This page is dedicated to having a complete and written transcript of all dialogues in Syphon Filter. The page will include cutscenes, radio transmissions, conversations and all possible dialogue spoken by particular characters in battle or specific situations.

Each mission has the following sub-sections:

Main plot: all dialogues spoken during the main story line, including cutscenes and all possible alternative conversations.
Wrong actions: all dialogues spoken during mission failure or an action which contradicts the main story.
Character quotes: all lines spoken by specific characters during battles.
Unused: all unused dialogues which supposedly should have been used in this mission.

Depending on the mission, some sub-sections can be missing.


Training Video

Lian: Gabe, this is a quick primer on the basic controls you need to complete your mission. Pay attention and you might stay alive. Use your D-Pad to move around the environment. By pressing L1 in conjunction with the D-pad, you can aim your weapons for accurate fire. Different weapons have different aim modes. When aiming with the sniper rifle, you can hit the Triangle Button to zoom in, and the Circle Button to zoom out. Tap the Select Button to quickly switch the next weapon, or hold Select down and press L2 or R2 to cycle back and forth between weapons. Press Start to pause the game and access the interface. Here you can change game options, access level maps, and most importantly, check your current mission objectives and parameters. Pay attention to these; fail any of them and it's Game Over. Triangle is your interaction button. Use it to kick open doors, activate switches, climb over obstacles, jump up to ledges and perform other actions. You'll also use this button to accept incoming transmissions. Hit Square to fire. Your likelihood of hitting your target increases the closer you are, the more directly you face the target and the longer you stand still. With your weapons training, you should be able to take on a battalion of terrorists, but always remember the first rule of combat, Gabe: sometimes it's smarter to run than fight. When you need cover from enemy fire or better aim to hit a target, kneel by holding X. You can also use X with the D-Pad to crouch and walk. This maneuver will keep you silent and out of sight, perfect for stealth missions, and you can also use it to climb down over ledges. Hit the Circle Button to roll. This is an excellent defensive move that can keep you one step ahead of an enemy's fire. You can also use the D-Pad to control the direction of your roll. R1 is your target lock button. Hit it, and a targeting cursor will draw itself around the nearest enemy. Hold it, and the camera will always point towards that enemy, allowing you to aim and fire at him no matter what you're doing. Master this skill if you want to live. Strafe by holding L2 or R2. If you're good, you can also use the D-Pad at the same time to maneuver through any tight spots. A few closing bits of advice: if you're outnumbered, run. If you're unnoticed, sneak. And if you've got the shot, take it. Make yourself an easy target for those terrorists and you'll wind up dead.

Main plot: Intro

Guacimo, Costa Rica
Caribbean Rain Forest

The screen pans down over the jungle of Guacimo, going inside of a plantation. The scene shows Erich Rhoemer and Mara Aramov standing over a kneeling Ellis, while Anton Girdeux walks around with his Flamethrower.

Rhoemer: They are coming! Go! Torch it! Burn it all!
Girdeux: But... what about the serum?!

Rhoemer: (To Girdeux) Leave nothing! (To Ellis) Now, I will show you how I deal with informants. (To Mara) Finish him.
Mara: With pleasure.

Meanwhile, just a little ways away Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing are shown investigating another area in the jungle...

Gabe: These are the coordinates Ellis sent.

Gunshot ring out from the distance.

Lian: Over there!

The two run through the jungle as a helicopter is seen flying off in the distance; they arrive to find Ellis lying on the ground blood pooling from underneath his head.

Gabe: It's Ellis... executed. Lian, you find anything?
Lian: The place is torched. I don't know what they were growing, but it wasn't narcotics.
Gabe: Rhoemer knew we were coming.
Lian: So what's our next move?
Gabe: We watch for the next viral outbreak. We won't have to wait long.

Washington D.C.
The Agency

The screen pans up to the Senate Building, going inside of The Agency headquarters across the way... where Thomas Markinson sits at his desk with a Man in Shadow standing near the window while Edward Benton walks in.

Benton: Logan's report was clear enough.
Markinson: I want two additional teams assigned to this. Find Rhoemer.
Benton: I understand.
Markinson: Logan is my best agent. What do you wanna do?
Man in Shadow: Nothing. We will wait. We will wait, and see what he can discover.

Khumbu, Nepal
Sherpa Village

Cut to show Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing at the Sherpa Village, with a helicopter dropping them off while the two wear full protective suits of the CBDC.

Gabe: Our WHO contact was correct. Everyone within a hundred miles is dead.
Lian: Not everyone, this man is still alive.
Gabe: How is that possible?
Lian: It's not.


Costa Rica

Lian: Gabe, Ellis doesn't have much time, but before we can rendezvous with him, we've got to tag all of Rhoemer's shipping containers. You take the east flank, I'll take the north. Don't get caught, or Ellis' cover might be blown.

Gabe: Lian? Recon completed.

Lian: Great, I finished my sweep too. Rendezvous at the south perimeter in ten.

Gabe: Let's go, we don't have much time.

Lian: Let's go, we don't have much time.


Lian: Gabe, you've got to eliminate all the terrorists in the area. Once the site is clear, WHO choppers can land and start their operation.

Lian: Nice work, now let's see if there are any survivors.

Gabe: Lian, you've got to eliminate all the terrorists in your zone. I've got my hands full down here. Once your site is clear, WHO choppers can land and start their operation.

Gabe: Nice work, now let's see if there are any survivors.

Georgia Street

Main plot

Cutscene 1

The scene opens inside The Agency's office, specifically that of Thomas Markinson. He sits in at his desk while Edward Benton debriefs Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing of the coming operation.

Gabe: When does the operation begin?
Benton: Our intelligence within the FBI was not clear. But Rhoemer's men are already inside the subway.
Lian: Is it the same virus?
Markinson: Yes. Enough to eliminate everyoneone within a hundred miles or more.
Gabe: Procedure?
Benton: Standard intercept and eliminate. These are from our contact inside Interpol. Jenkins' team is already on search and defuse.
You are the trigger.

Video surveillance is shown of the Black Baton inside the subway.

Lian: I recognize Anton Girdeux and Mara Aramov. Who's the other one?
Benton: Pavel Kravitch, Rhoemer's Communications Expert. When you eliminate him you'll also have to destroy his Comm Uplink. You'll be dropped into the strike zone when the firefight begins. You'll have an hour to find your targets and take them out.
Gabe: Do the locals know what they're dealing with?
Benton: No.

The screen pans in as a firefight ensues between the CBDC and the Georgia Street Terrorists. Gabriel Logan is receiving a transmission from Lian Xing.

Lian: I've got an ID match for Rhoemer on Level 1. Girdeaux is on Level 2. No location yet for Kravitch and I don't see any sign of Aramov.
Gabe: Copy. I'm on my way.

If Player visits Bank first

Lian: CBDC has an agent pinned down at your location. They're requesting cover fire.

Lian: All clear Gabe.

Gabe: Lian, Rhoemer's men have lockdown the Subway entrance security gates.
Lian: You have to find the bypass switch, see if you can find the surface elevator.

If Player visits Bar "The Place" first

Lian: Gabe, CBDC has an agent pinned down in a vacant building, two blocks east of you, can you help?

Lian: Gabe, this must be where the subway security bypass switch is located. Find it, and shut it off.
Gabe: Copy. See if you can find a copy of the subway system security protocols.

Lian: You've bypassed the subway security. The ramp in the first terminal should be clear now.

Lian: Gabe! I'm getting interference! You must be near their Communications Array!
Gabe: Kravitch.

Gabe: I've taken out Kravitch and destroyed the Comm. Equipment but I don't see their uplink dish.
Lian: I'll trace it.

Lian: Rhoemer's men have set a viral bomb on level one. If you find and tag it. I'll give its location  to CBDC.
Gabe: Copy. Where's Rhoemer?
Lian: Level 2.
Gabe: I'm on my way.

Gabe: Beacon is set. Tell CBDC to get its guys down here.
Lian: Copy. They're on their way.

Lian: I've located Rhoemer. He's on the lower level arming another bomb.
Gabe: I'm moving.

Lian: Gabe what's happening?

Cutscene 2

Gabe attempts to set a beacon when he notice something's wrong with the bomb.

Gabe: I'm setting a beacon. Wait! Lian, this one's different from the others! It has a shorter timer and it looks...
Lian: Gabe, that's not viral, it's...

Gabe starts sprinting away.

Gabe: Too late!

The bomb detonates, leveling the Washington Subway.

Wrong actions

Kill CBDC Agent

Lian: Oh my god Gabe. You've killed a CBDC agent!

Shoot at bomb

Lian: Gabe, you're targeting a bomb, shooting it will set it off.

Do not cover CBDC Agent

Lian: Gabe, you were supposed to provide cover for that agent.

Bomb is triggered

Lian: I've lost contact with Logan. Setup viral containment protocols and contact FEMA.

Leaving strike area

Lian: Gabe, you're leaving the strike area. If you leave now, the mission will be a failure.

Not all objectives

Lian: Gabe you have to go back, you haven't completed your objectives.

Characters quotes

Pavel Kravitch

Kravitch speaking native language is Russian

  • Это Кравитч, мы под огнём, пришлите помощь! (This is Kravitch, we under fire, sent help!)
  • Ты никогда не поймаешь меня, Логан! (You'll never catch me, Logan!)
  • Умри! (Die!)
  • Пошевеливайтесь, давай, давай! (Keep moving, go, go!)
  • Поймайте его, вы дураки! (Catch him you fools!)
  • Убейте его! (Kill him!)

CBDC Agents

  • Check your fire!
  • Where is our damn backup!
  • Cover me!
  • Bomb disarmed.
  • Fire them up!


Only when Player throws grenades at enemies

  • Incoming!
  • You son of a...
  • Son of a...

Destroyed Subway

Main plot

The devastated subway is burning. Gabe is surrounded by fire.

Lian: Gabe! Gabe!? Are you there?
Gabe: I'm here. I'm all right.
Lian: Oh my God Gabe! I thought you'd been killed!
Gabe: Not yet. Get on the wire and tell Benton that the subway is a decoy. The main bomb is somewhere else. Where's Rhoemer?
Lian: My video feeds are dead. My last visual had Rhoemer moving towards level one. Girdeaux was moving through the main tunnel just beneath the street.
Gabe: The ramps down here have collapsed. I'll have to find another way up.

Lian: Gabe, the viral bomb you tagged on level one, CBDC can't get to it. Debris is blocking the ramp to the street.
Gabe: Tell them to stand by. I'll find some of Rhoemer's stashed explosives and clear it from my side.

Lian: That should be all the C4 you need to blow up in that passage.

Lian: Gabe, I've restored video to portions of the undestroyed subway. Rhoemer's men are moving through the main tunnel.
Gabe: Check the subway map. Where does it lead?
Lian: This branch feeds into the Washington Park line.
Gabe: That's it! Tell Jenkins to get his men to the park and exercise extreme caution. Girdeaux is there.
Lian: Benton says he'll handle it.

Lian: CBDC is on their way in.

Lian: All clear Gabe.

Lian: Gabe, Rhoemer's in the main tunnel, you can't get to it from here.

Gabe: Lian, the tunnel is blocked, the gasline is raptured.
Lian: You have to find the gas main and close it.

Gabe: Lian, I've found the gas main. I'm shutting it down.

Lian: I'm getting a message from Jenkins. Their team is in the park. They're under attack. One of the terrorists has a... Flame-thrower.
Gabe: Girdeaux...
Lian: Benton wants us to head over there, STAT.
Gabe: Tell them as soon as I take out Rhoemer, I'll be on my way.

Aramov: Hm, Logan!

Cutscene 1

Gabe: I've spotted Mara Aramov in the tunnel. I'm going after her.

Wrong actions

Not all objectives

Lian: Gabe, CBDC is still waiting for assistance, you have to blow up in a passage for them. That bomb is set to go off.

Leave strike area without bomb defusal

Lian: I've lost contact with Logan. A viral bomb has been triggered in the subway. Call FEMA and...

Main Subway Line

Main plot

Mara Aramov runs down the subway tunnel, laughing as she goes. Gabe is behind her.

Cutscene 1

Gabe: Where's Rhoemer? Where are the other bombs?
Aramov: You're too late Logan!
Gabe: We'll see...

Wrong actions

Blow the Train

Lian: Damn! You've blown the mission.

Characters quotes

Mara Aramov

  • Be a good boy and die!
  • Damn you Logan!
  • You are next Gabriel!
  • You are too late Logan!

Washington Park

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe: Lian, I'm on my way to the park. Have Benton send a team to pick up Mara Aramov. I left her wounded and unconscious in the fifth avenue tunnel, but chances are she's already on the move...
Lian: Copy.
Gabe: ..and if he hasn't alerted FEMA, he better do it
soon. Rhoemer's going to trigger the main viral device whether or not the government meets his demands.
Lian: I'm already on it. Did you get any information on the operations in the park?
Gabe: Tell Jenkins the smaller viral bombs are hidden throughout the park. Girdeaux has the main one.
Benton: Logan, this is Benton. I have a mission redirect. Jenkins team has been eliminated. I'm putting you on locate and reconn.
Gabe: Benton, what's going on?
Benton: CBDC's getting slaughtered. We need you to track down the viral devices and provide covering fire while CBDC Agents come in and disarm them.
Gabe: Copy that. I'll give them cover as long as I can. Lian, how much time until the main device detonates?
Lian: Less than an hour.
Gabe: Okay, let's do it.

Lian: I've set the pickup frequency for your beacons to niner-four-seven. CBDC is standing by.

Lian: CBDC has the signal. They're on their way. Stand by.

Lian: All clear Gabe.

Lian: I'm picking up an emergency call from CBDC... They have a hostage situation near the tennis courts. Can you help?

Lian: I've traced the signal from the Comm Array. They have an uplink dish hidden somewhere in the park. If you can find it give me a connection. I can locate their trigger man.

Lian: Gabe, all the bombs have been disarmed. Now find Girdeaux.

Gabe: Lian. Tell CBDC command that I freed the hostages. I'm back on task.
Lian: Copy. I'll let them know.

Lian: I'm getting interference. You must be right on top of their uplink dish.

Gabe: Lian, connection's complete.
Lian: I'm tracking a mobile signal just north of you, towards the Freedom Memorial in the hedge maze area.
Gabe: Check Rhoemer's file and see who he's been using as trigger man. I'll bet these bombs are set with a backup mobile detonator.
Lian: Got it! Jorge Marcos. I'm downloading his dossier into your Comm Device.
Gabe: Add him to my hit list.

Lian: Marcos must have been ghosting an entire frequency. I've got him! Girdeaux is just north of you in the Freedom Memorial building.
Gabe: That's where the main viral bomb is. Tell CBDC to stand by.

Gabe: I'm at the entrance. Tell CBDC to get their team moving.
Lian: Hurry Gabe, you don't have much time.

Wrong actions

Fail to save CBDC Agent

Gabe: Tell CBDC I failed.

Shoot at uplink dish

Lian: Gabe, don't destroy the dish, we need it to find their trigger man.

Destroy the uplink dish

Lian: Gabe, we needed to access information in that Comm array, now we can't find the trigger man. 

Timer ends

Lian: Gabe, Oh my god! It's too late, it's all over.

Characters quotes

Jorge Marcos

Marcos speaking native language is Spanish

  • Girdeaux, can you hear me?
  • This is Marcos. Send backup!
  • Muévete! (Move on!)
  • Casi... (Almost...)
  • ¡Chispas! (Sparks!)

Freedom Memorial

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Fade in to show an interior shot of the building. Girdeaux is at the top of a monument and jumps down as Gabe enters, his flamethrower igniting.

Gabe: Anton Girdeux... I hope Rhoemer's paying you enough to die for him!
Girdeux: Gabriel Logan... Always the optimist... Look around Logan! This hall contains the mosaic depicting the entire history of your country's wars and aggression. We are about to make an
addition to it!
Gabe: I don't think so Girdeaux. It ends

Lian: Gabe, Girdeaux's wearing full-body armor. You've got to find a weak spot.

Cutscene 2

Gabe starts for the exit as Girdeux, enveloped in flames, screams away.

Lian: Gabe are you alright?
Gabe: He's finished Lian. Get CBDC in here. Tell Benton I need an EVAC.
Lian: Copy that.

Characters quotes

Anton Girdeux

Girdeux speaking native language is French

  • There's nowhere to run!
  • Where are you, Logan?
  • You can't hide forever!
  • Hahahaha!
  • You can't run forever!
  • You can't win, Logan!
  • Is that the best you can do?!
  • You're going to need a bigger gun!
  • You'll have to do better than that!
  • You can't hurt me, Logan!
  • Hold still!
  • Where do you go, Logan?
  • There you are!
  • Goodbye, Logan!
  • You're going to burn!
  • Can't stand the heat, Logan?
  • Burn!
  • Not much time left!
  • Time to die now!
  • Run, all you want!
  • The clock is ticking!
  • Having fun yet?
  • Espece d'idiot! (You kind of idiot)

Expo Center Reception

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Fade in to the interior of an Agency building. Lian gives Markinson and Gabe a briefing.

Lian: We've analyzed blood taken from Rhoemer's men. It contains compounds identical to those extracted from the plants taken from Rhoemer's plantation in Costa Rica. Compounds patented by a multi-national corporation named PHARCOM. I checked with their contact in the World Health Organization. PHARCOM is also coordinating the W.H.O.'s efforts to track down these world wide viral outbreaks.
Gabe: Rhoemer's not sophisticated enough to run this kind of operation. With that arsenal he must have an enormous base of operations somewhere. Who's funding him?
Markinson: I have already had PHARCOM investigated. The final report was... inconclusive.
Gabe: Whose report?! Benton's?! The same man who coordinated our botch raid in Costa Rica? The man who got Jenkins entire team taken out? Where is Benton now?
Markinson: I've placed him on leave. Now, what do you want to do?
Lian: Phagan is hosting a reception at his exhibition center in New York tonight. I've tapped into their security files and accessed blueprints of the entire building.

Gabe looks at a picture of the PHARCOM Expo Center.

Gabe: Phagan doesn't know who I am. I'll go as a guest and plant a remote wire on him. If there's a connection, I'll find it.
Markinson: Alright. Report back to me in 24 hours. But this is not a standard intercept and eliminate operation. If Phagan is involved with Rhoemer, I want them both taken alive. If you do find a mole, eliminate him.

Camera enters the PHARCOM Expo Center. At the party, Phagan starts for an exit into a secured area. Gabe shadows him from a distance.

Gabe: Lian, something's up. Phagan's moving. I'm going to follow him.
Lian: But Gabe, his wire is coming in clear.
Gabe: I know. But I want to be there in case something is going down.
Lian: Be careful. If any of his security guards spot you outside of the reception area, Phagan will know you're here.
Gabe: I won't let anyone see me.

Lian: Phagan's heading for the Stonehenge Exhibit. I'm checking their security protocols. They have guards posted everywhere. Don't be spotted or the mission will be over.

Cutscene 2

Phagan enters a second secluded area with Gabe following.

Phagan: What are you doing here?! You were never to come here!
Benton: Plans have changed.
Phagan: Get out! Both of you! We'll settle this later...
Aramov: As of this moment, we no longer work for you. We want the location of the Syphon Filter Lab.
Gabe: Lian. I've found The Agency's leak. Benton.
Phagan: What? Who the think you are?
Banton: Where is Rhoemer?
Lian: Benton! That son of a...
Phagan: Get out! Both of you! We'll settle this later...
Benton: Shut up! He's been bugged. Quickly, get him out of here.

Mara and Phagan give Gabe the slip.

Lian: Gabe, Phagan's run for it. Rhoemer and Aramov went after him, but Benton's still in there with you. Watch out.

Gabe: He's finished. Don't send a report to Markinson yet. I want to find out what's going on here... Where's Phagan?
Lian: Mara must have destroyed the bug... I've lost his signal.
Gabe: I'll get to the security room and give you an uplink to their camera systems.
Lian: Copy. Pharcom security has already cleared the guests out and locked down the building. They'll be looking for you.
Gabe: I'll handle it.

Lian: All of the building security gates have locked down. You'll have to find the right card key.
Gabe: I'll see if Benton had it.

Lian: Pharcom's using a magnetic card key system. Each gate is coded to a unique card. I'll see if I can find a master code.
Gabe: Check their security rosters. I want to know which guards are holding keys and where they are.
Lian: I'll try.

Cutscene 3

Gabe kicks a door open and enters the security room.

Gabe: Lian, I've jacked in! What have you got?
Lian: I've got them! They're in the dinosaur exhibit. You
can't let her assassinate him Gabe. Only Phagan knows where the virus is being manufactured...
Gabe: ...and
only Mara knows where Rhoemer's base is... I'll figure something out.

Wrong actions


Lian: Damn, you blown your cover.

Characters quotes

Edward Benton

  • You weren't supposed to be here Logan!
  • I can't let you live.
  • Sorry it had to be you Logan.
  • My secret is going to die with you.
  • Who sent you?
  • How'd you find out?
  • You're just delaying the inevitable.
  • You have no idea what you're up against.

Expo Center Dinorama

Main plot

Gabe is in the security room where the previous mission ended.

Lian: The entrance to the Dinosaur Exhibit is in the main lobby where the reception was.
Gabe: How do I get there from here?
Lian: I'm not sure, I'll try to see if there's another way down.

Gabe is above the main lobby.

Lian: You're on top of the lobby now, but I can't find anything in the blueprints that show a way down.
Gabe: I'll improvise.

He shimmies partway across a metallic pole constructed over a glass window, then leaps down, smashing the window and lands on the ground.

Gabe sees Mara trying to shoot Phagan.

Aramov: Tell me where the virus labs are?
Phagan: I don't know!
Aramov: Tell me, or I will kill you.
Phagan: I can't tell you. Don't kill me!
Aramov: You have to the count of ten to tell me.
Phagan: Please! Don't! I'll pay you! No!

Gabe uses his taser or sniper rifle to shoot Mara's hand. During the chaos, Phagan escapes from the room running.

Lian: There goes Phagan! Is Mara still alive?
Gabe: Yes... Now to get some answers.
Lian: Hurry! More security is on its way.

Gabe reaches Mara.

Gabe: Lian, send in an EVAC. We'll have to patch her up before we can get the information out of her.
Lian: Copy, on their way.

Wrong actions

Kill Phagan

Lian: Gabe, we needed Phagan alive!

Kill Mara

Lian: Gabe, we needed Mara alive!

Rhoemer's Base

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe and Lian are in Markinson's office, discussing the mission.

Gabe: I discovered why every mission in this investigation has been compromised. The Agency had a leak... At the top...
Markinson: Benton of course.
Gabe: You knew?!
Markinson: You are valuable to me Logan, but you are not briefed on all of The Agency's activities. I've known for some time that Benton has been playing both sides.
Gabe: How many missions did you send us on, knowing that Benton could have gotten us killed?!
Markinson: We do what it takes, Logan... All of us...

A monitor turns on and they watch Mara being questioned.

Operative: be more cooperative, get off the floor!
Markinson: What else did you find out?
Lian: We downloaded several data files from Phagan's computers. It'll take a while before Intelligence can crack Pharcom's encryption codes. But Phagan must have a lab somewhere that's  manufacturing this virus.
Gabe: Phagan has disappeared. Interpol hasn't been able to turn up a trace of him yet, and there's still no sign of Rhoemer.
Markinson: Rhoemer is operating out of an old Soviet base in northern Kazakhstan. Our spy satellites have pin-pointed the exact location of his compound. The State Department must be able to tell the Kazakhstan Government that the United States had nothing to do with the operation... Your chopper will put you down one mile outside the base, just beyond the range of their long-range radar. Hopefully the blizzard will mask your approach. You will have to infiltrate on foot and disable their short range anti-aircraft guidance radar before EVAC.
Lian: Those look like long-range SS-23's.
Markinson: Yes, they're the reason I'm sending you. Before you set the timer, you need to find their missile stock piles, and retrieve the launch codes. We want to find out where he is getting them. You will be carrying several C4 charges, which you will plant on these fuel tanks. That should be enough explosive to take out whatever arms he is stockpiling.
(he points to the monitor and a picture appears) This is Vladislav Gabrek, Rhoemer's Base Commander. He is personally in charge of security.
Lian: Contingency plan?
Markinson: If you fail, we'll have another chopper standing by, two klicks south.
Gabe: If I find Rhoemer?
Markinson: Eliminate him.

A chopper flies through the blizzard and sets down outside of the base. A truck goes through the gate into the base, and Gabe rolls out from underneath.

Guard: Stay sharp!
Guard: Смотрите в оба! (Stay sharp! in Russian)
Gabe: I'm on my way in.

Lian: Radio traffic shows a yellow alert status. Be careful to avoid their patrol. If the base goes on alert, you won't have much time to complete your objectives.
Gabe: Check.

Gabe: I found a fuel tank.

Gabe: I've planted the first explosive.

Lian: Gabe, Intelligence briefings show that the bunker is guarded by motion sensors. You have to cut their power to get in.
Gabe: Where's the sub-station?
Lian: A half click southeast from your present position. Check your SAT Map.

Gabe: Lian, the gate to the bunker is locked down.
Lian: Intelligence reports that only Gabrek has the key into the missile bunkers. His patrols could take him anywhere.
Gabe: I'll try the Comm Building.

Gabe: I've found the power to the motion sensors. I'm heading over to the bunkers now.

Gabe: That's the last explosive. I'll trigger the timer once I'm on the roof and it will disable their radar.
Lian: Copy.

Wrong actions


Gabe: Damn it!

Shoot the fuel tank

Lian: Gabe, check your fire, if that fuel tank goes, the whole place will go up. 

Do not turn off motion sensors

Lian: Gabe, you've set off the motion sensor alarm, you won't be able get to the missiles now.

Characters quotes


Guards speaking native language is Russian

  • You son of a...
  • Осторожно! (Look out!)
  • Ура! (Yay!)

Base Bunker

Main plot

Gabe: Lian, I'm in the bunker. I catalog the missiles and then head to the elevator to the roof. Get ready for data transmission.

Gabe: I've got the first firing code, as soon as I get the rest, I'll be heading up to the radar tower on the roof, stand by.
Lian: I'm intercepting more radio traffic, they starting to patrol the perimeter. If they spot me, I have to dust off.
Gabe: Copy.

Gabe: I've got the last code, I'm gonna try to find a way up to the radar tower on the roof. Get ready to lift off.
Lian: I'm ready.

Gabe: Lian, I found the elevator to the roof, get ready to dust off.
Lian: Gabe, the forces crawling with patrols.

Wrong actions

Shoot at missile

Lian: Gabe, check your fire, damaging that missile could set it off.

Base Tower

Main plot

Gabe: Lian, I'm on the roof, get ready for EVAC.

Gabe: Lian, I've triggered the timer and disable the radar. I'm ready for pickup.
Lian: I read you. ETA four... no stop, no aah!
Rhoemer: Dump her body!
Gabe: Lian?!
Rhoemer: Rip out all of these controls!
Gabe: LIAN!
Rhoemer: Logan, I'm afraid she won't be giving you a ride...
Rhoemer: ...but don't worry. I was kind enough to send one of my choppers.

Cutscene 1

Gabe: Markinson, Lian is been killed. I need that chopper EVAC now. In ten minutes this place is gonna be a crater.
Markinson: Fight your way to the main gate. We'll pick you up there.

Base Escape

Main plot

There is no dialogs in this level

Rhoemer's Stronghold

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe and Markinson discuss the virus as they go down a corridor.

Gabe: My god! Syphon Filter! It's...
Markinson: Yes, it's quite remarkable. A virus genetically programmable to eliminate anyone or anything. Imagine a weapon that can target specific demographics, ethnic groups... It can wipe out whole continents, except for those chosen to survive.

They enter a room.

Gabe: The outbreaks we've been tracking...
Markinson: Tests evidently...
(accesses a computer) we've traced Phagan to this abandoned cathedral. According to Mara, this is Rhoemer Stronghold, a place where he keeps prisoners, undesirables. Alec Kabanov runs this site for Rhoemer, and kept Phagan supplied with human tests subjects for various forms of the virus. Now Phagan is been held prisoner himself, probably somewhere in the catacombs.
Gabe: Has interpol found any trace of Mara?
Markinson: Since her escape, she has left a trail of dead bodies from our lab to Eastern Europe, now she is vanished. There was also no sign of Rhoemer, the destruction of his base has driven the intire organization underground. We have found and destroyed all PHARCOM labs involved in the production of the virus. But we could not find the computers they were using for the viral DNA sequencing. You have to get their location from Phagan. Your team...
Gabe: I don't want a replacement for Lian.
Markinson: You don't get one. I'll be taking you into the strike zone myself.

Camera intercuts to show Markinson in a copter with Gabe.

Markinson: Our labs have been able to synthesize a very small amount of vaccine, give one shot to any test subjects you find. Radio me as soon as you find Phagan.
Gabe: Okay let's do it.

He jumps down to the rooftop.

Markinson: One more thing, you are directed to eliminate any of Rhoemer's medical personnel that get in the way.
Gabe: Copy. I'll let you know when I found my way down to the ground level.

Gabe: I found the first group of patients. I'm going to administer the vaccine, but I don't know if they are going to make it.
Markinson: As soon as you have the site lockdown, I'll order an MEDEVAC.

Wrong actions

Kill Test Subjects

Gabe: Damn! or Gabe: Damn it!

Characters quotes

Test Subjects

  • So cold.
  • Help me.
  • Am I going to die?
  • Don't hurt me.
  • Thank you.
  • Oh who are you?
  • Save me.
  • Get me out of here.
  • Where am I?
  • It hurts.
  • What day is this?

Rhoemer's Scientists

Scientists speaking native language is Russian

  • Не убивай не стреляй не стреляй! (Don't kill do not shoot do not shoot!)
  • Please! Don't kill me!
  • Don't kill me!
  • I'm no armed.

Stronghold Lower Level

Main plot

At the bottom of an elevator shaft where the previous mission ended...

Gabe: I'm finding Pharcom and W.H.O. shipping containers everywhere. Rhoemer and Phagan must have been working on something big.
Markinson: Stay focused on the mission, don't get distracted.

Gabe cures all the test subjects.

Gabe: I think I know how they've been moving the virus. They must be injecting new strains into the test subjects here, and using Phagan's Exposition Center as a cover for transporting the bodies. They could be shiping these carrier bodies all over the world.
Markinson: Copy. I already have a team searching for Phagan's Warehouse and shipping center. ETA to Rhoemer's holding cells?
Gabe: I'm working on it.

When Gabe is inside the chapel...

Gabe: I found the Rose Chapel, and the entrance to the catacombs, but I don't see a way down.
Markinson: You'll have to find a way outside and work your way around on the ground.

Stronghold Catacombs

Main plot

Cutscene 1

A scientist chats with a guard.

Guard: Security has been breached. Rhoemer has ordered that the prisoners be eliminated. Take care of the old man. I'll wait here.

Markinson: All of Rhoemer's underground security is palm print activated. You must follow the guard and let him open the cell. If you are seen you won't be able to get in.
Gabe: Have an EVAC standing by, it won't be long.

Cutscene 2

The scientist opens the door to Phagan's cell.

Phagan: Please! Don't kill me!
Scientist: Just relax, this won't hurt a bit.
Phagan: I'll pay you, how much do you want?

The scientist suddenly drops dead and a pool of blood starts collecting around him. Pull back to show Gabe holding a suppressed pistol standing behind.

Phagan: Thank god!...
Gabe: Shut up Phagan, move, I have him.
Markinson: Give him 30 seconds to give you the location of the computers, then eliminate him.
Phagan: No wait a minute! you don't understand, you... Don't...
Gabe: Thousands of people are dead Phagan because of you! 20 seconds...
Phagan: Wait, you don't understand!
Gabe: Time is up, where are the sequencing computers?
Phagan: In an abandoned Soviet Missile Silo in Kazakhstan, beneath an old warehouse district. Alright? Alright??
Gabe: Did you copy that?
Markinson: Copy. I've got a strike force ready to move in, get to the EVAC point. I'm sending in a retrival unit.
Gabe: What about Phagan?
Markinson: Take him with you.

Gabe starts moving.

Gabe: Let's go!
Phagan: Wait, let me go... your partner, she is alive.
Gabe: Lian? You're lying, move!
Phagan: She is alive. Rhoemer's men brought her here five days ago.
Gabe: I don't believe you.
Phagan: Promise to let me go, and I'll lead you to her.
Gabe: Show me.

Phagan: Follow me!

Cutscene 3

Phagan: That's her cell, you are on your own now. (runs off)
Gabe: Lian!
Lian: Gabe! How did you get here?
Gabe: Thank god! I thought...
Lian: You have to get out of here, the Syphon Filter virus is...
Gabe: I know, we have the computers location. Markinson is already on his way.
Lian: Gabe, I've been infected, we have to get to Phagan's Warehouse before The Agency destroys everything.
Gabe: But they found the vaccine, the test subjects...
Lian: There is no universal vaccine. You have to know the specific genetic lock and key for each program virus. Only Phagan's computers have that information.
Gabe: But that means...
Lian: Follow me, I know the way out.

Lian: Let's get out of here!

Lian: There is someone up ahead.

Cutscene 4

Phagan: Please!
Aramov: They're all the same in the end.
(shoots Phagan's head; the man crumples, apparently dead)
Gabe: Mara...
Aramov: We don't have much time! If you don't stop them, we will all die. Come on, I have a chopper.

Wrong actions

Spotted, Kill Phagan or Lian

Gabe: Damn! or Gabe: Damn it!

Characters quotes

Jonathan Phagan

  • Stay with me, I'm the only one who can open her cell.
  • Look out!
  • Don't kill me!
  • This way!
  • Don't shoot at me!
  • No! This way!
  • We're almost there.
  • Kill them!

Lian Xing

  • Look out!
  • What are you doing?
  • Help me out here!
  • Are you crazy?
  • Get going!
  • Check your fire!
  • Incoming!
  • I'm hit!
  • Looks like trouble.
  • You almost there.
  • Cover me.
  • Got them.
  • We've got company!
  • This way!
  • We almost out of here.
  • Watch it!
  • Huh!

PHARCOM Warehouses

Main plot

Cutscene 1

The scene begins from Mara's copter, where Lian, Gabe and her are hovering above the PHARCOM warehouses. Below them, a war rages on between Pharcom security personnel and Rhoemer's elites.

Lian: Rhoemer's men, Phagan's men, its a war zone down there.
Aramov: The mainframes in an abandoned silo beneath the warehouse. The only way in, is through a series of mining tunnels. Warehouse 76 has an elevator that goes down to them. Once in the silo, you'll need a series of key codes to operate the computer, you'll have to get that from Richard Erikson. He is in charge of PHARCOM's European operations, so he must be down there somewhere.
Gabe: Where can I find him?
Aramov: Phagan was in the process of moving the shipping office, but it used to be on second store of one of warehouses.
Gabe: I need to tag all the viral caches down there so nothing slips through the cracks. How many carrier bodies out there?
Aramov: I'm not sure.
Lian: There are dozens of warehouses down there, you won't have time to search them all.
Aramov: PHARCOM has developed a device that allows you to detect the virus remotely. Erikson probably has it.
Gabe: Lian, keep trying to contact Markinson. Mara, you'd better be telling the the truth, watch her closely.

Lian: Gabe, with both sides killing each other down there, you should be able to stay out of sight, long enough to get the job done. Be careful.

Cutscene 2

Gabe accesses Erikson's office. He threatens the man with a pistol.

Gabe: Erikson, move!
Erikson: Who are you? What do you want?
Gabe: I'll ask the questions, I need the access codes to the silo mainframes, now!
Erikson: But... but I don't know.
Gabe: I'll count to 3 and then I pull the trigger.
Erikson: But look, I don't know the codes.
Gabe: One... Two...
Erikson: Alri... Alright, alright, here it is, please.
Gabe: Stay here, if you move a muscle before I return, I'll take you out myself.

Lian: That scanner should help you find the viral carriers.

Gabe: I found and tagged a virus carrier. I'm not sure what Phagan was planning here, but its looks like he had enough of this stuff to wipe out a continent.
Lian: I'm trying to tap into NATO spy satellites, so I can get a fix on your position. But The Agency computers must have crashed.
Gabe: Don't worry. I've got a cover down here.

Wrong actions

Shot at Erikson

Lian: Don't eleminate Erikson yet, we need those computer codes.

Kill Erikson

Lian: Gabe, we needed those codes from Erikson.

PHARCOM Elite Guards

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe stumbles across documents... Gabe: Lian, I found shipping manifests for parts having something to do with... R-9 Devyatka, do you have anything on that?
Lian: Checking, R-9 Devyatka is a two-stage liquid propelled rocket, with the range of 12,500 kilometers. It carries a five megaton payload, but it says here, that Russia retired it in 1977.
Gabe: Check and make sure this silo site is abandoned, it's looks like Phagan was planning something bigger then we thought.

Gabe: Lian, any luck contacting Markinson?
Lian: No. In fact, I can't raise anyone back at European Command.

After tagging the last viral carrier...

Lian: That's the last viral carrier. Your beacons are transmitting, and a CBDC teams been dispatched to clean up. But their ETA is at least two hours, you're still on your own down there.

When Gabe finds Warehouse 76...

Lian: Gabe, that is Warehouse 76. The entrance to the silo is in there somewhere.

Warehouse 76

Main plot

Mission start.

Gabe: Lian, ask Mara if she is sure the entrance to the silo caves in this warehouse. It's burning to the ground.
Lian: She is positive. You'd better hurry, that fire burning out of control, and the whole place could collapse any minute.
Gabe: I'm going in.

Gabe: Lian, did you make contact with Markinson yet?
Lian: Still no contact.
Gabe: Get ahold of anyone at Euro Command and advise them of our current situation. If I don't make it, I want someone else ready for recon and retrival.
Lian: So far, I can get anyone on comm. Its almost as if we've on blackout.
Gabe: Keep trying.

At the elevator...

Gabe: I found the elevator down, did you reach anyone yet?
Lian: Still no contact. We're finally starting to attract some attention though. The Kazakhstan goverment is mobilizing ground forces that is asking Russia for help. They think a Civil War is breaking out here.
Gabe: I'll hurry.

Wrong actions

Timer ends

Lian: Gabe, come in, come in.

Silo Access Tunnels

Main plot

Mission start.

Lian: Watch out down there Gabe. The place will be swarming with Rhoemer's men.

At the laser panels...

Lian: Gabe, those lasers, Mara says the only way to shut them down is to cut the power to the whole complex.

Gabe: Lian, is there a power schematic for this place? There is no power to the service elevator or its activation switch.
Lian: You'll have to reroute power to it. There should be another relay somewhere nearby.

If Player heads to wrong way

Lian: Gabe, watch out! Cave in.

Gabe: I've made it into the power room. I'm going to try to overload the generator.
Lian: Be careful, I'm not sure what that will do to the power room. The whole place could blow.
Gabe: I don't have much choice.

Tunnel Blackout

Main plot

Mission start

Lian: Gabe, Gabe, are you there? Gabe, are you all right?
Gabe: I'm here, it's okay. The power to the lasers has shutdown. Now I just have to find a way out of here.

Cutscene 1

Mission end

Gabe: Lian, I found the elevator down to the silo. See if we have any Soviet blueprints online, I want to know where I'm going once I get in there.
Lian: All nine silos were comprised of three levels, there should be a launch computer on level one near the elevator.
Gabe: Copy. I'm on my way down.

Missile Silo

Main plot

Mission start

Gabe: Lian? I don't think this is an abandoned silo. There is an R-Nine-Devyatka sitting here ready to launch. Phagan WAS planning something big.
Lian: Can you see the launch computer?
Gabe: It shows countdown in progress, and the access codes I have won't let me in.
Lian: Damn, you
won't be able to stop it from launching. You have to get it self destruct codes and detonate it when it reachs the atmosphere.
Gabe: Where do I find the codes?
Lian: There is a panel on missle itself, near its base. Get down to level 3 before it launches. When it is launch, you'll have to get to level 2 to trigger its detonation.

Cutscene 1

Gabe: Markinson...
Markinson: Of course I knew you would solve the puzzle eventually. I expect only the best from my men, where is Rhoemer?
Gabe: You're asking
me? How long has Rhoemer been working for you Markinson?
Markinson: Since your mission to Costa Rica. When you discovered the connection between Rhoemer's plantation and Phagan. I did some digging of my own, through our monitor at the W.H.O.
Gabe: ...and decided that you wanted the virus for yourself.
Markinson: For The Agency, actually.
Gabe: And the

Markinson is shot in the head from behind. He falls forward over the railing into the missile pit. Camera pulls back to show Rhoemer standing on a platform above Gabe holding a smoking pistol.

Rhoemer: The missile was my idea. Markinson came here to stop it, but he was to late, as are you.
Gabe: Who's the target Rhoemer?

Rhoemer starts moving away from Gabe and exits the room.

Rhoemer: Doesn't matter!

Lian: Gabe, I'm intercepting frantic calls from NATO command. They tracking the missiles launch, all European Commands are been ordered to DEFCON 3. If you don't get to the detonator on level 2 in time, we're looking at World War 3.

Cutscene 2

As Gabe finds the missile computer...

Gabe: Lian, I made it. I'm triggering the missile detonation... now.
Lian: They do spy SAT are tracking it. There its goes, thank god Gabe, you've done it!
Gabe: I'm downloading the virus information now. I'm ready for pick up.
Rhoemer: Don't you know when to quit, Logan?! We'd have made a great team!
Gabe: I don't think so.

Cutscene 3

Mission end.

Rhoemer: (chokes on the gas) Logan! LOGAN!!!
Lian: What now?
Gabe: First, we get the lab guys started on this disc and your vaccine-
Lian: No, I mean,
all of this. What's happened here. Markinson's involvement with Phagan, Rhoemer, their plans, the virus...
Gabe: What's it all mean? I
don't know. With Markinson dead, I don't know if we'll ever know.

Credits play - Staff Roll​​​​​​

Mara whispers something into the shadowy man's ear.

Man in shadow: Well done my dear. Well done.

Aramov laughs as the screen fades out.


Wrong actions

Missile launch

Computer: Десять, девять, восемь, семь, шесть, пять, четыре, три, два, один, пуск начинается. (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, launch begins)
Lian: Gabe, oh my god! You did't ... codes from the missle before it launches, there's no way to stop it now.

Timer ends

Lian: Gabe, oh my god! The missle has struck! No.

Characters quotes

Erich Rhoemer

  • You're getting to slow.
  • You'll need to do better than that.
  • I'm afraid, I can't allow that Logan.
  • Surprise!
  • I see you!
  • How will it feel to watch your partner die a slow and horrible death!
  • Logan!
  • Where are you Logan?
  • Think fast.
  • It's all over Logan.
  • Head's up!
  • Careful.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Are you still alive?!
  • Don't you know when to quit, Logan.
  • Nice try Logan.
  • Tired yet?

Unused Dialogs

Note / Request

I'm not sure that absolutely ALL of listed dialogs here were don't used by game. So, at any point of your gameplay, if you hear any of these dialogs, please notify me or anybody of users on SF Wikia.

All listed dialogs in video

Syphon Filter Unused Dialogs

Syphon Filter Unused Dialogs

This dialog was used in Demo Version of the game

Lian: Gabe, hold your fire. He's CBBC.

These dialogs probably were used in Destoryed Subway level or is'nt

Lian: CBDC agent on the way.

Lian: Those are the gas mains, you better shut them off just to be safe.

These dialogs probably were used in Expo Center Reception level or is'nt

Lian: Damn, now Phagan knows you're there.

Lian: The doors been sealed with a magnetic lock. You won't be able to get through here.

These dialogs probably were used in Base Bunker level or is'nt

Lian: Gabe, they found me. But I can't dust off until you finish collecting those missile codes. I'll hold them off as long as I can.

Lian: Gabe, I think my communications are being jammed, but I've received the final code. I'm going to transmit as soon as I punch through this interfering and then I can dust off. I'll pick you up in ten. Can you hear me? Gabe? Damn!

These dialogs probably were used in Warehouse 76 level or is'nt

Gabe: Lian, the whole place is collapsing. Tell Markinson... Oh...
Lian: Gabe? Gabe!

Lian: Gabe, Gabe, come in are you still there?

This dialog probably were used in Tunnel Blackout level or is'nt

Lian: That's the elevator to the silo. You're almost there.

This dialog probably were used in Missile Silo level or is'nt

Lian: You've made it Gabe.

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