This page is dedicated to having a complete and written transcript of all dialogues in Syphon Filter 2. The page will include cutscenes, radio transmissions, conversations, two player quotes and all possible dialogue spoken by particular characters in battle or specific situations. The game contains Russian in addition to English, and most of these dialogs are accompanied by English subtitles, in which case they will be presented in "[ ]". However, they are not always in the game and don't coincide with a speech all the time. For that reason, a more accurate translation or an addition to official subtitles will be presented in "( )". There are extra dialogs in the game, which only foreign versions of the game have. Such dialogs will be presented in "{ }".

Each mission has the following sub-sections:

Main plot: all dialogues spoken during the main story line, including cutscenes and all possible alternative conversations.
Wrong actions: all dialogues spoken during mission failure or an action which contradicts the main story.
Character quotes: all lines spoken by specific characters during battles.
Unused dialogues: all unused dialogues which supposedly should have been used in this mission.

Depending on the mission, some sub-sections can be missing.

Special thanks

  • FoxHand for Russian


Main plot: Intro

Heilongjiang Province:
People's Republic of China

Fade in to China, where citizens are gunned down fleeing their houses, running down the street, then transits to a news reporter, signaling the picture is from the evening news show.

Locals: *Illegible Chinese speech*
Shi-Hao: *Illegible Chinese speech*
(Something about moving in all areas.)


News Reporter: Tensions between the US and the People’s Republic of China are on the rise as the administration answers allegations that it allowed sensitive US technologies to be sold to a dissident group in Heilongjiang. (Beat) In other news. We now go live to the White House Press Room, where Secretary of State Vince Hadden is expected to comment on the Kazahkstan missile incident.

White House Press Room:
Washington D.C.

Hadden: As many of you know, four hours ago a nuclear missile detonated over Kazakhstan. The Kazahkstan government assures us this was an accidental launch, and that the missile was destroyed via their own safety countermeasures. An investigation is underway.
All On-Site Reporters: Mr. Secretary! Over here! Is more question! Mr. Secretary! Over here!
Hadden: I cannot answer any more questions at this time.
News Reporter: The entire area has been closed off amid reports of possible contamination. Local news stations report the precautions are being taken to pre...

Cut again to...

White Mountain Apache Reservation:

Teresa: You guys made the news! The Agency doesn’t like it when their operations go public. Or so I thought.
Lian: If we have our way, it’s going to get a lot more public than this. You ready for us?
Teresa: Smugglers use single-engine planes, not C-130 transports, you know. This old gravel road you call an airstrip’s never tried to land anything that big before. You sure you wanna bring it here?
Lian: We don't have much choice. ETA, 16 hours.

Pharcom Warehouses:
Alma-Ata Kazakhstan

Lian: Gabe? The transport's here.
Gabe: Chance, get up to the landing strip. I want that transport ready to go in half an hour.
Chance: You got it, I'm already there.
Lian: *Coughs*
Teresa: Lian, you okay? You don't sound so good.
Lian: I'll be fine. Just make sure that airstrip is ready. Teresa, you're the only one we can count on now.
Teresa: I'll be ready. Out.
(Sees chopper) What the...
Gabe: I've found the mainframe with PharCom's back-up data... *Moans* and Phagan's personal files.
Lian: Gabe? The transport has an escort. Two Black Hawks running silent. It's Morgan and Falkan!

Cut to the Black Hawk...

Morgan: Okay, got it. Out. She's at the second hangar. Falkan, take the second squad and get her. First squad, get Logan and those discs. UN forces are on their way, and we have to be finished BEFORE they get here!
Falkan: Concussion grenades only, we need her alive!
Lian: Dobson, get those guys out of there. Tell them to move!
Gabe: Pull your men back to the hangar and wait. I'm on my way.
Lian: Already on it. *Moans*
Gabe: We just have to hold them off until Gregorov gets here. Ramirez, get these discs into the silo. I'll signal when the landing strip is clear.
Ramirez: Yes, sir.

Lian is hit from behind and knocked down.

Gabe: Lian? Lian, do you copy?

Logan kills all of the Agency spooks except those two in a totally kick-ass cutscene, and gets to the chopper, but is, as Kiet (and Brian) would say, "too slow!"

Spooks: *Death moans & heavy screams*
Elsa: She's the one.
Morgan: Okay. We have her. No. Logan is still alive.
Falkan: The Russians are here.
Morgan: We're out of time. We'll finish Logan later.

Morgan and Falkan leave as the chopper ascends; SVR trucks pull up to the base.

Gregorov: Move those vehicles out of here, I want the airfield secured, now!
Chance: That's it, everything's locked down tight.
(in a rather saddened tone) Logan, heh, your request for aid... it came too late, yes?
Gabe: They've taken her.
Gregorov: I-I am sorry. She and I are... old friends. They would kill her?
Gabe: As long as I have the discs, the Agency won't harm her.
Gregorov: The Kazakhs are on the way, you must be gone before they arrive. I never saw you here.
Gabe: I understand.
Gregorov: Move squads A and B into warehouse.
Gabe: Alright. Chance, let's get moving.

Fade to black.

Rocky Mountains

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Over the rockies

Rocky Mountains

Gabe: You got that airstrip ready, Teresa? ETA: 2 hours.
Teresa: Yeah, it's clear. Might be a little bumpy. Make sure you're strapped in tight.
Gabe: You're okay, Chance?
Chance: Damn concussion grenade, my ears won't stop ringing.
Ramirez: Hey, are we expecting an escort?
Gabe: What?
Davies: What the hell?!

Two F-22 fighter planes approach, and one shoots a missile into the C-130’s left wing.

Ramirez: Get out of here! Let's go! Now!

They start jumping out as the below lines are heard.

Gabe: Get moving! They're bringing this bird down hard!
Chance: The data discs?!
Gabe: No time!
Davies: Go! *Illegible speech*
Gabe: Kowalski, grab the C4!
Kowalski: Yes, sir!
Ramirez: Give me *Illegible speech*
Gabe: Grab the transponder's locator! We'll need it!
Ramirez: Move it! Move it! Move it!
Chance: Got it!
Gabe: Come on! Move it! Jump! Keep moving! Go! Go! Go! Teresa, I'm not gonna need your landing strip after all! Coming down the hard way!

He jumps out split seconds before the plane explodes.

Gabe: Teresa, I made it.
Teresa: Was there ever any doubt? The Agency pays a lot for its training.
Gabe: I'm not out of this yet. I've got to find Chance and get the transponder locator from him. See if you can find an Agency channel and break into it. I want to find out how big this operation is.
Teresa: You got it.
Gabe: Radio me if you hear from Lian.
Teresa: Okay. Hey, Gabe. Good luck.
Gabe: Right.

Samuels: Kowalski! Man down!

Gabe lands, then goes over to part of the CDBC agents.

Gabe: Kowalski, how's the leg?
Kowalski: Definitely broken, sir. Two places. Pretty sure. I don't think I can support my weight.
Gabe: All right. I want you men to stay here, find cover if you can. I need to find Chance, you know what happened to him?
Kowalski: I know he made it off the transport. I think he touched down somewhere south of here.
Gabe: Got it.

Gabe climbs a ledge, finding another soldier.

Bennett: Do you copy? Come in. Do you copy? Over.

Gabe: You been able to raise anyone on that thing?
Bennett: I've been SOL so far, sir, Interference is pretty bad. I don't think we can get a signal off this mountain.
Gabe: Well don't waste your time: The Agency doesn't want anyone to know we're up here.
Bennett: Sir...?
Gabe: I'm looking for Chance.
Bennett: Let me see what I can do. Lieutenant Chance, come in. Do you read?
Davies: This is Davies. I saw the Lieutenant a few minutes ago. He's out looking for more survivors. I think his comm. is down.
Gabe: Private, I need you to take me to him, do you copy that?
Davies: Yes, sir. I'm on my way to your location now.
Gabe: Roger that. Let's go.
Bennett: Yes, sir.

Logan meets up with Davies.

Davies: Sir, Lieutenant Chance is this way. Follow me.

Go to Davies first

Gabe: Davies, have you seen Chance?
Davies: Sir, I saw the Lieutenant a few minutes ago, he's out looking for any survivors.
Gabe: Take me to him.
Davies: Yes, sir.

Seconds later.

Davies: He went into that cave.
Gabe: Right. You stay here and stay alert.
Davies: Are you expecting trouble, sir?

Gabe: (Probably smiles) Always.

Logan continues, finding two more soldiers.

Gabe: Eschelman, have you seen Chance?
Eschelman: Yes, sir. I just saw him come through here about five minutes ago.
Gabe: This cave isn't stable, watch yourself.
Eschelman: Yes, sir.

Moving on, Gabe finds Chance.

Gabe: Chance! I've been looking all over for you. You got the transponder locator?
Chance: Yeah, it's right here. I get all turned around. Damn, it's easy to get lost up here.
Gabe: I know. I've gotta go back and find some high ground, so I can get a reading on the transport's location. You go ahead down the mountain and find the highway. See if the Agency is moving in any heavy artillery.
Chance: Yes, sir. I'm on it.
Gabe: Teresa, have you heard anything from Lian yet?
Teresa: No, but I'm following Agency radio traffic. They've set up shop in an old Civil Air Patrol base in Colorado, pushing the locals around. At least that's where the F-22s that shot you down scrambled from.
Gabe: That's where they've taken her!
Teresa: Watch your back, Gabe. They've got a convoy on the way up there now and have mobilized a couple of squadrons of spook air commandos. They'll be dropping in on you any minute.
Gabe: Who's commanding them?
Teresa: Morgan's issuing the orders, but an old friend is commanding the ground troops: Archer.
Gabe: I served with him in Guatemala. He was a young brown-noser bucking for promotion.
Teresa: Well, looks like he made it.
Gabe: Keep me posted. Out.

Gabe retreats to the cave where the two soldiers are, is shot at by M-79.

Ramirez: Sir, behind you! {Eschelman, look out!}
Eschelman: I'll get him!

Gabe: Cave-in! Get out of here! NOW!

A cave-in as the structure collapses, crushing Eschelman, but Ramirez gets out in time.

Ramirez: Eschelman! Eschelman! Answer me! Eschelman, are you alive?!
Gabe: Forget about him. He's gone.
Ramirez: But he might be alive in there!
Gabe: Save it. I've got to get to Kowalski; he had a few C4 charges on him.
Ramirez: But-
Gabe: You wanna get off this mountain?! We're gonna have to blow our way out of here. I want you to stay here, keep everyone else out of this cave. Understood?
Ramirez: Yes, sir...

Gabe coming out of the cave.

Davies: We've got incoming!

Bennett: Grenade! Get back!

Both GIs die.

Under heavy fire, Gabe makes it to the highest ground possible for them on the mountain.

Spook 1: Archer says we'll have the place locked down within an hour, but they're putting up a fight. No, sir, no sign of him, our contact says he's up here though. Yes, sir, I'll pass it on.

The spook spots Logan.

Spook 2: It's Logan! Kill him!

Gabe kills the spooks, then uses the transponder locator for its purpose.

Gabe: Teresa, I've got a lock on the transport's location and I'm heading down the mountain. Hear anything yet?
Teresa: You're gonna love this one. The Agency's leaked the story saying the transport plane was blown up by terrorists. Special agents have closed down half of Colorado to help quarantine off a potential biohazard at the crash site. They're covering their butts good.
Gabe: Misinformation. That's one thing the Agency's good at.
Teresa: Gabe, once you find the crash site and get the discs, how are you gonna get out of there alive?
Gabe: Not sure. I'm making this up as I go. Out.

Kowalski: This is Kowalski. We under fire! {There's too many of-} *Death moan*

Gabe returns to where he first landed, and retrieves the C4 charge from Kowalski’s corpse.

Teresa: Gabe, how you doing out there?
Gabe: Not good. We're under heavy fire, I've lost six men already! {Kowalski, Eschelman, Davies, Hansen, Samuels, Bennett, all dead!}
Teresa: What are you gonna do?
Gabe: I'm not gonna let anymore of these men die on this mountain. Out.

Gabe meet up with Ramirez.

Ramirez: Found Kowalski yet? Did you get the C4?

Gabe plants the explosive.

Gabe: Fire in the hole!

After explosion.

Gabe: Let's go.

Gabe blows the cave back open, then leads Ramirez to its exit.

Gabe: Hold up.
Ramirez: What is it?
Gabe: I'm picking something up.
Archer (on the radio): We're making the drop now! Morgan says you got two hours to finish the operation.
Commander (on the radio): That's not enough time! These guys aren't just falling over dead!
Archer: Morgan's ordered the F-22s back for refueling and ordnance. This entire mountain's going up in a cloud of gas. You've gotta be ready to clear out.
Gabe: Ramirez, get down the mountain and meet up with Chance. I'll handle this.

Get the H11

Gabe: Got it!

Gabe kills the next three guards, proceeds to the area next to the terrain’s exit.

Ramirez: Snipers! Get down!

Where is shot at, but Gabe makes it to cover with Ramirez and Ferguson.

Gabe: Give me a sitrep.
Ramirez: We've got two snipers, one on either bluff. They've got us pinned, and we're low on ammo. Ferguson took one in the shoulder, but he'll make it.
Gabe: Right. Here's what we're gonna do: you give me some cover fire while I move around to flank them. I'll take them in the south and signal you when it's clear. Understood?
Ramirez: Yes, sir.
Ferguson: Yes, sir.
Gabe: Good. All right, ready? Move!

Ramirez: Go! Go! Go!

Ramirez: We're dry!

Gabe flank the snipers.

Spook 3: I'm being flanked!
Spook 4: Pull back!

Gabe uses their cover fire to kill the two snipers.

Gabe: Clear!
Ramirez: Kick-ass!
Gabe: Stand your ground. I'm gonna scout ahead.

He moves a few feet, then whirls around, hearing gunfire.

Ramirez: We've got trouble! Incoming from all sides! Heavily armed!
Gabe: Dammit!

Ferguson: They keep coming!

The spooks spots Logan.

Spook 5: There's Logan! Target him!

Gabe: Get down!

Gabe snipes the attackers.

Gabe: Ramirez, you stay here with Ferguson. Arm yourselves and you should be safe. As soon as I find a clear way to the highway, I'll come back for ya.
Ramirez: Yes, sir.
Ferguson: I'll be fine, sir.
Gabe: Okay, hang on. Won't be long.

Cutscene 2: Archer attacks

He moves down the mountain toward the highway stopping at a small cliff, but stops after both seeing and hearing Archer’s chopper.

Archer: Sorry, Logan. If it were up to me, I'd let you live! Agency orders.
Gabe: Sure you would.

Gabe jumps off the cliff to the ground as a missile is fired toward him. The missile explodes, sending tons of rocks down near him.

Wrong actions

Kill a GI

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Leave the GIs to the snipers

Ramirez: Sir, what are you doing?

Unused dialogues

Hansen: Look out! Look out!

Chance: Hey, wrong way! I'm back up here! You passed the ledge, it's by the waterfall!

Chance: Hey, Gabe! Up here. There's a ledge you can pull up on just across the ravine.

MacKenzie Air Force Base Interior

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Secret council

Council of Foreign Relations:
Washington DC

Cochrane: W-we're working on it now. You'll have your shipment by the end of the week.
Shi-Hao (on the phone): You have three days! If I don't have it by then, there may be a leak to the American press.
Cochrane: I'm sorry, but-
 (connection abruptly terminates)
Hadden: Most unfortunate.
Cochrane: Stevens' men have the woman now. As soon as they get the plasma, they-
Mara: What about Logan?
Stevens: There wasn't time. The UN peacekeeping forces had already arrived when-
Mara: Another Agency screw-up! Do you have any idea how close your incompetence has come to killing us all?
Stevens: I am not responsible for the actions of my predecessor. Markinson was not in control.
Mara: Markinson was YOUR man!
Stevens: As Rhoemer was yours. And what about Gregorov? You were supposed to keep the Russians away from the PharCom warehouses in Kazakhstan.
Mara: Huh, you're not going to blame me for your incompetence! The SVR is not under my control anymore than Rhoemer's terrorists were.
Hadden: Enough. We all have much at stake.
Stevens: Logan was one of our best agents. He has the highest level of training and years of field experience. It won't be easy.
Hadden: I see. Perhaps I'm not being clear. Success is everything. Is it not, Mr. Cochrane?
Cochrane: It would be impossible to get the plasma from the woman, as long as Logan is alive.
Hadden: *Laughs* I think you overestimate Mr. Logan's abilities. You were given Mr. Phagan's job because you promised to have Phase 2 of the virus ready in time.
Cochrane: It's not my fault that Rhoemer lost the girl before we could extract the-
Hadden: But like Markinson and Rhoemer; you have failed.
Cochrane: Alright, look, I'm sorry that things didn't go according to plan, but- *Death moan*

Aramov suddenly, without warning, reaches over and snaps Cochrane’s neck with a vicious twist.

Hadden: You see, Mr. Stevens? A simple demonstration. Mara has proven her usefulness. Mr. Cochrane has not. Logan will be taken care of. We will have the female's plasma, soon.
Stevens: I have an army on the way to Colorado now, and my men are at the airbase with Lian Xing.
Hadden: There will be no more delays.

McKenzie Air Force Base

Morgan: You can take a break, airman. We'll be done in ten minutes.
Airman 1: I'll need to see your ID, sir.
Falkan: We're with FEMA. Do we need to refer to your Commander?
Airman 1: Uh, no, sir.

The airman leaves, slightly curious about them.

Morgan: We'll check on Phagan. You finish the other CBDC agent. Stevens wants us back in New York tonight.
Elsa: Watch her. She's been unconscious for much longer than I would have expected. The virus should not have weakened her so much this early in its development cycle.
Holman: I'll head over to the secure hangar and see if the F-22s are back for refueling and ordnance.
Morgan: No. You get over to the main gate and make sure our package gets through unhindered. I'll take care of the pilots personally.

Over in Lian’s room...

Agency Medic: Let's see... two bags of plasma ought to be enough. You won't feel a thing...

She hits him with a suckerpunch and he quickly crumples.

Lian: *Yells* No! You're the one who won't feel a thing. *Coughs* Okay. Now let's find my gear.

Lian sneaks out of the room and over to Dobson’s room, where she noticed Dr. Elsa Weissinger and Agent Falkan.

Falkan: Doctor.

Elsa: Yes?
Falkan: Are you finished with him?
Elsa: I've given him the injection. It will take a moment for it to work.
Falkan: Morgan wants you to come check Phagan. I think the last of the serum bags are filled.
Elsa: Let me go check on Lian Xing first.
Falkan: No. Morgan said to come now.

Lian sneaks past them into Dobson’s room, where she gives herself a boost of adrenaline and finds Dobson, dead from the injection Weissinger gave him.

Lian: (voice breaking) Dobson... I told you to get back, why didn't you listen to me?

Cutscene 2: Death of Phagan

She sneaks out down a couple of hallways, and into a room with a one-way mirror that allows her to see inside Phagan’s room.

Falkan: I've relieved the guard, we won't be disturbed.
Morgan: Good. Doctor? Is your work with him done?
Elsa: Yes, that's the last we need from him. We get the rest from Xing.
Morgan: Then let's tie up a loose end. Unplug him.
Elsa: Wait! I could still use him back at the lab. We still have not fully studied the long-term effects of the virus on certain genetic structures. I can use him to-
Morgan: My orders are to make Phagan disappear when you have finished extracting his plasma. The Agency can't risk the government finding PharCom's CEO infected with an unknown virus.
Elsa: I see. And it doesn't help that he has Aramov's bullet in his brain, does it?
Morgan: You can use the girl for your other tests.

Morgan cuts off the life support machine, which flatlines; Phagan subsequently perishes...

Elsa: Fine, if you insist. I'll call the New York labs and see if they're ready for us.
Morgan: I'll go with you. You go on ahead and check on the F-22s. Make sure they have the Sarin canisters loaded and ready for a run on the survivors.
Falkan: I'll see what's keeping Holman.

She opens the mirror, goes down a couple more corridors to the guard station, and sees a guard attempting to have the gate guard buzz him out so he can get a breath of fresh air.

Airman 2: Buzz me out, Carter.
Carter: Where are you going?
Airman 2: I've gotta get some air. Those government guys are give me the creeps. Something's going on in there.
Carter: Yeah, I know what you mean. They just brought up a couple of body bags, and I got a call from the CO saying the entire base has been quarantined and locked down tight.

Airman 2: I'll be back up in a few.

Cutscene 3: Lian gets her gear

After the guard leaves, Lian rolls past the gate, around the back entrance and into the locker room, where she strips stark naked and changes into an armoured black jumpsuit, complete with weapons and a radio. She uses the radio.

Lian: Gabe? Are you there? *Moans* Gabe?
Teresa: Lian? Where are you? Are you all right?
Lian: Teresa? It's good to hear a familiar voice. I'm fine. They're holding me at some Civil Airbase in Colorado. Where's Gabe?
Teresa: He's run into trouble. Transport's down somewhere in the mountains.
Lian: Gabe's in trouble?
Teresa: Yeah, but what else is new? I think he's more worried about you than himself.
Lian: Gabe knows better than to worry about me. *Moans*
Teresa: Lian, are you okay?
Lian: I'm running on an adrenaline booster right now. Winding down fast. Get this information to him right away; he was right about Phagan, they were... keeping him alive incubating some... new strain of the virus. Probably the same strain I'm infected with. They must have injected us both while we were imprisoned in the catacombs.
Teresa: Oh my God!
Lian: I'm sure that's why they brought me here. They were using this airbase to fly infected test subjects in and out of the states, bypassing international quarantines.
Teresa: Hmm, The Agency's also using it to shut down air routes all over the rockies.
Lian: Makes for a good front. Tell Gabe that The Agency lab complex is somewhere in New York. I'm gonna try to find out where. *Coughs* Okay. *Coughs* I'm going to get a chopper, and I'm... gonna get out of here. Does Gabe have an EVAC plan yet?
Teresa: No, he's having me monitor Agency radio traffic while he gets to the crash site. I think he's gonna try to requisition a chopper there.
Lian: Tell him not to, I'll give him a ride myself. Do you have his coordinates?
Teresa: No.

Morgan and Weissinger arrive at the gate.

Morgan: We're ready to leave, airman. Buzz us out.
Carter: Yes, sir.
Lian: Never mind, I'll get them from the tower.
Elsa: I'm going to head over to the other infirmary, and make sure the rest of the plasma has been properly refrigerated.
Morgan: Okay. Our F-22s are coming in now, as soon as I deal with them, I'll meet you at the tower.

After zapping Carter with her hand taser, she buzzes herself out.

Airman 2: Hey, Carter, I'm on in five, buzz me in, would ya? Carter? Carter, get off your butt! I'm gonna be late for my post, buzz me in.

Pass the level in less than 3 minutes

Lian: Got it.

Cutscene 4: Lian escapes

Lian zaps another guards and finds an exit door to the inner perimeter of the airbase, where an armed airman tells her to put her hands up from behind - he approaches her cautiously, a pistol aimed at her, very steady.

Airman 1: All right, hold it, miss. Stop right there.
Lian: You don't understand, I'm not a prisoner. You don't know who these men are.
Airman 1: You're right, I don't know who they are, but I know they're not from FEMA.
 (holsters his weapon and goes to the window) Over here. I overheard two of them; they're planning to kill you! You can get out here.
Lian: Thanks.
Airman 1: If you're trying to get to the airfield, it's southwest of here. I'll check in at the security office and cover your absence as long as I can. Good luck.
Lian: You're taking a huge risk, airman.
Airman 1: I took an oath to uphold the law. Who are these people? CIA? NSA?
Lian: Not exactly.
Airman 1: You don't have much time. Good luck.
Lian: Thanks again.

Wrong actions

Spotted by an airman

Airman: We have a security breach. Prisoner's broken quarantine.

Spotted by Elsa

Elsa: It's Xing! We must stop her!

Get trapped

Lian: Dammit!

Airman arrives

Airman 2: H-Com, we've got a security problem here. The prisoner's broken quarantine. Request assistance.

No answer from desk

Airman 2: H-Com, we have a security problem here. Desk not answering the intercom, over.

Unused dialogues

Airman: H-Com, I've got a man down. I need assistance.

Colorado Interstate 70

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Rendezvous with Chance

Gabe has landed at the entrance to the highway, surrounded by bits of rubble and with only a combat knife.

Chance: Over here!
Gabe: Chance. You made it.
Chance: This is crazy. A whole convoy of troops moving up the highway. How are we gonna get out of here?
Gabe: We're not, unless we get some gear. I lost everything in the rockslide. What are you packing?
Chance: An M-16, but I'm low.
 (tosses the gun to Gabe, who starts inspecting it) There's a bunch of supply trucks in the tunnel. I saw 'em back up like crazy when the road collapsed.
Gabe: Okay, here's what we do: you move across the road and create a diversion. I'll get into the tunnel and find a supply truck. When I'm armed, I'll come back and get you.
 (throws the weapon back to Chance)
Chance: All right, if you say so. But I'm not gonna be able to hold 'em off long.
Gabe: You'll do fine. If something moves - shoot it.

Chance climbs up to a ledge while Logan sneaks over to the tunnel entrance.

Chance: Hey! You want some of this?!

Fires his M16 at the Agency operatives.

Spook 1: Over there! Get him!
Spook 2: On that wall! Go! Go!

Chance: Get moving, I can hold them.

Break the plan

Chance: Hey! That’s not part of the plan! I'm coming down!

Spook 3: Come on! Move it!

Spook 3: Orders are to wait here for Logan.
Spook 4: What do we do then?
Spook 3: We kill him.

Gabe enters the tunnel, evades a firing guard to reach the supply truck and grabs a bunch of guns.

Gabe: Chance, I've made it to the truck. I'm grabbing some ammo and I'll be back there in a minute.
Chance: About time!

Get back for too long

Chance: Get back here, I'm almost out of ammo!

Be in the tunnel

Gabe: Just hold them a little longer.

Be at the exit of the tunnel

Gabe: I'm coming back now. Hang on.

Spook 3: There he is! Get him!

Gabe kills the attackers, then rejoins Chance at the entrance.

Chance: That was close.
Gabe: I told you, you'll do fine. Now listen, the tunnel's gonna be crawling with troops, so stay with me and keep your eyes open.
Chance: Yes, sir.

Get the binoculars

Gabe: Got it!

Chance: Gabe, we've got trouble.

After shooting their way halfway through the tunnel, they come to seven flak-jacketed guards.

Chance: Dammit! They've all got flak jackets. I hope you've got a plan.
Gabe: Stay low.

He picks up a flamethrower and cooks them all.

Spooks: *Heavy screams*

Chance: Oh yeah!

Chance: Gabe! Behind you!

And then they move to the tunnel exit, noticing only one guard out in the open.

Chance: There's just one guard out there. Does that seem right to you?
Gabe: Yeah, it seems right... for an ambush.
Chance: That's what I was thinking. What do we do?
Gabe: Stay back. I'll let you know when it's safe to move up.

Spotted by the spooks

Spook 5: Snipers, NOW! / There he is! Snipers!

Gabe: Dammit! Chance, move!

Gabe quietly kills the first spook near the hummer car.

Gabe: Move, now.

Spook 6: Damn it's cold.

Gabe quietly kills the second spook near the truck.

Gabe: Move up to the next truck.

Spook 6: What's the story with this Logan guy?
Spook 7: An agent, I think.
Spook 6: Who's?
Spook 7: Ours.

Alternate conversation

Spook 6: How long we out here?
Spook 7: Till we find Logan, I guess.
Spook 6: Great.

Gabe kills another spook.

Gabe: Move up.

Gabe and Chance enters the tunnel safely.

Gabe: You okay?
Chance: Yeah. Let’s get out of here.

Chance: Gabe. Over here.

They move forward to the back of a supply truck.

Chance: Damn! There's two APCs sitting in the middle of the roadway, they'll cut us in half!
Gabe: Right. But they can't hit what they can't see.
Chance: The lights! If we can get them out, we can make it past the APCs in the dark. If this tunnel is anything like the first one, we'll find a power room back the way we came.
Gabe: We'll need explosives.
Chance: We found gear in trucks before.
Gabe: Yeah, great. You got any idea how I'll search the truck without taking a couple of dozen slugs?

APC Spook: There's no escape, Logan! Come out with your hands in the air!

Chance: Hold your fire! I'm coming out!
Gabe: Are you crazy?! Get back here!
Chance: You got a better idea? No matter what happens, stick to the plan: find some explosives and take out that power room.

Chance walks forward and surrenders.

Spook 8: You! Stay down!
Spook 9: This isn't Logan.

Spook 8: Where's Logan?
Chance: *Moans*

Spook 9: If Logan isn't out here in two minutes, you're a dead grunt.

Chance: Don't do it, Gabe! *Moans*

Reveal yourself

Spook 8: Fall back! Booth, open fire! / There he is! It's Logan!

Chance: That APC's got me pinned, Gabe. Go, get that power room offline!
Gabe: Right.

Logan steals the supplies, returns to the power room at the start of the tunnel, and detonates a grenade inside, frying the lights. Gabe activates his night-vision-goggles.

Chance: Power's out, Gabe, it worked. I can't see five feet in front of me but I can hear plenty of voices. Lots of spooks walking around out here.
Gabe: All right, I want you to pull back, find someplace safe and hide there. I'll send back help when I can.
Chance: Gabe, what if those APCs have IR gear?
Gabe: They don't. If they did, we wouldn't be talking.
Chance: Roger. Don't forget about me, man.

Spook 10: Everyone down, there's Logan!

Spook 10: Who's there?!

Wrong actions

Leave Chance

Chance: I'm hit!

Unused dialogues

Chance: Gabe, I smell gasoline. I'll go up ahead and check it out.
Gabe: Great.

Chance: GABE!!!

Spook 5: It's Logan! Snipers, now!

Gabe: Move up to the hammer. Stay low.

Spook 7: Logan isn't much of a friend now, is he?

Spook 8: You! Get down on the ground now, or we will open fire! On the ground now! All right, open fire!

Spook 8: We've got your friend, Logan! And he's a dead man if you don't come out!

Spook 8: You've got 30 seconds, Logan!

Spook 10: Watch where you're shooting, soldier.

Spook 10: Move out! Move out!

Atkins: It's me! Atkins.

Spook 10: Recon!

Spook 10: Do you see him?

Spook 10: He's over there!

Spook 10: I think I got him!

Spook 10: Out of my way!

I-70 Mountain Bridge

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Plot to destroy the bridge

Gabe shoots his way past the blind APC’s and exits the tunnel, where he sees Archer and another Agency commander.

Commander: Several GIs have made it to the highway and are heading this way. We've lost contact with half the convoy.
Archer: Leave them. Morgan's ordered the air strike. Within an hour, every living thing on this mountain will be dead. As soon as the charges are set, pull your men back to the other side of the bridge. I want to make sure that nothing gets past here.
Commander: They're setting the charges now.
Archer: Everyone's expendable here, Lieutenant. If they're not off the bridge when I give the order, blow it anyway.
Commander: Yes, sir!
Archer: Let's get out of here.

Archer leaves with his pilot in his chopper.

Commander: When the charges are set, I'm gonna call for EVAC of the bridge, and then we blow it. Until then, everyone keep watch for Logan. Out.

Commander: Sitrep.
Spook 1: Almost got it, sir. Couple more minutes.

Using the side of the bridge to hide himself, Gabe steals gas grenades and a silenced sniper rifle from a supply truck, takes out the commander, and managed to navigate the huge underparts of the bridge and disarm the first two explosives.

Spook 2: What's going on back up the road?
Spook 3: Blue team caught a couple of GI hero wannabes. They're questioning them right now.
Spook 2: *Laughs* They're not gonna last long.

Gabe manages to disarm to the other two charges, then reveals himself and attacks the commandos, killing them.

Spook 4: It's Logan! Blow the bridge now!

Spook 5: We can't! The charges are dead!

He enters the next tunnel and sees the two GI’s hostage.

Ramirez: Why don't you just kill us now, you son of-
Spook 6: Shut up!
Ramirez: *Coughs* Is that all you got?
Spook 6: I said shut up!

He ingeniously fires a bullet through both Commando's head at the same time, killing them both instantly.

Thompson: What the hell?!
Ramirez: {Should be Logan!}

Gabe: Ramirez, where's Ferguson?
Ramirez: Ferguson bought it on the mountain.
Gabe: Thompson, you okay?
Thompson: I'm okay, sir. A little banged up, but I can make it.
Ramirez: We tried to fight them off, but they hit us hard.
Gabe: All right, stay with me and stay close, it's gonna be tight getting out of here alive.

Gabe calls Teresa.

Gabe: Teresa, I'm past the bridge. Give me a route.
Teresa: Just east of you is the rail line. Follow it south. It cuts directly through the mountains to the crash site. And Gabe? I've heard from Lian.
Gabe: Is she all right?
Teresa: She's okay, for now. Once you're clear, I'll give you a report, but she's safe.
Gabe: Copy. Okay, let's go.

They move down the road to the end of the tunnel, killing nine guards from three different trucks along the way.

Ramirez: Get them!

Cutscene 2: Surprise attack on the bridge

They stop on the middle of the next bridge.

Gabe: Okay, I'm leaving you guys here. I left Chance back in the first tunnel. I want you to get him and get off this mountain.
Ramirez: Will do.
Gabe: Radio me when you get to a safe place. I'll try to get-
Thompson: Look out! *Heavy scream*

Archer fires another missile, devastating the bridge in 10 seconds. Logan immediately rappels down the bridge and has to jump off halfway to a running train because the bridge collapses, but he survives. The fate of the GI’s is unknown.

Wrong actions

Spotted before all charges are dead

Spook: It's Logan! Blow the bridge now!

Time is out

Commander: The charges are primed. Everyone off the bridge now!

Fail to save the GIs

Spook 6: It's Logan! Kill him!
Gabe: {Noo!}

Kill a GI

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

Commander: We should have spotted Logan by now. Go back and order the snipers to search the tunnel.
Spook 4: Yes, sir.

Commander: You're not gonna kill me, Logan.

Commander: *Death moan*

Gabe: I want you two to stay here and secure the area.
Ramirez: Where are you going?
Gabe: I've got some unfinished business.

McKenzie Airbase Exterior

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Morgan's final judgement

Back at McKenzie Air Force Base...

Morgan: Commander? Stevens wants me to personally thank you for the job you've done here.

He pulls out a silenced pistol.

Agency Pilot 1: W-Wait a minute!

Morgan coldly fires once into the pilot’s head - a casual move.

Morgan: Now, Commander, we will try again. Get this plane refueled. We have another mission for you to fly. No one gets off that mountain alive.
Agency Pilot 2: Yes, sir!

At the entrance to the outer perimeter...

Lian: Teresa, come in. I'm out of the holding complex.
Teresa: I read you. What's your plan?
Lian: First, I'm gonna find a decent silenced weapon in case I run into any Agency operatives. Then I'll have to find some way to get into that air traffic control tower.
Teresa: After all that, finding a chopper to hitch a ride on should be a piece of cake. How you holding up?
Lian: I've been better. Out.

Sarge: Ballard, one of the feds needs a lift over the main gate. I want you to double-time it over to admin and drive the truck for him.
Ballard: Who are these guys, Sarge? What the hell are they up to?
Sarge: Don't ask questions, airman! Just move.
Ballard: Yes, sir.

Lian zaps Sarge, then follows Ballard to an open area where she notices Holman.

Holman: What took you so long? I've been waiting here for ten minutes.
Ballard: Yes, sir.
Holman: I'm supposed to be at the main gates clearing a shipment. If I'm late, I'll have you busted down, airman.
Ballard: Sorry, sir. I'll get you there.

Ballard drives off with Holman in one of the trucks.

Lian: Teresa, I've got something. I think I just saw Thomas Holman here at the base. We went through Agency training together.
Teresa: Holman... Don't know him.
Lian: He was assigned to the FEMA unit. I'm betting he'll know where the labs are.
Teresa: So what are you gonna do?
Lian: I'm gonna get him to tell me.

After stealing a silenced sniper rifle from the back of the remaining supply truck, Lian climbs over a rooftop and jumps down a little too loudly into the next area.

Airman 1: Did you hear that?
Airman 2: Hear what?
Airman 1: I thought I heard something. I'll go check it out.

Lian zaps both airmen, then proceeds down the path where she sees Morgan and Falkan talking.

Morgan: I want my chopper cleared for immediate takeoff. Put the second chopper on standby. I'll be there shortly.
Falkan: The rest of the cargo looks secure. Everything from PharCom West is now accounted for.
Airman 3: Sir, the F-22 is refueled and ready for takeoff, but the payload you're waiting for hasn't gotten here yet. Your pilot seemed anxious that I tell you.
Morgan: That'll be all, airman. Get on the radio and ask Holman what the delay is. We can't afford any more screw-ups.

Lian zaps the airman as he walks toward her, and Morgan and Falkan continue towards the air control tower.

Teresa: Lian, I've confirmed it with Gabe: The Agency is going to carpet bomb the mountain with nerve gas. You've gotta stop 'em.
Lian: I know. I'm gonna take out that pilot and sabotage the plane. That should buy Gabe enough time to get off the mountain with any GIs he can save.
Teresa: Right. I'll let him know. Out.

Lian enters a secured but unguarded hangar, where she notes the Agency pilot talking frantically into his radio.

Agency Pilot 2: No, sir. I'm sorry, sir. Yes, I have the transport's location and the tower has cleared me. I'm still waiting for the payload. Evidently, Holman had trouble getting it through the main gates. I'm told it's on its way now!

Lian patiently waits for him to finish, then shoots him in the head and removes a critical part from the F-22, permanently grounding it.

Lian: Teresa, radio Gabe and tell him I'm almost clear. He may have a ride yet.
Teresa: You better hurry, or he's not gonna need one. He is catching a train.
Lian: What?
Teresa: I'll explain later. ETA on the chopper?
Lian: I'm on my way to the tower now. I... Someone’s coming!
Teresa: You can't let him find that pilot's body!
Lian: I know. Out.

Lian stuns the guard, leaves the hangar, proceeds farther into the airbase, uses a truck to hide her from a few guards, then enters another storage room where she heads to the exit and sees the Agency men.

Morgan: What's the hold up on the F-22 payload?
Holman: It should be there. I cleared it through the gates myself.
Morgan: Well let's go see what's holding them up.
Elsa: No! We must leave for New York now if the lab is going to have the time it needs to process this plasma.
Morgan: We don't have the samples from the girl yet.
Elsa: We can begin processing Phagan's sample and do hers when it arrives. Otherwise, the shipment will be delayed.
Morgan: Understood. Get to that other airstrip pronto and check on that F-22 personally. Then, get over to the infirmary and see what's holding up that medic. He should be finished with her soon.
Holman: Right.
Falkan: Should I wait here?
Morgan: Okay, you get the other chopper cleared and ready for takeoff. As soon as Holman gets back, I want you to personally deliver the girl's plasma to the labs.
Falkan: Understood.
Lian: Teresa. Holman's separated from the others. This may be my one chance to get to him. I'm gonna make my move now.
Teresa: Great. Just don't kill him before you get the information, okay?
Lian: Got it. Out.

Holman: I can do without the escort, airman.
Airman 4: Sir, sorry, sir!

Cutscene 2: Lian catches Holman

Lian follows Holman to an empty hallway and hits him down to the ground from behind with her Colt M1911.

Holman: *Moans*
Lian: Hello, Holman. Standard silenced HK-5? Good. Remember me?
Holman: Lian, you escaped! Thank God!
Lian: *Laughs* Don't even try. I know what you're planning.
Holman: No, I was trying to stall them, trying to find a way to get you off the base without-
Lian: *Coughs* You just loaded two missiles with Sarin gas payloads into an F-22 meant for the survivors of a plane crash.
Holman: N-no, that's not true! I-
Lian: You're a liar, Holman. And not a very good one. Another Agency course you failed in training? You want to beg for your life? You tell me where Morgan is taking that plasma.
Holman: I don't know what you're talking about! *Screams & moans*

Lian shoots Holman in the leg with his machine gun.

Lian: I’m dying, Holman! Syphon Filter is killing me, and I am running out of patience! Where are they taking Phagan's plasma? And where were they planning to take mine?
Holman: I can't help you. I don't know where they're taking the plasma. All I know is I was assigned to Morgan. He said we were picking up biomaterials for transport.
Lian: Transport to where?
Holman: I don't know! I only know that our next assignment was to pick up some discs from the PharCom Exposition Center in New York. They don't tell me anything. I was just following orders.
Lian: Yeah? Well we were all just following orders.
Holman: Just make it quick. *Moans*

Lian fires an empty gun, then reveals that she had removed the clip.

Lian: You have no idea what you're involved in. Maybe you'll learn, if you live long enough. I'd suggest not going into work tomorrow. Your boss might not be as forgiving as I am.

Lian makes a diversion.

Airman 5: What the hell?!
Airman 6: Look out!

The truck crashes into the wall.

Airman 5: Come on, let's go!

Go to the LZ before going up in the lift

Falkan: Holman, where are you? Check in.
Airman 7: Sir, should I send someone for him?
Falkan: No, that won't be necessary. He's just a world-class screw-up.

After creating a diversion to sneak into the air control tower, Lian lets the airman clear Falkan’s chopper for takeoff.

Airman 8: No, sir. Agent Holman has not checked in yet. The F-22 has been cleared for takeoff. Priority One. Personnel have not seen it leave the hangar yet. I'll find out, sir. Hey, Sarge? These feds are getting pretty antsy out here, one of them is clear for takeoff. Hold on. Agent Falkan? Your chopper is cleared for immediate departure. The F-22 is not cleared its hangar yet. If your other agents at the airstrip, you can fly directly there and pick them up. Copy. Out.

Lian zaps Huffman.

Airman 8: Hey, come here and take a look at this. Huffman, get over here and look at this. Huffman? What the hell is wrong with you?

Then she zaps the second airman and accesses the train’s coordinates and the crashed C-130.

Lian: All right, *Coughs* I've got a transponder frequency of the downed plane.
Teresa: Now all you need is that ride.
Lian: I think the Agency's provided for me on that one. Falkan's chopper is cleared for takeoff. If I stop him, I can take the chopper and no one's the wiser. *Coughs*
Teresa: Nice plan. Good luck.

Lian leaves the control room and heads to the helipad, where she sees Falkan waiting impatiently.

Falkan: Alright, I'm through waiting. You stay here. When Agent Holman arrives, tell him to contact me directly and I'll give him further instructions.
Airman 7: Yes, sir.

After zapping the airman, Lian shoots Falkan in the head and steals the chopper.

Lian: Teresa, I've got a ride and clearance all the way to the crash site.
Teresa: G-sat 's reporting a huge fire. Probably caused by the crash, but who knows. Big smoke is shutting down all flights into the area, so be careful.
Lian: *Coughs* Well, considering what those guys could have been breathing... a little smoke won't hurt them. Patch me through to Gabe and... wish me luck.
Teresa: You got it.

Pass the level on Hard

Lian: Got it.

Wrong actions

Spotted by an airman

Airman: H-Com, alert! We've got an intruder!


Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Go the wrong way

Teresa: Lian, what are you doing? The tarmac's not that way.

Airman found the pilot's body

Airman: H-Com, I've got a man down here! We've got an intruder on base!

Spotted by Holman

Holman: Sir, this is Holman. I've spotted Xing! She's loose!

Lost Holman

Lian: Dammit!
Teresa: Problem?
Lian: Holman's moved out into the open. I can't get to him now.

Holman got to the truck

Holman: Let's go. Hangar 37. ASAP.

Unused dialogues

Airman: Base, alert! Prisoner has broken quarantine. She is armed. Fire on sight!

Airman 1: What was that?

Airman 2: I didn't hear anything.

Teresa: Lian, you haven't taken out the pilot yet and don't even have a silenced weapon to do it with. You've got to go back and take care of business before you move onto the tarmac.
Lian: I'm on it.

Teresa: Lian, you've got to go back to where you came and sabotage that plane. If it delivers its payload...
Lian: Understood. I'm on my way.

Teresa: Lian, you've got to take out that pilot. His hangar's back the way you came.
Lian: Right. I'm on it.

Agency Pilot 2: The prisoner, she's in here, what do I do?!

Holman: Look out! Xing's escaped!

Airman 6: No, it wasn't an attack, just an accident. Somehow, truck got out of control. We don't know how it happened, but we need to clean up crew out here, so we can return to our post. Right, we'll wait here. Out.

Lian: Teresa, I-I just lost my ride.
Teresa: That's not good.

Lian: *Panting* Noo.

Colorado Train Ride

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Train ride

Archer's helicopter pulls up to the train, manages to find Gabe on the back of the train. The back of the train is engulfed in flames.

Archer: There he is!
Morgan: Archer, have you taken care of Logan?
Archer: Not yet, we're working on it. He's proving... troublesome.
Morgan: I want him finished! Even if you have to blow up the whole State to do it!
Archer: We're on it. Out. Get some men down there. I want him taken out now!

Meanwhile, on the back of the train...

Lian: Gabe, are you there?
Gabe: Lian! You okay? It's about time you checked in.
Lian: *Coughs* I've been better. My adrenaline shot is wearing off, but I've got enough strength to come and get you.
Gabe: All right, I'm almost at the crash site now. Once we have those data discs, we can bargain with The Agency for your vaccine.
Lian: *Coughs* I'm on the way.

Archer begins dropping his men onto the train.

Spook 1: Fire him up! / Light him up! / Open fire!

Spook 2: What the hell?!

Cutscene 2: Grenade attack

Gabe shoots his way to the middle of the train, then stares at a guard who is just sitting there, seemingly doing nothing.

Gabe: NO! IDIOT!

The spook then tosses a grenade at Gabe, who jumps forward onto the other half of the train just as the bomb blows, bisecting the vehicle and killing the stupid spook.

Unused dialogues

Spook 1: Kill him!

Colorado Train Race

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Archer attacks again

At a bridge ten miles ahead, Archer's helicopter pulls up.

Archer: Blow it.
Archer's Pilot: But we still have agents on the train!
Archer: They're expendable! I don't want Logan to get off this mountain, and we've got to get to that crash site now! Blow it!

The pilot fires a missile anyway despite his conscience, detonating the bridge.

Gabe stands in second half of the train.

Logan shoots his way to the half of the train.

Spook: Let's get off this train!

Logan shoots his way to the end of the train, where he jumps onto the little platform sticking out in front.

Gabe: Lian, I've made it to the engine, but this train isn't gonna stop in time! Time for that backup plan!
Lian: Right. I'm in position now. Are you ready?
Gabe: As ready as I'll ever be!

Cutscene 2: Nick of time

Gabe jumps forward off the train just as it falls hundreds of feet to smash into the ground below, and Gabe manages to grab onto the safety bar of the helicopter, then pulls himself up inside.

Wrong actions

Time is out

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

C-130 Wreck Site

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Inferno

Above the crash site.

Lian: The transport crashed into this box canyon, but I'm not gonna be able to get this bird in there.
Teresa (on the radio): Gabe, Lian, I've intercepted a radio message from Archer. Let me patch it in.
Archer: What's the ETA on the drop? I need those men now!
Morgan: There won't be a drop. Choppers can't get in till the fire dies down. I've sent in our best squad via the highway to the south, they should be there by now. There's been a security breach at the base. Xing has escaped. Be advised that she may also be en route to your locale. Go to coded channel: 6-4-1.
Archer: Copy.
Lian: Archer's bringing in his elite hit squad.
Gabe: Climb to four thousand feet. They're gonna be expecting me to come in from the north, where the tracks cut into the canyon. But I've got a better idea.
Lian: You're gonna jump?
Gabe: I'm getting good at it. I'll parachute through the smoke right on top of them. It's the one thing they won't expect.
Teresa: Lian, Doppler shows a clearing in the smoke, one click south.
Lian: *Coughs* Okay. As soon as you're clear, I'll head there and wait.
Gabe: Good, I'll be there as soon as I get the discs.
Teresa: Gabe, those are likely Archer's best men down there. Try to keep your head down, okay?
Gabe: Right.

Gabe jumps out, nearly landing on top of two unsuspecting commandos.

Commando 1: Hey, look up there!
Arkin: It's Logan, we need some backup. This is Arkin. We need some assistance now! Logan's here!

Commando 2: Where is he?
Commando 3: Spread out.

Commando 2: Over here!

Commando 4: He's in position. NOW!

Gabe fights through about ten operatives, including grenadiers, and finds an empty data disk box, then whirls around and sees Archer.

Archer: Logan! Looking for these?
Gabe: Dammit!

Archer: Take him out! Now!

Archer tries to kill Gabe, but Gabe manages to move away from out of Archer's line of fire. Gabe fights past a couple guards and moves past a large piece of wreckage.

Archer: Red team, he's south of your position, move in now!

Go left

Archer: Grenades, now! Hit him hard!

Go mid

Archer: Box him in!

Archer: Get some snipers on that south ridge!

Gabe kills the snipers, then proceeds back to where he dropped down to see Archer’s chopper taking off. Gabe fires his weapon and hits Archer in the head, knocking him out of the chopper to the ground.

Kill Archer with one shot / Pass the level in less than 3 minutes

Gabe: Got it!

Cutscene 2: Death of Archer and further plans

Gabe retrieves the data disks as Lian lands the chopper.

Gabe: So long, Archer.
Lian: Need a lift?
Gabe: Got the discs. Let's go get Chance and the rest of the survivors.
Lian: Teresa lost radio contact with them an hour ago. I don't think anyone else made it, Gabe.
Gabe: Let's get out of here before we lose you too.

Agency Bio-Research Center
New York City

Mara: How long until we'll have Lian Xing?
Stevens: It will take some time, but we'll get the information we need.
Mara: I have to leave for China today. He wanted me to remind you that Shi-Hao is not a patient man.
Stevens: Still cleaning up your Gregorov mess. If The Agency had handled it, of course, it would already be done.
Mara: Oh yes, of course! Just as your agent handled Lian Xing. After all, who could have foreseen that a sick woman would outsmart and outfight an entire military base full of trained secret agents? I would have killed a lot of you and replace you all with competent-
Stevens: YET here I am. The problem, Mara, is that you are mistaking me for some stupid Eurotrash terrorist who actually cares what you think! Are we done yet?
Mara: No, but it's enough for now.

Mara leaves.

Morgan (on the radio): Archer's dead.
Stevens: Logan?
Morgan: Gone.
Stevens: Get a team together and get to the PharCom Exposition Center. NSA has already got a cleanup crew in there and I wanna make sure Phagan didn't have any other back-up discs laying around.
Morgan: On the way.

As Stevens speaks, Elsa Weissinger opens her lab door, having overheard the entire convo.

Elsa: You don't have her?
Stevens: No.
Elsa: We won't have much time to finish processing the plasma we need as it is. You have to-
Stevens: You will get your plasma, doctor. Now get back to work.


News Reporter: The FBI is looking for these fugitives (shows pictures of Gabe and Lian) in connection with a rash of terrorist crimes that has struck the US in recent weeks. Our inside sources tell us that these fugitives are the focus of the FBI's investigation into the subway and park bombings in Washington DC, as well as the downing of a CBDC transport plane over Colorado last night.

White Mountain Apache Reservation:

Lian: So much for going to the authorities.
Gabe: The Agency has moles in every major enforcement agency. We knew we were on our own anyway.
Teresa: I think you should sue them; those were awful pictures of you.
Gabe: Any luck yet?
Teresa: No. These are 3rd Generation encryption codes. Lian?
Lian: It take me at least a week to hack these codes. I'm gonna need the keys or there's no way to break into the data... before... *Coughs*
Gabe: You feeling any better?
Lian: I feel fine.
Teresa: The serum I've given you will only slow the virus's effects. It won't stop it.
Gabe: How long do we have?
Teresa: Don't know, never seen anything like this before. I'm no doctor, but the blood workup I've just done doesn't make any sense.
Lian: Alright, look, there's only one place to go from here: The PharCom Exposition Center. Holman said that The Agency was getting ready to do a sweep of the PharCom files there.
Gabe: It makes sense. If Phagan was smart enough to make a complete set of back-up data on the Syphon Filter project, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to store the encryption codes in the same place. The codes must be there somewhere. You still have a safe house in Virginia?
Teresa: Lawrence Mujari. Runs a lab out of a mortuary.
Lian: Hey! I'm not dead yet.
Teresa: No, the place is a front. He runs the med lab there. Freelancer. Mows the lawns to keep in shape.
Gabe: You trust him?
Teresa: With my life. He spent ten years as a refugee from apartheid rule in South Africa. I helped him get into the States, and he's responsible for that serum you're taking now. He'll help us.
Gabe: Then let's go. We're running out of time.
Lian: Look on the bright side: you won't have to wear a tux this time.

Wrong actions

Lose Archer

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

Commando 1: Logan's here, what do I do? Kill him? Are you crazy? He's after me I need some help here!

Archer: NOW!

Gabe: Damn it! Lian. The discs were destroyed in the explosion.

Archer: So long, Logan!

Pharcom Expo Center

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Museum break-in

Pharcom Exposition Center
New York City

Gabe: We were right; the NSA is shut down the entire exposition center. They're using regular army to box the place up. They've got guards patrolling everywhere. I'll have to be careful; don't want to kill any innocents.
Lian: Sure you don't need any help?
Gabe: You stay with Teresa; I'll stay out of their way. Hold on.
Morgan: You found something?
Operative 1: We're in the ancient China exhibit setting up for the final phase of the operation. We've got a box of data discs here, you wanna come check it out?
Morgan: On my way. You stay here and stand watch. Holman claimed he didn't give Xing any information but I don't believe him. Logan might just show up tonight.
Operative 2: Yes, sir!
Morgan: And stay out of sight of any army grunts. Our operation here is totally black box, the last thing we need here is the jurisdiction squabble with the NSA.

Logan spotted by operatives.

Operative 2: Intruder alert!

Kill left operative

Operative 3: Logan!

Kill right operative

Operative 3: Logan's here!

Operative 4: Logan's in the building, get more men in here!

Operative 5: Logan!

Operative 6: There's Logan!

Army GI 1: Snyder hasn't reported in. Let's check it out.

Army GI 1: Damn, this is bad. Call Command and tell them we have an intruder.
Army GI 2: Too much interference in here, I'll head back and put in the call.
Army GI 1: I'll stay here and look around.

Army GI 3: Hey, come here and take a look at this!
Army GI 4: She's hot! Is this last month's issue?
Army GI 3: Yep. I don't think anyone will miss this, do you?

Get the girlie mag

Gabe: Got it!

Jeffrey: Logan just vent rat. Get some men in those vents!

Lian: Gabe, come in. I've intercepted some Agency radio traffic. You're not gonna like this.
Gabe: Go.
Lian: The final phase of their operation tonight? They're going to destroy the expo center. They're packing explosives into the ancient China exhibit; it's the structural center of the building! When it collapses, the whole place will come down.
Gabe: Got it. Okay, I want you and Teresa to pull back. Put at least half a mile between you and this building.
Lian: But Gabe!
Gabe: Do it! I'll take care of the explosives.

Jeffrey: Jeffrey's report in. Come in, do you read?

Gabe: Lian, I'm planting the decoy now. Be ready to trip it on my signal.
Lian: Got it.

Operative 7: Subject is not in this section.

Operative 7: There's Logan!!!

Operative 8: You're coming out in pieces, Logan!

Army GI 5: I can't see a damn thing!
Army GI 6: Command says the power went out for this section of the building. We're supposed to stand ground until they get it back online.
Army GI 5: What would knock the power out?
Army GI 6: Hell if I know.

Operative 9: Logan came this way. Finish those GIs and get in here! And you're gonna need your night vision goggles.

Gabe: Lian, I think I found the way to the China exhibit.

Wrong actions

Spotted by an army GI

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Spotted in the vent

Snyder: You! In the vent! Stop where you are!

Army GI reported to Command

Army GI 2: Command, come in. Come in!


Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Command answered

Command GI: Read you.
Army GI 2: Command, we have a problem.
Command GI: What's your location? Backup will be there ASAP.

Spotted on the exit from the Mars room

Army GI 7: Intruder is on the run! He's headed into the boiler room!

Spotted in the rocket room

Army GI 8: Command, we've got an intruder here!

Unused dialogues

Gabe: Morgan's men have already found the data discs. I don't have much time.

Command GI: Command.
Snyder: This is Snyder. I've got a situation in the Mars room. I need some backup.
Command GI: Copy that. On their way.

Army GI 7: Command, we got a serious situation here!

Army GI 3: Halt! Halt!

Army GI 4: Hold it right there!

Operative 11: Halt! Halt! Intruder alert!

Army GI 10: Those spooks are slaughtering us out there! That vent's our only way out of here!
Army GI 11: I don't know if our boys can hold them off much longer.
Army GI 10: They've destroyed the radio, and we're pinned down, can't even call for help.

Army GI 11: They've got us surrounded.

Army GI 8: Alert! Alert! Private Garvin is down!

Army GI 8: Command, I've got an intruder here! Requesting backup.

Lian: Gabe. Save your bolts to use on GIs. You don't have enough to waste like that.

Operative 8: Hey, you got any grenades left?
Operative 10: Yeah. Clear the hall!

Operative 8: Come on out, Logan!

Army GI 9: Hey, man, I've got a wife and kids! What are... what are you-
Operative 9: Shut up and move!

Operative 9: Where are the discs?
Army GI 9: I don't know anything about any discs! Torture me all you want!
Operative 9: Torture you? That's a good idea. Hey, get me some of that gas we're gonna torch the building with.
Army GI 9: W-W-Wait a... wait a sec! I'd tell if I knew! I... I swear!
Operative 9: I believe you. But I don't really care.

Operative 9: Ouch! Too bad about the wife and kids...

Army GI 5: Command, we have a situation in the Hall of Kings!

Operative 9: Give it up, Gabe! Morgan might take it easy on ya.


Main plot

Cutscene 1: Gabe confronts Morgan

Gabe: Lian, I'm at the China exhibit. Is the decoy prepped?
Lian: Yes.
Gabe: Now.
Morgan: There's been an explosion. Logan... All of you, go help finish him.
Operative 1: Sir, the explosives!
Morgan: I'll take care of them, get moving!
Gabe: Short-circuit the gates now. You're cut off, Morgan. It's just you and me.
Morgan: Give yourself up, Logan. Stevens wants you to come in. He wants to sit down and discuss things with you and Lian Xing.
Gabe: I know what Stevens wants. You had her and you lost her. You always were second-rate, Morgan.
Morgan: We'll see about that.
Gabe: Yeah, we'll see.

Teresa: Hey, Boss!
Gabe: What are YOU doing here?!
Teresa: Thought you could use the help.
Gabe: I gave you order to pull back. After this is over-
Teresa: AFTER this is over. Gotcha.
Gabe: Okay, you take care of the bomb; I'll take care of Morgan.
Teresa: Got it. And Gabe, when you spot Morgan, don't kill him. He's carrying a dead man's switch and if he drops it while any bombs are armed, we'll all die. So wait for my signal before you take him out.

Gabe: Morgan's heading east. I'm on him.

Teresa: Gabe, you need to stop Morgan from priming any more bombs. I've got the situation covered here.

Teresa: Uuh, Gabe? Looks like this charge is part of a radio remote chain and I think another one just got armed. See if you can find it, then call me.

Morgan: Thought you were faster than that, Logan.

Gabe: I found the bomb.
Teresa: Copy. I'm on my way.

Teresa: *Panting* Put a train of spooks along. Get them off me!

Leave small time

Teresa: Damn, you didn't leave me a lotta time to work here.

Teresa: That's two.

Teresa: Ughrr, locked! Let's head back.

Teresa: I don't think there's any more armed bombs in the chain. If you see Morgan - drop him.

Teresa: He's in here!

Slow the pace

Teresa: Gabe, you need to pick it up!

Teresa: Hurry, Gabe!

Teresa: Let him go, Gabe. I need you to watch my back.

Gabe: Can you speed it up a little?
Teresa: Oh, you didn't want me to go slow.

Teresa: Three down. Damn, how many more are there?

Teresa: There. Gabe, we gotta stop Morgan before he sets any more bombs.

Teresa: I've got him in here, hurry!

Teresa: Slippery m-
Gabe: Keep moving.

Teresa: He's primed another one!

Teresa: Gabe, I can tell from the solenoid this is the last bomb in the chain. Might take a little longer to defuse.
Gabe: I'll keep Morgan busy. Let me know when you've got it.

Teresa: Gabe, time is running out. Go stop Morgan.

Morgan: You can't kill me, Logan. This place is wired to the teeth and all I need to do is release this switch.
Teresa: Gabe, keep him talking. Don't kill him until this bomb is defused, or he'll drop the detonator.

Morgan: You know, it's not too late, Logan.

Morgan: The Agency can still use you and don't forget: we're Lian's only hope for a cure!

Morgan: Do you have any idea what Syphon Filter is going to do to her, Logan?

Morgan: I've seen what it does to people. Soon she'll look like a walking corpse! Trust me. It's going to be a slow, painful death.

Morgan: Throw down your weapons, Logan. I think you'll find that we can work this out to everyone's benefit.

Teresa: Gabe, final bomb defused. Take him!

Teresa: There's not gonna be much of an Agency after you get through with them.
Gabe: That's right. Lian, we've got the discs, we're on our way out now. Let's go.

Pass the level on Hard

Gabe: Got it!

Wrong actions

Hurt or leave Teresa

Teresa: Gabe, I'm getting hurt bad!

Kill Teresa

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

Gabe: Lian, I'm at the China exhibit. Is the decoy prepped?
Lian: Yes.
Gabe: Now.
Morgan: There's been an explosion. Logan... All of you, go help finish him.
Operative 1: Sir, the explosives!
Morgan: I'll take care of them, get moving!
Gabe: Short-circuit the gates now. You're cut off, Morgan. It's just you and me.
Morgan: Logan... Give yourself up, Logan. Stevens wants you to come in. He wants to sit down and discuss things with you and Lian Xing.
Gabe: I know what Stevens wants. You had her and you lost her. You always were second-rate, Morgan.
Morgan: We'll see about that.
Gabe: Yeah, we'll see.

Teresa: Gabe...!

Teresa: One down.

Gabe: I found another bomb.
Teresa: Damn! We almost had him too.

Teresa: Gabe, I can't do this all by myself!

Morgan: Nothing to say? I'm done talking.

Moscow Club 32

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Disco rendezvous

Whispering Woods Mortuary
Oliver's Bluff, Virginia

Teresa: Thanks, Lawrence.
Lawrence: I'll be in here if you need anything.
Teresa: We'll be fine. Okay, these are the encryption codes, but the data is incomplete. It won't let me open the files.
Gabe: But Chance got all the discs. I was there.
Teresa: They're not here.
Lian: Gregorov.
Gabe: What?
Lian: Contact Gregorov. You said he showed up at the PharCom warehouses just before you were forced to leave. Why was he there?
Teresa: The SVR was called in to deal with the missile launch.
Lian: Maybe. Or maybe he was after the same thing we were.
Gabe: The Syphon Filter data. You think he had someone on the inside? You know him. What do you think?
Lian: Could he be working with The Agency? I doubt it. But let's find out.
Teresa: That's right! You guys go way back, don't you?
Lian: We were both in Afghanistan. I wouldn't say we were friends but... we respect each other.

Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR)
Kremlin, Moscow

The Imposter: Lian Xing! I thought perhaps you would be calling. Yes, of course, we must talk. But in person, yes? In a public place? But why? Very well, if you insist. I know it place. Да. (Yes.) I look forward to seeing you again.

Club 32

Lian: This is it. Gregorov's going inside.
Gabe: Copy. We're only a block away. Call if you need help.
Lian: Gregorov! Look out!
Woman: *Screams*

Lian: Gabe. Teresa. Aramov's here and I think she's gonna try to kill Gregorov. Gabe? Come on, where are you, guys?!
Bodyguard 1: Кто б ты ни была, убью! [Whoever you are, I will kill you!]

Kill first four bodyguards quickly

Lian: Got it.

Hide behind the bar counter

Bodyguard 2: Ложись! [Fire in the hole!]

Bodyguard 3: Что здесь происходит? Кто против кого? [What are we doing here? Who are we fighting?]
Bodyguard 4: Кто знает? Грегорёв совсем стукнутый, я думаю. [Who knows? Gregorov has gone insane, I think.]

Militia 1: Выходите по одному, держите оружие над головой или мы откроем огонь! [Throw down your weapons and come out of the building or we will open fire!]

Militia 1: Здание окружено. Все выходы перекрыты. [The building is surrounded. You cannot escape.]
Bodyguard 5: Ну что нам-то делать? [What do we do?]
Bodyguard 6: Как обычно, запомним задание то же самое. (As usual,) [We complete the mission.]

Lian: Gabe. Russian militia shown up. They're blocking my way out and I'm gonna lose Gregorov if I don't get outside! I can't open fire on these guys, they're just... cops doing their job! I need backup here!

Militia 1: Огонь! [Open fire!]

Bodyguard 7: Нам нужно валить отсюда. Милиция за нами, это дело кончено, хватит! [We should get out of here. The Militia's breathing down our necks. The operation is over, and we should cut our losses.]
Bodyguard 8: Нет! Нельзя. Нам надо убить женщину и потом отсюда. [No, we have our orders. We kill the woman and then we leave.]

Militia 2: Бросай оружие! [Throw your weapon down now!]

Gabe: Lian, come in.
Lian: Gabe? Teresa? Where are you?
Gabe: It's a trap, Lian, get out! We're under heavy fire.
Lian: A-are you okay? Where are you?
Gabe: Never mind us, just get out of there!
Lian: You're breaking up, I can't hear you! I-I'm heading out of the building now. As soon as we find Gregorov, we'll have some answers.

Wrong actions

Kill Gregorov's Imposter or a Russian militia

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Moscow Streets

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Mara chases Gregorov

Mara: Садись в машину! [Get in the car.]
The Imposter: What did I do?
Mara: Идиот. У меня нет времени. Залезай. Чёрт возьми! Догоните его! [Fool. There is no time. Get in] (Damn it! Catch him!)

Lian: Gregorov! Gabe, I see him.

Militia 1: Воздух! [Look out!] (In the air!)

The Imposter: Damn you!

Lian: Gabe? Gregorov is on foot. Northbound through the city streets. I'm in pursuit.

Militia 2: Бросай оружие! Руки за голову! На колени, быстро! [Throw down your weapon! Surrender now!]
Lian: Road block... great. Gabe, do you read?
Teresa: Lian, I hear you, but we are a little busy right now.
Lian: So I'm on my own. I'll have to find something non-lethal to take out these cops. Out.

Militia 2: Если не подчинишься, мы откроем огонь. Огонь! [Comply now or we will open fire! Very well! Open fire!]

Militia 3: Смотрите, вот она! Стреляйте на неё! [Stop her!] (Look, there she is! Shoot!)

Militia 4: Вон там, наверху! Огонь! [Up there! Fire!]

Get the PK-102

Lian: Got it.

Militia 5: Эй, стреляй в неё! [Let's get out of here!] (Hey, shoot her!)

Cutscene 2: The chase continues

Lian: Uri! It's me! Lian! Why are you running? Mara...
Mara: Остановитесь, она мне нужна живой. Поехали. [No. Let her go. Move.]

Wrong actions

Kill Gregorov's Imposter or a Russian militia

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Lost Gregorov's Imposter

Gabe: Lian, I think we've lost Gregorov.

Unused dialogues

Gabe: Lian, you've gotta stay focused on Gregorov.
Lian: I know what I've got to do.

Militia 3: Ты! Стой на месте! (You! Stand still!)

Militia: Эй! Ты! Замри! (Hey! You! Freeze!)

Volkov Park

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Mara calls off the chase

Mara: I could not get to him. The American was in the disco, but I have not seen her since. No, Logan is not here. I do not know how he got away. Alright. Back to headquarters, there has been change of plans.

Get the BIZ-2

Lian: Got it.

The Imposter: Curse you, woman! Stop hounding me!

Alert no one

Bodyguard 1: Чёрт! Ничего не вижу. (Damn!) [I can't see anything.]
Bodyguard 2: Эй, рот не разевай. Эта женщина точно должна пройти здесь. Смотри не упусти её. [Keep looking. The woman is bound to come through here. Do not let her get by you.]

The Imposter: Damn you!

Bodyguard 3: Вперёд! [Attack!]

Go under the bridge

Bodyguard 4: Она лезет под мост! Не упусти её! [She's going under the bridge! Don't let her get away!]

Go out from another side

Bodyguard 4: Эй, стреляй в неё! [Behind you! Kill her!] (Hey, shoot her!)

Wrong actions

Kill Gregorov's Imposter

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

Bodyguard 4: Взять её! [She's over here!] (Get her!)


Main plot

The Imposter: Stop hiding and face me!

Lian: Gabe? I've cornered Gregorov. He's not going down without a fight, but we need to keep him alive. Do you read? Gabe. Do you read?! *Coughs* Right. I'll think of something.

The Imposter: Where are you?!

The Imposter: *Laughs* Foolish girl!

The Imposter: Damn you!

The Imposter: That the best you can do?!

Cutscene 1: Lian unmasks Gregorov

Gabe: Lian, are you there?
Lian: Gabe! Where have you been? A-are you all right?
Gabe: We're fine.
Teresa: We may lose the deductible on our rental though.
Lian: I'm in the park. At the Cossack statue. I've got Gregorov.
Teresa: On the way.
Lian: Gabe, I know why Gregorov's been acting so strange.
Gabe: Why's that?
Vladimir: Ms. Lian Xing? I'm Vladimir Nedobryy of the SVR. I'm afraid you must come with us.
Lian: But this isn't who you think it is. This isn't Uri Gregorov, he's an imposter!
Vladimir: Yes, we know.

Wrong actions

Kill Gregorov's Imposter

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

The Imposter: I don't know what you want from me, but I'm through running! Aramov be damned, at least I'll be rid of you!
Lian: *Coughs* Uri?! What's going on?! I'm not trying to kill you, I'm here to help!
The Imposter: Enough! Now you die!

The Imposter: Is that a taser? You should run now, girl!

The Imposter: Whoa! Hold still!

Aljir Prison Break-In

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Aljir Prison break-in

Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR)
Kremlin, Moscow

The Imposter: *Coughs* *Moans*
Teresa: Who is this Mara Aramov? You both seem to know her pretty well.
Gabe: It's a long story.
Teresa: Who's she working for? I thought you said she worked for Markinson.
Lian: I'm not sure anymore.
Vladimir: He has finally broken. Gregorov is being held at Point 36.
Lian: Point 36...
Gabe: What is Point 36?
Lian: Point 36 is a woman's gulag in Siberia. It's located in the city of Kazakh. Russian for white tomb.
Teresa: You mean Aljir Prison?
Gabe: What?
Teresa: Built during the Stalinist purges to house the wives and mothers of political dissidents. It was shut down by Khrushchev in '54.
Lian: Supposedly. But it wasn't.
Gabe: You both seem to know a lot about it.
Teresa: I read a lot. Especially about repressed women. Thousands of women died there; no idea where their children or husbands were. If the prison didn't kill them, the cold and heartbreak did.
Lian: I haven't read about it; I've been there. I was held there eight years ago after being captured in Afghanistan. My first assignment for the PRC, before The Agency recruited me.
Gabe: A woman's gulag that doesn't exist. A perfect place to make political prisoners disappear. It would appear the glasnost has its limits.
Vladimir: There is more; Gregorov has been investigating an international arms consortium, the same group that controls your agency -- It wants ours as well. Gregorov played along; when they were content to sell arms to the Sandinistas and Contras, and refueling the war between Iranians and Iraqis, the SVR didn't care.
Gabe: "Let the West destroy itself."
Vladimir: Exactly so. But the Syphon Filter virus changed everything. Gregorov discovered that Shi-Hao was going to purchase the virus.
Lian: The leader of the Heilongjiang -- The province is trying to break away from the PRC.
Vladimir: It is not broken away yet. This province has been contested by our two countries for over 400 years. If Shi-Hao is successful - the PRC will go to war.
Lian: And Russia will be drawn in as well. Shi-Hao will see to that. The only person who can stop the arms transfer now is Gregorov.
Gabe: That's why he was at the PharCom warehouses at the same time we were; he was looking for the same data discs.
Teresa: Where he also thought he'd gotten all the data.
Vladimir: For security reasons, Gregorov kept all of his files hidden. The Imposter wasn't successful in his attempt to locate them. And we knew nothing of it.
Gabe: We have to break him out!
Vladimir: You do not have much time; they have already ordered his execution. Gregorov will die on the electric chair, tomorrow night at midnight.
Lian: I'll go in.
Gabe: No! You're not strong enough to.
Lian: I have to do this, Gabe.
Gabe: This-
Lian: It's my life at stake if we don't get the other half of the PharCom data. And it's my people who will die if Shi-Hao gets Phase 2 of the Syphon Filter virus. Besides, I'm the only one who knows the layout of the prison.
Gabe: Okay. He's yours.
Teresa: I hope you know what you're doing.

Aljir Prison

Lian: I'm in. Won't be long now.
Gabe (on the radio): We're at the rendezvous point. It's all clear here.
Lian: I'm making my way to the lower power room now. When I get there, I'll shut it down.

Woman Guard 1: Миш, иди сюда. Дело есть. [Mischa! A word with you!]
Mischa: Да. Иду. [Ok. I'm coming.]

Woman Guard 1: Ты что-нибудь слышал насчёт сегодняшней казни? [What have you heard about the execution tonight?]
Mischa: А что? [What do you care?]
Woman Guard 1: Это же мужчина. [It's a man.]
Mischa: Хах, она просто похожа на мужчину. [Maybe she just looks like a man.]
Woman Guard 1: Миша, ну ты и козёл. [You're an ass, Mischa.]

Zap Mischa

Woman Guard 1: Мишка, ты что опять пьяный? Хоть бы мне мог бутылку дать. [Mischa? Are you drunk again? At least you could have passed the bottle!]

Prisoner 1: *Moans* Пожалуйста, перестаньте! (Please, stop!)

Prisoner 1: *Moans*

Woman Guard 2: Павел. Павел? [Pavil? Pavil?]

Woman Guard 2: Павел, давай вставай! [Pavil! Get up!]

Lian: Stay here. Everything's going to be alright. *Coughs*

Guard 1: Ах, Одесса, жемчужина у моря. Ах, Одесса, та-ра та-ра да-ра-ра. ("Ах, Одесса, жемчужина у моря. " song.)

Prisoner 2: Охранник! Дай воды. Пожалуйста! [Guard! Some water, I beg you!]

Guard 2: Позвать механиков в пятый сектор. Не завтра, Фома, а сейчас. Немедленно. [Get some mechanics to block 5. Now!] (Now tomorrow, Foma, now. Immediately.)

Guard 3: Ты. Стой здесь. И не будь как Дмитрий. [Keep someone posted here! And try not to follow your friend Dmitri.]

Guard 4: Вот здесь-то как раз Дмитрий и упал. [It's here, you know, that Dmitri fell.]
Guard 2: Какой позор! [It's a disgrace.]

Guard 4: Почему мне всегда достаётся самая хреновая работа? [Why do I always get the worst jobs?]

Prisoner 3: *Crying*

Woman Guard 3: Иди сюда, шлюха! [Come back here, you devil!] (you whore!)

Woman Guard 3: Я же тебя убью! [I'm going to kill you!]

Guard 3: Ха-ха. Ну, хоть какое-то развлечение у нас сегодня. [At last, some entertainment.]

Prisoner 4: *Moans*

Guard 5: Слышь, меня перевели в столичную тюрьму. [I've been transferred, you know.] (In the Capital prison.)
Guard 6: Повезло. А я тут завяз, покуда коньки не отброшу. [Great! I'll probably stay until I retire.]
Guard 5: Или крыша не поедет, ха. [Or go crazy.]
Guard 6: Дааа. (Yeaah.)

Guard 7: Я тебя ля-ля, любимый мой. Па-ра-ра-ра, па-ра-ра. ("Без меня тебе, любимый мой. " song.)

Valery: Говорит Валерий. У меня всё спокойно. [It's Valery. Everything's quiet.]

Lian: Gabe. This used to be the laundry, now it's a security checkpoint with cameras and regular patrols! *Coughs*
Gabe: How many guards at the checkpoint?
Lian: I can't see but it sounds like there's just one.
Gabe: In that case, the cameras are probably on some kind of rotation. It's just a matter of time.
Lian: *Coughs* That's something I don't have a lot of.
Gabe: Right. Wait till the camera turns off and then make your move before it comes back on.
Lian: Got it.

Katya: Рада тебя опять видеть, Гриша. Хорошо выглядишь. [Good to see you again, Gregori.] (You're looking good.)
Grischa: Я удивляюсь, у тебя ещё осталось чувство юмора, Катюш. (I wonder.) [You haven't lost your sense of humor, Katyush.]
Katya: Купишь мне сигарет? [Get me some smokes, would you?]
Grischa: Ха-ха! Тогда будешь должна мне шесть пачек. Ну, до завтра. [Then you'll owe me for six packs? I'll see you tomorrow.]

Pass and zap Grischa for another conversation

Katya: Петь, ты что-нибудь слышал? [What do you hear, Pyotr?]
Petya: О расстреле? Скоро, я думаю. [About the execution? Soon.] (I think.)
Katya: Я вижу на мониторе, они его уже подготавливают. А кто он такой-то? (I see on the monitor, they're already preparing him.) [Who is he?]
Petya: Слышал, зовут Грегорёв. Бывший КГБ-шник, по-моему. (I heard, name is.) [Gregorov. Former KGB, I think.]
Katya: По-моему они все такие. [Aren't they all?]
Petya: Хах. Пока, Кать. [Bye.] (Kat.)

Lian: Oh God... Gabe! I've made it to the security checkpoint, but it may be too late; they're taking Gregorov to the execution chamber now.
Gabe: Then you don't have much time! Move now!

Guard 8: Катя? Эй, Катя? Где ты пропала? [Katya? Katya? Where have you gone?]

Pass the level without using the crossbow

Lian: Got it.

Cutscene 2: Lights out

Mara: Идите посмотрите, что случилось с электричеством! [Get to the power room and see what is happening.]
Prisoners: *Screams*
Guard 9: Там заваруха! Сваливать надо! [There is a riot. We have to get out of here now.]

Wrong actions

Spotted or kill a prisoner

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Bizhinko is found

Guard 10: Бижинка! Что случилось? [Bizhinko! What's wrong with you?]

Unused dialogues

Guard 13: Внимание! Вижу противника в 12-ом секторе! (Attention! I see an enemy in the sector 12!)

Gabe: Lian, you've gotta stay focused on Gregorov.
Lian: I know what I've got to do.

Pascha: Внимание! Внимание! Это Паша! Я нашёл её в блоке 4! (Attention! Attention! This is Pascha! I found her in the block 4!)

Guard 12: Алё! Алё! Кто-нибудь! Нарушитель в 6-ом блоке! (Hallo! Hallo! Somebody! An intruder in the block 6!)

Prisoner: *Moans*

Woman Guard 4: Эй, ты! Стоять! [You! Up There! Halt!]

Prisoner 2: Эй! Бижинка! Как насчёт этой сигаретки? [Bizhinko! How about a cigarette?]

Mischa: Внимание! Внимание! Это Миша! Нарушитель в секторе 18! (Attention! Attention! This is Mischa! There's an intruder in the sector 18!)

Woman Guard 1: Внимание! Внимание! Заключённая сбежала из 18-го блока. (Attention! Attention! The prisoner's escaped from the block 18.)

Guard 11: Алло! Алло! Противник в 18-ом секторе! Нужна срочная помощь. (Hallo! Hallo! An enemy in the sector 18! I need urgent help.)

Vanya: Это Ваня из 19-го сектора! Противник рядом! Подать сигнализацию! (This is Vanya from the sector 19! An enemy is nearby! Fire the alarm!)

Woman Guard 4: Эй, ты! На третьем этаже! Я сказала стоять! [Halt! You up on Level three!]

Captain: Ну как плохи наши дела? (Well how bad our deeds?)
Guard 3: Вчера один из нас упал. Он умер, товарищ Капитан. (Yesterday one of us fell. He died, comrade Сaptain.)
Captain: Да? Покажите мне. (Yes? Show me.)
Guard 3: Сюда, пожалуйста, товарищ Капитан. (Come here please, comrade Сaptain.)

Prisoner 3: *Moans*

Prisoner 4: Помогите! Помогите кто-нибудь! (Help! Somebody help!)

Prisoner 4: *Moans* Что вам нужно? (What do you want?)

Leonid: Ну, до встречи, Борис Михайлович. [I'll see you later.] (Boris Mikhailovich.)
Boris: Будь здоров, Леонид Андреевич. [Keep well.] (Leonid Andreevich.)

Katya: Димочка, а где же мои цветы? (Dimochka, so where's my flowers?)
Dima: *Laughs*
Katya: Ты что-нибудь знаешь об этом человеке, которого казнить собираются? Они его сейчас там готовят. (Do you know anything about this man they're going to execute? They're readying him right now.)
Dima: Мне нравится. Наверное, какая-нибудь чистка. Если что-нибудь услышу, тогда я тебе скажу. (I like it. Probably some kind of cleansing. If I hear anything, then I'll tell you.)
Katya: Счастливо, Дима. Не забудь в следующий раз цветочки принести. (Bye, Dima. Next time, don't forget to bring some flowers.)

Aljir Prison Escape

Main plot

Lian: Gabe. Gabe, it worked. The prison's running on emergency power now and the execution is stalled. But a riot's broken out. *Coughs*
Gabe: Good. Perfect cover to get Gregorov out of there. Sounds like you're under fire.
Lian: I'm all right. Nothing I can't handle. Out.

Guard 1: Эй! Не стреляй! [Please, don't kill me.] (Hey! Don't shoot!)

Lian: Gabe, there's someone else in here; I just found a room full of dead guards.
Gabe: Could it have been prisoners?
Lian: No, it's a secured area. The majority of the rioters are confined to the cellblocks.
Gabe: The Russians say they don't know of any other operatives work in the prison. Watch your back.
Lian: *Coughs* Oh yeah. Always. Out.

Guard 2: Нееет! Она убила Женю и Кирилла! Взять её! [No! She killed Evgeny and Kiril! Get her!]

Cutscene 1: Stay of execution

Lian: Mara? Gregorov!
Gregorov: Lian Xing?
Lian: Gregorov! What was Mara doing here?!
Gregorov: Yes. Mara Aramov. S-she was here to witness the execution, but... when the power went out, she killed the guards. I... do not understand.
Lian: Neither do I, Uri. *Coughs* But there's no time. We're going over the wall; I have two tanks of air at the bottom of the river.
Gregorov: Yes, I'm ready. But you do not look so well, Lian Xing. What is the-
Lian: I'm fine! I'm fine! I'll tell you all about it when we get out of here. Let's go.

Gregorov: Lian, behind you!

Lian: Uri, *Coughs* can you fight?
Gregorov: No, I'm too weak. The beatings.
Lian: Got it. *Coughs* Look, I want you to stay behind me, move only when I tell you. Understood?
Gregorov: Да. (Yes.)

Lian: Clear! Uri, move up!

Gregorov: I'm all right. Move ahead.

Lian: NOOO!!!

Lian: *Coughs* Uri, all clear! *Coughs* Dammit!
Gabe: Lian, you're not gonna be able to save everyone. Stay focused on the mission.
Lian: *Coughs* Right. Out.

Lian: I hear a lot of action on the other side of that door. The riot must have spilled into that cellblock. *Coughs* Wait here, while I check it out.

Gregorov: Snipers! Pull back!

Lian: *Coughs* There's at least a dozen snipers along the wall in there. We're gonna have to find another way out.
Gregorov: There is no other way.
Lian: Then we're in trouble.
Gregorov: Maybe this will help?
Lian: A smoke grenade? Where did you- *Coughs*
Gregorov: I found it on the dead guard.
Lian: All right. Here's the plan: when I give the word, throw the grenade then close your eyes, hold your breath and run like hell. I'm gonna be right behind you, don't stop till you get through the block. You got it?
Gregorov: Да. (Yes.)
Lian: Ready? Okay. Throw it now.

Lian: GO!!!

Lian: Why did you stop?
Gregorov: The security gate is closed. Can you shoot the lock from here?
Lian: *Coughs* Not a problem.

Gregorov: A good shot. Now we go.

Prisoner: Всем назад! Назад! [Stay back! Stay away from us!]

Lian: *Coughs* Those women are out of control. W-we've got to get through to them! *Coughs* Get them to let us by.
Gregorov: You are obviously not a prisoner and... I am a man! I do not think they will listen to us.
Lian: *Coughs* Then we've got to find some way to get past them. *Coughs* I lost my crossbow when the power went out, so I'll have to find something else. You wait here. *Coughs*

Prisoners: *Heavy scream*

Gregorov: Very good! We make it out of here yet!

Gregorov: Is the area clear?

Lian: Not yet.

Lian: Here. *Coughs* Take this. I-I think you're strong enough to fight now. Just... stay with me; we're almost out of here.
Gregorov: I will be right behind you.

Gregorov: Die, you bastard!

Gregorov: Behind us!

Lian: All right. We've got to make it up to that wall. St- *Coughs* Stay close, we're almost out of here. *Coughs*
Gregorov: Are you all right?
Lian: Don't worry about me. Are you ready?
Gregorov: Very well. I move when you move.


Guard 3: Заключённые во внутреннем дворе! [Prisoner in the courtyard!]

Lian: Gregorov, move!

Lian: Stay here. *Coughs* When I make it to the tower, you follow.
Gregorov: Understood.

Guard 4: Вон они! На мосту! [Up there! On the wall!]

Gregorov: Augh...
Lian: *Coughs* Keep moving. I'll cover you. Don't stop for anything till you reach the break in the wall. *Coughs* Move now!

Pass the level on Hard

Lian: Got it.

Cutscene 2: Aljir escape

Lian: Gabe. *Coughs* Be ready for pickup, we're about to get wet.
Gabe: Right.
Gregorov: Gabriel Logan. We meet again.
Lian: *Coughs* Gabe... I-
Gabe: Glad to see you alive.
Lian: I can't breathe!
Gabe: Lian!

Lian collapses.

Gregorov: Lian Xing!

Lian carried on a stretcher to the helicopter, while Gabe talks with Gregorov.

Gregorov: You are sure that you will not keep her in a hospital here?
Gabe: No, we have a safe house. Without the vaccine, there's nothing you could do.
Gregorov: You have what you need now. The Agency will have to negotiate with you.
Gabe: You've been a big help, Gregorov.
Gregorov: I owe her my life. Good luck to you both. I have a war to stop.

Council of Foreign Relations:
Washington DC

Hadden: You still do not have Lian Xing? And you still do not have Phase 2 of the virus? Is this correct?
Stevens (on the phone): No, but we will have-
Hadden: Shipment dates have been missed, Mr. Stevens! Soon we will not need her.
Stevens: We will have her shortly. Are you aware Logan has Gregorov?
Hadden: That is impossible; Ms. Aramov has taken care of Gregorov.
Stevens: I'm telling you, Logan has him. But it doesn't matter. Logan will try to use Phagan's data discs to negotiate for the vaccine. When he does, we will have her.
Hadden: I am concerned, Mr. Stevens, that you are not being as useful as I had hoped.
Stevens: We have them; it's only a matter of when.
Hadden: You are running out of time. Do not disappoint me.

Wrong actions

Kill Gregorov or a prisoner

Lian: Damn it! / Dammit!

Leave Gregorov

Gabe: Lian, don't leave Gregorov behind.

Lost Gregorov

Gabe: Lian, I think we've lost Gregorov.

Go ahead Gregorov

Gabe: Lian, go back for Gregorov.

Unused dialogues

Lian: DIE!!!

Gregorov: Where are you going? The exit is the other way!

Lian: No time to explain. Sorry.

Lian: *Coughs* Wait here while I scout ahead.

Gabe: You've got to clear a path for Gregorov.

Guard 3: Заключённые на стене! (The prisoners on the wall!)

Lian: Keep moving! Go!

Agency Bio-Lab

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Gabe calls Stevens

Whispering Woods Mortuary
Oliver's Bluff, Virginia

Gabe: I think she's stable now. I thought your grandmother was kidding when she insisted on the medicine bag.
Teresa: Yeah, she's sweet. But you can thank Lawrence's medical knowledge for her reduced fever and not some superstitious bag of herbs.
Gabe: How long can we keep the virus in check?
Lawrence: Not sure. I have no idea why, but her red blood cells are multiplying at an incredible rate.
Gabe: The virus is in production mode, creating plasma exponentially.
Lawrence: Maybe. Like I said, I'm a pathologist, not a hematologist.
Gabe: You ready to make the call?
Teresa: The trace proof relays are all ready to go.

Intercut with...

Agency Bio-Research Center
New York City

Stevens: (To the operative) Put him through. (To Gabe) Logan? This is Lyle Stevens. I've been expecting you.
Gabe: Stevens... doesn't sound familiar, but then I never could tell one pencil-neck admin from another.
Stevens: We want you and Lian to come in, we have much to discuss.
Gabe: I don't think so, Stevens. I'd already decided to quit when my old boss tried to kill me, having my transport plane shot out of the sky pretty much sealed the deal!
Stevens: If you bring her in now, we can still save her life. You don't have much choice.
Gabe: Really? It seems that Markinson was pretty reckless with Agency security. Phagan had access to all of The Agency's identity files and copied them for insurance. I now have all of Phagan's data discs and their encryption codes.
Stevens: Look Logan, I don't know you, but I know that you are a loyal agent who wants to do the right thing for your country. You're not going to do anything that will jeopardize National Security.
Gabe: Wrong, Stevens. What I am is a tired angry fugitive whose partner is dying. Don't try me.
Stevens: What do you want?
Gabe: An even trade: Lian's vaccine for the discs.
Stevens: Accepted. We will meet at the-
Gabe: No, this is on my terms or no deal. I'll meet you at the facility on the Lower East Side.
Stevens: I'm... not familiar with the facility you-
Gabe: You know, the place you're sitting in right now, I know where The Agency labs are. I'll take delivery the vaccine myself and hand it to a courier who will take it to Lian. Once Lian is cured, I'll take you to the discs' location.
Stevens: How can I trust you?
Gabe: You'll be holding me for insurance.
Stevens: Okay. I'll be waiting for you, I can't wait to meet you.
Gabe: I'll bet. No tricks, Stevens. If anything happens to me, if the vaccine doesn't work, if Lian dies, I'll shut this Agency down!
Stevens: We'll work this out. No one wanted this-
Gabe: Yeah, right. Out.
Agency Operator: Sorry, sir. Wasn't able to complete the trace.
Stevens: Get someone from archives up here. Logan's working with someone besides Lian Xing. I wanna pull the records for agents who've worked with Logan in the last 10 years, I mean everyone.
Agency Operator: Yes, sir.

Cut back to the mortuary.

Teresa: You don't trust him, do ya?
Gabe: Obviously not, but it's the only way I can get into the labs. They have no intention of curing Lian.
Teresa: What are you gonna do?
Gabe: They'll search me electronically. I need a weapon that will get by their security.
Lawrence: I've got what you need.
Teresa: Now, Gabe, don't laugh. Give him a chance to show you what he's got.
Gabe: You're kidding? A hollow tooth?
Lawrence: Just a thing. Filled with a gas that's benign until you mix it with CO2. Breathe deep, hold your breath, bite it and exhale. Anything that breathes it -- is dead.
Gabe: Thanks. I'll contact you when I get to New York.
Teresa: No way! You're not leaving me behind on this one.
Gabe: I can't ask you to do it.
Teresa: Lian is my friend. I quit The Agency because I knew what they were. I should have warned her, warned you. And didn't. I'm going with you.
Gabe: Okay. You sure Lian will be all right?
Lawrence: There's nothing more we can do for her until we have the vaccine. Time is running out I'm afraid.
Teresa: You two've been through a lot together. I can tell you feel something for her.
Gabe: Maybe.

Gabe and Teresa are in the helicopter on the roof of the parking lot.

Gabe: Don't know how long this will take. Be ready for anything.
Teresa: You've got the camera gear. Now they'll take everything when you searched. But once you're free, you'll need to retrieve it or you won't be able to get past their security.
Gabe: Got it! Be ready for the data dump, once I'll find the central computer room, I'll be feeding you information fast.
Teresa: Already set up to go.

The operative brings Gabe to the entrance of the building, they goes down on the elevator to the labs where Gabe meet Stevens and Elsa Weissinger.

Stevens: Logan.
Gabe: Stevens.
Stevens: This is Dr. Weissinger, our chief medical officer and biologist. She will be preparing the vaccine.
Elsa: You'll never see the vaccine, but let me show you how to give an injection. First, you immobilize the arm and then reject-

She injects Gabe with a substance knocking him out.

Gabe: You'll never find her, Stevens. You'll... never fi-
Stevens: Take him to the security room OR. Let me know when he's ready.
Elsa: Dr. Heng Su is here for Shi-Hao's shipment. I don't know how long I can stall him.
Stevens: We'll have her soon.
Elsa: Even if we got the plasma today, there would probably not be enough time to-
Stevens: I'll be in the data lab. Let me know when you are finished.
Lab Worker 1: Yeah, all right.
Stevens: Stall Heng Su. I'll get the information we need from Logan.

A guard who tries to interact with Gabe falls victim to the poisoned tooth.

Lab Worker 1: *Death moan*
Gabe: *Exhales* Hmm, looks like that lab coat might just fit me.

Gabe: Teresa, I'm clear. I'm heading to security to get my gear, then I'll find the data archives. I've grabbed a medic's lab coat and badge, it should help me get where I need to go.
Teresa: Roger that. I'll try to monitor your location. Be careful.

Lab Worker 2: You keep the section secure while I find a body bag for Logan's corpse.
Operative 1: Yes, sir.

Teresa: Looks like we have to hack the security net to access this door.

Gabe: I'm patching you into the computer labs from here. I'm sure this system doesn't have access to sensitive files, but maybe we can find out where the main data storage is.
Teresa: Let me check... um, no. It's a low access system. You need to get into the Level 5 security area. The only person with clearance is a guy named Gershon. His office is in section A.
Gabe: That section is sealed off.
Teresa: Let me study these schematics. There must be another way in.
Gabe: Right. Let me know when you find something. Out.

Computer: Decontamination sequence in progress. Decontamination sequence completed.

Repeat decontamination

Computer: Decontamination sequence already completed.

Ramirez: Hey, man. I'm sick. I need some help here.
Operative 2: Shut up! Soon it'll all be over; you won't have to worry about a thing.

Lab Worker 3: Oh my God. You're Logan!

Teresa: That's the elevator control.

Lab Worker 4: Please, don't hurt me! I just work here! I'm not responsible, I don't make policy!

Knife the lab worker

Gabe: I do.

Teresa: Gabe, I think I've found a way to Gershon; there's a network of heating ducts that links the two sections. You might be able to use them.
Gabe: Great... more ducts.

Gabe: Ramirez! You made it off the mountain. Anyone else?
Ramirez: Only Chance and me.
Gabe: Chance? Where is he?
Ramirez: I don't know. They're holding him somewhere else.
Gabe: Okay. You hold tight here. I can't get you out yet. When I find Chance, I'll send him back for ya.
Ramirez: Yes, sir.

Teresa: Gabe, you'll need the network administrator's access card for this area.

Teresa: You're don't have clearance for the archives. You'll need to find the network administrator.

Gabe: I've found the synthesis lab. Lian's vaccine.
Teresa: I wish it were that easy, Gabe. The lab is sealed, so you gotta find another way in.

Teresa: Gabe, that badge doesn't give you clearance for the morgue.

Teresa: That's the vent.

Gershon: What the hell? Who are you?!
Gabe: Don't touch the phone, Gershon, or I'll break your arm.
Gershon: Who are you? What are you doing here?
Gabe: Heating duct repairman. I need to get to the central data room and you're gonna be my escort. Set off any alerts and I'll kill you. Let's go.

Lab Worker 5: Oh my God!
Teresa: Gabe, you've gotta stop him!

Gershon: You'll never get out of here alive, Logan. Give yourself up now and spare us all the headache.
Gabe: Shut up and do what I say!

Gershon: Data console's over there. Help yourself.
Gabe: Right. On your knees, face the wall.

Gabe: Teresa, I'm downloading The Agency's security files. What have you got?
Teresa: The chief position is a woman named Elsa Weissinger. You find her -- you'll have the vaccine.
Gabe: Okay. Keep downloading data as long as you can, I'll keep the file-
Operative 3: Hey, you! What are you doing over there?! Stop!
Gabe: Dammit!

Gabe: Teresa, is the whole place on alert now?
Teresa: No, I managed to localize the security system and shut it down around the archive. It's temporary though. Lian's better at this hacker stuff than I am. Sooner or later, their back-up system will see something's wrong. You better hurry.
Gabe: I'm on my way to the medical labs now.

Lab Worker 5: Intruder alert!

Chance: Gabe!

Chance: Thank God. They were shooting me up with some kind of drug. What the hell kind of place is this, Gabe?
Gabe: There's no time. I have a chopper outside a half mile away. Here its coordinates. Take this and get to the security room, and free Ramirez. Get up to the street anyway you can and wait for me at the chopper.
Chance: Thanks, Logan. You saved my ass again.
Gabe: Just move.

Elsa: You can see signs of the virus at work on the internal organs by looking for discoloration and swelling. This particular strain of the virus was programmed to affect only liver cells. Because the test subject was a heavy alcoholic, we wanted to see how the virus would react to liver cells differentiated by years of abuse. Look here, you can see that the virus cells have adapted nicely to the unforeseen cell structures, and have performed their task adequately.
Heng Su: How does the virus know which chromosome had been changed if its pre-programmed genetic structure had been altered?
Elsa: Come back with me to the viral lab and I'll show you the matrix we use.

Gabe: Teresa, they're experimenting on living human beings!
Teresa: Yeah. You're not gonna believe what's in these data files.
Gabe: You're wrong, I believe anything at this point.

Teresa: Try that vent, Gabe.

Elsa: The virus started of course as a potent bio-weapon. But as you can see, we have progressed far beyond that. Think of it as a supercomputer, a nanomachine that can be programmed on a genetic level.
Heng Su: Incredible!
Elsa: This is just the beginning. The Syphon Filter virus is the next millennium. With the virus as a delivery system, no cell is immune. Cancer cells will become a thing of the past. Here, look at these slides while I go get the matrix data. I'll be right back.

Heng Su: Who are you?

Cutscene 2: Elsa slips away

Gabe: Dr. Weissinger! How good to see you again.
Elsa: You don't need a gun, I'm not very dangerous.
Gabe: Not unless you've got a needle full of poison. I want the vaccine for Lian Xing. Now!
Elsa: How did you get past lab security? Never mind. Of course you got by security. Stevens set it up after all.
Gabe: Just give me the vaccine!
Elsa: Here, take it. It's too late, you know. The virus will already have begun to- *Yells*
Gabe: *Moans*

Elsa kicks Gabe in the face and runs into another room.

Wrong actions

Spotted by an operative

Operative: We have an intruder loose in the facility. / Hey, you! Let me see your badge! / Alert! We have an intruder! / Hold where you are! / You are Logan!

Spotted by the lab worker

Lab Worker 2: Who are you? You don't work here!

Spotted by a camera

Lab Security: There's an intruder on site. All lab personnel report to your emergency stations immediately.

Don't kill the lab worker

Lab Worker 4: Help! There's an imposter!

Try to leave

Teresa: Don't even think of leaving until you got the vaccine.

Set off the alert or kill Gershon or Chance

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Lab worker got away

Teresa: Auggrh, he triggered the alarm.

Leave Gershon

Teresa: Gabe, Gershon got away.

Unused dialogues

Teresa: Find a path around.

Lab Security: Lab worker, please state your name and badge number.

Teresa: Watch out for that camera.

Teresa: Try that door.

Teresa: Gabe, there's a vent below Gershon's office. Find that.

Teresa: There is another camera.

Gershon: Ha! I'm home free now!

Operative 13: Hey, you! What are you doing over there?! Stop!
Gabe: Dammit!

Lab Worker 5: Intruder!

Lab Worker 6: You don't belong here. Wait a minute... is that blood? Guard!

Lab Worker 6: Please don't!

Lab Worker 6: There's a man with the gun in the labs!

Teresa: You need top-level medical clearance to leave that area.

Agency Bio-Lab Escape

Main plot

Cutscene 1: Stevens' plan starts to unravel

Elsa: Heng Su is dead. Shi-Hao is not going to like this. The PRC is going to be furious. Your men had better stop-
Stevens (on the radio): Get the Emergency Defense Squad down there now! Are you all right?
Elsa: Don't worry about me. Stop Logan. He has Lian Xing's vaccine. You can't let him escape.
Stevens: We'll stop him. Out.

Elsa: (Aside) Idiot! Yeah, you've been doing such a 'good' job so far.
Stevens: I understand. Good. Alright, get Unit One and get out there. I want that chopper.
Agency Operator (on the phone): Yes, sir.

EDS Operative 1: Get this door open, NOW!

Gabe: These guys are wearing full armor! I can't hit them!
Teresa: That's bad.

Get the M-79

Gabe: Got it!

Gabe stumbles across Girdeux's body in cold storage.

Gabe: The Agency has a lot of bodies here in cold storage. I'd like to get a list of these toe tags and check them against missing persons.
Teresa: Important people who just disappeared. Plane crashes where bodies weren't recovered.
Gabe: People vanish all the time. Keep an eye out. The Agency's mobilized. I'm sure they're out looking for you by now.
Teresa: How long are you gonna be?
Gabe: I'm almost out of the lab complex now. Be there soon.

EDS Operative 2: In the vents!

Gabe: Teresa, I've reached a dead end here, I'm gonna have to go back. I need you to find me another exit route.
Teresa: Can't do it, Gabe. This is the only clear way out. There should be a vent below you; can you make it?
Gabe: Only one way to find out.

Gabe finds Ramirez. Unfortunately, in the short time after being found initially by Gabe, Ramirez has been killed.

Gabe: Ramirez... Dammit, Chance, where the hell are you?!

Teresa: Gabe, I've overridden the elevator security lockouts, but the power has been cut to the shaft. You should be able to open the doors manually, but I can't get an elevator to you. You're gonna have to get out the hard way.
Gabe: It's never easy.

Cutscene 2: Gabe takes the elevator

Gabe opens the elevator doors and climbs down. Meanwhile, back in Stevens' office...

Stevens: I want this place shut down! Do not, I repeat, do not let Logan out of here!
Elsa (on the phone): If Lian gets the vaccine, her plasma will be useless to us.
Stevens: Yes, I know! Unit One, where are you?


Unit One: Checking the rooftop south of the lab complex.
Stevens: Logan's escaped. Find that chopper now!
Unit One: We'll find it.
Stevens: I'm on my way. Logan will be stopped, even if I have to do it myself!

Stevens trashes his desk in anger.

Wrong actions

Destroy the elevator control

Teresa: Damn it! Gabe, you've destroyed the elevator control.
Gabe: I'm cut off...


Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Unused dialogues

EDS Operative 2: Stop where you are!

Teresa: Don't worry about that vent. Get moving.

EDS Operative 3: Logan's heading topside. Mobilize our street teams!

Teresa: This security schematic shows the elevator switch's on a terminal in the first office.

New York Slums

Main plot

Gabe: Teresa? I'm on the street.
Teresa: The city has an army of SWAT teams heading your way. Looks like The Agency's going to war! Give me your location, I'm gonna come pick you up.
Gabe: Negative.
Teresa: Damn it, Gabe! Your face is plastered on the wall of every police precinct in the country, remember? You're a wanted terrorist; these cops will shoot first and ask questions later.
Gabe: Don't worry about the SWAT guys; I'll stay out of their way. I ran into a hostage in the labs and gave him your location. You have to stay there and watch for him; he might still make it.
Teresa: All right. I hear ya.
Gabe: Yeah, that's what you said at the Expo Center.
Teresa: Hey, I listen to ya; just don't always do what you say.
Gabe: Right.

Gabe: Teresa, The Agency's shutting down streets everywhere! See if you can find an open route for me.
Teresa: Copy that.

Teresa: Gabe, I'm picking up SWAT radio traffic. There are officers pinned down by sniper fire.
Gabe: I'll see what I can do.

SWAT Officer 1: Hang in there, Ross! I'm on my way!

Ross: *Heavy scream*

SWAT Officer 1: NOOO!

Teresa: Gabe, those snipers are still there! You gotta help that SWAT team.

Teresa: Careful, Gabe. This old flea trap could crumble at any minute.

Gabe: Teresa, I can't get to the snipers. Check the building code to see if there's a fire suppression system.
Teresa: There is. The activation switch must be there somewhere. Hope it still works.

Use dirty laundry

Gabe: Got it!

Gabe: Found it. That SWAT team holding up?
Teresa: They're coming under heavy fire.
Gabe: On my way.

Operative: *Heavy scream*

SWAT Officer 2: Freeze! Sarge, I've got the terrorist! Send backup!

Teresa: Gabe, I'm receiving a distress signal from a downed officer. Her partner's trapped.
Gabe: Okay. On my way.

SWAT Officer 3: Stop! Throw down your weapon, place your hands behind your head and lie down.

SWAT Woman: I need backup now! Officer down!

SWAT Woman: Come on, move!

SWAT Woman: Who are you?!
Gabe: Doesn't matter. Give me a sitrep.
SWAT Woman: My partner's been down in that building! Two snipers have the courtyard sealed off and I can't get to him.
Gabe: Right. You advance and I'll lay down cover fire. Understood?
SWAT Woman: I'm moving!

Gabe: I'll stay back here to get a clean shot at 'em! Move fast, I'm gonna lay down suppressing fire, should keep 'em down!

SWAT Woman: Okay, I'm clear! Move up now, I'll cover you!

SWAT Woman: Jack! Can you hear me? Jack, backup's on the way, hang on!
Jack: *Moans*

Gabe: Good luck.

SWAT Woman: Stop! I can't let you leave. I'm sorry. Drop your weapon and place your hands on the ground in front of you.
Gabe: Listen, I don't have time for this and you're out of ammo. So I suggest you look after your partner before he bleeds to death.

The cop tries to fire at Gabe, but he ducks round a corner and rolls past.

Gabe: Teresa, I've finished off the last sniper. I'm on my way to your location now. Any sign of Chance?
Teresa: No.
Gabe: They must have finished him in the labs. Out. Chance... I'm sorry.

Cutscene 1: Stevens gets the drop

Gabe: Teresa! {Teresa!} Where the...

Stevens suddenly appears out of nowhere with a pistol pointed at the cop.

Stevens: Drop your gun, Logan. You don't wanna see an innocent cop's brain splattered all over the walls, do you?
Gabe: Stevens...
Stevens: NOW!
SWAT Woman: Don't do it! He's gonna kill me anyway!
Gabe: So now we murder innocent police officers?

He complies with Stevens, but Lyle shoots the cop as she predicted.

Stevens: You should have listened to her, Logan.

As he raises his weapon to draw a beat on Gabe, the entire floor beneath them erupts in an explosion.

Wrong actions

Kill a SWAT Officer or miss the sniper

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Leave the SWAT Officers

Teresa: Gabe, go back. They need help!

Leave the SWAT Woman

SWAT Woman: Damn it! I need some cover fi-

Unused dialogues

Gabe: I can't find a way to get into that building.
Teresa: Try the basement.

Gabe: Teresa, I'm turning on the sprinklers, should help me get past that inferno.
Teresa: I've surprised they even work!

Teresa: The building is completely engulfed. Get out of there, Gabe!

Gabe: I've missed one of the snipers.
Teresa: Don't worry. The fire got the other one. The building's clear.

Teresa: The fire took out the two snipers for you, you lucky s-
Gabe: That's right.

Teresa: Don't relax yet. SWAT teams are reporting two more snipers three blocks to the east.

Teresa: What were you thinking, Gabe? That wasn't an agent, they were the good guys!

SWAT Officer 4: That building's a deathtrap!
SWAT Officer 5: I'm going in!

SWAT Officer 4: Damn it, Johnson, wait for backup!

SWAT Officer 6: Johnson, cover me!

SWAT Officer 5: Captain, look out!

SWAT Officer 5: I think we got him!
SWAT Officer 4: Call downtown and get some backup in here.

SWAT Officer 5: Got him! Building's secure!

SWAT Officer 4: Sniper down! Where the hell that come from?
SWAT Officer 5: Over there!
SWAT Officer 4: Son of a... that's the Kazakh terrorist!

SWAT Officer 4: Look out! Target across the street! What the... it's the Kazakh terrorist!

SWAT Officer 4: Stop where you are!

SWAT Officer 4: Cease fire! Suspect is fled! Get a man in that building now!

SWAT Woman: Jack's inside that building. He's hit bad! We have to hurry!
Gabe: I've got your back, move!

SWAT Woman: He looks bad! We have to get to him.
Gabe: We're almost there, move.

SWAT Woman: I-I'm empty.
Gabe: Don't stop, keep moving.

SWAT Woman: I'm in position, hurry!

SWAT Woman: I'm moving.

SWAT Woman: Come on!

SWAT Woman: Come on!!

New York Sewer

Main plot

Gabe: Teresa? Following orders as usual I see.
Teresa: I got your location from sub vocals. Found some C4 in the chopper, wanted to see if I still knew how to use it.
Gabe: I'd say you passed pretty well. I lost all my gear in that blast. Now I'm gonna need a weapon.
Teresa: Here's a .45. These sewer tunnels pass directly under the streets and have an outlet in the parking garage basement.
Gabe: I'm behind you all the way.
Teresa: Gabe, stay close. I have a bad feeling about this.
Gabe: Let's go.

Teresa: Oh yeah! Agency trainings really coming in handy now!

Teresa: Try to keep up, old man.

Teresa: We can't cross this sewage.
Gabe: There's gotta be a drainage valve around here somewhere.

Teresa: Gabe, it's working. Hey, I've spotted Stevens! I'm going after him.
Gabe: Teresa, no! Wait! Dammit!

Teresa: What would you do without me?

Teresa: We're really scaling back The Agency payroll!

Teresa: Gabe, over here.

Stevens: Have your men secure the garage. I'll be at Logan's chopper.

Operative: There's Logan!

Stevens: There they are! Get 'em!
Teresa: Damn! He's hard to kill!
Gabe: Stay close, it's gonna be a firefight getting out of here. Stevens, let's see some of that Agency training; call off your men, and we can settle this between us.
Stevens: Very macho, Logan. I don't think so. Rule one of war: superior numbers will win the day. You're outmatched, Logan. This time you won't escape.
Gabe: Move!

Teresa: Stevens is on the move. I'll follow him.

Teresa: What's taking you so long, Gabe?

Teresa: Gabe, look out!

Teresa: Come here, Gabe. I got a plan.

Teresa: There's too many of them holed up in that landing. I'll smoke 'em out while you finish 'em off.
Gabe: Do it.

Teresa: Hurry, Gabe!

Gabe: Split up. I'll take the stairs, you try the ramps. Radio if you find Stevens.
Teresa: Got it.

Get the M-79

Gabe: Got it!

Stevens: Damn you, Logan!

Stevens: You don't wanna kill me, Logan. I'm still useful to you. You think you know what you're involved in? You have no idea. You need me, Logan.
Teresa: Do you wanna finish him off, Gabe? Or can I?

Teresa kills Stevens

Teresa: Your reflexes are getting rusty, Gabe. / You're getting soft in your old age, Gabe.

Save Teresa from Stevens

Teresa: Wow! Thanks!

Cutscene 1: Death of Stevens

Stevens: You're too late. *Coughs* The vaccine... she's... dead...
Gabe: You're wrong, Stevens. I have the vaccine. I've saved my partner. And you're just another dead agent.
Teresa: Well that's it: the end of The Agency.
Gabe: Somehow, I doubt it. Come on, let's get this vaccine to Lian.

Gabe and Teresa reach the top of the carpark, where helicopter blades can be heard whirring.

Teresa: What the hell?! Who started the chopper?!

The camera pans to the left to reveal a slightly silhouetted Jason Chance, wearing full body armor, aiming his silenced HK-5 at both Gabe and Teresa.

Teresa: (Shoves Gabe aside) Gabe, look out!

She fires her M-16 at Chance but the bullets ricochet off the armor. Chance fires back with an HK5, striking her numerous times and throwing her back.

Gabe: Teresa!
Teresa: *Moans*

He rushes over to Teresa.

Chance: I'm wearing full body armor, Gabe, you can't hurt me.
Gabe: Chance...

He aims his 9mm at Chance.

Chance: You don't sound surprised.
Gabe: I'm not. All the time in Colorado, The Agency seem to know what I was doing before I did: our route down the mountain, my direction on the highway, the train, and the labs; you were dressed in a hospital gown, so they could lock me up with you in case the drugs didn't work.
Chance: "No secrets from old friends."
Gabe: When the transport plane arrived, I sent YOU up to secure it and Lian got captured; YOU turned her over to them!
Chance: I told them where she was and secured the test subject for transport. Just doing my job, Logan. That's all my job!
Gabe: Your job?! Men under your command trusted you with their lives!
Chance: I eliminated expendable targets in the line of duty as per my orders!
Gabe: I know the rhetoric! It doesn't change what you are!
Chance: What WE ARE, Logan! How many men did you kill to get here?! All of them, they were just doing their job! Did they deserve to die?! I'm just doing what I was trained to do!
Gabe: Yeah?! So am I! Enough of this, get that out of my face! *Moans*

He pistol-whips Chance, who, unaffected, responds with a kick that sends him reeling.

Chance: Let's dance!

Thus saying, Chance pulls out a USAS-12.

Wrong actions

Kill Teresa

Gabe: Damn. / Damn it! / Dammit!

Don't kill Stevens

Stevens: Idiots!

Unused dialogues

Teresa: Ha!

Teresa: I got him! Let's move in!

Teresa: Gabe, stop messing around! Come on!

Teresa: Gabe, I have a present for ya. Meet me on the fourth floor.

Gabe: I'm a little tied up right now... be there soon as I get a chance.

Stevens: You haven't won, Logan. You're too late. *Coughs* The vaccine... she's... dead... too...
Gabe: You're wrong, Stevens. I have the vaccine. I've saved my partner. And you're just another dead agent.
Teresa: Well that's it: the end of The Agency.
Gabe: Somehow, I doubt it. Come on, let's get this vaccine to Lian.


Main plot

Chance runs towards the copter, while Gabe is seen taking cover in a building. Gabe uses a shotgun to drive Chance into the copter's rotors, which decapitate him.

  • Jason Chance's quotes

Cutscene 1: Funeral

Gabe goes to where Teresa's body lies.

Gabe: Teresa... I'm sorry.

He kneels down and covers her body. Fade out to a voiceover, and then fade back in to a news reporter's broadcast.


News Reporter: ...the activities of a little-known government agency, which allegedly had terrorist dealings that far surpassed those of the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan presidency. We go live now to Secretary of State Vince Hadden.

Cut to the White House Press Room, where Hadden is giving an announcement.

Hadden: The President has ordered a full investigation of this so-called "Black Box Agency", and has vowed to fully cooperate with congressional authorities. Rest assured that we will get to the bottom of this. I can answer no more questions at this time.

Cut back to the news reporter's room.

News Reporter: And now a story from northern China, where tensions rose as Russian troops rolled into the province of Heilongjiang.

Cut to Whispering Wood Mortuary, where Teresa Lipan's gravestone is located.

Teresa Lipan

Lian: I can't believe she's gone. She'd be alive today if we hadn't dragged her into this.
Gabe: Teresa died the way she lived, doing what she believed in.
Lawrence: In any case, you could hardly have stopped her. No one could.
Lian: She gave her life for mine, how can I live with that?
Gabe: The same way I will: by surviving, by not giving up, by fighting for what you believe in. It's not over yet.

Credits play - Staff Roll

A helicopter lands: the Man in shadow, now revealed to be none other than Vince Hadden, and Mara Aramov climb out from it. A soldier approaches them.

Soldier: Sir, we have them. You want us to move in?
Hadden: No. I want your men out of here now.
Soldier: Yes, sir.
Hadden: We will finish this operation another day.
Soldier: Move on out! Get those trucks out of there, move!
Mara: When the administration falls, as the Secretary of State you will become President. You could have ended it here.
Hadden: Perhaps. But I am not finished with him yet, I have something else in mind for Gabriel Logan.

Screen cuts to black.

Mara: *Evil laughter*


Character quotes

Jason Chance

  • Too bad about Teresa! Looks like you did as good a job saving her as you did with Lian!
  • You were the best, Logan, but you let that partner of yours get under your skin!
  • Ha! Ramirez died thinking you were the one who betrayed him!
  • You can't hide in there all day.
  • That the best you can do, Gabe?
  • That gets your attention!

Unused dialogues

Chance: A good agent knows when to quit. Just come on out and make it easier on us both!

Chance: A good soldier knows when to die! Come on out and make it easier on us both!


The following lines, screams and moans has on both discs, and it's contents are completely coincide.

Common lines

Gabriel Logan

  • Damn.
  • Got it!
  • Damn it!
  • Dammit!

Lian Xing

  • Damn it!
  • Got it.
  • Dammit!


  • *Heavy scream*

Unused lines

Gabriel Logan

  • Understood.
  • Got it.
  • Check.
  • Right.
  • Got it!

Lian Xing

  • *Moans*
  • *Coughs*
  • *Death moan*
  • *Death cough*
  • *Coughs* Check.
  • Um hmm.
  • Understood.
  • Right.
  • Got it.
  • Check.
  • Got it!

Teresa Lipan

  • *Moans*
  • Right.
  • Got it.
  • Check.
  • Understood.
  • Got it!

Uri Gregorov

  • *Moans*
  • *Death moan*
  • Noo!
  • На! (Take that!)


  • *Heavy scream*

Bonus Movies

Before and After I

Demonstration of a very early version of Missile Silo level from Syphon Filter 1.

Before and After II

Demonstration of a very early version of Costa Rica cutscene from Syphon Filter 1.

Deleted Scenes


An office in China, where Shi-Hao stands at a desk talking on a phone.

Shi-Hao: It has already begun! And I CANNOT undo it now! Where is my shipment?!

Gabe and Archer

Gabe stands on the rear of a train, a section of which is burning, as a helicopter passes him overhead.

Gabe and Teresa

The vehicle that Gabe and Teresa used in Russia isn't working. Teresa tries to start the engine but it won't catch, Gabe sits beside her helplessly. Dissolve to show Gabe outside in the snow, struggling to repair the mechanism. We again hear the engine which can't start.

Bag Lady

The old woman crosses the streets somewhere in New York pushing a trolley. Suddenly a limousine speeds past her from the left and smashes into her trolley. She barely jumps back in time. The vehicle, crazily swerving, accelerates and keeps going. It drifts left at the far end.

Congratulations! Party time!

A plenty of Syphon Filter 1 and 2 characters dances on Club 32's dance floor, which are follows:

  • Gabriel Logan
  • Lian Xing
  • Teresa Lipan
  • Lawrence Mujari
  • Uri Gregorov
  • Mara Aramov
  • Vincent Hadden
  • Elsa Weissinger
  • Steven Archer
  • Lyle Stevens
  • Thomas Markinson

Two Player

Used quotes

Anton Girdeux

  • Hold still!
  • You're gonna need a bigger gun!
  • Is that the best you can do?!
  • Having fun yet?
  • Stand still, espèce d'idiot! (you idiot!)
  • *Laughs*
  • You can't hide forever!
  • There's nowhere to run!

Bag Lady

  • Это всё что ты можешь?! (Is that the best you can do?!)
  • Ну как тебе это нравится?! (So how do you like that?!)
  • Время проститься с твоей жизнью! (It's time to say goodbye to your life!)
  • Умри! (Die!)
  • *Laughs*
  • *Laughs*
  • Да, это было удивительно. (Yes, it was amazing.)
  • *Laughs* Ты что, смеёшься? (Are you joking, right?)
  • Да, это намного лучше. (Yes, that’s much better.)
  • Ага! (Aha!)
  • Я здесь, жду тебя. (I'm here, waiting for you.)
  • Давай выходи! Что, боишься? (Come on out! What, are you scared?)

CBDC Agent

  • I'm under heavy fire!
  • Hold your fire!
  • Where's our damn backup?!

Corpse / Viral Test Subject

  • *Moans*
  • *Moans*
  • Am I going to die?
  • It hurts!
  • Please, don't kill me!
  • Thank you.
  • So cold.
  • I can't feel my legs!

Uri Gregorov

  • Die, capitalist pig!
  • I've got a little something for you right here!
  • Are you kidding?!
  • Eat this!
  • Oh come on!
  • You can do better than that!
  • *Laughs*
  • So much for glasnost.
  • This will work nice.
  • Nice!
  • What are you hiding?
  • What are you afraid of, come out!

Unused quotes

Gabriel Logan / Ninja Gabe

  • That's gonna leave a mark.
  • Don't even think about it!
  • You wanna little of this?
  • You're weak!
  • Take that!
  • Piece of cake.
  • Too easy.
  • That's gotta hurt.
  • Want some of this?
  • Come get some.
  • Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Where did you go?

Lian Xing / Scuba Lian

  • Dodge this!
  • Eat lead!
  • Let's go, come on!
  • Bring it!
  • Come on!
  • All right!
  • Oh come on, are you kidding me?
  • That was easy.
  • Nice!
  • This'll work.
  • Come on, show yourself.
  • Let's go!

Unit One

  • Let's dance!
  • Oh baby!
  • Nice shootin', tex.
  • Eat this!
  • Who's your daddy?!
  • That's gotta hurt.
  • Take that!
  • Oh baby!!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Let's rock!
  • Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Let's go!

Dr. Elsa Weissinger

  • You're no match for me!
  • Give me your best shot!
  • Have you had enough yet?
  • Hold still, this won't hurt a bit!
  • Show me where it hurts!
  • You're pathetic!
  • That was easy!
  • I've got a cure for you!
  • If I were you I'd run!
  • This'll do the trick.

Russian Bodyguard

  • Ну давай! (Come on!)
  • Я непобедим! (I'm invincible!)
  • Что, шутки шутить?! (What, kidding around?!)
  • Чтоб ты сдох! (Drop dead!)
  • Давай-давай! (Come on, go on!)
  • Ха-ха. Ты чё думал это игрушки тебе? (Did you think that this is toys for you?)
  • Ха-ха. Лучше б даже и не рыпался. (You'd been better to stay put.)
  • Оо, бедняжка. (Oh, poor thing.)
  • Вот это подойдёт. (This'll work.)
  • О, класс! (Oh, nice!)
  • Ну что, драться будем?! (So, we gonna fight?!)
  • Эй, где ты?! (Hey, where are you?!)

Lawrence Mujari

  • Time to die!
  • Huh, come on!
  • Do you know how to use that thing?!
  • Nice shooting!
  • Come on, is that the best you got?!
  • Oh, that was easy!
  • Oo, that's gotta hurt!
  • You're looser!
  • Ha-ha! Time for a weapon upgrade!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Where did you get two of mine?!
  • Let's go!

Jorge Marcos

  • Ya merito! (Almost!)
  • Chispas! (Oh shit!)
  • Muerete! (Die!)
  • *Laughs*


  • Ты никогда не поймаешь меня! (You will never get me!)
  • Умри! (Die!)
  • Пошевеливайтесь! Давай! Давай! (Get moving! Come on! Now!)

Military Police

  • You wanna piece of this?!
  • Don't mess with the law!
  • All right!
  • Time for a little police brutality!
  • Come on out and get you beaten!
  • You fought the law and the law won!
  • Easy!
  • You're weak!
  • Superior firepower!
  • This baby'll pack a punch!
  • Come on, let's go!
  • Where did you get two?!

Jonathan Phagan

  • Don't kill me!
  • No!
  • I'll pay you!
  • Please, don't!
  • Don't kill me.

Erich Rhoemer

  • Tired yet?
  • You're getting too slow!
  • Head's up!
  • Surprise!
  • Think fast!
  • *Laughs*
  • You'll need to do better than that!

Evil Scientist

  • I'm not armed.
  • No! Don't shoot me!
  • Don't kill me!
  • *Laughs*

Teresa Lipan

  • Here, catch!
  • Come on!
  • Are you kidding?!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Eat it!
  • Piece of cake!
  • You're weak!
  • Sweet!
  • Ooh, new toy!
  • Nice heater.
  • Where are you?! Pitching a tent?
  • Come on out! I got a little something for ya!

Mara Aramov

  • Ну что, промазал опять, да? (Well, you missed again, yes?)
  • Давай-давай ещё, а?! (Come on, come on again, eh?!)
  • Had enough yet?
  • Die! Die!
  • Take that!
  • Смотреть на тебя жалко! (It’s a pity to look at you!)
  • What a joke!
  • Хах, мазила! (Huh, bad shot!)
  • Nice!
  • This will work.
  • Ну где ты, куда спрятался?! (Where are you, where'd you go?!)
  • Where are you?

Vincent Hadden

  • Eat this!
  • Next time bring help.
  • You're not very good at this, are you?
  • You're not much of a challenge.
  • This will serve me well.
  • *Laughs*
  • Come out, let's get this over with.
  • You can't hide forever, you know.

Syphon Filter 2 - Unused Audio Showcase

Syphon Filter 2 - Unused Audio Showcase

Syphon Filter 2 Single and Two Player Characters Quotes

Syphon Filter 2 Single and Two Player Characters Quotes

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