guards.
  • Murderer! Guards! Sound the alert!
  • What are you doing? Stay out of there.
  • Sound the alarm!
  • Murderer! Alarm, sound the alarm!
  • What do you want?
  • Leave me alone I am busy.
  • I am waiting for someone. Go away.
  • Guards! Guards!

Uncategorised lines

If you heard / seen any of these lines during your gameplay, add them to appropriate category.

  • You there, what are you doing?
  • What is going on here? Sound the alert!
  • Get to the radio, call al-Hassan that something is going on.
  • You, stop or I'll shoot.
  • Where are the men? Sound the alert, everyone into the streets now.
  • Tend to your own deaths. I'll see you in hell.
  • Welcome to the Arms Bazaar!
  • Can I interest you in a Soviet Tank? It's in fine shape.
  • You came a long way to simply browse. Are you going to buy or not?
  • We have many fine weapons for sale. Please take your time.
  • Did you come to buy or not?
  • An excellent choice sir.
  • May I help you find something?
  • What is it you are looking for?
  • You do not have credentials.
  • Authorized entry only. Let me see your credentials.
  • The open market has plenty of good deals on clothing and candles. Please move along.
  • The public market is that way. Please move along.
  • I am trying to get through here.
  • I must think these choices over. Thank you for your time.
  • Excuse me sir.
  • Be careful of the riff-raff. I cannot be everywhere along these alleys to protect our special guests.
  • Keep the alleys clear please.
  • My apologies. I did not notice your credentials. Can I bring you anything, a refreshment while you wait?
  • The market's out front.

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Zohar: I have witnessed atrocities

Zohar: You would not believe some of the atrocities I have witnessed these past weeks. Khorsh and men tortured not just those who will not do as they said, but anyone at all who disagreed with them. Political prisoners, missionaries, medical workers, teachers, deserteres men and others! All under the careful guidance of Khorsh. The man truly is evil through and through.

Zohar: Khorsh in desert sands. Khorsh's men are alerted. They will have destroyed the videotapes. Can I not rely on you to follow instructions?

Zohar: At last you wouldn't let me down. Khorsh is escape. Who knows what acts of terrorism he will commit in the future. Your usefulness begins to elude me.

Zohar: You didn't eliminate enough of Khorsh's men.

Zohar: That was Yushchenko. You must get him! He has the viral case. I will deal with the others. You can not let him escape.

Zohar: Get Yushchenko!

Zohar: You must get Yushchenko's guards. All of them!

Zohar: Don't leave any of his guards.

Zohar: You not use your firearms. If we alert them to our presence before I am ready... things will be very complicated.

Zohar: Hide the body any place out of sight.

Zohar: They almost here. Get ready.

Zohar: Get through 'em!

Zohar: You like the desert? We will burry you in it.

Zohar: Die!

Zohar: Who is here!

Zohar: There is one of them here!

Zohar: Quickly. Get them!

Zohar: We will have them!

Zohar: Covering fire!

Zohar: incomprehensible speech

Guard 1: How is it going?
Guard 2: Everything is quiet.

Guard 1: Anything to report?
Guard 2: No. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Guard 1: How are things?
Guard 2: Good, good. Nothing new here.

Guard 1: I am waiting for a business associate
Guard 2: Do you know who I am? Call Khorsh, I shall teach you to disrespect your betters.
Guard 1: I thought so. Don't address me again.
Guard 2: I am waiting for my friend Abdul to return to the bazaar.

Guard 1: What is this place?
Guard 2: Plastic surgeon's office I think, they are not very talkative.
Guard 1: Yes. It appeared so to me as well.

Anatoly Yuschenko

  • Это западня, нас обстреливают! (It's a trap, we're under fire!)
  • Помогите! Остановите их! (Help me! Stop them!)
  • Где моя охрана? (Where are my guards?)
  • Нет оставь меня, это западня. (Get out of my way you fool.)
  • Беги! Засада! (Run! It is an ambush.)
  • Нет оставь меня. Это западня. (No, get away from me. It's a trap.)
  • Стреляйте в них! Стреляйте в них! Проклятый аль-Хассан! (Shoot them, shoot them. Damn al-Hassan.)
  • Я умру за Чечню и заберу вас с собой! (I will die for Chechnya, and I will take you with me.)

Yuschenko's bodyguards

  • Осторожно! Это западня. (Look out, it's a trap.)
  • Стреляйте в них! Стреляйте в них! (Shoot them, shoot them!)
  • Береги Ющенко, не дай им убить его! (Protect Yushchenko, do not let them kill him.)
  • Да товарищ командир. Мы стараемся. (Yes comrade, we are trying.)
  • Мы делаем всё что можем. Они сражаются как безумные. (We are doing our best, they fight like madmen.)
  • Шевелись! Шевелись! Берите их! (Move, move. Get them.)
  • Их слишком много. Беги! (There are too many, run for it.)

You Cannot Kill My Spirit (Khorsh's false confession)

This is unlocked by sneaking into Khorsh's office without sounding the alarm. Should the player's stealth be compromised at any point within the man's compound, the guard on the second level will attempt to destroy this evidence. Depending on where exactly you are in the office, you will have a varying amount of time to stop him.

NOTE: Entire convo is in a foreign language with English subtitles.

Video from Khorsh's office...

Al-Hassan: لا اعتراف بعد؟ لماذا تجعل من الصعب على نفسك؟ (No confession yet? Why do you make it hard for yourself?)
انا اعترف. أعترف بإحتقائك وكل ما تمثله. أنت وعصابتك ، تجعل الأمر أصعب بالنسبة لنا جميعًا. (I confess. I confess to despising you and everything you stand for. You and your fanaticism, you make it harder for us all.)
في الواقع؟ (Indeed?)
أنت تقتل أولئك الذين يحتقرون حكومتك القمعية ، أنت تقتل أولئك الذين لا ينحني لإرادتك. لن تفوز في الحسن. قد تقتل جسدي ، لكنك لن تقتل الروح .....(You kill those who despise your repressive government, you murder those who do not bow to your will. You will not win al-Hassan. You may kill my body, but you will not kill the spirit.....)
سوف نرى (We shall see.)

He turns to the civilian and bats the man with his arm. Fade out.

Do Your Own Dirty Work

Sana'a Yemen: Zohar's Safe House

Zohar: That's the deal, Logan. Take it or leave it. I'll tell you where the viral container's hidden. Once your team has helped me with my objective. Not before.
Gabe (VO): Lian warned me not to trust you, Zohar. But I ignored her.
Zohar: What is not to trust? We both have a job to do, yes? Do you want it, or not?

Gabe (VO): (deliberating hard but quickly) Alright Zohar. But escort and backup only. You've to do your own dirty work.
Zohar: But of course. Then we have a deal.
Gabe (VO): I want that container within 24 hours. Logan out.

Zohar: (turns to Cobra) You see? He can be very accommodating when it suits his purpose. (goes across to the room where a briefcase is laid) al-Hassan will be expecting the Russian and the case containing biological weapons... (flips the case open and the camera intercuts to show the interior, where a pair of Desert pistols are placed along with various attachments) But I'll have a surprise for him, eh? (closes the case, laughing in the process) Alright. Your uniforms're over there. (points to the corner) Change quickly! Our host'll be expecting us... and we mustn't keep him waiting. (the character goes to where Zohar has pointed)

Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace

The Mossad Avoid Them

Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace

A bus pulls up at the entrance and the doors swing open. An AK-47 armed guard stands at the door as Zohar descends the steps.

Thug 1: تعال معنا من فضلك (Come with us please.)

As they follow the man, Zohar starts talking.

Zohar: Play the tourist! Look around you! Act surprised and pleased! Let has avoid the Dhar Judeem if we can. Even the Mossad! Avoid open conflict with them! You will be asked to wait in a security room while I'm escorted to al-Hassan's private suite to complete the transaction. You must arm yourself and watch the monitors. When al-Hassan is dead, take out your guards and head to the balcony. I will get al-Hassan's weapons contracts and meet you there.
Thug 1: (to Zohar) You wait here. (to the player) You come with me. (انتظر هنا تعال معي)

The character enters an area with a security cage.

Thug 2: ضع أسلحتك هنا لن تضطر إلى الانتظار طويلا.(Put your weapons here. (points to the cage) You won't have to wait long.)

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Zohar: I'm being escoted to al-Hassan suite even now. Remember, our meeting will be monitored. You must rearm and take out the guards there. Before I complete my business with al-Hassan. I'm almost there. Just before I open the case, I will see... your eminence. The security guards must be eliminated before then.

Teresa: You have to find a way into the cage to get your weapons back. Hurry, you don't have much time.

Teresa: Try going over the rail from above.

Teresa: Hurry! You have to eliminate those security guards before Zohar eliminates al-Hassan or they'll put the palace on alert.

Zohar: Good work. I've made the hit. I'm going to thoroughly make my way to the balcony now. Meet me there. Our ride will be here shortly.

Teresa: Excellent work!

Zohar: I'm sure my government will reward you. For destroying these dangrous weapons of mass destruction.

Zohar: I need covering fire! Or we will never get out of here!

Zohar: I'm run for it, provide covering fire for me!

Zohar: The pass is blocked. I will have to go around the long way.

Zohar: I can't move! Pinned down!

Zohar: I'm moving again! Shoot, SHOOT!

Zohar: I'm near the garage. Keep them occupied.

Zohar: There is a guard blocking my path!

Zohar: Get in toward headquarters. I must find those contracts.

Zohar: There is a snipers taking pot-shots at me. Please, take them out!

Zohar: Coming along the north wall. Keep them busy please!

Zohar: At the north guard tower.

Zohar: Passing through the water garden.

Zohar: Searching the main palace.

Zohar: I have found the safe for the contracts should have been! But they is not there! Very... puzzling.

Zohar: The contracts are not here. I talk them my mission here is a failure. Heading in to the security tower. I will meet you on the balcony.

Zohar: I'm almost there. Make them keep their heads down.

Zohar: That was close! I couldn't have been a supporting fire from broiled men!

Zohar: Very good work. I could not have made it here unscathed without your help.

Zohar: I have reached the building. They will be upon us now. Watch you back.

Zohar: They are coming up the ladder. Take them out!

Zohar: Be careful of the Dhar Judeem. Take them off quickly! Do not let them reach the balcony. They do not fear pain. They do not fear death.

Zohar: Around the corner. Get him!

Zohar: They around a roof above you!

Zohar: If you allow the Dhar Judeem onto the balcony, you may not be able to stop them.

Zohar: Dhar Judeem are on the balcony. I warned you not to allow them to reach you!

Zohar: Most impressive. Not a single Dhar Judeem made it onto the balcony. A legendary fit to be your.

Zohar: Our ride is here! Let us leave this palace of death.

Zohar: Stay there! And hold that position! The chopper will pick us up there!

Stone: Crush is here. Don't keep us waitin'.

Stone: Jump!

Stone: Come on let's go. Move!

Zohar: Roof access is blocked off. We must jump frome here.

Stone: Jump already. Can't wait here all day.

Zohar: You have the grace of a gazelle. Excellent!

Zohar: Mission complete.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Looking for contracts

Zohar: The weapons contracts are not in al-Hassan's private suite. I might be look for them on my way back to you. Provide covering fire as you please.

Scud Missles

Zohar: Those are the same type of missles that al-Hassan has been selling to terrorists on the black market. Destroy the firing mechanisms. How knows how many innocent lives they would have taken.

Mission: Wrong actions

Timer expires or fail stealth

Zohar: I told you to eliminate them they hit! Now we will have the entire palace security to deal with! Move! Move! Get to the balcony, I'm on my way. But chopper will be pick us up there.

Zohar: Get through the balcony quickly!

Zohar is hit

Zohar: I was a taking a hit. Where is my covering fire?!

Zohar is killed

Zohar: Cobra, collateral damage is no allowed on you Angency regulations.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Ayeeee!
  • Ahhhyeaaaea!
  • Now you will meet your maker!
  • Feel the tip of my blade.
  • Die coward!
  • Death to the invaders!
  • Pay the price of your aggression!
  • Oh my God, what is happening? Sound the alert. Guards, guards.
  • What are you doing there? Wait over there.
  • They have killed al-Hassan. Stop Them.
  • Infidels! Murderers. Kill them.
  • Over here, quickly. One of them is over here
  • Shoot them. Don't let them get away.
  • Shoot! Shoot!
  • Over there! Quickly.
  • They are heading for the balcony. Stop them.
  • The security room. Hurry.
  • Our master is dead. Destroy them all.
  • They have a chopper, stop them.
  • They are trying to escape.
  • Don't let them escape.
  • You there, what are you doing?
  • No loitering allowed here, get moving
  • Stop or I'll shoot
  • Pardon me
  • Let me pass please
  • Move along
  • What are you doing here
  • Excuse me sir
  • Move out of my way please
  • Everything seems ok
  • Something is not right here
  • Have you seen anything unusual?

Mission: Online or Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Gabe has a surprise

Teresa: Do as Zohar says. Don't worry. Gabe has a little surprise ready for him.

Chopper surprise.

Zohar: Mission complete. Mossad gounded, we are ready for pickup.
Crush: That an negative.
Zohar: Where is my pilot?
Stone: Sorry 'bout that... We gave him some time off.
Zohar: Stone...
Stone: You got it bud. ETA five minutes.
Zohar: Logan never see this to amaze me. As you wish. We will be ready.

Zohar: They are coming perilously grow to killing me here!

Zohar: Look over there. You see? One of the guards just as sold them a market rocket. There a also three others. They must all be taken out, before we can call for the chopper.

Zohar: You must take out those SSR's. Or we cannot call for a chopper!

Zohar: There is a guard with a rocket. Kill him!

Zohar: Excellent! Now get the others!

Zohar: Good. Now kill the last one.

Zohar: That was the last one. Excellent work!

Zohar: Jump, jump! Quickly!

Zohar: Alright I will do this myself.

Zohar: Nevermind... I will kill the dogs myself.

Zohar: These thugs have very good aim! Where are you?

Zohar: Curse the day I was born! Where are you. Where is my covering fire!

Zohar: He is here as I told you. You can empty an entire clip into their chest. Get always they come.

Zohar: In their eyes, when's easily hit those for us. They kill us without so all remorse.

Zohar: Let me see your death face!

Zohar: I will see you in hell!

Zohar: I'm heading to the security room now.

Zohar: Passing the west tower. Cover me.

Zohar: Nothing... Jesus.

Zohar: I'm passing the front gates, heading towards the main palace.

Zohar: Again, nothing. The east pass is blocked! Heading to the south doors, cover me! Help me moving quickly around the palace to the west.

Zohar: Heading towars the east tower.

Stone: Covering fire!

Al-Hassan: (Yemen speech)
Zohar: In English please. My Arabic is not so good.
Al-Hassan: Of course. You have the goods?
Zohar: As agreed. But I am instructed to deliver to you... alone.
Al-Hassan: You men, wait outside.
Zohar: It really is quite remarkable this new weapon.
Al-Hassan: The Yemeni Liberation Authority will make good use of it. I assure you.
Zohar: Here it is, your eminence.

Zohar: Curses. They must have found al-Hassan's body. I'm running for it! Get me covering fire!

Fight As True Warriors

Sana'a, Yemen: Taherir Palace

The helicopter ascends as Zohar's voice is heard.

Zohar (VO): You fight as true warriors! Perhaps you could work for me! The Mossad could use agents such as yourself.
Stone (VO): We'll take a range check on that, Zohar. We've got business to discuss.
Zohar (VO): As you wish...

Sana'a, Yemen: Zohar's Safehouse

Zohar: Here is your container. I was not planning to keep it.
Stone: And here's al-Hassan's weapons contracts.
Zohar: You have photographed them for your own records, I'm sure. You must congratulate Logan for me, very clever man to send you to the palace to steal from al-Hassan while we were busy in town.
Stone: You can't blame the man after what happened last time.
Zohar: Of course, I was not to blame, eh? But no matter. Let us drink to our success! Until the next time...
Stone: I look forward to it.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Imani: I couldn't get close enough to plant a bug, but they exchanged something, you can see the envelope, there.
Lian: That's
definitely Mara.
Imani: I tried to follow her after the meeting, but she lost me in the marketplace. We've since tracked her to Bangkok, then Moscow. Trail's cold since then.
Gabe: ID on the man?
Teresa: Yong-jun Kim, in Tokyo somewhere.
Definitely DPRK. The Japanese Secret Service thinks he has ties to the Yakuza.

Screen goes dead, lights come on.

Gabe: Lian, you go to Tokyo. Take Imani with you. I want to handle Mara myself. Stone. You're with me. Lawrence. You up to another assignment yet?
Lawrence: Of course.
Elsa: Gabe, I
don't think that is wise...
No choice. We're running out of time. Who do we have they can work with MI6 in Minsk?
Lian: I've got someone.
Gabe: Alright! Let's move. Elsa,
what have you got?
Stone: ...You watch your back for the DPRK! Those guys used to kidnap Japanese citizens just so their spies could learn the culture better!
Imani: What're you, my father now? As I recall, it was
you who managed to get yourself captured in Belarus. How 'bout you watch your own back?
Stone: Yeah, yeah... rub it in.
Lian: I'm sending you to Minsk. Teresa will give you a complete briefing later. Here's your itinerary. You'll be meeting up with an MI6 operative named Maggie Powers. I
think you'll like her...

Minsk, Belarus: International University

It's About Bloody Time

Minsk, Belarus: Jandran's Office

Nikolai Jandran is packing his possessions.

Jandran: Никулеску приказал свернуть с этой дизлокации. Мы покидаем Беларусь. (Niculescu has ordered this entire location shut down. We're moving out of Belarus.)
Thug: Понятно. (I understand.)
Jandran: Известите службы безопасности. Головорезы Иванкова могут обьявиться в поисках сыворотки. (And beef up security. Ivankov's thugs might show up looking for the serum.)
Thug: Вы не идите обратно? (You're not coming back?)
Jandran: Нет. Я направляюсь к буровой установке, затем в Париж присматривать за новыми лабораториями. Я хочу чтобы это оборудования уже ожидало меня когда я доберусь туда. (No. I'm heading out to the rig, then to Paris to oversee the new labs. I want this equipment waiting for me when I get there.)

He exits to his car. Intercut with the point of view of somebody using a binoculars to scout the streets. Cut back to show Jandran driving away. Finally we transit back to the person holding the bino.

Maggie (VO): It's about bloody time! Brilliant! Jandran's just left! He should be passing your position any moment.
Crush (VO): Copy that, we're clear.

Screen switches back to Maggie's view of the bino.

Maggie (VO): Alright, we send the team in. Don't know how long he'll be gone, let's move quickly! I'm going to stay in this observation area as long as I can and watch for his return.
Crush (VO): Right. Crush out. Good luck. I'll be just around the corner.

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Maggie: Remember, you must remain incognito as long as possible. If you blow up cover, Jandran's technicians inside the university will be alerted. And we haven't time to destroy evidence. Keep your head down, weapons hidden and act naturally.

Maggie: According to miss Lipan you have some devices that must be planted. Please proceed.

Maggie: The satellite tracking beacons are located in my safehouse. You need to retrieve them.

Maggie: You must move about the streets without been seen by the snipers Jandran is placed on various buildings.

Go to warehouse without planting sniffers

Maggie: Don't approach the warehouse until all the sniffer devices are planted.

Maggie: Good work. Now plant the rest.

Maggie: That's two completed.

Guard: Какой это был номер? 1-3-6-8... эм нет. 2-4-8-3... чёрт! 1-0-6-3, в конце концов я должен вводить этот номер! (What was that number? 1-3-6-9? No. 2-4-9-3? Damn! 1-0-7-3? Finally, I should remember that number.)

Maggie: Right then. Now, let's see if you can get to that computer.

Maggie: That the dig it! With those files we'll just have a look to see in what Jandran is up to.

Maggie: You moving about with the visible weapon. If I can see it so can the snipers and patrols.

Maggie: Good job. One more to go.

Maggie: Right. Good work. You've got the beacons. Let's get to work shall we?

Maggie: When you gain access to the labs we'll need to take video. Labs specimens, samples and anything else you can find.

Maggie: Please, retrieve the beacons, we don't have much time. Jandran can return at any moment.

Maggie: I need you to plant the beacons on the shipping containers located in the warehouse docking area.

Maggie: Excellent! That was the last of them. Now, to the business at hand.

Maggie: Those gates are locked tight. You have to find a way to disable the lock.

Maggie: Try to find a decent vantage point and shoot it with this sniper rifle.

Maggie: That window provides an excellent vantage point. You can view the entire docking yard and half the streets.

Maggie: Excellent shooting. That should do it.

Maggie: That's one of the refrigerated trucks I mentioned. See if you can get at it.

Maggie: One of the workers will have the key to it.

Maggie: We need to get a peek inside that truck.

Maggie: That the dig it. Interesting... So it appears that Jandran is involved with these cattle shipments somehow. Miss Lipan will be very interested in this report I'm sure.

Maggie: Hmm, a disguise might be a good idea. If you wear those clothes, it will be much easier to get through the warehouse undetected.

Maggie: You must hurry! These beacons should have been planted by now.

Maggie: We running out of time.

Maggie: Excellent! One more then.

Maggie: That it then. Hopefully will turns something up.

Maggie: An entrance to the basement storage room should be very close to where you're standing.

Repairman 1: Что ты делаешь?! Утечка там! Выше! (What are you doing? The leak is up higher)
Repairman 2: Прекрати кричать на меня. Я знаю что я делаю. (I know what I'm doing. Why don't you go and secure something?)

Guard 1: Похоже уже поздно. Интересно сколько сейчас времени. (Seems like it's getting late. I wonder what time it is.)
Guard 2: 4 часа, Геннадий упадёт через 20 минут, тогда мы сможем покурить. (4am, Gennedy will be down in 20 minutes, we can go smoke then.)
Guard 1: Похоже этот парень работает напрасно. (Those guys seem to be working awfully late.)

Maggie: The first part of the mission is complete. Good work guys.

Maggie: Time grow short.

Maggie: You need to make your way to Jandran's labs. We don't know how much time we have left.

Maggie: That the labs. Recording data from you MDRD.

Maggie: I'm at the rendezvous point with mr. Crusher. Hurry if you please.

If do not complete most of objectives

Maggie: Well that was a good bit of work hey? We've answered some questions but I left a lot more. Someone either wanted Jandran and his work destroyed or wanted to remove evidence. Perhaps both. In any case we were fortunate in on time, sure thing?

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Maggie: Deploy particle sniffers in key locations

Maggie: Doctor Weissenger wanted you to plant the particle sniffers in key locations around the university neighborhood. This is our early warning detection system. If something goes wrong and contaminants escape, we need to know about it quickly.

Maggie: Jandran's guards are the suits patrolling the street

Maggie: Jandran seems to have hired a personal army of bodyguards to watch his labs and shipping operations. They the suits patrolling the streets. Miss Lipan has issued DPE orders for any of them but use caution. They do not want our presense known until the last possible moment.

Maggie: Download shipping records from office computer

Maggie: Two nights ago I hacked into a computer at the warehouse office. I found a personnel file but couldn't view it. I believe it has all of the records for the containers to being shipped in and out of here. If we can just gain access to that computer, we can download those files. Might per useful.

Maggie: I've placed silenced rifles around the area

Maggie: I realize that you would not be able to remain undercover if you are walking about with a large rifle strapped to your back so I've placed a few silents rifles throughout the neighborhood. Use them is needed to quietly take down the opposition. Best to leave them where you found them when you're finished.

Maggie: Jandran's guards are armed with CAWS

Maggie: Going through the warehouse shipping files I've come across invoices for cause. I can only surmise that some of Jandran's security have closed assault weapon systems. These are deadly and highly accurate fully automatic shotguns made for quickly taking down multiple targets. Take extra precaution.

Maggie: Avoid university security -- non-lethal force only

Maggie: The university's lockdown and the front entrance is under watch by university security. These security forces now work for Jandran and to be considered collateral targets. Non-lethal force must be used.

Maggie: University front gates are locked down

Maggie: As I explained, the university is completely locked down. Waltzing in through the front door like an expected guests will not be an option. University building plans show a network of underground maintenance tunnels connecting the physical plant, Jandran's office area, and the warehouse to the south. Try that instead.

Maggie: Plant beacons on any biological containers

Maggie: Trucks have been moving in and out of here day and night for the last two days. I've told miss Lipan Jandran might be closing up shop. I've checked several of the containers and have not found any biological containers leaving or arriving. We've planting the beacons just to be sure.

Maggie: Sniffers should be deployed by now

Maggie: One might move attitude more alacrity. You should be finished with the sniffer devices by this point.

Maggie: Check out the refrigerated truck

Maggie: There've been a couple of shipping trucks different from the others. They seem to be specially equipped with refrigeration units. Probably just food shipments for the cafeteria but we should check them out to be sure. Certainly there's not been a steady stream of them just enough to make me curious.

Maggie: DPE is authorized for workers and Jandran's guards

Maggie: You've entered Jandran's warehouse area. This part of the university is directly under Jandran's control and is overrun with his personal bodyguards insecurity. Lethal force is authorized but silent only. We don't want to set the whole place on alert.

Maggie: Jandran's office has a private elevator to his labs

Maggie: Jandran's labs will be located near his office in the main university building. There's a private elevator going to a highly secure floor beneath it. That will be the location of the labs.

Maggie: Obtain a sample from the MUCRD

Maggie: The device in the center of Jandran's lab is a multi-user containment research device. It allows four researchers to working currently on the same samples. Dr. Weissenger would ask for a sample of its current contents unfairly set in.

Maggie: I'm picking up strange radio traffic

Maggie: I'm picking up some local radio traffic it's not coming from Jandran's men. They keep scrambling channel so I can't get a clear read. I see nothing from my position but someone might be approaching from the north. Be prepared to scramble out of there quickly.

Maggie: Jandran's labs are in flames -- Time to leave

Maggie: We've got our video and since Jandran's labs are in flames is not much point in mind keeping watch from noise in there. Time to leave team. Mr. Crusher. You ready?
Crush: Standing by.
Maggie: Head to pick up position immediately.
Crush: Roger that. Be there in 2 minutes.

Mission: Wrong actions

Player is killed

Maggie: Cobra is down, repeat, agent Cobra is down.

Maggie: Cobra is down.

Spotted by camera

Maggie: How unfortunate. I can hear the alarm all the way from up here. Now the computer is lockdown. Security will be on route. Find the cover.

Destroy the computer

Maggie: What if been useful to gain access to those computer files. Ahh well...

Mission: Character quotes


  • Мне понадобится помощь с этими ящиками. (I'm going to need help with those crates.)
  • Скажи этим людям что бы они поторопились с этим. Я не хочу провести здесь всю ночь. (Tell those men to hurry it up. I don't want to be here all night.)
  • Джандран сказал, что мы должны всё перетащить до завтра. (Jandran said we have to have everything moved by tomorrow.)
  • Двигай. Пошли, пошли! (Move it! Come on, come on.)
  • Внизу, в цокольном хранилище ещё больше контейнеров. Их мы заберём в последнюю очередь. (There are more containers down in the basement storage. We will get them last.)
  • Проверь температуру на этих грузовиках. Нам не нужно чтобы эта говядина испортилась. (Check the temperature on those trucks. We don't want that beef to spoil.)
  • Эй там. Что ты делаешь? (What are you doing over there?)
  • Это служебная территория. Вам здесь нельзя находиться. (This is a restricted area. You do not belong back here.)
  • Позовите службу безопасности. У нас неизвестный гость. (Call security.  We have an intruder.)
  • Охрана! Охрана! (Security! Security!)
  • Дайте сигнал тревоги. Здесь кто-то есть! (Sound the alarm. There is someone back here.)
  • Они пошли в эту сторону. Остановите их. (They went over that way. Stop them.)
  • Не убивай меня! Я просто рабочий. (Don't kill me, I'm only a worker.)
  • Эй ты! Остановись! (You there, stop.)
  • Стреляйте в них! (Shoot them.)
  • Покажите ваши документы. (Let me see your papers.)
  • В какую сторону они пошли? (Which way did they go?)
  • Наши приказания стрелять без предупреждения. Убейте их! (Our orders are to shoot on sight. Kill them.)
  • Ооо господи, тут холодно. (God it's cold out here.)
  • Ты можешь снова сказать ей это. (You can say that again.)
  • Эй ты! Остановись! (You there. Stop.)
  • Я сказал не двигаться! Покажите ваши документы. (I said don't move. Show me your papers.)
  • Что ты там делаешь? (You there, what are you doing?)
  • Стой или я стреляю! (Stop or I'll shoot.)
  • Выключите системы сигнализации. Предупредите службы безопасности. (Sound the alarm system. Alert security.)
  • Там они. (There they go.)
  • Сюда! Остановите их! (Over here. Stop them.)
  • Помогите! (Help me, I've been hit!)
  • Не стреляйте в меня. Я просто работаю здесь. (Don't shoot me. I only work here.)
  • Hey, I need to smoke, what time is it?
  • Hold them off, I'll hit the alarm.
  • I found a body! Sound the alarm system. Alert security.
  • Secure the Cargo, I'll sound the alarm!

CDP Fire Soldiers

  • Сожги. Сожги всё это. (Burn it, burn it all.)
  • Здесь кто-то есть. Убейте их. (Someone's over here. Kill them.)
  • Они хотят здесь всё сжечь чтобы ничего не осталось. (They want the entire place torched, leave nothing.)
  • Мне здесь нужен огонь. (I need fire over here.)
  • Используй гранаты! (Use grenades!)
  • Офис Джандрана тоже сожгли. (Burn Jandran's office as well.)
  • Огонь подбирается к газопроводу. (Fire's hitting the gas lines.)
  • Хорошо. Здесь всё взлетит в воздух. (Good. The whole place will go up.)
  • Поджигать всё. Нас защитят костюмы. (Torch everything, our suits will insulate us.)

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Maggie: Disabling front office power will disable it's security

Maggie: I installed some equipment on the power and phone lines to the front office to help cover my hack. I discovered that shutting down the power disables the office security. Might be worth giving a try.

Maggie: Entering the physical plant -- avoid collateral targets

Maggie: You are entering the university physical plant. You'll find the security is very tight. If you're spotted by collateral targets, they will try to stop and question you. They've been very skittish these last few days. You try to run they will attempt to stop you. Use non-lethal force only when absolutely necessary.

Maggie: Alternate route

Maggie: The building plans describe an access plate to the old catacomb system that connects to the boiler room area. From there, you'll be able to gain entrance to the security room from the opposite side. Find store room A-2.

Maggie: Beware of Boiler Caps

Maggie: Careful with those boiler caps. One or two misplaced bullet in the iron plate will shoot out one with enough force to cut you in half. I wouldn't want to clean up that mess.

Maggie: Planting a sniffer device at the gate is going to be tricky. Find a way to lure the security guard out of the enclosure. Remember, non-lethal force only.

Maggie: If possible, we need to get access to that shipping computer.

Maggie: That's good. Now plant the rest of them.

Maggie: Small way in. I'll bet one of the workers has a key to unlock the gate.

Maggie: So far so good. We've managed not to rise any alert yet. Keep it up then.

Maggie: It will take all four of you but we need to obtain samples from that device.

Maggie: Excellent team work. Dr. Weissenger will be pleased.

Maggie: It looks as though they destroyed evidence. Prehaps If we had not alerted security so soon we might have got here in time to prevent them.

Maggie: The security guard is heading toward you now. Move.

Maggie: There is a security guard near you. Be careful.

Maggie: Where are you going? My safehouse is up the hill.

Maggie: That unfortunate. He is going to trigger the alarm. Our operation is just became a tad more difficult.

Maggie: You won't get much done hanging about there.

Maggie: You're heading off in odd direction. I need you in the warehouse.

Maggie: Where are you going? Please, let's try to focus on the task at hand shall we?

Maggie: Security seems very tight in there. You might have to find alternate route.

Maggie: You can't get there by taking that route. You have to take one of the underground passages.

Maggie: The tunnels is full of smoke. If you don't find an oxygen mask you won't be able to see or breath.

Maggie: Keep moving. In 2 minutes the university is going to be an inferno.

Maggie: I'm tracking Jandran's men in yor area. Take caution. Use silent force.

Maggie: I've got Jandran's men on track near you position. Be careful.

Maggie: Jandran's men coming straight at you. Take precautions.

Maggie: You've been spotted! Eliminate him!

Maggie: Check his pulse. All right, he's appears to be breathing. You're going to have to move him out of the way. We cannot leave him there for another patrol to find.

Maggie: You have to move that university security guard. If that patrols spots him now place the university area on alert.

Maggie: There is a good spot.

Maggie: You planning on dragging him all about the city? Find a place to drop him.

Maggie: Not there. They'll spot him for certain.

Maggie: I am forced to point out that silent force actually involves not to shooting the place up with a loud weapons! You were lucky that time security wasn't about to hear it. Please, be more careful.

Maggie: We've been lucky. I was able to override the alarm. Try to use more caution.

Maggie: That's done it. I couldn't to override the alarm that time. Now we're in for it. Let's get this thing done and get out!

Maggie: That's where the catacombs should intersect with the basement area.

Maggie: Good lord. I'm downloading a blueprint for the university now. It's a bloody maze down there.

Maggie: You are now entering the main university building complex. Up those stairs you'll find the exit to a courtyard. You can get to Jandran's building through a window that opens on the courtyard.

Maggie: That's the window. Jandran's office is down the hall into the left.

Maggie: You're in Jandran's office. The elevator should be ahead into the left.

Maggie: The power to Jandran's elevator is shut down. If you jammed into security system I bet someone will take the other elevator up to investigate.

Maggie: Jandran's labs are under attack. Get out of there! They going to burn the place to the ground. Move it!

Maggie: They setting fire everywhere. Whatever they wearing is immune to flames, some sort of it's... best as kevlar. No more ordinance won't do much good I'm afraid.

Maggie: The gas lines a ruptured. If you can find a way to shut them down, you open access to the tunnels.

Maggie: They armed with C11s.

Maggie: You're not going to be able to shoot through that arm with normal weapons. Try using a C11. Give them a taste of their own.

Maggie: Those are university repairmen. Not part of Jandran's security.

Repairman 1: К чёрту! Пододвинь ещё! (Hell! Move more!)
Repairman 2: Я пытаюсь. Крепи! (I'm trying. Stick it!)

Repairman 1: Дай мне сварочную горелку. (Get me a welding torch, will ya)
Repairman 2: Подожди! (Hold on, I'll be right back)

Deep Sea Salvage Op?

Fade in to show the player's point of view as he sprints for the waiting vehicle.

Minsk, Belarus: International University

Crush (VO): Move or lose it! Getting hot around here!

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Teresa is issuing instructions to a camera which captures footage from Jandran's labs,

Teresa: There! No, back up! Forward... There! Freeze that frame. Enhance and enlarge!

We can barely make out the name 'S.S. Lorelei' on a crate in Jandran's lab.

Teresa: I'll be damned! Someone's running a deep sea salvage operation.
Lawrence: So it would seem...
Teresa: You up for another mission? So soon?
Lawrence: Indeed. I am anxious to help. Who is available to help me?
 (Teresa turns)

North Atlantic Ocean, SS Lorelei Salvage Site

The arm of a minisub grabs a second crate that looks exactly like the first one from Jandran's lab. The camera follows the vehicle as it traverses through the water until its spotlight illuminates a word: SS Lorelei.

Transit to the interior of the salvage rig as the minisub surfaces.

Man 1 (OS): Это последняя. Последний отсек хранилища теперь пуст. (That's the last of it. Final storage compartment is now emptied.)
Man 2 (OS): Мы читаем твои мысли. Они все для тебя готовы. (We read you. They're all ready for you.)
Man 1 (OS): Скажите Джандрану, что последний груз на борту. (Tell Dr. Jandran that the last load is aboard.)

Samashki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home

Nothing is Black and White

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Lawrence: We tend to paint life with a limited pallet of black and white. (gestures with his hands) Governments are good or evil. Leaders, wrong or right. In my fight against apartheid, I saw much that would make one think in those terms. But missions like ours - to the North Atlantic where we face evil, certainly in a man like Jandran - prove to me most things aren't so simple. Is it justified to take even a single innocent life... (transit to elsewhere)

Samashcki, Chechnya: Ivankov's Home

Lawrence (VO): prevent a greater evil? During my mission to Chechnya, I had similarly difficult questions to answer.

Mission: Dialogs and Conversations

I was sent to Ivankov's home: Dialog from Radio Log

Soldier 1: Есть сообщение? (Anything to report?)
Soldier 2: Здесь всё спокойно сэр. (All quiet here sir.)

Many types of non-lethal force: Dialog from Radio Log

Evidence of Russian patrols: Dialog from Radio Log

Soldier 1: Я хочу, чтобы могила была засыпана до полуночи. Поторопитесь с этим. (I want that grave filled by midnight. Hurry it up.)
Soldier 2: Будет сделано сэр. (On it sir.)

Lawrence: More disconcerting was my discovery of a recent mass grave. The village may have been destroyed accidentally. But the people who live there surely most of them would have survived. I would also have to photograph these grave sites. I hoped there would be no more of them.

Lawrence: Schools were meant to be places of learning. Where the young and curious could expand their knowledge. What lessons had been taught in this place. How many curious minds had been silenced.

There was Gregorav's Chopper: Dialog from Radio Log

Gregorav: Ты же видишь что сопротивляться безполезно. Не усложняй своё положение. (You see it is pointless to resist. Do not make it any harder on yourself.)
CDP prisoner: Я не знаю! (I don't know.)
Gregorav: Скажи мне где находится база Иванкова и я оставлю тебя в живых! (Tell me the location of Ivankov's base and I will let you live.)
CDP prisoner: Я не могу вам сказать того чего я не знаю. (I can't tell you what I don't know.)
Gregorav: Где база Иванкова? Где находятся остальные сторонники чеченской демократии? (Where is Ivankov's base? Where are the rest of the Chechnyan Democratic Partisans?)
CDP prisoner: Да я сражался. Да я чеченский партизан но я не был офицером, м-мне не говорят таких вещей. (Yes, I fought for the cause. Yes, I am CDP, but I was not an officer. They don't tell me these things.)
Gregorav: Ты же отдаёшь себе отчёт, в том, что это не последняя чеченская деревня. Скажи то, о чём тебя спрашивают или мы убьём тебя и займёмся следующим. (This is not the last village in Chechnya, you realize this. Tell me what I want to know, or we will kill you and move on to the next one.)
CDP prisoner: Вы убили мою семью. Уничтожили мой дом. Я бы не сказал вам даже если б я знал! (You murdered my family, destroyed my home. I would not tell you even if I knew.)
Gregorav: Я делаю это без всякого удовольствия. Вы угрожаете Москве и мы уничтожим вашу страну. Вы взорвёте здание мы взорвём деревню. Понятно? (I do not enjoy having to do this. You threaten Moscow, we destroy your country. You blow up a building, we blow up a village. You understand?)
CDP prisoner: Почему бы вам в таком случае не убить меня? И не покончить с этим. (Why don't you kill me then and be done with it.)
Gregorav: Скажи мне то, о чём я тебя спрашиваю! (Tell me what I want to know.)
CDP prisoner: Посмотрите вокруг. Ничего не осталось! Всё кончено. (Look around you. There is nothing left. It is finished.)
Gregorav: Говори! (Talk.)

(Turns to a soldier.)

Gregorav: Ты же видишь, что сопротивляться безполезно. Вертолёт готов? (You see it is pointless to resist. Is the chopper prepared?)
Soldier: Да сэр. (Yes sir.)
Gregorav: У меня кончились силы. Он не заговорит. Остальные тоже, после того как я уйду прикончи его и других. Ты, останешься и лично проследишь, чтобы всё было приведено в порядок. Чтобы не осталось никаких следов. Я отправляюсь в Москву. (I am finished. He won't talk, nor will the others. After I leave, finish him and the others. You stay and personally supervise the cleanup here. I am heading back to Moscow.)
Soldier: Да сэр. (Yes sir.)
Gregorav: Мы отбываем. (We are leaving.)

Gregorav was directly involved: Dialog from Radio Log

I would not stand by: Dialog from Radio Log

Lawrence: I would photograph Uri in the act. He would not be able to deny his involvement.

Lawrence: Now was my chance.

Lawrence: One good photograph would be sufficient.

Present evidence to Logan: Dialog from Radio Log

I would have to time it carefully: Dialog from Radio Log

They too, were after Ivankov: Dialog from Radio Log

Lawrence: At this point, standing beside the second mass grave I knew that indeed I was witnessing some kind of ethnic attack. I was helpless to do more than record the evidence.

The Russian's were holding prisoners: Dialog from Radio Log

Soldier 1: Совершение проверьте все здания. Не остались ли там трупы. Нельзя их оставлять на виду. (Finish checking the buildings for bodies. We can't leave any lying around.)
Soldier 2: Я позабочусь об этом сэр. (I'll see to it sir.)

Lawrence: The church had been utterly destroyed. Only a portion of a steeple allowed me to guess at the structures purpose.

Soldier: Где патруль, почему они не отметелись? Найди их. (Where is the patrol? Why have they not checked in? Find them.)

Lawrence: I confirm the sites of freshly dug earth were in fact mass graves. I discovered one which had not yet been filled in. This meant that perhaps the operation was still in progress.

Lawrence: The hospital as well. My anger began to grow as I thought of the human callousness necessary to destroy a place of healing.

Escaping with their lives: Dialog from Radio Log

Prisoner: Они уничтожили всё нашу деревню. (They have destroyed our entire village.)

Prisoner: Спасибо за то, что вы освободили нас. Я не знаю куда идти, или куда бежать. (Thank you for freeing us. I do not know where to go or where to run.)

Prisoner: Поторопитесь! Нам нужно спасаться. Если они нас обнаружат, они нас убьют! (Hurry we must flee. If they discover us, they will kill us.)

Prisoner: Мы здесь просто крестьяне, бедные фермеры. Зачем им это делать с нами? (We are just peasants, poor farmers. Why do they do this to us?)

Prisoner: Thank you my friend. I don't know who you are, but I thank you.
Lawrence: Move quickly and silently. They must not know I'm here.
Prisoner: Thank you again. Спасибо. (Thanks.)

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

I was sent to Ivankov's home

Lawrence: The mission seems straightforward enough. We had not been able to contact Uri Gregorav, the SVR head. For some days and the crisis in Moscow was growing. We uncovered allegations the Russian military was practicing ethnic cleansing in Chechnya. I was sent to Ivankov's home village of Samashki. To investigate.

Many types of non-lethal force

Lawrence: There were many types of non-lethal force at my disposal. My air gun of course, the taser, and grenades which carried a powerful anesthetic gas. A target would wake up with a terrible headache, but there would be alive.

Evidence of Russian patrols

Lawrence: There seemed to be several patrols of Russian soldiers in the area. So that match was true. The Russians were involved. But my goal was to gather evidence, not fight a war. If I had to, I would use non-lethal force to prevent my capture or discovery. I would not kill them. No matter what they had done.

I found a scrap of paper

Lawrence: I search the rubble of Ivankov old home. I found nothing of interest save for a scrap of paper with several numbers written on it. It probably meant nothing. But I kept it nonetheless.

There was Gregorav's Chopper

Lawrence: There was an SVR chopper in the middle of the road. Ready for departure. Logan's hunch proved correct. Uri Gregorav, was here in Chechnya.

Gregorav was directly involved

Lawrence: The man doing the interrogation was none other than Uri Gregorav. The Agency had made many dealings with Gregorav over the years. Logan would be most disappointed to learn that Gregorav was directly involved in something like this.

I would not stand by

Lawrence: This then, was a difficult choice. The Russians, pressured by the threat of a biological attack that would kill millions of muscovites. Responded with desperate measures. The chechnyans, pressured by years of oppression and murder, also responded with desperation. I built in no position to judge them. But I would not stand by and let them kill this man.

Present evidence to Logan

Lawrence: I did not look forward to presenting this evidence to Logan.

I would have to time it carefully

Lawrence: I would have to time the rescue carefully. As soon as Gregorav left, I would only have a minute before others would come. I could not use gas because it would knock out the hostage as well. And there would be no time to carry him to safety.

They too, were after Ivankov

Lawrence: I was beginning to understand. The SVR was here to find Ivankov. They desperation was apparent. They would destroy Ivankov's home. Torture his followers and murder them one by one until they told them what they had come to discover. The secret location of Ivankov's military stronghold.

I would not stop Gregorav

Lawrence: I would not stop Gregorav from leaving. Though I wished I could. He could not learn of my presence, or it would harm our ability to deal with him later.

The Russian's were holding prisoners

Lawrence: I despaired of finding any chechnyans alive. I stumbled across a makeshift holding cell. It was apparent that the Russians were holding prisoners here. Awaiting execution. I would do my best to free them.

Escaping with their lives

Lawrence: When I opened the door, they shook in terror at the sight of yet another gunman. It took very little coaxing to get them to run for their lives. I could not blame them for their fear.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Иди сюда! (Get over here.)
  • Эй ты остановись! (You there! Stop.)
  • Я там видел кого-то. (I saw someone over there.)
  • Помогите! (Help!)
  • Кто-то приближается. (Someone's coming!)
  • Давай! (Come on!)
  • Кто-то прячется в тени. (Someone's hiding in the shadows.)
  • Убей его! (Kill him!)
  • Стреляй! Стреляй! (Shoot! Shoot!)
  • Уберите эти тела, сейчас. (Get these bodies moved! Now.)
  • Проверьте пленников. Убедитесь что они на месте. (Check on the prisoners. Make sure they are there.)
  • Командир Грегоров готовится к отбытию. Проверьте готов ли вертолёта а. (Commander Gregorav is preparing to
  • leave, make sure the chopper is ready.)
  • Да сэр. (Yes sir.)
  • Тот же час сэр. (Right away sir.)
  • Конечно сэр. (Of course sir.)
  • Пленники сбежали, найти их! (The prisoners have escaped. Find them.)
  • Заложник сбежал, найти его! (The hostage has escaped. Find him!)
  • Осмотрите всё, он не мог далеко уйти. (Look everywhere, he can't have gone far!)
  • Ищите везде! (Search everywhere!)

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Lawrence: I had to hide the bodies of the unconscious soldiers to prevent their being seen by their comrades. To uncover the whole truth, I had to prevent them from knowing I was there.

Lawrence: Throughout the region, I witnessed scenes of terrible destruction. Entire villages bombarded by heavy artillery lay in ruins. My goal was to see if Ivankov claims held any validity. Were the Russians targeting non-military targets.

Lawrence: Samashki it appeared had been leveled. I would take photographic evidence of any non-military targets which admittedly... was everything. But especially I was looking for targets such as schools, churches, hospitals. Proof that they had targeted innocent citizens.

Lawrence: I had to overcome my aversion to the site of destruction and death. And photograph the evidence.

Lawrence: My mission would be in vain if I did not have photographic evidence.

Lawrence: I decided I had photographed enough collateral damage. The photographs would be used in evidence and then filed away. But the images would stay with me forever.

Lawrence: A photographic evidence provided by the graves, would be even more compelling than that of the destroyed structures.

Lawrence: I took the last photographs I would need. So much senseless death. So many innocent lives.

Lawrence: Even in South Africa during apartheid, I had never seen such wanton death and destructure. I was hardened to it. But it was becoming difficult to maintain my composure. Anger... welled up inside me.

Lawrence: I would have to find a way to deal with the guards. Openly confronting them might cause them to open fire on the prisoners.

Lawrence: They were scared and disoriented. I would have to lead them through the patrols to safety.

Lawrence: If we were seen, they would be killed instantly. And my mission would be over.

Lawrence: Once at the outskirts, I motioned for them to get away quickly.

Lawrence: I had accomplished my mission and obtained all the evidence required. Frankly I had seen enough. It was time to leave. Again I had to be very careful not to be seen. The Russians could not be allowed to learn there had been a witness.

Lawrence: Move quickly and get as far away from the village as you can.

Lawrence: Go, now.

Lawrence: Wait here.

Lawrence: Move quietly.

Lawrence: No, not that way.

Lawrence: Follow me.

Lawrence: Come, quickly!

Lawrence: This way!

Lawrence: Good luck to you.

Gregorav: Там кто-то есть. Схвати его! (Someone is over there! Get him.)

Gregorav: Кто там. Охрана! (Who is there? Guards!)

Gregorav: Пошивеливайся! (Move it.)

Soldier 1: Докладывай. (Report!)
Soldier 2: Мне нечего доложить сэр. (Nothing to report sir.)

Soldier: Разжигай сильнее. Я хочу здесь всё сжечь до самой земли. (Set more fires. I want the place burned to the ground.)

Always Protect Life

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Lawrence: So you see the problem that I faced. Not act, and the CDP hostage would have been killed. Act, free him, and he rejoins the organisation we are working to stop. The larger question... presents its own difficulties. On the one hand the Russians are justified in protecting themselves from terrorism. Yet the Chechnyans too are justified in their search for justice and freedom. Who is right? Who is wrong? As an observer, I gathered evidence for others to decide. And erred on the side of protecting life. What would you have done differently?

North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig

How Sane Is That?

Kiev, Ukraine: Ivankov's Townhouse

Mara speaks to Mihai.

Aramov: He won't be reasoned with. He is blackmailing the Politbureau, Mihai. How sane is that?
Niculescu (VO): How long?
Aramov: I don't know.

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

Aramov (VO): And he won't take me to his base.
Niculescu: We can't wait! I want
everything shut down! Everything! You deal with Murakawa, I'll handle the others.
Aramov (VO): Agreed.

Switch back to Mara

Niculescu (VO): And find Ivankov's damned base!

North Atlantic: SS Lorelei Salvage Operation

Intercut with the rig exterior and the copter interior.

Crush (VO): ETA, 1 minute.
Lawrence: We are on final approach. I will go to the deck control tower and patch in from there. Crush will hold position on the flight deck.
Crush (VO): Beginning landing procedure, might get rough.

Transit to show Mujari on the deck.

Lawrence: Give me 2 minutes to get to the tower!

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Lawrence: I have control of the tower. Throuth my friend on the floor he did not give it willingly. I would monitor your progress as long as I can.

Lawrence: On the upper deck, you will find the uniforms worn by the rig workers. Change into that.

Guard: Как идут дела? (How's it going?)

Lawrence: Take care. I see several workers on the monitor, milling about. It is going to be very difficult to get through here undetected.

Lawrence: To gain access to the highly restricted level 13 you must first acquire the access codes from the computer system on level 5.

Worker 1: Ты видел Джандрана? (Have you seen Jandran?)
Worker 2: Пару часов назад. Он был в нижнем доке. Наблюдал за нагрузкой. (A couple of hours ago. He was in the sub dock supervising the unloading)
Worker 1: Спасибо. (Thanks)

Lawrence: You are on level 6. If you are going to the security room on level 5, you would need to find the personnel elevator or access ladder. These are located in the mess area and the science sleeping quarters, fore and aft.

Lawrence: You need those access codes or you wouldn't be able to gain entrance to level 13.

Lawrence: One more code and you are finished.

Lawrence: Dressing like the workers will simplify your task immensely.

Lawrence: Excellent. Now you have to combine access codes to enter level 13.

Worker 1: Сколько времени? (What time is it?)
Worker 2: Понятия не имею. Всё что я знаю, что моя смена ещё не закончилась, ай! (No idea. All I know is my shift isn't over yet, eh?)
Worker 1: Кажется, что время здесь остановилось. (Time does seem to stand still down here.)

Worker 1: Как дела? (How's it going?)
Worker 2: Длинный день. Тебе кажется что стало холоднее? (Slow day. Seem colder to you?)
Worker 1: Здесь всегда холодно. Джандран слишком скупой, чтобы платить за отопление. (It's always cold down here. Jandran is too cheap to pay for heat)

Lawrence: Excellent! Now, proceed with the mission.

Lawrence: You must now make your way to level 13.

Lawrence: You are now on level 13. This is the floor where the mini submarines are docked. The rigs schematics shows two docking base. But there is currently only one sub it functions. It seems that the other one is up for repairs.

Lawrence: You must use the access codes to enter level 13.

Lawrence: Excellent! Dr. Weissenger will be pleased to have another piece of the puzzle.

Lawrence: The chopper crash is destroyed the upper stairwells. And the watertight doors are sealed. I will need assistance from your side to get down.

Lawrence: The upper decks are beginning to flood. You need to find the emergency pump system and activate it.

Lawrence: You must activate the emergency pump system.

Lawrence: Very good. That should buy us some time.

Lawrence: Excellent! Anyone trapped on board will now have a chance to reach the lifeboats.

Lawrence: I need assistance with this door please.

Lawrence: Thank you. Now we must get to the mini sub docking bay.

Lawrence: Time is grow very short.

Lawrence: It will take all of my concentration to hack into the door security mechanism. You will need to prevent security forces from distracting me.

Lawrence: I have hacked into the security code. Time to go in.

Lawrence: When I open the door, be ready to charge in. One of us must reach the launch override switch on the control panel.

Lawrence: Our primary goal is to find Dr. Jandran. You have the special hypodermic that doctor Weissenger has prepared.

Lawrence: Get to that switch.

Lawrence: Good work. The launch procedure has been overridden.

Lawrence: We must find Dr. Jandran.

Jandran: What are you doing? No. No I can't!
Lawrence: Something is wrong! Dr. Jandran is having an adverse reaction to the vaccine!

Lawrence: To the in further you will have to find and use the access ladders in the airshafts.

Lawrence: You must now make you way to the lowest level.

Lawrence: Excellent. Now you may assemble and plant the nuclear device.

Lawrence: Very good. Now step away from it. I'm setting the temper detonator now. If someone tries to move it, it will go off by itself. Hopefully after we are far away.

Lawrence: Please, rendezvous with me on the level 13 at the mini-sub docking bay.

Lawrence: You must make you way to the mini-sub docking bay now, please.

Lawrence: Mission complete. Excellent work.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Mujari: The frieght elevator

Lawrence: The freight elevator stops it only 3 levels. Top side, 6 and 12. Level 6 is the loading area for the crew supplies. There are alternate elevators in shafts they connect the remaining decks including the personnel elevator in this control tower. Level 12 is the loading area for the salvage operation. The mini-subs are docked on level 13.

Mujari: Uniforms

Lawrence: Most of the crew's equipment has already being off loaded. But there are still boxes of uniforms on deck 2. You can find them, you would be able to move about undetected.

Mujari: Possible DPE orders

Lawrence: Workers are to be considered collateral targets. Jandran security as in Minsk, can be handled with lethal force. But is it my wish that you find other means. However, I recognize that they are armed combatans and I would not oppose deal DPE order if you can find no other way.

Mujari: Alarm switches

Lawrence: You see the alarm switches on the walls. There are swhiches like those throughout the facility. If you are spotted, the workers will try to get to one of them. If they succeed, the alarm will sound and the entire facility will go on alert status. Which means all of the watertight doors will close, the elevators will shut down and security will be called. Needless to say, this would be very bad.

Mujari/Teresa: Dr. Jandran is on site

Lawrence: Teresa, our suspicions have proven correct. I have pulled up doctor Jandran's files, he is on board this rig even as we speak.
Teresa: Copy that. Will he be taken alive?
Lawrence: That is my hope, but we shall see. Mujari out.

Mujari: Deck 3 warning

Lawrence: The passages on deck 3 a primarily viewing tunnels. Do not use explosive or a high impact rounds in these tunnels or you will risk implosion.

Mujari: Dr. Jandran a possible Omega Strain carrier

Lawrence: Dr. Weissenger has prepared a special hypodermic which must be administered to doctor Jandran before we can move him. Our suspicion is that he has made himself into a carrier for The Omega Strain.

Mujari: Maintain stealth

Lawrence: You should see only workers and technicians in the hallways. Try to look as if you belong. If someone spots you, use silent force before they can get to an alarm.

Mujari/Crusher: Incoming Meta Global chopper

Crush: Oh-uh... We got trouble, two birds incoming.
Lawrence: ID tags?
Crush: Looks like Meta Global Security.
Lawrence: Can you deal with them?
Crush: Oh yeah. Lifting off.

Mujari/Crusher: Crusher is killed

Crush: One down. Upper decks destroyed. Can't shake the other.
Lawrence: You must hold them off Mr. Crusher until we are finished here.
Crush: Copy that big daddy. Not sure how long.

Crusher/Mujari: Chopper down

Crush: Going down! Repeat, going down! Not gonna make it!
Lawrence: Crush is dead. We must grave for him later. Our paramount duty is to finish this mission and get home ourselves. The chopper and the upper deck are destroyed. We're going to have to use the mini-sub.

Mujari: Jandran in mini-sub docking bay

Lawrence: I have spotted Dr. Jandran on the security system. I am heading down now.

Mission: Wrong actions

Player is down

Lawrence: Cobra is down, repeat, agent Cobra is down.

Lawrence: Cobra is down.

Kill worker

Lawrence: Cobra, you are voilating The Agency collateral damage policy. I will not tolerate the loss of innocent life.

Lawrence: Not acceptable Cobra.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Как дела? (How's it going?)
  • Трудный день? (Tough day?)
  • Эй, ты куда? (Hey, where are you heading?)
  • Что ты здесь делаешь? Это служебная территория. (What are you doing here? This is a restricted area)
  • Эй, я тебя знаю? (Hey don't I know you?)
  • Эй, я тебя не узнаю. Ты здесь новенький? (Hey, I don't recognize you, you new here?)
  • Кто ты?! Эй, я тебя не знаю! Объявите тревогу! (Who are you? Hey, I don't know you. Alert alert!!)
  • Включите охранную сигнализацию! Дайте сигнал тревоги! (Intruder alert! Sound the alarm!)
  • Я не вооружён, пожалуйста не убивайте меня! (I'm unarmed. Please don't kill me)
  • Не стреляйте! Не стреляйте! (Don't shoot, don't shoot)


  • Что ты делаешь на этой палубе? Это служебная территория. (What are you doing on this deck? This is a
  • restricted area)
  • Что ты здесь делаешь? Шевелись что сделал. (What are you doing up here? Get moving)
  • Что ты здесь делаешь? (What are you doing down here?)
  • Стой. Покажи твоё удостоверение. (Halt, let me see your ID)
  • Стой или я стреляю! (Halt or I'll shoot)
  • Дайте сигнал тревоги. Нарушитель. (Sound the alarm. Intruder)
  • Тревога! Тревога! Охрана! (Alert! Alert! Security!)
  • Палубу заливает! (The decks are flooding!)
  • Мы здесь в западне! (We're trapped in here!)
  • На помощь! Помогите! (Help us, please help!)
  • Мы не можем выбраться. (We can't get out)
  • Что ты там делаешь? Уйдите от меня. (What are you doing there? Get away from me.)
  • Охрана! Охрана! (Guards! Security!)
  • Ты чё с этим делаешь? (What are you doing with that?)
  • Прекратите! Нет. (Stop! No!!)
  • Scream (Arffghddfdf!)
  • What
  • Hmm?

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Mujari: Nuclear device

Lawrence: A nuclear device you carry is the smallest our government manufactures. But it will be sufficient to do the job. When it detonates it will create a blast that will enveloped not just the structure, but the hook up the sunken Lorelei as well. Try not to drop it.

Mujari: Survivors

Lawrence: I do not intend to kill anyone on board this salvage rig. Once we have the device set I will give them warning and enough time to reach the lifeboats on level 1. We will then give them sufficient time to get away, before we detonate.

Mujari: Science sleeping quarters - Deck 12

Lawrence: You are now in the science sleeping quarters. The scientists are scheduled to change shifts individually at different times. Do not be caught in there.

Mujari: Jandran's adverse reaction to the vaccine

Lawrence: Most unusial. Dr. Jandran has had an adverse reaction to the drug Dr. Weissenger will be most disappointed. She needed desperately to speak with Jandran about his work.

Lawrence: You must make your way into the very bottom of the structure. On level 15. And plant the nuclear device there.

Lawrence: You must set the explosive on level 15.

Lawrence: Each of you carryies one part of the device. All parts must be assembled for it to function.

Lawrence: Good. You need three more.

Lawrence: You need two additional access codes.

Lawrence: You will not be able to enter the restricted level without the access codes.

Lawrence: Now to get past the door security system.

Lawrence: Please, keep the security forces from shooting at me.

Lawrence: Just a few more seconds...

Lawrence: I've got it.

Lawrence: The crash has triggered the catastrophic emergency system. Anyone on level 5 has been sealed the inside. Two of you must get to that level and free them. I will not allow any man to be drowned like a rat.

Lawrence: You must open two sets of doors that have sealed the workers inside. They are located on deck 5.

Lawrence: The override swhich requires two keys. Both of which must be turned in the same time. You must find the keys first.

Lawrence: Hm... Bad. The lab is not on any of these schematics of the salvage rig. They must be using it to process the samples retrieved from the Lorelei.

Lawrence: It might be important to get the raw samples Jandran was working with. See if you can find any.

Lawrence: Don't leave without those samples. I have an idea they would be important to unraveling the secret behind this new strain of the virus.

Lawrence: Do not get too close to the workers until we are ready. They would be expecting the poor chaps we left back at the salvage company. Not you.

Lawrence: There is a worker just ahead. Do not let any of them stare at your face. Let them pass.

Lawrence: I guess we won't be questioning Jandran.

Lawrence: If you fire your taser into the water, it will Incapacitate anyone got standing in it.

Lawrence: The decks are flooding.

Lawrence: You need to find a way around the watertight doors.

Lawrence: Follow me.

Lawrence: Down that way.

Lawrence: Cover me!

Lawrence: Use your taser!

Lawrence: Use gas grenades!

Lawrence: Over there!

Lawrence: Here.

Lawrence: You are now on deck 2. If you look carefully, you will be able to find a box of uniforms.

Lawrence: Level 14. One more to go.

Lawrence: Very good. Now you are in support shaft beneath the sea floor. Plant the explosive there and set the detonation code. I have the detonator with me.

Worker 1: Что происходит? (What's going on?)
Worker 2: Понятия не имею. Может быть снова ложная тревога? (No idea, maybe another false alarm?)
Worker 1: Может быть. Может быть новая трещина на палубе две. (Could be. Maybe another crack on deck 2)

Worker 1: Нам приказано возвращаться в казармы. (We've been oredered to get back to quarters.)
Worker 2: Охрана ушла? Это точно? (Is security out? Is this for real?)
Worker 1: Думаю да. Пошли. (I think so. Move!)

Worker 1: Я только что разговаривал с Джандраном, он тоже не знает что происходит. (I just spoke with Jandran, he doesn't know what's going on either.)
Worker 2: Правда? Значит это не серьёзно а? (Really? It can't be serious then, eh?)
Worker 1: Я так не думаю, но хотелось бы, чтобы они отключили эту чёртову сигнализацию. (I don't think so, but I wish they would turn off that damn alarm)

Lawrence: The device was disassembled for security reasons. The parts fit together as I demonstrated before.

Lawrence: From the service elevator, every floor in the complex is restricted except floor 6 and 12. To get the worker uniform, you must find the access ladders and climb between levels. Each floor does have an elevator override system which can be manually access to bypass the elevator security.

I Will Not Kill Them

This is automatically unlocked by completing the mission on par.

North Atlantic: SS Lorelei Salvage Operation

A boat carrying unconscious salvage personnel floats away on the ocean.

Lawrence (VO): I would not kill them for making bad career decisions.

A Nuclear Device

North Atlantic: Lorelei Salvage Rig

Lawrence (PA): Attention salvage personnel! A nuclear device on this vessel will detonate in one hour! You have until then to make your escape!

Panels beneath the rig slide open and the minisub descends into the ocean.

Lawrence (VO): There are times when a person's only crime is in who he chooses to work for. I will not kill them for making bad career decisions.

The vessel starts moving away from the rig. A massive explosion rocks the structure, a shockwave flattens it.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Lian (VO): Imani's already following Yong-jun Kim. They flew out of Tokyo this morning. Does Gabe know about Crush yet?
Teresa: Not yet. He and Stone are still in Moscow.
Lian: God, this is gonna push him over the edge. First Alima, now Crush.
Teresa: I know.
Lian (VO): We have to keep moving. Gina, gather the team and get going. Be careful, You're the last pilot we've got. I want them in Tokyo by tonight.
Gina: Yes ma'am. Leaving now. Come on, hotshot! Let's not keep the lady waiting.

The two move towards the door, but the player stops to look at Alima's and Crusher's pictures hanging on the wall. Gina notices this.

Gina: Don't think about it. Just push ahead. It's the only way to survive, you know?

Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower

Shake and Bake Op

Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower

Gina: ETA to Murukawa Tower is 0-0-2 minutes.
Lian: Alright, this is a shake and bake op with 4 goals. First, find Murakawa. Our primary goal is to get in, take him and get out. Second, take out Murakawa's labs. Your loadout has enough C-4 to take out the entire floor. Next, DPE's. I have one for each of Murakawa's officers, and one for the HNT leader, Korin Matsua.
Gina: It's started.

Copter approaches the Murukawa tower landing pad.

Lian: That's our cue.

Intercut with the point of view of somebody armed with a SMAW aimed at the aircraft.

Gina: Hot LZ. Hot LZ! Hang on!

The craft spirals out of control as the missile hits it.

Lian: Teresa, we're going down! Say again, our LZ is hot! We're going down!
Gina: Come on! COME ON! Get up there! (unintelliglbe dialect)

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Gina: One of the stabilizers control has been hit, I'm gonna need a minute to fix it.
Lian: You heard the lady, buy us some time so we can get this bird in the air.

Lian: Give us some cover here, if this chopper takes any more damage we in trouble!

Gina: Got it! Not sure how long its ahold.
Lian: Alright, we heading to LZ2 for more repairs. Stay on task.

Lian: He's one of Murakawa officers. Take him out.

Lian: Good work. Now find the rest.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Akio Tamura.

Lian: Another one down, you got more to go.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Hideki Satou.

Lian: Teresa is been tracking the radio chatter. That's the last officer on the street. The rest are inside.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Ichiyo Kimura.

Lian: There is Matsua. Carry out you DPE order.

Lian: Don't let Matsua get away!

Lian: Good work.

Lian: That explosion must've cause a lot of structural damage. It didn't just destroy the stairwells. Teresa, get a call into the Tokyo government and warn them to send in a structural engineer after all this smoke clears.
Teresa: Copy that.

Lian: That's Ryusaki.

Lian: The upper floor of the tower should now be accessible.

Lian: One of Murakawa officers is on this floor.

Lian: Three more to go.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Makoto Isikawa.

Lian: Exceed into they radio traffic. There's an officer on this floor.

Lian: Two more to go.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Yataro Tanaka.

Lian: Sweep this floor and make sure you eliminate any Murakawa officers that you see.

Lian: One more to go.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Takeshi Mori.

Lian: That the last of them. Good work.

Lian: I've got an ID on him.

Lian: Hitoshi Eto.

Lian: We running out of time. Pick up the pace.

Lian: The first part of the mission is complete.

Lian: That the private elevator to the tower's upper floors. See if you could unlock it from the security station.

Lian: You need to shut down the alarm system.

Lian: What are you guys doing? Time is running out.

Lian: That the central information data center. Find the main terminal and start uploading data.

Lian: We need that data.

Lian: Murakawa involved with North Koreans: Dialog from Radio Log

Lian: Remember, you have to secure the rooftop or we can't come and pick you up.

Lian: Teresa, Murakawa is dead. Look like a suicide.
Teresa: I'm guessing that will make it hard to interrogate him.
Lian: Huh... you're a big help.
Teresa: Sorry. I'm still trying to get used to this whole Chief of Operations thing.

Lian: That the tape from Murakawa hidden surveillance camera. Lets hope it has something useful on it.

Lian: We're not landing on a hot LZ. Remember how that worked out the first time?

Lian: This must be Murakawa's lab. There'll be a self-contained viral holding unit somewhere in here. Elsa wants us to get samples if possible but I told her that it was not our top priority.
Teresa: Lian, warned them to put on the hazmat suit before they enter that protected area of the lab. Otherwise, they're gonna risk contamination.
Lian: Copy that. The lab schematic shows that the hazmat suits are stored near the decontamination airlocks.

Lian: Make sure you plant the charges.

Lian: Good work. Elsa and Lawrence will be happy you able to get those samples.

Lian: That's the last of the charges, now clear out of there.

Lian: Gina, the rooftop is been cleared. Get ready to take off.
Gina: Copy that. We ready to go.

Lian: Approaching the LZ now. Let's start wrapping this up.

Lian: LZ achieved, repeat, we're at the LZ. Your ride is here, lets move.

Lian: You call this LZ secured?

Lian: Help me clear this roof.

Lian: Get these guys.

Lian: Overhere.

Lian: Give me some backup!

Lian: You want some of this?!

Lian: Aghh! I'm hit!

Lian: Get to the rooftop, we ready to take off.

Lian: Mission complete. Good work guys.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Lian/Gina: Chopper's damaged

Lian: How's it going Gina?
Gina: The dem control is been severed. Got the spare parts back open now, just be a second.
Lian: I'm glad you know what you're doing.

Lian: Murakawa's office

Lian: Okay the mission's not off to a good start but we are still a go. Murakawa's offices is on the top floor. Nail down the rooftop LZ and radio me when you've planted the explosives. Remember, you do not have a DPE for Murakawa, repeat, we want him alive.

Lian: DPE's on Murakawa officers

Lian: Gabe usually won't sign this many DPE for one op, but my report on Murakawa's operations made it clear that the entire operation had to be shut down. If we don't take out all of his officers, one would just step up and take Murakawa's place.

Lian: Yakuza snipers on rooftops

Lian: Listen up, we've spotted HNT snipers moving along the rooftops. Keep your eyes open and your head down.

Lian: HNT leader is Matsua

Lian: Matsua is the local leader of the Higashi no Takibi, Murakawa's arch rivals. I spent the last week under cover convincing Matsua that the Yakuza gonna strike the HNT, so that Matsua would attack first. While you're dealing with Murakawa, I'll take care of the HNT headquarters. If you look at match was recorded, you'll see why is DPE order was approved.

Gina/Lian: Yakuza codes hacked

Gina: I've hacked into the Yakuza radio codes.
Lian: Piped it in.

Gina/Lian: ID on Ryusaki

Gina: I'm picking up scattered chatter from the tower. Most of it coming from the lobby. 
Ryusaki (sub):
彼らは通りにいます。私は今彼らを止めて欲しい。彼らはガレージから出てくるだろう。屋根の上の私たちの男性はちょうどチョッパーを見つけました。どこにいますか? (They're on the streets. I want them stopped now. They're going to come up through the garage. Our men on the roof just spotted a chopper. Where are you?)
Lian: That's Murakawa's head of security. Iwao Ryusaki. He killed his entire family as proof of loyalty to Murakawa. He's not going to go down easy.

Lian: Elevator to labs on the roof

Lian: While undercover I was able to get to most parts of the tower except the labs, they keep security pretty tight on the upper floors. I think there's a freight elevator on the roof. You should be able to get the labs from there.

Lian: DPE Orders on Officers

Lian: You have to fulfill these DPE orders. If you missed any you're going to have some explaining to do.

Teresa/Lian: Imani on flight

Teresa: Lian, I just received an update from Imani. She is on an international flight with Yong-jun Kim. She's got the bug planted.
Lian: Where are they now?
Teresa: Somewhere over Myanmar. ETA to Seoul is 2 hours.
Lian: Copy that.

Lian: Security floor

Lian: The security floor is just above you. So far they've been isolated and don't know you've made it this far into the tower. See if you can make it through the security floor without being detected. It'll make your job much easier.

Lian: Murakawa involved with North Koreans

Lian: When I was working undercover I realized that Murakawa was involved with the north Koreans somehow. I'm sure that this computer files will have a list of all the transactions between the Yakuza and Yong-jun Kim.

Lian: Find surveillance tape I planted

Lian: When I was here undercover I discovered that Murakawa had surveillance cameras everywhere, including his office. He must not have heard about what happened to Richard Nixon. Anyway, if we can find out where security stores the tapes, we might be able to find out what happened up here.

Lian: Plant explosives in lab

Lian: You have to triangulate the positions of the explosives so that they destroyed just the labs. Our goal is to destroy the Yakuza's ability to buy and sell bioweapons. We don't wanna bring the building down so follow directions.

Mission: Wrong actions

Player is killed

Lian: Cobra is down, repeat, agent Cobra is down.

Lian: Cobra is down.

Not cover helicopter

Lian: We need covering fire, keep them off us.

Lian: Teresa is not gotta be happy when she gets the repair bill for this hole.

Sound the alarm

Lian: Now you're gonna have to find a way around the security gate and disable the alarm.

Data center is destroyed

Lian: He started a data auto destruct protocol. Upload the data quickly before its all destroyed.

Lian: Don't bother. The data is been destroyed, you should have gotten to it sooner.

Mission: Characters quotes

Yakuza guards

  • うーん...ビール。(Mmmm... Beer.)
  • 急げ。銃砲の音が近づいています。(Hurry up. The sound of gunfire is growing closer.)
  • 静か。私は集中する必要があります。これは複雑です。(Quiet. I need to concentrate. This is complicated.)
  • 彼らは私たちにいる! (They're on to us!)
  • する勇気がなくなる。する勇気がなくなる。(Man down. Man down.)
  • 増援を要請する。(Requesting reinforcements.)
  • 彼らは通りから来ている。そこに男性を増やしてください。(They're coming from the streets. Get more men out there.)
  • かしこまりました。(Yes sir.)
  • 私たちは先生をお手伝いします。(We're trying sir.)
  • 私たちは彼らを保持することはできません。(We can't hold them sir.)
  • 私たちは彼らを止めることはできません。(We can't stop them sir.)
  • 私はそれらを停止したい。(I want them stopped.)
  • それらを止めるか、生きて戻ってくるのをやめないでください。(Stop them or don't bother coming back alive.)
  • 彼らはガレージにいる。彼らが建物の中に入ることを許さないでください。(They're in the garage. Don't let them get inside the building.)
  • ここにもっと人が必要です。(We need more men down here.)
  • 彼らは塔のセキュリティに違反しました。ここに下る。(They've breached tower security. Get down here.)
  • セキュリティ侵害。(Security breach.)
  • 彼らはエレベーターにいます。彼らを止めてください。(They are in the elevators. Stop them.)
  • 彼らはオフィスフロアにあります。(They are on the office floor.)
  • 彼らはセキュリティフロアにいます。(They are in the security floor.)
  • ラボのセキュリティは破られました。(Lab security has been breached.)
  • 彼らは村川のオフィスに向かっている。(They are heading towards Murakawa's office.)
  • 私はそれらの1つを見る。ここで起きる。(I see one of them. Get up here.)
  • ここに。彼らはここにいる。(Over here. They're over here.)
  • 彼らを止めてください。(Stop them.)
  • 私はここに1つを見ます。(I see one over here.)
  • する勇気がなくなる。(Man down.)
  • 彼らは来ている。(They are coming.)
  • 私はヒットしました。(I'm hit.)
  • 戻ってください!(Get back!)
  • それらを殺す!(Kill them!)
  • いいえ!(Noooo!)
  • ガレージで!(In the garage!)
  • 私は増援が必要です。(I need reinforcements.)
  • ここに助けを求めなさい。(Get help over here.)
  • チョッパーダウン。(Chopper down.)
  • そのチョッパーを止める。(Stop that chopper.)
  • 火災!火災!(Fire! Fire!)
  • 彼らは階段にあります。(They are in the stairwell.)
  • 彼らはロビーに向かっている。(They are heading toward the lobby.)
  • 彼らはエレベーターに向かっている。(They are heading toward the elevators.)
  • セキュリティ侵害!セキュリティを確保する。(Security breach! Get security.)
  • 私は彼らをここで聞いた。(I heard them over here.)
  • 私はそこを見た。(I saw one over there.)
  • 私は何かを聞いた。(I heard something.)
  • 誰かがそこにいる (Someone is over there.)

Korin Matsua

  • あなたはXing、裏切りの魔女のために働く必要があります。(You must work for Xing, traitorous witch.)
  • あなたは私を生き返らせません。(You won't take me alive.)
  • それらを殺す!(Kill them!)
  • 私は増援が必要です。(I need reinforcements.)
  • 私はガレージにいます、ここに下ります。(I'm in the garage, get down here.)
  • Xingに自分自身を扱うように告げる。(Tell Xing to deal with me herself.)

Iwao Ryusaki

  • ロビーの侵入者。ここに入る!(Intruders in the lobby. Get in here!)
  • 我々は攻撃を受けている!佐藤、木村、石川、どこにいますか?(We are under attack! Satou, Kimura, Isikawa, where are you?)
  • あなたは私から隠れることはできません。(You cannot hide from me.)
  • 出てきて名誉で死にます。(Come out and die with honor.)
  • あなたは名誉がありません。(You have no honor.)
  • あなたは子供のように隠れる。(You hide like a child.)
  • あなたの武器を落とす。私は慈悲深くなるでしょう。(Put down your weapons. I will be merciful.)
  • すべての共犯者に電話してください。それはあなたを良くしません。(Call all of your accomplices. It will do you no good.)
  • 私はあなたがそこにいることを知っています。(I know that you are down there.)
  • 私は名誉で死にます。(I will die with honor.)
  • あなたは私を生き返らせません。(You will not take me alive.)
  • 私はあなたを殺すのを楽しむつもりです。('I'm going to enjoy killing you.)

Data center workers

  • あなたは誰?あなたはここで何をしているの?(Who are you? What are you doing here?)
  • なんでしょう?どうしてここに入りましたか?(What do you want? How did you get in here?)
  • 助けて。彼らはデータセンターに侵入しました。(Help. They've breached the data center.)
  • 私を傷つけないで下さい。私は非武装です。(Please do not hurt me. I'm unarmed.)
  • 私はここでしか働かない。私を殺さないでください。(I only work here. Please don't kill me.)
  • 撃たないでください。撃たないでください。私はここでしか働かない。(Don't shoot. Don't shoot. I only work here.)

Lab workers

  • あなたはばかだ。あなたは私たちをすべて殺すでしょう。(You fool. You will kill us all.)
  • ここでの撮影をやめてください。あなたは私たちを汚染するでしょう。(Stop shooting in here.  You will contaminate us.)
  • あなたは私の仕事を台無しにしている!(You are ruining my work!)
  • セキュリティ!セキュリティ!(Security! Security!)
  • どうしてここに入りましたか?あなたは誰?(How did you get in here?  Who are you?)
  • あなたはここに入らない!(You're not getting in here!)
  • どこかに行って。あなたは来ることができません!(Go away. You can't come in!)
  • 私は生物封じ込めユニットに閉じ込められています!誰かが侵入しようとしている、私を助けて!(I'm trapped in the bio-containment unit! Help me, someone is trying to break in!)
  • ラボでは援軍が必要です!(We need reinforcements in the labs!)

Security guards

  • セキュリティ侵害!セキュリティ侵害!アラームを鳴らす。(Security breach! Security breach! Sound the alarms.)
  • 私たちには侵入者がいます。通話セキュリティ。(We have an intruder. Call security.)
  • あなたは誰?どうしてここに入りましたか?(Who are you? How did you get in here?)
  • これは制限されたエリアです。(This is a restricted area.)
  • やめる!この領域は制限されています。(Stop! This area is restricted.)

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Lian: Elevators shut down

Lian: The elevators had been electronically disabled. Find a way to enable them or bypass the lock out.

Lian: I have one for each of Murakawa officers and one for the HNT leader, Korin Matsua.

Lian: You're doing a good job of keeping them occupied. Keep it up.

Lian: Remember, we've got the DPE orders for all of Murakawa officers.

Lian: He's another one of Murakawa officers. Eliminate him.

Lian: He's also on our Interpol list. Take him out.

Lian: He's another officer. You know what to do.

Lian: Another Murakawa officer.

Lian: One of Murakawa top officers.

Lian: He's last officer you have to eliminate.

Lian: One down seven to go.

Lian: That's another one out of the way. Keep moving.

Lian: Good work. Now eliminate the rest.

Lian: I've taking him off the list. Keep up the good work.

Lian: Radio chatter shows havn't eliminated all the officers on the street yet.

Lian: You let him get away! That's probably gonna come back to haunt us.

Lian: It's not critical but try to get to Murakawa's mainframe before they start destroying data.

Lian: Looks like they destroyed some of that data. I wish you've could have gotten to it sooner.

Lian: Plant one charge by the barrels.

Lian: Plant two inside the labs.

Lian: You have one charge to go.

Lian: You havn't finish planting the charges.

Lian: Expect some company now that security been alerted.

Lian: There's a hidden switch to Murakawa secret escape route to the roof. See if you can find it.

Lian: You have to set this explosives before we can take off. Hurry!

Lian: They must have been trying to activate the elevators. Finish what they started.

Lian: Looks like they were trying to activate the elevators. Too bad they didn't know you would already done that.

Lian: Good job. Check to see if it has the control unit that unlocks the elevators.

You Know What To Do (Lian's hidden recording)

This is unlocked by searching the Murukawa tower for the randomly positioned tape. There are 3 possible locations, as with Ivankov's papers in Belarus 2. The tape is on the 2nd floor, the 4th floor or the 8th floor. For floor 2 it is close to the lone Yakuza official, for floor 4 it is in a room north of the lifts and for the 8th floor it is a cabinet east of Murukawa when you first enter his suite.

Fade in to show Murukawa sitting at his table with a shadowy figure in his office.

Video taken from Lian's planted camera...

Aramov: Yong-jun Kim will not be allowed to reach Korea. It is already taken care of. (lays a pistol on Murakawa's table) I don't need to tell you what is expected of you, do I?

Imani Is Gone

Copter flies away from the tower.

Tokyo, Japan: Murakawa Tower

Lian (VO): Good work. Murakawa Industries... is out of business.

An explosion rocks the building's scientific lab facilities.

Gina: Teresa, Lian's been hit.
Lian: It's nothing. Mission accomplished. But... we didn't get Murakawa. Tell Gabe-
Teresa (VO): Wait, I've got news. It's not good...
Lian: What?
Teresa (VO): Imani's flight. It's just gone down.
Lian: What do you mean?
Teresa (VO): She's gone, Lian. No survivors.
Lian: Take us home, Gina.

Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin

Mihai, I've Seen It

Kursk, Russia: International Airport

Aramov: I have seen it, Mihai. You have it...
Niculescu (VO): Calm down, Mara. What're you talking about?
Aramov: Ivankov never intended to use the virus. He merely sold it to raise funds.
Niculescu: What're you talking about?
Aramov: Moscow. Don't you understand? He purchased it from the North Koreans. He's going to launch it against Moscow-
Niculescu: You're going to lose it, Mara. Get ahold of yourself.
Aramov: He took me to his base, Mihai. I have seen it. I'm flying to Moscow. I'm going to warn Uri and the Politbureau. Tell them where Ivankov is. He has to be stopped.
Niculescu: No, Mara, wait... we still have time. I have a plan...
Aramov: What plan?! What're you talking about?
Niculescu: Mara, listen to me. Meet me at Montenegro tonight. I know what to do.
Aramov: I don't know what to do. It's out of control! He's out of control-
Niculescu: Trust me, Mara. I have everything under control.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Gabe: Dammit, Teresa. Why didn't you stop her?
Teresa: Yeah, right. I can't tell Lian what to do anymore than I can tell you. She felt responsible, so she went.
Gabe: What do we know about the crash?
Teresa: The Myanmar government claims it was the weather, but they're not allowing the IAA in to investigate.
Gabe: As soon as Lian contacts you, let me know.
Teresa: You got it.
Gabe: I hope she knows what she's doing.

Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin

Lian: We're not going to find any survivors, but we're not leaving her out here. It's my fault she's dead. We flipped a coin. Heads I'd follow him, tails she would. A damned coin toss. Should have been me on that plane. Augh! I'm not gonna be much help on this one. Can you do it? Alright. Go.

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Lian: You have to find Yong-jun Kim. The viral case was handcuffed to his arm.

Lian: The entire Myanmar army is going to be swarming over that crash site looking for the viral container that Yong-jun Kim was carrying. I'm not messing around with these bastards, you take them out on site. Watch out for snipers. That path should take you inland directly to the crash site, but stay off it if you can. The last sentries posted.

Lian: Imani was seated in row 27D. Find her, and you'll find the tracking device.

Lian: I've given you multiple remote trigger explosives, I want them planted along the footpath. I'll detonate them when you're on your way back.

Lian: That's one.

Lian: Muang will set up a mobile command center. Find it, and eliminate him.

Lian: I want explosives planted on both sides of the bridge. On your way back we blow it after you cross. That would slow them down.

Lian: One more.

Lian: Look for any other footbridges which cross the river. Snags, logs, bridges, whatever. Plant the explosives on each one. I don't want them to have easy access across.

Lian: Good work. They'll have to cross the river and deal with the mud. That  will slow them down.

Lian: Good work. One more to go.

Lian: All right, that's enough along the path. On your return, anyone following you will have a surprise or two.

Lian: That's one.

Lian: I want you to find and eliminate the soldiers who actually fired the rocket that down this plane. They're going to pay for this act of terrorism with their lives.

Lian: Find the soldiers with the rockets.

Lian: Agh, damn it! The case is gone. They've beaten us to it.

Lian: Imani said that Yong-jun Kim check the briefcase into baggage. It might contain important papers on what his mission was about. Find it.

Lian: That's her. Take the tracking device. Don't worry, we're not going to leave her out here. You'll have to come back later and get her.

Lian: Jot down your coordinates. Once you get the case, you're going to come back and get Imani. We're not going to leave one of ours behind.

Lian: Use the tracking device to find the viral case.

Lian: The tracking device shows that the case is moving. One of the Myanmar soldiers has it. Go get it!

Lian: There's a radar tracking unit somewhere in the area. I want you to find and destroy it.

Lian: Find that radar unit. I don't want them to be able to use it to down any more commercial aircraft.

Lian: That's the Myanmar mobile command. Find Muang. And eliminate him.

Lian: That looks like Yong-jun Kim's briefcase. Good work!

Lian: Good work. One less piece of technology they had at their disposal.

Lian: That's two.

Lian: I think that's it. If not it'll have to be good enough. All the closest approaches are set.

Lian: He has the viral container. Take it.

Lian: Now go get Imani's body and get back here.

Lian: We're not leaving here without Imani. Go get her.

Lian: That's the aircraft black box flight recorder. Grab it!

Lian: Get back to the boat, army reinforcements are already on route.

Lian: Blowing the snags.

Lian: Blowing the bridge.

Lian: Good work. Let's go home.

Lian: Mission complete. Good work guys.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Lian: Leg hurt too badly to move much

Lian: Augh dammit! My leg is killing me. Dr. E is not going to be very happy with me when we get back. Might be serious.

Teresa/Lian: Find out who is in control

Teresa: Lian, come in. Do you read me? This is Command. Come in.
Lian: Sorry Teresa, I'm in no mood to hear lectures from you or Gabe. Find out who is commanding the army out here, I want a DPE order and I want it now.
Teresa: Copy that. I'm on it.

Lian: Plant explosives along route to crash site

Lian: It's going to be dragging the entire army along with you when you return and you'll be moving slow since you'll have Imani's body. We have to find some ways to slow them down.

Lian: Stay out of the muddy river

Lian: Stay out of the river. The mud at the bottom is a foot thick. He'll slow you down so much that you'll be an easy target for sentries along the bank.

Teresa/Lian: DPE authorized for Than Muang

Teresa: Lian, I have an ID on the field commander who must had order the plane shot down. His name is Than Muang. Gabe's authorized the DPE, no problem.
Lian: Copy that. He's history.
Teresa: I'm supposed to give you a big lecture about being a one-woman army and all that... but I think I'll wait to you get back.
Lian: Thanks Teresa, we'll be okay.

Lian: Don't cross river until explosives in place

Lian: Don't cross the river until you've completed all of the escape preparations. Let's do one thing at a time.

Lian: Crash site found

Lian: That looks like part of the crash site. I'm surprised that much of the plane survived intact. The rest would be spread out over a large area.

Lian: Recover the viral container

Lian: We can't let the Myanmar army had the viral container Yong-jun Kim was carrying. Who knows what would happen if they suddenly gain the ability to wipe out an entire country. We've got to stop them.

Mission: Wrong actions

Don't plant claymores

Lian: You didn't plant all the explosives along the path. Or they make it back to the boat when you in pursuit.

Don't mine foot bridge

Lian: You didn't mined foot bridge. It's going to be tough to stay out of them on your way back.

Don't plant log bridges

Lian: You didn't plant explosives on all the log bridges. You need to or they won't be slow down enough.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • hotekae sarar .  taithkyanek sarar mhar (Yes sir. At once sir)
  • hotekae sarar  (Yes sir.)
  • kyanawthoet kainn lha eet hpw int hphoet a mein htote hkaepyee hpyitsai .  a mhu shar par .(We have been ordered to step up patrols. Find the case.)
  • Send a runner to command. We think the case has been found.
  • Who goes there? You, stop!
  • Alert! Alert!
  • Shoot them. Fire!
  • They are over here!
  • They went over that way. Patrols!
  • Something moved over there!
  • Something's over there!
  • Send a patrol over there!
  • Send for a patrol.
  • Stay near the crash site.
  • Patrol the paths.
  • Where is that case? I want it brought to me at once.
  • Tell them to step up the patrols. I want that case found.
  • I heard gunfire. Go see what is going on.
  • Report back to command. If we don't find the case, it will be on your head, not mine.
  • Who is that? Stop them. Guards, alert!
  • Alert! Alert! Stop them, Shoot! Shoot!
  • What's over there?
  • Send a patrol!
  • Alert! Alert! Stop the, Shoot! Shoot!

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Lian: Keep going.

Lian: That's one.

Lian: He was sitting in first class. Find a nose section of the plane. His remains will be near there.

Lian: This is going to sound callous, but you're going to have to find Imani's body. Imani planted a homing beacon on the case. The tracking device should be on her or near her.

Lian: Finding his briefcase isn't going to be easy. When the plane broke up it could have been scattered anywhere.

Lian: Damn! I wish we could have gotten Muang. I'll be back for him. He's going to pay for murdering my friend.

Lian: Damn. I wish you would have gotten soldiers with the rockets. Who knows what other civilian targets they might have in mind.

Lian: You never found the radar unit. Let's hope they don't shoot down any more civilian planes.

Lian: Keep an eye out for the airplanes black box recorder. We can turn it over to the IAA as evidence that this plane was shot down.

Lian: The black box could be anywhere. We have to find it.

Lian: Don't try to come up there without support. Snipers will cut you to shreds.

Lian: You have to go back and get Imani's body. I don't care if the entire Myanmar army is chasing you we're not leaving without her.

Lian: Alright, move.

Lian: All right head back as quickly as you can. It's time to get out of here.

Lian: One of you is going to have to carry the body while the others provide cover fire. You're going to have to work together. I don't want any more bodies to deal with.

Lian: Setting off the path explosives, move!

Lian: I said to stay out of the river. The mud will make you an easy target.

Lian: They've got snipers in the trees. Keep a sharp eye out.

Black Box Recorder

This is unlocked by recovering the black box flight recorder. It is on top of the structure where the Meta Global terrorist will arrive at (ie, a campfire). It can only be accessed online if you boost your teammate onto a wall and the boosted person will need to shimmy across a pipe. It is however also doable offline with the jump glitch.

Audio recovered from the Asian Airways black box recorder...

Pilot (VO): ...heading 2-3-2, climbing 15,000 feet. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Johnson. And I'd like to take a minute to thank you for flying with us at Asian Airways today. You can see I've switched off the seatbelt sign so you're free to move about the cabin. In a few minutes, we'll be reaching our cruising altitude at 30,000 feet. Your hostess will be moving down the aisle shortly with your favourite beverage, courtesy of Asian Airways. Forecast is clear, but we might experience a little bump as we get closer to the Korean Peninsula. For now, if you look out your windows, you'll see that we're passing over the Southern Myanmar rainforest. Myanmar used to be known as Burma. Wait...
Co-pilot (VO): Excuse, get a look at this!
Pilot (VO): What the hell is...? Control, I've got a radar alarm! Contact, moving very fast! Intersec, I can't pick some evasive action. Diving!
Co-pilot (VO): It's a missile! We're not gonna make it...!

We'll Mourn For Imani

Taguang, Myanmar: Irawaddy Basin

Gabe (VO): Are you alright Lian?
Lian: It's just beginning to... beginning to sink in. It should have been me, Gabe.
Gabe (VO): But it wasn't you. I need you here, Lian. We'll mourn for Imani when this is done. We have to find Niculescu. I need your help.
Lian: I know... Lian out.

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

I Don't Give A Damn

Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Estate

Aramov: We have to warn him, Mihai. Ivankov needs to go through it. You said you would stop it.
Niculescu: I don't give a damn about the Russians.
Aramov: No, of course you don't. Let him murder ten million Moscowites so long as the stock price goes up.
Niculescu: You didn't seem so troubled when it was Washington.
Aramov: Frankly, I'm surprised, Mihai, that you haven't found a way to profit from this... but you have. Of course you have.
Niculescu: We have products to move, Mara. Anything can be profited from.
Aramov: I must... You drugged me... We have to stop him! I'm going to tell them where his base is... Tell them what is happening... I stop him. Mihai... no... can't... (she faints)
Niculescu: No, Mara, my dear. I'm afraid you're not speaking to anyone.

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Gabe: Who said anything about going to Zurich?!
Birchim: Damn it, Logan! I'm not going over this again! You are forbidden from touching Niculescu in any way! I don't want to hear anything about you being anywhere near Zurich!
Gabe: I heard you.
Birchim: You got that?
Gabe: Logan out.

Connection cuts off.
Teresa: Now what do we do?
Gabe: I don't care what Birchim says. I'm going to Zurich.
Lian: Gabe! You can't! You're gonna jeorpardise the entire Agency!
Gabe: He's the only lead we've got.
Lian: Listen to me. This isn't critical! Dr. E is close to a vaccine for the virus. It won't be a threat much longer. We're close to finding Mara, we have the North Korean connection to follow up, and Ivankov-
Gabe: I don't give a damn about Ivankov! I want Niculescu!
Lian: Gabe, stop! You're gonna risk everything we've worked for!
Gabe: No! They risked everything. They did! I'm going to make sure their deaths means something!
Lian: You don't think I want that too?! But you're doing exactly what Birchim wants! This isn't about Niculescu anymore, Gabe, it's about saving lives! You're doing this to find Ivankov's base, right Gabe? You're not doing it just to get to Niculescu.
Gabe: If I get Niculescu, I get Ivankov.
Teresa: I've never seen Gabe obsessed like this. What's going on?
Lian: I don't know. I hope he knows what he's doing.

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

An armoured truck enters the Meta Global headquarters and stops on a platform. The vehicle ascends.

Stone (sub): Was nehme ich überhaupt auf? (What am I picking up, anyway?)  
Guard (sub):
Gemälde. Aber komm mit uns essen. Die Sendung wird warten. (Paintings. But come have dinner with us. The shipment will wait.)
Stone (sub):
Ich muss den Versandauftrag trotzdem noch ausdrucken. (I still have to print out the shipping order anyway.)
Guard (sub): You must be new here. There isn't supposed to be any paper trail, ever.
Stone (sub): Really? Damn, I've already entered it in the system.
Gabe: Teresa, we're in.
Teresa (VO): Copy that, standing by.

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Teresa: We've got a by pass on all security feeds that exits the building. But there's no way to externally shut down the internal systems. If you trip one of their lasers or let a camera pick you up, it will trigger their internal alarm.
Gabe: Right. We can deal with internal security.
Teresa: An alarm won't just alert security, it will also shut down their core mainframe to protect data. We won't be able to access Niculescu's most secure account information.
Gabe: We'll be careful. Heading up to Niculescu's office now.

Gabe: Place the micro transceiver into each recorder. There should be one on each floor. Don't replace the incoming image from the camera system with the pre-recorded one from our Berlin mock-up.

Teresa: Gabe needs those transceivers set.

Gabe: You have to incapacitate the guards. Use non-lethal force and hide them.

Teresa: They've got the first transceiver set. Sending signal one, now.
Gabe: Good work. Plant the rest.

Gabe: You need to find the emergency elevator power system.

Gabe: Did you find the elevator power system yet?

Gabe: All right. That should have taken the initial laser circuits offline.

Gabe: Good work. You'll need to take the elevator to the vault floors.

Teresa: Insert the data transmitters in each of the data consoles.

Teresa: We need those data transmitters set.

Teresa: Good work. Beginning data upload now.

Teresa: You need to search all the vaults on the upper floor.

Teresa: The core room temperature is controlled to within 5 degrees. Your body heat will raise the temperature enough to set off the alarm in just a few minutes. You won't have much time.

Teresa: Virus insertion complete. Now get out of there. This is only account information Gabe. Won't give you Meta Global, but might prove useful.
Gabe: Copy that. We need those Meta Global files.

Gabe: What are you guys doing? Time is running out.

Teresa: Gabe, they've made it out of the mainframe successfully, I've got everything hooked up and ready to go.

Teresa: They've started checking vaults Gabe. Nothing yet.

Teresa: Empty.

Teresa: I don't have access to the security system for the lowest floor. They can't get past the secure entry.
Gabe: They have to find the chief of security and get the master code from him.

Gabe: The first part of the mission is complete. Good work guys.

Teresa: Nothing yet...

Teresa: We're running out of time. Pick it up.

Teresa: Last vault on the upper floors Gabe... Nothing.

Gabe: Those files are here. Search all the vaults on the lower floor.

Teresa: They've got the final transceiver set. All signals transmitting as planned.
Gabe: Excellent. Hopefully that'll take care of the camera system.

Teresa: Empty.

Teresa: We need the lower vault searched.

Teresa: Gabe, they found that vault it won't open with the master security key. 
Gabe: That's has to be were he keeping his critical files. I found a security code in Niculescu's office. You guys stay there. I'm bringing it down.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Gabe: Guards are innocents

Gabe: Remember the bank's security just work here. Consider them collateral targets for the duration. Understood?

Gabe/Teresa: Gabe finds Niculescu's Office part 2

Gabe: I'm in Niculescu's office. Using the electronic lock bypass. Going in. Teresa, I'll be ready to hack the computer security system from Niculescu's personal interface soon.
Teresa: Copy that. Standing by to recieve data as soon as the data transmitters are set.

Teresa/Gabe: Birchim's file

Teresa: Gabe, they found an interesting file.
Gabe: Anything with Meta Global on it?!
Teresa: No, but let me move to a private channel.
Gabe: No kidding, that might prove useful.

Mission: Wrong actions

Player is down

Gabe: Cobra is down, repeat, agent Cobra is down.

Gabe: Cobra is down.

Kill the guards

Gabe: Dammit Cobra!

Gabe: You're blowing it Cobra!

Gabe: Cobra screwing up!

Gabe: Cobra, stop screwing around!

Set the alarm

Gabe: You need to find the alarm override switch and shut it down.

Gabe: Get to the override switch.

Gabe: Thank you. That wailing can get on your nerves.

Core room is locked down

Teresa: That's the door control access switch to the core room. But the alarm has shut down all power to it. There's no way to restart it from within the bank. We'll have to forget access to the core mainframe.
Gabe: Damn it! I wanted that account information. But it wasn't critical. What we need are the Meta Global files. Continue the mission.

Core room timer expires

Gabe: Dammit Cobra!

Mission: Characters quotes


  • How's it going?
  • Everything is quiet
  • Sound the Alarm
  • You there, STOP!
  • What are you doing there?
  • Stop or I'll shoot
  • Help!
  • Which way did they go?
  • Over here!
  • What are you doing?
  • Hmmph, what? Huh, must have dozed off
  • What the hell, there is smoke in here
  • Something is wrong with the laser system. Trigger the alarm
  • The alarm is going off, where is the rest of the security forces?
  • Someone is in the elevator. Go check it out
  • Something is wrong with the computer system
  • What the hell is that? Someone has tampered with the computer system
  • There is a security guard down. Alert!
  • Where's the chief, has anyone seen him?
  • They're in the computer room
  • They're on the upper vault floor
  • They're on the lower vault floor

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Gabe/Teresa: Gabe finds Niculescu's Office

Gabe: I'm heading up to Niculescu's office now. The upper floors are a maze of laser triggered alarms. Using smoke grenades in the laser alignment devices. 
Teresa: And you little gadgets, huh?

Gabe: Security patch in

Gabe: Teresa, I should have you patched into Niculescu security system now. Bypassing the security system that monitors computer activity.

Teresa: Data Transmitters

Teresa: Data transmitter set. I'm uploading now. Will take a few minutes.

Teresa: Plant Virus

Teresa: I written a computer virus that will trace you all of the bank accounts. The problem is that near as I can tell. They're using an ancient mainframe structure, one of those... big babies that takes up two entire floors. You're not going to be able to insert using the standard IO ports, those are going to be monitored. You're going to have to crawl into the central housing via the cooling system and insert it from the inside.

Teresa/Gabe: Search for Vaults

Teresa: Okay, I've got the vault codes from Niculescu's personal security system. You can start searching vaults now.
Gabe: The vaults are located below the main floor. We need to search all of them. We're looking for everything and anything that will tie Niculescu to Meta Global Funds, Murakawa or Ivankov.
Teresa: Records, disks, viral cases, files, anything. Let's hope we find something, eh?
Gabe: Niculescu's Metal Global files are here somewhere. I'm sure of it.

Gabe/Teresa: Gabe is uploading Niculescu's office computer files

Gabe: Teresa, I'm uploading files from Niculescu's personal computer.
Teresa: Copy that. Receiving data now. I've got a team working on the encryption codes.

Teresa/Gabe: Teresa has checked the info Gabe has uploaded

Teresa: Bad news. So far none of Niculescu's computer files contain any incriminating evidence at all.
Gabe: How many files have you processed?
Teresa: Nearly all of them.
Gabe: Don't give up yet. It's here. I'm sure of it.

Gabe/Teresa: Gabe searching Niculescu's office

Gabe: Teresa, I'm coming up empty. Searching his paperwork, files, folders... No names, no address books, no files. Nothing.
Teresa: Nothing here yet either.
Gabe: Dammit! Gotta be something here.

Teresa/Gabe: ALA financial files

Teresa: Those look interesting. Gabe, we might have found at least one thing of interest. The cue ALA's financial records.
Gabe: Interpol find that useful.
Teresa: No kidding. If these are all of their bank deposits, they will be able to shut down the cue ALA completely.
Gabe: But it doesn't do us much good. I need those Meta Global files!

Gabe: You have to get to the security room and set the transceivers before I can hack into the security system from Niculescu's office.

Gabe: I need you in that security room.

Gabe: All right. That's the security room.

Gabe: Incapacitate the guards. If they see you, they'll set off the alarm.

Gabe: Good work.

Gabe: Find the main circuit relay and implant the bypass switch. We want to affect the laser system. Not the computer systems.

Gabe: Get to that circuit relay.

Gabe: I need you to get to the computer room. As soon as I bypass security from Niculescu's office, you'll be able to insert the data transmitters.

Teresa: Gabe needs you to get to the computer room.

Teresa: Alright. Gabe is bypassed computer security. You can insert the data transmitters.

Teresa: That's one. Insert the rest.

Teresa: One more.

Teresa: You can't let any of the computer technicians see the transmitters.

Teresa: There is a technician. Incapacitate him.

Teresa: You're going to have to hide him.

Teresa: Good work. All data transmitter is collected.

Teresa: I need you to retrieve those data transmitters now.

Teresa: That's one. Get the rest.

Teresa: One more.

Teresa: Good work. All data transmitters collected.

Teresa: It's going to take teamwork to gain access to the mainframe. One of you has to operate the door controls, while another goes into the core mainframe and inserts the virus.

Teresa: That's the door control access switch to the core room.

Teresa: Shit... They goes the alarm. All the mainframe power has just shut down.
Gabe: Dammit! I wanted that account information. But it wasn't critical. What we need are the Meta Global files. Continue the mission.

Teresa: You've got five minutes. Temperature's rising.

Teresa: You've got four minutes.

Teresa: Three minutes. Temperature's rising.

Teresa: Two minutes.

Teresa: You down to one minute.

Teresa: You're out of time.

Teresa: Crap... We had the virus planted but the alarm went off. Now the mainframe shut down so it won't do us any good.
Gabe: Damn it! I wanted that account information. But it wasn't critical. What we need are the Meta Global files. Let's find them.

Teresa: Alright. You're inside the core house in. Find the access ladder and go down it quickly as you can. The IO port should be right there.

Teresa: Okay. Now look for the IO port.

Teresa: Still nothing.

Teresa: Gabe, they not finding anything.

Teresa: We need those upper Vaults searched.

Teresa: They've searched all the lower vault but one, Gabe. No Meta Global files.

Gabe: Have you found the chief of security yet?

Gabe: Incapacitate him and get the master security codes.

Teresa: Once you incapacitate him, you get his hand print and transfer it to your hand template loaf. Use that to get past the lower floor security.

Teresa: They goes the alarm. Now we won't be able to get access to the core mainframe.

Teresa: There's a security guard coming. Be careful.

Teresa: Security is just around the corner.

Teresa: Security is down the hall.

Teresa: Security is in the elevator.

Gabe: Searching his desk. Nothing.

Gabe: I've gone through all of his file cabinets. Nothing.

Gabe: Executive the secretary files, boardroom files. Not a damn thing.

Gabe: Those's an security code. Dosn't seem to open anything up here.

Gabe: Assistant offices, no Meta Global files.

Gabe: I'm on my way.

Gabe: I'm almost there.

Gabe: If you're not at the vault, meet me there now. I'm on my way.

Gabe: Keep that vault area clear of security.

Gabe: Good work. Teresa, I'm at the vault. Using Niculescu's security code now. It works.
Teresa: Keeping my fingers crossed.

Gabe: Not all of the hallways are outfitted with laser sensors. Watch the guards patrol path and see which ones are clear.

Gabe: The guards are using special visors to show them which laser sensors are turned on. They've got them stored in the equipment room.

Gabe: Hide them. You don't want passing security patrols to see them.

Gabe: Use your gas grenades to incapacitate them.

Gabe: Use your taser.

Gabe: Use your smoke grenades to reveal the location of the lasers.

Gabe: Use the visor. It will show you where the lasers are.

Gabe: Incapacitate them!

Gabe: Get him!

Gabe: I could use some help over here.

Gabe: There should be an access ladder in the fan vent system. You'll have easier access to each floor if you can shut down the power to the vents.

Niculescu's Paintings

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

Gabe: Teresa, it's finished. We're in the last vault and there's nothing here but some shipping crates filled with paintings. Either Niculescu is way smarter than I gave him credit for... or he really doesn't have anything to do with Meta Global. Lian was right. I've failed.
Teresa (VO): Don't know if it means something but I think those paintings you've found are Niculescu's. I've got a shipping request filed for several containers. Insured for millions. Inventory says 'antique paintings.' There might be an address on the shipping containers.
Gabe: Montenegro... Is Niculescu the kind of man who keeps his valuables in one place? All neat and ordered like a museum collection? Let's get out of here. You're heading back to Berlin. This is something I have to do myself.

Berlin, Germany: Agency European Command Center

Teresa: He said he was going to Montenegro alone. I haven't been able to contact him.
Lian: Dammit, Gabe... What did he find in Zurich?
Teresa: Nothing. There were no Meta Global files.
Warren (OS): There is my duty to help Russians in this current terrorist threat. Threat of global biological war. Many use of weapons of mass destruction... Will of course, affect us all.

Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate

I Was Near The Edge

Berlin, Germany: IPCA Agency European Command

Gabe: For the first time, I didn't have any answers. I went into Niculescu's office complex expecting to find the answers to everything: his involvement with Meta Global Funds, Mara, Ivankov, Syphon Filter... but we found nothing. It hit me hard. What if I was wrong? Or worst, what if I was right? That Niculescu was better than me, smarter, playing me, had been from the start...

Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate

Gabe: I was near the edge by then, obsessed, irrational. I'm sure I wasn't thinking clearly, but I knew one thing: I had jeopardised the Agency, and everyone's careers, by going into Zurich against orders. And I had failed. If I was going to get evidence on Niculescu, I was going to have to do it alone. I had to risk everything. Gambling that won't Niculescu was too smart to keep records in Zurich. Maybe he wasn't as smart as he thought. He kept his most valuable paintings in his villa. Maybe he kept other things of value there as well.

Mission: Dialogs and Conversations

Estate is well guarded: Dialog from Radio Log

Guard 1: Он собирается её убить? (Is he going to kill her?)
Guard 2: Кто? (Who?)
Guard 1: Русский колдун Арамов. Кто же ещё идиот. Я слышал что Никулеску собирался убить её. (The Russian witch, Aramov, who else? Idiot. I heard that Niculescu was going to have her killed.)
Guard 2: Ну откуда мне знать. Он держит её в свите хозяина, это всё что я знаю. (How would I know? They're holding her in the master suite, that's all I know.)
Guard 1: Эх, я никогда ничего не знаю. (Peh. I never hear anything.)

Rescue Mara before she is murdered: Dialog from Radio Log

Guard 1: Ты видишь что небудь? (You see anything?)
Guard 2: Нет. Всё чисто. (No. All clear.)

Niculescu's safe contents: Dialog from Radio Log

Guard 1: Где капитан? (Where's the captain?)
Guard 2: Внизу, в винном погребе. (Down in the wine cellar.)
Guard 1: Снова пьёт вино Никулеску по тысячу евро за бутылку. (Drinking Niculescu's thousand Euro bottles of wine again?)
Guard 2: Пока он ещё не попался. (He hasn't gotten caught yet.)
Guard 1: Пьяный ублюдок. Однажды он попадётся и тогда я получу повышение. (The drunk bastard. He'll get caught one of these days, then I'll be up for a promotion.)

Guard 1: Что они там делают? Они же должны были мучить её. (What are they doing in there? Are they supposed to be torturing her?)
Guard 2: Я ничего не слышу. (I don't hear anything.)
Guard 1: Чтобы ты не говорил. (Whatever you say.)

Guard 1: Ну Мара, почему ты не сотрудничаешь, а? Если ты хочешь, мы можем быть более убедительными. (Come Mara, why don't you cooperate, eh? We can be more persuasive, if you want.)
Aramov: Оставьте меня, вы свиньи. Грязные чеченские крестьяне! (Leave me alone, you pigs. You filthy Chechnyan peasants.)
Guard 2: Думаю ты её нравишься. (I think she likes you.)
Aramov: Мне плевать на тебя. На вас обоих! Тьфу! (I spit on you, both of you.)
Guard 1: Хех, нет, ты же ей нравишься. (She does like you.)
Aramov: Прекрати это! Я убью тебя! (Stop it, I'll kill you.)
Guard 1: Это мы тебя убьём сразу же как нам позвонят. (No, it is we who shall kill you, just as soon as we get the call.)

Niculescu's bedroom locked: Dialog from Radio Log

Key acquired now to surprise the guards: Dialog from Radio Log

Aramov: Kill them!

Aramov: Logan?

Aramov: It can't be you.

Gabe: It seemed hard to believe. Niculescu was in my grasp. I felt like... Ahab, about to plunge the harpoon into his demon whale. Niculescu was mine. Mara was going to give him to me. And nothing else mattered.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Estate is well guarded

Gabe: As I expected, the villa was well guarded by a small army. And while they look like war beaten mercenaries, criminals, who probably murdered and raped their way across Croatia, Serbia and who knows how many ex-Soviet states. I wasn't going to kill any of them. Atleast, not until I had proved that Niculescu was the man I was looking for.

Brought along my E.P.D.D.

Gabe: I did bring along my taser. I don't allow anyone to use it in the field because it has the unfortunate habit of causing targets to burst into flame. But with the right touch, you can incapacitate someone from a great distance without killing them.

Rescue Mara before she is murdered

Gabe: So Mara was there. That's when I knew I was onto something. If Mara was involved with Niculescu directly, I had him. After years of searching, digging to uncover the Syphon Filter conspiracy, I was close. I merely had to get to Mara before they murdered her.

Niculescu's safe contents

Gabe: Inside the safe was one of the more interesting things I found. Niculescu's files on Mara. I didn't get a chance to read through them until later, but they explained a lot. Or, at least as much as anything could explain Mara's behavior.

Niculescu's bedroom locked

Gabe: I found the room where they were holding Mara, but the guards by the door didn't have the key. I couldn't break down the door without alerting the guards inside. I would have to find the key.

Key acquired now to surprise the guards

Gabe: Once I had the key, I knew that I had to open the door and move quickly. I could take them so long as they were surprised.

Mission: Characters quotes


  • Иди сюда. (Get over here.)
  • Я там видел кого-то. (I saw someone over there)
  • Помогите! (Help!)
  • Кто-то приближается. (Someone's coming!)
  • Давай! (Come on!)
  • Он там! (He's in there!)
  • Я кого-то видел окало бассеина. (I saw someone by the pool!)
  • Убей его! (Kill him!)
  • Стреляй! Стреляй! (Shoot! Shoot!)
  • Что это там?! (What's that over there?)
  • Я что-то слышал. (I heard something.)
  • Там было какое-то движение. Но сейчас я ничего не вижу. (Something moved over there, but I can't see anything now.)
  • Мне показалось. Я что-то слышал. (I thought I heard something.)
  • Что здесь происходит?! (What's going on out here?)
  • Дайте сигнал тревоги! Нарушитель! Нарушитель! (Sound the alert! Intruder, Intruder!)

Mission: Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Completely alone on this mission

Gabe: I knew I was going to be completely alone on this one. So I hooked up with a friend of mine in the Advanced Combat Research Group. She'll owe me a prototype of their newest combat suit. The ACIO. You can find complete specs on it in Zeus. It was a difficult top. Without that special combat rig, I might not have been able to pull it off.

Niculescu's safe found

Gabe: I found a safe behind one of Niculescu's paintings. But couldn't open it. I didn't know what was in it. But I knew I was going to find out. The only problem was the patrolling guards. Finding a way to get past them without triggering an alert... was going to be difficult.

Captain of the guard has bedroom key

Gabe: The captain of the guard was in the wine cellar. I figured he would have all the keys to the house.

Aramov: Кто же это? (Who is this?)
Guard 1: Заткнись! (Shut up!)
Guard 2: Так точно, мы готовы. Мы позаботимся об этом. Безусловно. (Roger, we ready. We'll take care of it. Sure.)
Aramov: С кем ты разговариваешь? (With who are you talking to?) Mihai! Talk to me! What are you doing?! Don't do this to me Mihai!
Guard 1: Я сказал заткнись! (I said shut up!)
Guard 2: Очень хорошо. Досвидания. Извини дорогая. Пора. (Very well. Goodbye. Sorry darling. It's time.)
Aramov: Давай. Мне уже всё равно. (Come on. I don't care anymore)

Guard 2: У тебя готовный шок? Он сказал что на простынях не должно остаться никакой крови. (You readiness shock? He said that there should not be any blood on the sheets.)
Guard 1: Готово. (Ready.)
Guard 2: Закрой глаза. (Close eyes.)
Aramov: No, no, NO!

Aramov: Остановись. Я говорю! (Stop it, I say.)

Aramov: Оставьте меня одну! (Leave me alone.)

Aramov: Уйдите от меня! (Get away from me.)

Aramov: Я убью вас голыми руками! (I'll kill you with my bare hands.)

Aramov: Нет! (NO!)

Aramov: Никогда! (Never!)

Aramov: Help me!

Aramov: Mihai, where are you? Damn you.

Aramov: Thank you.

Guard: Что ты говоришь? Не понял. (What do you say, hmmm?)

Guard: Ну давай, сотрудничай со мной. (Come, cooperate with me.)

Guard: Ты же знаешь что ты этого хочешь. (You know you want to.)

Guard: Ну не будь такой капризной. (Don't be so difficult.)

Guard: Идиотка женщина, заткнись же! (Stupid woman. Shut up already.)

Guard 1: Это действительно хорошее вино. Калинка, малинка, ха-ха. (This is really good wine.)
Guard 2: Должно быть по тысяче евро бутылка. (It should be at a thousand Euros a bottle.)
Guard 1: Ну достань ещё одну бутылку. (Get another bottle.)
Guard 2: Это ты достань ещё одну бутылку. (You get another bottle.)
Guard 1: Я здесь ответственный. (I'm in charge here.)
Guard 2: Ты пьяный. (You're drunk.)
Guard 1: Ты пьяный! (You're drunk.)
Guard 2: Что это было? (What was that?)
Guard 1: Там кто-то есть. (Someone's there.)

I Tried To Tell Him

Budva, Montenegro: Niculescu's Villa Estate

Zeus Files theme plays during this cutscene.

Aramov: Well. This is a nice change. Instead of trying to kill me, you actually save my life.
Gabe: Maybe I just wanted to make sure the job was done right.

He approaches with a pistol locked and loaded.
Aramov: How many times have you tried, Logan? Now is your chance. But then you'd never find Ivankov, would you?
Gabe: What makes you think I care?
Aramov: But of course you care! You're one of the good guys, aren't you? You're not going to let... oh. Oh, it's Niculescu, isn't it? That's how you found this place. Of course. You've been to Zurich and found nothing.
Gabe: Give me his files, Mara. All of them.
Aramov: His files? What a fool you are. There are no files. What, you think Mihai is some stupid dog-stool like Phagan? Or Hadden? You think you will just crawl under the bed and find a box full of papers marked 'Meta Global Funds'?
Gabe: Something like that.
Aramov: He keeps it in his head. All of it. You will never get Niculescu.
Gabe: Goodbye, Mara.

He draws a bead on her.
Aramov: Wait. Do with me what you will. I cannot help you with Niculescu. But Ivankov... That is something I can do.
Gabe: I'm listening...
Aramov: It was never about the virus, you know? Ivankov, I mean. That was a tool. A distraction. Some... easy cash. Your Agency. You're all so intelligent, aren't you? The virus. The Omega Strain. So much energy spent looking for tomorrow's weapon of mass destruction. You do not see that Ivankov... wants yesterday's. I tried to tell him. Mihai, I mean. Mihai expected Ivankov to use the virus against Moscow. He would not listen to me. I tried to tell him that Ivankov sold the virus. Made a deal with the North Koreans. Traded the Omega Strain for a nuclear bomb.
Gabe: That's what Ivankov's using to blackmail the Politbureau.
Aramov: (whining) I tried to tell him. Poor Mihai. He has stockpiled thousands of doses of viral antigen. For the killing Meta Global would have made. No matter that ten million of my countrymen would have to die in the process-
Gabe: Listen to me, Mara. You-
Aramov: (whining) But he's not going to make much money for a smoldering crater is he? Where's the profit from that?
Gabe: Snap out of it! Listen to me. I don't care about Niculescu anymore. You are right. I was obsessed with him. For a while, uncovering Niculescu was all that mattered to me. I don't know why, but you've got to help me now. There's still time, Mara.
Aramov: Ivankov?
Gabe: Help me, Mara. Tell me where he is.

Kiev, Ukraine: Chechen Terrorist Base

I'm Sorry Gabe

Zurich, Switzerland: Niculescu Funds Tower

Police cars swarm the streets around the building.

Niculescu: Of course they didn't find anything! There was NOTHING to find! I CAN'T be touched, and you KNOW it! If Logan's behind this, I WANT him! You understand me?... Talk! What are you saying? HOW could she escape?! What in the hell is going on?! Where is Logan?!

Berlin, Germany: Agency European Command Center

Gabe: The base is well guarded from the north and east. Team 2 will have to be especially cautious.
Lian: How many troops are we dealing with?
Gabe: She didn't know. But assume the worst. Ivankov will have his best men concentrated within the base itself. It really won't matter how many there are.
Stone: How much time we got?
Teresa: None. The deadline given by the Politbureau is tomorrow at midnight. We have to stop Ivankov before then.
Gabe: This is what we've been waiting for. Let's go.
Lian: Gabe, wait! I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry. You were right. If you hadn't gone to Zurich, you may never have found Ivankov's base.
Gabe: No, Lian. You're the one who was right. I didn't go for the right reasons. I got very lucky. But don't worry. My head's clear now. I know exactly what we have to do.

Ukraine Military Base: Kiev, Ukraine

Ivankov: Что-то не так я это чуствую. Я меняю график. Мы должны начать процедуру запуска немедленно. Нужно чтобы в нижних туннелях все немедленно переоделись в противопожарные костюмы. Вы четверо. Мои старшие офицеры. Люди выполняющие свой долг товарищи, я этого не боюсь. Когда наступает конец, мы все готовы умереть за наше дело. Мы не допустим, чтобы смерти Жидкова, Пуликовского и Ющенко оказались напрасными. (Something is wrong, I can feel it. I am moving up the time table. We are to begin the launch sequence immediately. I want everyone in the lower tunnels to change into fire suits immediately. You four are my top officers. The men will do their duty, comrades, I do not fear for that. When the end comes, we are all prepared to die for the cause. We will not let Zhidkov, Pulikovsky and Yushchenko's deaths be in vain.)
Lieutenants: За наше дело! (For the cause!)

Mission: Codifying Satellite Communications

Gabe: All right. Everyone's in position. I'm entering from the north and I'm going straight into the silo.
Stone: Good luck. All right. Let's do this by the numbers. Taking targets carefully.

Lian: Remember, our primary goal here is to disable and destroy that missile. You have the information Gabe bought back from Montenegro, if you see Ivankov or his top four lieutenants... eliminate them.

Gabe: Stone, start setting those explosives. Once this missile is disabled, I want to get the team out of here quickly.
Stone: Already on it.

Lian: Vladik Savin. He's another one of Ivankov's lieutenants.

Stone: They goes the alert. Well, no more mister nice guy. Time to tear them up and spit them out!

Lian: Good work. Savin is eliminated.
Stone: Dammit... Stay some for me!

Stone: We need you to find Ivankov's helipad and disable his bird. I don't even want him thinking about getting out of here.

Lian: That's Petrenko.

Lian: Petrenko down.
Stone: Giddy up.

Gabe: All the underground access doors are shutdown. I'm going to find a bypass system and see if I can get them open. Wait for my signal before you try to come down.

Lian: That's Ivankov's tank commander, Ushakov. Eliminate him!

Lian: Good work. Gabe, Ushakov is down.
Gabe: Good work. Keep it up.

Stone: Shit... I'm feelin' like a schoolgirl here. Pinned down by fire in the west hangar. Gotta get some backup.

Stone: I can use some supporting fire here. I got a shitstorm here! You hear me?!

Stone: Good work compadre. Let's kick some ass.

Stone: Get over there and disable that chopper. Ivankov ain't going nowhere.

Lian: Chopper is disabled.
Stone: Good work kid. Now go kill some spetsnaz.

Stone: I need you to get to the brig. I'm going to carry Alima out of here and I need some covering fire.

Stone: Lian, I've got Alima. I'm carrying her to the LZ.
Lian:  We've got an IV and med kits standing by.

Stone: Damn it! I said get over here. Nevermind... I'll carry her out without any help.

Stone: Allright, good job. Let's get her outta here.

Stone: Made it. They'll take care of you.
Gina: Oh my God. She's looks bad.
Lian: She'll be allright. Let me work.
Stone: You will take care of her?
Lian: She'll be fine, now get back to work Stone.

Stone: I'm headin' outside the fence. Gonna work my way around to the other side of the compound to set explosives. See if I can keep myself out of trouble. You get back to work.

Gabe: Stone, I found Yushchenko's store of viral containers. Sending an LOC to your PDA now. Make sure you plant one of the explosives there.
Stone: Yes Sir. Blownin' stuff up, I get right on it.

Lian: That's Leonov.

Lian: Good work. Gabe, Leonov is eliminated.
Gabe: Keep it up. We getting closer.

Lian: Leonov heading for the chopper. Stop him from escaping.

Lian: Don't let Leonov get away.

Leonov: Давайте убираться отсюда. (Let's get out of here)
CDP soldier: Система управления вертолётом повреждена. (The chopper's guidance controls are damaged)
Leonov: Задержи их. Поторопись. (Fix them, hurry)

Leonov: Отрегулируй управление полётом! (Fix the flight controls)
CDP soldier: Мы пытаемся их починить. (Working on them)

Lian: They trying to fix the flight controls. You have to take them out before they get it fixed.

Leonov: Поторопись! (Hurry up)
CDP soldier: Я этим занимаюсь, перестаньте на меня кричать! (I'm doing it, stop yelling at me)

CDP soldier: Почти починили. (Almost fixed)

CDP soldier: Теперь очень близко. (Very close now)

CDP soldier: Всё, починили. Давай! Давай! (There, they are fixed! GO, GO, GO)

Leonov: Теперь вы до нас не доберётесь. (Now you can't touch us)

Leonov fly away

Lian: They fix chopper controls, Leonov is getting away.
Gabe: Dammit...

Leonov crashed

Lian: Leonov is down.
Stone: Good work partner.

Gabe: I found the access bypass swhich. The doors to the underground compound should be open now.

Gabe: The missiles moving into launch position. Get to its launch control before it reaches the launch platform. We can't let it launch. Move it people.

Gabe: I've confirm that Mara wasn't lying. The warhead on this thing is live. Repeat, this is a live nuke!

Lian: Oh my god Gabe, they found where Ivankov was hiding his computer files.
Gabe: Awesome work.
Lian: Elsa and Lawrence we'll be glad to hear this.

Gabe: We need you guys in here now!

Gabe: If we don't stop this missile from launching. A lot of people are going to die.

Gabe: I'm working on the missiles guidance controls. If we can't stop it from launching, at least we can stop it from hitting Moscow. I need some cover fire.

Gabe: Great job! We've done it. Now let's blow this place to hell.

If Missile is launched

CDP soldier: Десять. Девять. Восемь. Семь. Шесть. Пять. Четыре. Три. Два. Один. Пуск! (Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Lift off!)

Gabe: Dammit! The missile's launching.
Lian: Oh my God... we can't stop it?
Gabe: No. I damaged the onboard controls enough so it won't hit Moscow. But it's going to hit somewhere.

Gabe: Time to get out of here. Stone, those explosives set?
Stone: All ready to go, Chief.
Gabe: Everyone to LZ2! Lian, come get us!
Lian: Roger that. On my way.

Mission: Personal Data Assistant radio transmissions

Gabe: Take out commanders, used silenced weapons

Gabe: You're on ground control. Use silenced weapons when possible. Take out as many guards you can without alerting them to our presence. Target their commanders. If we can take them out early, we can hurt morale when the firefight breaks out.

Lian: Chopper Pad

Lian: That's Ivankov's helipad, be careful. Leonov might still be around there somewhere. Look for the flight control gyro and disable it. Leonov will think that chopper work until he tries to take off, then... they'll have a surprise waiting for them.

Stone/Gabe: Haddad in the brig

Stone: Thank god, its Alima. I found Alima and Ivankov's brig.
Gabe: Alima, is she alive?
Stone: It looks like it, but she looks pretty bad. They must've brought her here from the chateau. Looks like she's been tortured non-stop. Don't worry hun. We gonna get you out of here. I'm carrying her out. Get over here and give me some cover.

Lian/Stone: Alima's condition

Lian: Alima is beat up pretty badly. Heavy trauma to the head, torso, dehydration, lacerations, contusions. She's lost a lot of blood.
Stone: She gonna make it?
Lian: I honestly don't know. Vital signs aren't good I've stabilized her but that's all I can do for now.
Stone: I'm gonna kill 'em all!

Gabe/Lian/Stone: Gabe near missile silo

Gabe: I'm in the missile approach tunnel. They must had moved their time table for launch. Its being prepped now.
Lian: Oh my God...
Gabe: No need to panic yet, but it's time to take off the white claws. I need you down here.
Stone: Roger that. On the way.

Mission: Characters quotes

CDP Soldiers

  • Давайте убираться отсюда. (Let's get out of here)
  • Они в туннелях! (They're in the tunnels)
  • После тебя! (Behind you)
  • Подкрепление! (Back up)
  • Мне нужна помощь! (Covering fire)
  • Они в туннелях! (They're in the tunnels)
  • Они окало вертолёта! (They're by the chopper)
  • Он в ангаре! (He's in the hangar)
  • Убейте их! (Kill them)
  • Остановите их! (Stop them)
  • Хватайте их! (Get them)
  • Они на подъёмном кране! (They're in the gantry)
  • На ракете! Остановите их! (On the missile! Stop them)
  • Они окало тюрьмы! (They're near the brig)
  • У них есть пленник! (They have the prisoner)
  • Не дайте им сбежать! (Don't let them escape)
  • Идёт запуск ракеты. (The missile's launching)
  • Убери это с дороги! (Get out of the way)
  • Я не подпущу их близко. (I'll keep them at away)
  • Попробуйте мой пулемёт тупые американцы! (Eat my machinegun fire, stupid Americans)
  • Я их взорву. (I'll blow them up)
  • Да. (Yes)

Gary Stoneman

  • Give me some covering fire.
  • Could use a little help here.
  • Shit.
  • Damn it, give me some backup here.
  • Over there. Get him!
  • Over here.
  • Move it!
  • Assholes and elbows!
  • Holy shit!
  • Damn bastards.
  • I'm gonna set her down for a second. Cover me.
  • Almost there.
  • Made it.

Gabe Logan

  • Give me some covering fire.
  • Keep those guys off me while I get to this guidance system.
  • Missiles moving down the tunnel. I could use some help here.
  • Where are you guys at?
  • Soldier up there! Get him!
  • There's Ivankov. Kill him.
  • We need you guys in here now!
  • Fire!
  • The missiles launching. Clear out.
  • Get out of here! Move!
  • They're wearing fire protection suits. Aim for their oxygen tanks.
  • Behind me.
  • Up there! Attack!
  • Down there. Don't let them get around you.

Mission: Online and Unused dialogs

NOTE: Following list of dialogs were absent from this mission for one of these reasons:

  • They just was unused
  • They are occur in Online play only
  • They might be used in another mission, while files was store in this one
  • I've not been able to hear or find them (maybe you can do?)

So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs - add them to appropriate category.

Stone/Gina/Lian: Stone update

Stone: I'm working my way through the east courtyard now. More this CDP guys that ticks on a mule.
Gina: Feeling a little rambunctious Stone?
Lian: Come on you guys, can't the chatter.

Gina: Intercepted Radio Message

Gina: Listen to this.
CDP Soldier: Я смываюсь отсюда. (I'm getting out of here)
Ivankov: Вероломный ублюдок, я сам тебя и убью! (Traitorous bastard, I will kill you myself)
CDP Soldier: Безумный идиот, ты сражаешься до конца. Я останусь в живых, чтобы сразиться в другой раз. (You fight to the death, you crazy lunatic. I will live to fight another day)

Gabe/Lian/Gina/Stone: Alima found alive

Lian: Oh my god! Gabe, they've found Alima!
Gabe: Alima?! Alive?
Gina: Thank god. (spanish) 
Lian: Appears to be. But she looks pretty bad.
Stone: Thank god she's alive. You stay there and guard her. I'm on my way.

Gabe: Stop doors from opening

Gabe: Find the controls of those doors and stop them from opening. It might take more than one of you.

Stone: Listen up. By the time you're through with that front courtyard, I don't want a single CDP soldier breathing nature's clean air. You got that?

Stone: You're gonna have to get all. If this place goes on alert before we're ready, it's gonna be hell to pay.

Stone: You didn't eliminate all of the soldiers like I asked. You're gonna disappoint old uncle Stone.

Stone: You got enough of them. Move on.

Stone: Never mind, I disabled the chopper myself. Thanks for being on top of that.

Stone: Ain't waitin' anymore. Come get me you son uv bitches! Well that was ugly. You could use some help with that one.
Lian: You're okay, Stone?
Stone: Just VT. Headin' down now.

Stone: I need you sit there and guard Alima until I get there.

Stone: Dammit! I said wait there for me! If anythin' happen to this little gal, I'm gonna tearing you a new one.

Stone: Allright. Good job. Let's get her outta here.

Stone: I'm gonna carry her to the LZ. I need you to give me some cover fire while I move. Let's do it.

Stone: Dammit I said I need some cover fire!

Stone: Thanks for the help. I'm gonna carry her out to the chopper. You get back to work.

CDP soldier: Да, мы это сделали. (Yes we've done it!)

CDP soldier: До свидания простофили. (Good bye suckers!)

Ivankov: Остановите их! (Stop them)

Ivankov: Сражайтесь за родину! (Fight for the mother land)

Ivankov: Сражайтесь за Чечню. (Fight for Chechnya)

Ivankov: Боритесь, товарищи. (Fight comrades)

Ivankov: Убейте их! (Kill them)

Ivankov: Они пытаются остановить запуск. Убейте их! (They're trying to stop the launch. Kill them)

Ivankov: Он на ракете. Снимите его оттуда! (He's on the missile. Get him off of there)

Ivankov: Они на подъёмном кране ракеты. Не дайте им сбежать! (They're in the missile gantry. Don't let them escape)

Ivankov: Они пытаюся восприпятствовать открытию дверей отсека запуска. Остановите их! (They're trying to keep the launch bay doors from opening. Stop them)

Ivankov: Что там происходит? (What is going on up there)

Ivankov: Где Леонов? (Where is Leonov)

Ivankov: Где мои офицеры? (Where are my officers)

Ivankov: В ваших противопожарных костюмах. (Into your fire protection suits)

Ivankov: Это Логан. Убей его! (It's Logan, kill him)

Is It Finally Over?

Ukraine Military Base: Kiev, Ukraine

The Agency copter flies away from the headquarters, which explodes in the background.

Lian: We clear it all. Awesome work guys.


Sacrifice For Moscow?

Lian: We should have stopped that missile from launching!
Gabe: The missile will miss Moscow! I made sure of that. We just saved ten million people's lives. That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Lian (VO): Those lives to be sacrificed for the lives of Moscow...

Nuclear explosion.

Warren: I have to attend a summit meeting next week to see if I can stop a war. Close up shop and come home. After everything's settled down, we'll... talk about where to go next.
Gabe: Yes Mr. President.
Lian: He doesn't sound happy.
Gabe: No he doesn't. The world's barely been saved from a nuclear war. There's gonna be more than just one type of fallout to deal with.

Ten Million Saved

Gabe: We just saved the lives of over ten million people. Not bad for a night's work.
Stone: Hell yeah!
Gabe: We couldn't have done it without you.
Warren (VO): That one hell of a ceremony planned here in Washington. And another one in Moscow. Close up shop and come home, after everything's settled down, we'll talk about this new facility for your Agency.
Gabe: Yes, Mr. President.

Doesn't Look Good

Teresa: Here's the latest WHO reports. Doesn't look good.
Gabe: You did the best you could. Where's Dr. E?
Lawrence: She has not yet returned from the Special Council at the World Health Organisation.
Gabe: Tell her to see me when she gets back.
Lian: I wonder if this will ever be over.
Gabe: Listen to me. We've stopped Ivankov. That's all that matters.

The Cure Is Working

Teresa: Here's the latest reports from the IRC. The cure is working.
Lawrence: A small price to pay. We would not have been able to find the cure without everyone's help.
Gabe: Where is Dr. E?
Lawrence: She has not yet returned from the Special Council at the World Health Organisation. I have not heard from her for some days.
Gabe: Have her come see me when she gets back. I wanna congratulate her in person.
Lian: So it's really over this time? It's hard to believe.
Gabe: Without the Syphon Filter virus to fight, what do we do?
Lian: I'm sure something will come up.

Going Home

Stone: Come on darlin'. Let's go get your gear.
Alima: Thanks Stone. It's good to be going home.
Teresa: Hey, you! We're supposed to be getting ready for a party! Let's move it. Goodbye guys.

Outside the base, Gabe places his arm on Lian.

Gabe: Where's Dr. Elsa? Damn it!

Clear Those Accounts

Niculescu: Yes, sell it! I want to transfer all my bioware holdings! Do it, now! Yes, all of them! There are always opportunities, Mr. Logan. Always.

I Am Always Ready

Niculescu: Where are the funds? How did they get into the computer system?

Intercut with his office door which is thrown open. A man walks towards Niculescu's desk.

Man: There is a problem...

He goes towards Niculescu, a pistol in his hands raised at the art collector.
Niculescu: Yes, of course... Don't let me keep you. I'm always ready...
Man: I doubt that... very much.

I Forgot To Mention

Birchim: Don't think you've gotten away with anything, Logan. You may have the President fooled but not me.
Gabe (VO): I found something interesting I forgot to mention. It seems a Washington official has a Swiss account with more than three million euros in it...

As he speaks the door is thrown open and a pair of men enter. Birchim rises.

Birchim: What's this all about?! I've done nothing! What... What're you doing?!
Man 1: Alex Birchim?! We have a federal warrant for your arrest under the Homeland Security-

Second man holds up a document. First man moves to apprehend Birchim.

Birchim: Homeland Security?! I... I demand to see the President... I demand to see my attorney! I demand-
Gabe (VO): Goodbye, Birchim.
Man 1: Under the provisions of the Homeland Security Act you do not have the right to an attorney!

Omega Strain Credits

Credits Roll while Elsa Weissenger walks away.

Good Night Sweetheart

Aramov: Yes. I'll think about it but I cannot make promises. I think perhaps I'm through making promises. Goodbye. 
Aramov (Gabe's letter): Dear Mara, I just wanted to thank you for your help. Without it I'm sure a lot of innocent people would have died. I've enclosed a copy of the deal you have signed with the Myanmar army which resulted in the deaths of 291 innocent people, including my friend, Imani Gray. I wanted to let you retire as we discussed... But in the end the price was too high. I know you'll understand. Signed - Gabe Logan.
Stone (VO): Goodnight, sweetheart.

Demo Trailer 1

Crush: ETA 1 minute.
Lian: I'm worried, Gabe. You're letting this get to you!
Gabe: Someone's behind this.
Teresa (VO): That's Russian for White Tower.
Gabe: Lian, you go to Tokyo. Take Imani with you. Stone. You're with me. Someone's behind this.

Demo Trailer 2

Niculescu: The new virus appears rather unstable.

We see Jandran's assistant dead on a table. Intercut to show the Syphon Filter viron under a microscope.
Gabe: This threat is growing.

We see Carthage, Michigan: Quarantine Zone as it appears at the beginning of the cutscene. Intercut to show the Niculescu funds tower at the start of the game.
Broussard: The situation has changed! This thing is out of control.

Intercut to show two agents inside the IPCA building while Broussard speaks. Change to the Murukawa tower rooftop.
Lawrence: Events are becoming complicated.

Intercut to show Niculescu standing at a window near his table.
Niculescu: Ivankov has decided to go into business for himself.

Intercut to show the Ukraine terrorist base. Slam to show the mill in Belarus.
Lawrence: We may all be in grave danger.

The arm of a body drops to the ground somewhere in Italy. We see Imani with a pistol drawn somewhere in Carthage.
Imani: Let's take them out. Find those viral containers.
Stone: You've gotta 'em stop if possible. We might need him alive.
CDP soldier: Пошли! Пошли! (Move! Move!)
Pulikovsky: В Криворожстали что-то не в порядке. (Something has gone wrong at Krivorozhstal.)
Warren: Threat of global biological war, will of course, will affect us all.
Gabe: We're the only ones who have a chance to stop it.
Crush: ETA 1 minute.
Teresa: Damn, someone's running a deep-sea salvage operation.
Niculescu: There are always opportunities Mr. Logan. Always.
Zohar: That's the deal, Logan. Take it or leave it.
Gabe: Alright Zohar.
Lian: Gabe you can't! You're gonna jeopardize the entire agency!
Gabe: This is something I have to do myself.
Lawrence: A nuclear device on this vessel will detonate in one hour! You have until then to make your escape!
Lian: This is gonna push him over the edge.
Niculescu: I can't be touched, and you know it!
Gabe: I've failed.



Field Agent

No comment on this one

Investigative Agent

Imani: You've earned your first rank. Good job.

Intelligence Agent

Imani: You've achieved your second rank. The next tier of ranks are all officer level. Good work.

Field Officer

Teresa: You've achieved officer level command. The next eight rank grades are all officer level. That's pretty cool.

Investigative Officer

Teresa: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Intelligence Officer

Teresa: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Field Research Specialist

Teresa: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Investigative Research Specialist

Teresa: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Intelligence Research Specialist

Teresa: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Field Analyst Specialist

Teresa: You've earned an additional rank. You're getting pretty high up in The Agency now.

Investigative Analyst Specialist

Teresa: You've earned an additional rank. You're getting pretty high up in The Agency now.

Intelligence Analyst Specialist

Teresa: You've earned the highest non command officer rank we have. Pretty soon you'll be giving me orders.

Field Supervisor

Lian: You've achieved the commander level IPCA ranks. The next five rank grades are all commander. Excellent work.

Investigative Supervisor

Lian: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Intelligence Supervisor

Lian: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Field Operations Commander

Lian: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Investigative Operations Commander

Lian: You've earned a new rank. Good job.

Intelligence Operations Commander

Lian: You were in the highest commander level rank we have. Next up are the operations level commanders. Do you have what it takes?

Assistant Chief of Operations

Gabe: You've achieved operations level command. That's a very impressive achievement.

Deputy Chief of Operations

Gabe: Congratulations. You've earned a new rank.

Chief of Operations

Gabe: You've earned an additional rank. Very difficult to do with this level of command. Congratulations.

Commander in Chief

Gabe: You've earned the highest rank possible in the IPCA. Congratulations.


Combat Specialist 1

Stone: Combat specialist. Sounds like something a pencil pusher would come up with. But I like what it stands for. Being in this business is sometimes no different than being a town marshal in the Old West, it's all about using your guns. You've earned your first combat rating. Keep it up.

Combat Specialist 2 / 3

Stone: This is an upgrade to your combat specialist rating. Good work.

Combat Specialist 4

Stone: This is one of the hardest ratings to earn in this agency. I'll take my hat off to you but my head would get cold. Let me salute you instead.

Combat Knife Specialist 1

Lian: One of my specialties has always been knives. Throwing knives and bladed weapons in general. Part of my training in Pai Lum Kung Fu. I'm very pleased to present you your first combat knife specialist rating. Good work.

Combat Knife Specialist 2 / 3

Lian: This is an upgrade to your combat knife specialist rating. Congratulations.

Combat Knife Specialist 4

Lian: I'm impressed. This is a very difficult rating to earn. Won't be long before you're as good with knives as I am. Excellent work.

Combat Sharp Shooter 1

Stone: I do a lot of kidding around about stuff. But this is one area I take deadly serious. You want to be a sniper. A good one. You have to work at it. Leave your nerves of the door and put your cojones in your backpack. This rating proves you're on your way to being one of the best we've got. Keep it up.

Combat Sharp Shooter 2 / 3

Stone: This is an upgrade to your combat sharpshooter rating. Keep the target in your sights.

Combat Sharp Shooter 4

Stone: Alright damn it I'm taking my hat off to you cold air or not and I'm saluting you. This is a hard rating to earn and I'm proud to give it to you. Wear it with pride. And don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes.

Non-Lethal Force Specialist 1

Lawrence: The effective use of non-lethal force is an important part of your training and experience. I am pleased that you know this and have taken it upon yourself to earn this rating. It is proof that you realize that violence, while necessary, is not always the only way.

Non-Lethal Force Specialist 2 / 3

Lawrence: This is an upgrade to your non-lethal force rating. I am very pleased. Continue the good work.

Non-Lethal Force Specialist 4

Lawrence: I have not been so pleased in a very long time. It is not often that I am given the opportunity to present this elite award. And it is with great pleasure that I do so. Congratulations.

Tactical Explosives Specialist 1

Stone: Hey don't get any sweeter than this. Blowin' shit up and gettin' paid to do it. This rating has got to be the most popular one I give out. Everyone likes tactical explosives. Wear this patch with pride.

Tactical Explosives Specialist 2 / 3

Stone: This is an upgrade to your tactical explosives rating. Good work and keep them flyin'.

Tactical Explosives Specialist 4

Stone: Now to earn this elite rating you had to have blown up half the globe about three times. Not sure if we should encourage folks like you. Or lock you up. Here it is. Go make them jealous.

Team Etticiency Specialist 1

Teresa: Working together as a team is one of the toughest things to do it seems. Guess there are just too many cowboys and cowgirls who want to do things their way. But this rating proves you've learned how. Keep it up.

Team Etticiency Specialist 2 / 3

Teresa: This is an upgrade to your team efficiency rating. Good work.

Team Etticiency Specialist 4

Teresa: This truly is one of the rarest Agency ratings. Great job. I don't do salutes or anything. I could hug you.

Special Ratings

Bio-data Retrieval Expert

Elsa: I often think of my agency grade and clearance level as being almost honorary so, I'm often surprised when I'm put in a position to give out ratings or awards. But, you have earned this one. Bio-data Retrieval is very important in our work. Continue to excel and gratulations.

Computer Information Expert

Teresa: Seems like I'm getting old to wussy awards to hand out this time. Computer Information Expert? Geez hello Gabe I do know how to shoot a gun! Okay sorry. Here you've earned this rating by proving you're as big a geek as me. Congrats.

Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination

Stone: Huh, damn... Teresa wrote the name for this rating just so I couldn't say it. Special Agency Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert. Let's see you say that three times fast. But you've earned it. More than that, you've proven to me that you do rate. Welcome to the world of the elite sniper.

Stealth Operations Expert

Lian: The stealth operations rating is very difficult to earn. Only 5% of the agents working for us have earned it. Wear it with pride.

Military Tactics Expert

Stone: Oh now this is more like it. A badge that proves you know how to blow shit up! I like it. You wear it with honor now. And make all the Greenes wish they had won.

Elite Combat Expert

Stone: Any badge or ratings got the word combat in it and it's mine to give out. Guess they think I'm some kind of old warhorse. Like one of those retired generals got nothing better to do than stand around thumping his chest and smoking cigars. Ahh what the hell. To earn this rating, you first had to earn every other elite rating The Agency has to offer. Not an easy thing to do. This proves you are one of the elite. I'm proud to work with you.

Field Efficiency Expert

Teresa: Being good is important. Being good and fast is more important. This rating proves you've learned that. A tough rating to earn. You'll be the envy of all the agents who see you wearing this patch. Congrats.

Survival Tactics Expert

Lawrence: My respect for human life extends far beyond my own. But that does not mean that I have left behind the need for self-preservation. Far from it. To be effective in this profession, you must learn to complete your missions with as little injury to yourself as possible. And in this, you have excelled admirably. I present you with this rating.

Unused Award

Stone: So you think you might know something about being a hitman. You know how to find a mark, take a shot,
get in, get out. Well, maybe. This rating shows me you're workin' on it. Keep it up. We'll see if you really do rate.


Gray, Imani

Imani: You've earned my respect and the respect of the entire team. It is a great pleasure that I award you this certificate of commendation, for duties and performance while under my command. I look forward to working with you again. Congratulations.

Stoneman, Gary

Stone: What more can I say that I haven't said already? I don't care much for fancy ribbons and doily Awards. No piece of paper or medal is gonna make you something you're not. But what the hell. One of these might help you get elected someday. Or your grandkid can take it to show and tell. So I'm giving you this commendation. You don't got no choice about it. It's yours.

Ehud Ben Zohar

Zohar: So we meet again so soon. Yes, I had some difficulty with your superiors. But I have been given permission to give you this commendation from my government. You have earned it many times over. Farewell my friend! May our paths cross again.

Powers, Maggie

Maggie: The Queen herself has asked me to present this to you in her stead. Our government would like to present you with this commendation in recognition of your professional demeanor and outstanding achievement in the execution of your duties. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mujari, Lawrence

Lawrence: There are many qualities I look for in a person. Kindness. Humanity. Thoughtfulness. But I realized that in this profession, one must also be agile. Quick. Decisive. You have proven to me that you possess all of the above. I am therefore pleased to present you with this commendation. Congratulations.

Lipan, Teresa

Teresa: I'm just a desk jockey this time out so I don't get to give many fancy awards and medals, so let me enjoy it. I've been giving you instructions for almost this entire mission. And you've always done your best. But the work you did for me in Zurich was exceptional. So I'm giving you a commendation. Don't expect to raise or anything though, budgets kind of tight. Maybe a better parking place. I'll see.

Xing, Lian

Lian: I've been on many difficult missions. And have worked with some of the best people in the business. And I can honestly say that you have performed admirably and all that I've asked you to do. I'm giving you this commendation. It will become a permanent part of your record. And will be a testament from now on. As to your skill, bravery, and conduct. Thank you.

Logan, Gabe

Gabe: As you know, I don't give out praise lightly. I want members of my team to think about their job the way I do. I don't expect thanks for doing my job, I do it because it has to be done. That said, I'm giving you a commodation for your work under my direct command. You've earned it.


Medal of Distinction

Warren: During the Civil War, Congress passed by unanimous resolution the following bill. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That the President of the United States be and he is hereby authorized to: create a Medal of distinction. To be prepared with suitable emblematic devices and to direct that the same be presented in the name of the Congress to such persons as shall most distinguished themselves by their gallantry in action and other soldier-like qualities. Your commanding officer, Gabriel Logan has offered me more than sufficient evidence, that you have met these requirements. And it is with great pleasure that I present you with this medal of distinction. The American people are grateful for your service. Thank you.

Agency Medal of Valor

Gabe: The IPCA Medal of Valor is the highest award that I can bestow. Earning it, means you've gone far beyond the call of duty. And have accomplished everything that I or anyone else have asked of you. You have achieved the highest possible clearance level. The highest grade. And have earned every award accommodation and rating which this agency has to offer. A truly rare and remarkable achievement. In addition to this medal, I offer you my respect. And desalute.

Stone's Medal of Courage

Stone: Yeah like I said, I'm not much for medals. I earned this medal of courage in 'Nam. Would have refused it said my dear old mom wanted it for her china hutch. Put it right next to all the medals the old man earned in WW's. Now I'm glad I took it. Because I'm giving it to you. Some folks think I'm gettin' too old for this business. Well maybe I am. Ten years ago I would have pulled your ass out of the fire. Probably more than twice. It's true. No one lives forever. But the only way I'm retiring is in a body bag. Here. Take this. Like I said, it's what I got to give that means the most to me. I want you to have it.

Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute

Imani: Gabe sent me this to pass along to you. The citizens of Michigan don't have any idea who we are of course, but the chief of the Carthage Police wasn't gonna give up until he knew who saved the lives of his men. He ended up sending this medal along with his thanks to the feds in Washington, who forwarded it to the President, who well you get the idea. I'll read the letter he sent. I am praying that my efforts are not in vain and that this award and my thanks arrive at the person or persons, who saved the lives of my men. The police exemplary service tribute is only awarded for service, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency that serves as a model for others. I'm very pleased to present it to you. Thank you. And God bless. That's it. Good work.

Homeland Security Citation

Warren: These are trying times. And we are forced to fight a different kind of war. The kind of war that our grandfathers could never have dreamed of. I am grateful that we have public servants, such as yourself, willing to put their lives on the line for the freedoms and security of our country. It is my distinct honor to present you with this Homeland Security citation. Thank you.

Ellison Warner Award

Levy: I'm presenting this award to you for the service you provided in helping ensure the safety of the civil Airways. The threat of terrorism from ground launched missiles is by far the largest growing threat to civil aviation today. Your work has probably saved hundreds of innocent lives. On behalf of the international aviation Association, I present you with this medal and offer my thanks.

Karkadann, Alima's Unicorn Charm

Alima: What can I say you know? You've done a lot for me. My mom, she was so freaked when she found out I hadn't croaked. I owe it all to you. These are pretty tough times you know. I mean for people like my mom, who don't speak English so good and... being from the Middle East. Anyway. I want you to have this. It hasn't brought me a lot of luck. Maybe it will do better for you. Thank you.

Republic of Korea Service Award

Lian: Our embassy in Korea wanted me to forward this to you. It's the Republic of Korea service medal. It was initially created by the South Korean government in 1951 to honor all United Nations troops who battled the Communist aggressors during the Korean War. After 48 years, the medal was finally approved by the Department of Defense. It is also awarded to persons of note for exemplary duty to the Korean people. The Prime Minister sends along a note with his regrets that... he couldn't deliver it in person. Congratulations.

South African Freedom Medal

Lawrence: For many years I fought against apartheid in my homeland. Long years of injustice, hatred and murder. Have given me a certain perspective on the sanctity of human life. In our work, I understand that men must die. But through your actions you have proven to me that you respect innocent human life as much as I. For this I am giving you something that was given to me by the president of South Africa himself. The South African freedom medal. It is the highest award that can be given to a man in South Africa. Keep it with honor. As I have done before you.

President's Official Liberty Award

Warren: In 1945 President Truman established the presidential medal to recognize exceptional meritorious service by private citizens during World War 2. The medal was reintroduced in 1963 by President Kennedy, as a means of honouring distinguished civilian service in peacetime. While these days can hardly be thought of as times of peace, your distinguished service has moved us one step closer to removing those factions that would force a terrorist war upon us. The Presidential Medal is our nation's highest civil award. And I present it to you with your country's gratitude.

Great Lakes Service Medal

Teresa: This was just delivered to our office via our liaison in Washington for did from Michigan. It's a letter from the governor. Let me read it. The Great Lakes service medal is the highest distinction which my state government can bestow. As the governor, I speak for every Michigan citizen when I present you with this medal and offer my sincere thanks for services performed. That's pretty cool. Good job.

Kinshi Kunsho: Order of the Golden Dragon

Harada: Japanese speech

The Golden Cross of Russia

Yadin: In 1939 the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium established the Golden Cross of Russia. It is presented to heroes of Russia. Together with my country's highest award, the Order of Lenin and diploma of the President of Russia, the title of hero of Russia is conferred on person for services to the state. Involving heroic behavior and an individual, or collective basis. I am honored to present this to you. On behalf of the people of Russia.

Mossad Friend to Peace Medal

Zohar: Glad to see you my friend. Speaking on behalf of the Mossad, I present this medal to you with our deepest appreciation and gratitude. You have done much to rid the world of terrorism! And to provide stability to our troubled region of the world. May peace be upon you.

United Nations Peace Award

Elsa: As you know, Lawrence and I have worked very hard to find and develop a cure for The Omega Strain of the Syphon Filter virus. When we were awarded the United Nations Peace Award, we discussed it and agreed completely that it should be shared with those who helped us achieve it.
Lawrence: Indeed without your diligent work in the field there would be no cure. And my life, as well as the lives of millions of others, would have been forfeit.
Elsa: So, please except this award and our thanks.
Lawrence: You have done well.

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