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'''''Operative 2:''' The Captain's busy now, but wants his food sent up immediately. This floor is off-limits so, use the dumbwaiter.<br />'''Cook:''' Yes sir.''
'''''Operative 2:''' The Captain's busy now, but wants his food sent up immediately. This floor is off-limits so, use the dumbwaiter.<br />'''Cook:''' Yes, sir.''
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'''''Silvers:''' Have you located the satellite data?<br />'''Guzman:''' It's not in this warehouse. I suspect it somewhere in the south compound.<br />'''Silvers:''' Lieutenant Quinn is at the south compound right now, rendezvous with him and find that data. I'll stay here and keep this area secure. Send Kennedy and Zanny here for backup.<br />'''Guzman:''' Yes sir!''
'''''Silvers:''' Have you located the satellite data?<br />'''Guzman:''' It's not in this warehouse. I suspect it somewhere in the south compound.<br />'''Silvers:''' Lieutenant Quinn is at the south compound right now, rendezvous with him and find that data. I'll stay here and keep this area secure. Send Kennedy and Zanny here for backup.<br />'''Guzman:''' Yes, sir!''

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This page is dedicated to having a complete and written transcript of all dialogues in Syphon Filter 3. The page will include cutscenes, radio transmissions, conversations, two player quotes, mini game and all possible dialogue spoken by particular characters in battle or specific situations. The game contains foreign languages in addition to English, and most of these dialogs are accompanied by English subtitles, in which case they will be presented in "[ ]". However, they are not always in the game and don't coincide with a speech all the time. For that reason, a more accurate translation or an addition to official subtitles will be presented in "( )". There are extra dialogs in the game, which only foreign versions of the game have, and rarely english EU version. Such dialogs will be presented in "{ }".

Each mission has the following sub-sections:

Main plot: all dialogues spoken during the main story line, including cutscenes and all possible alternative conversations.
Wrong actions: all dialogues spoken during mission failure or an action which contradicts the main story.
Character quotes: all lines spoken by specific characters during battles.
Unused dialogues: all unused dialogues which supposedly should have been used in this mission.

Depending on the mission, some sub-sections can be missing.



Main plot: Intro

Whispering Woods Mortuary
Oliver's Bluff, Virginia

Lian: I can't believe she's gone. She'd be alive today if we hadn't dragged her into this.
Gabe: Teresa died the way she lived, doing what she believed in.
Lawrence: In any case, you could hardly have stopped her. No one could.
Lian: She gave her life for mine, how can I live with that?
Gabe: The same way I will: by surviving, by not giving up, by fighting for what you believe in. It's NOT over yet!

Mara Aramov and Vincent Hadden are watching them from a distance.

Mara: You could have ended it here. As Secretary of State when the administration falls, you would have the power!
Hadden: No. I have other plans for Gabriel Logan. Hearings have been scheduled and I need someone to blame...

Senate Hearings Chamber
Washington DC

Hadden: ...I have a different version of the truth for you: there is no conspiracy, no arms consortium, only a traitor, acting alone or with his friends. I ask you again, Mr. Logan, as an operative in this unnamed agency, did you ever assassinate a world leader?
Gabe: No.

Two weeks earlier....

Gabe's POV (Point of View) as he aims down sights at Shi-Hao's head through a sniper scope.

Lian: Take the shot, Gabe. Shi-Hao's men are on their way up.
Hadden: ...assassinate a world leader?...
Lian: ...Take the shot, Gabe...
Hadden: ...assassinate a world leader?... ...I have other plans for Gabriel Logan... ...I have other...
Lian: ...Take the shot, Gabe...
Teresa: ...*Illegible speech*...
(Teresa's voice is barely heard)
Gabe: Right.

Screen cracks as a gunshot rings out.

Hotel Fukushima

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Lian: I'll monitor your progress from the rendezvous point.
Gabe: Right.

Lian: Gabe, I've planted your equipment in room 413. Take the elevator and get up there ASAP. Shi-Hao's already in position.

Clerk 1: いらっしゃいませ? [Can I help you, sir?]
Gabe: I need a room key. Room 413, registered under Nagol.
Clerk 1: かしこまりましたこちらでございます. [Yes sir, here you are.]
Gabe: ありがとう. [Arigato,]

Go behind the counter

Clerk 1: 何をやってるんだ警察呼ぶぞ! [What are you doing? Leave now or I will call the police!]

  • Clerks' quotes

Bellhop: お部屋にご案内します. [Show you to your room, sir?] [Can I show you to your room?]

Bellhop: ひどい天気ですね本当にひどい. [Weather sure is crazy. Raining off and on all night. Crazy.]

Lian: You find your load out in the tub.

Gabe: I'm in position.
Lian: Shi-Hao should be in position across the street.
Gabe: I've got him.
Lian: I've planted a bug in the room. I'm patching you in.
Shi-Hao: 我哋講掂咗喎. [We had an arrangement.]
JRA Member: 餵唔掂喺度得太姨阿拉莫夫. 阿拉莫夫可能呀. [It can't be done, security is too tight. Tell Aramov she asks the impossible.]
Shi-Hao: 你的團隊侮辱了我們你的無能,你將因此而受苦. [Your group has insulted us with your incompetence, and you shall suffer as a result.]
Gabe: Aramov?! We should have known she was involved somehow.
Lian: I'll find our contact and follow her. Stay focused on the mission. Eliminate Shi-Hao and his lieutenants. They're all in that building.
Gabe: I only see Shi-Hao, but when the shooting starts, the rest will come running.
Lian: Gabe, take care of the sniper on the roof first, he could cause trouble.

Gabe: Sniper down.
Lian: Acknowledged.

Gabe: Here we go.

JRA Member: [Sniper! Across the street!]

Save the gangster

Gabe: Got it.

Gabe: One down.

Gabe: Two more to go.

Gabe: One more.

Kill all the enemies using only the Silenced Sniper Rifle with less than 22 shots and the Air Taser.

Gabe: Got it.

Gabe: Lian, objective completed. Exiting the building now.
Lian: Gabe, Shi-Hao's men have control of the hotel, they were already inside!
Gabe: What?! How could they?

Lian: Gabe, power to the elevators has been shut off. Find another way down.

Clerk 2: 待って. また打たないで. [please don't kill me!]

Lian: More trouble. I've intercepted an urgent police message. The JRA is using a hostage to help them escape.
Gabe: Who?
Lian: The daughter of Japan's ambassador to China. They're leading her out of the building through the basement.
Gabe: Right. Moving to intercept.

Gangster: 借りができたな. [I owe you my life.]
Gabe: You're a terrorist. I should kill you right here.
Gangster: これを持っていけよ. [No, take this.]
Gabe: Get away from me.

Clerk 3: やめてお願い! [Not me! Please!]

Kidnapper: 早く行け. [Get Moving.]
Daughter: 父があなたたちを皆殺しにするわ. [My father will have you both killed.]
Kidnapper: 黙って進め. [Shut up and move.]

Gabe: I found her.

Kidnapper: 立って行け! [Go! Run!]

Gabe: Come with me, if you want to live.
Daughter: 誰? [Who are you?]

Gabe: Lian, I've got the girl, I need a place to drop her.
Lian: The police are coming, find a place to stash her near the lobby.
Gabe: Let's go.

Gabe: Hide here, the police will be here any minute. Move.

Gabe: Lian? I've got the girl in a safe location. I'm heading to the lobby now.
Lian: Roger. I'll be there.

Clerk 1: 信じたくない! [Let me live!]

Go behind the counter at the start of the level

Clerk 1: どうぞ。中の方に入って下さい! [You can come behind the counter all you want!]

Cutscene 2

Lian: Guess what. Bad news, I just got a call from Lawrence. We've been called to testify before a Senate committee investigating the Syphon Filter scare.
Gabe: Great...

Wrong actions

Ignore the room 413 for 2 min 50 sec or try to use the elevator

Lian: Gabe, you need to get to room 413.

Ignore the room 413 for more 2 min 55 sec

Lian: Gabe?! What are you doing?

Ignore the room 413 for more 2 min 55 sec or try to use the elevator again

Lian: Gabe, Shi-Hao could leave any second!

Ignore the room 413 for more 2 min 50 sec

Lian: Gabe, where're you going? Get to 413 now!

Try to leave the room 413

Lian: Gabe, you've got to stay till you've killed all of Shi-Hao's lieutenants.

Go away from the kidnappers

Lian: Gabe, they're taking her out the front. You need to go after them.

Go away from the kidnappers further

Lian: I told you. You're heading the wrong way!

Ignore the daughter's kidnappers and go ahead

Kidnapper: 女を連れて行け。ここはオレにまかせろ! [Get the girl out of here! I'll hold him off!]

Go back leaving the daughter

Lian: Gabe, you need to stay with her until she's safe.

Go back ignoring meet with Lian

Lian: Gabe, I'm out front, come back this way.

Go back further ignoring meet with Lian

Lian: Too late. The police are here.

Character quotes


  • タクシーをお呼びしましょうか? [Do you need a taxi?]
  • 今すぐここから出て行け! [You should leave this area immediately!]
  • ここは立ち入り禁止だ! [You don't belong back here!]
  • 部外者が入ってくるな! [Guests aren't allowed in this area!]
  • 何をやってるんだ? [What are you doing here?]
  • いらっしゃいませ? [Can I help you, sir?]

Unused dialogues

Lian: Radio me when you in position.

Clerk: こんにちは。何かご用はございますか? [Konnichiwa. How can I help you?]

Clerk: 何か他に御用はございますか? [Is there anything I can do for you?]

Clerk: 命ばかりお助け下さい? [Can I help you, sir?]

Clerk: サワーパリサワー! (Sour! Paris sour!)

Clerk: おか万お持ちします? [Take your bags, sir?]

Clerk: こんばんは. [Good evening.]

Clerk: やめて! (Stop!)

Cook: サラダ! (Salad!)

Cook: 富山い! (Toyama!)

Gangster: 待て! 撃つな! [Wait! Don't shoot!]

Clerk: 助けて! (Help!)

Clerk: 金沢! (Kanazawa!)

Clerk: 妖怪! (Monster!)

Lian: Gabe, are you're there? Gabe? Answer me!

Lian: Gabe, come in. Gabe, do you read me?

Gabe: Never mind, I'm on my way out.

Costa Rican Plantation

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Hadden: You've been asked to testify because of your direct knowledge of this agency. And its connection to the Syphon Filter virus. The senior officer Mr. Logan, I'll begin with you. For the record, describe how you first became involved.
Gabe: The Agency had been tracking down an international terrorist named Erich Rhoemer. One of my men went to investigate Rhoemer's drug operation in Costa Rica. When we lost contact, Lian and I were sent in to get him out...

Lian: Gabe, I landed a few hundred yards off target. I'm downhill from you and there's at least two tangos between us. There's a gun turret nest further south. I'll recon that while you catch up to my location.

Guard 1: Alerta! Intruso! [Alert! Intruder!]

Lian: Hey you, Gabe.

Lian: Bad news, this jungle looks like is littered with automated turrets. Stand back, I'll frag this one.

Lian: Another turret? And I'm out of grenades! You need to get this one.

Lian: Use this tree for cover.

Lian: Well?
Gabe: These are the coordinates Ellis sent.

Rhoemer: How much information was smuggled back to your agency?
Ellis: I'm not telling you anything! You'll have to kill me.
Rhoemer: Very well. Now, I will show you how we deal with informants. Kill him.
Mara: With pleasure.


Gabe: It's Ellis... executed. Lian, you find anything?
Lian: The place is torched! I don't know what they were growing, but it wasn't narcotics.
Gabe: Rhoemer knew we were coming.
Lian: So what's our next move?
Gabe: We wait for the next viral outbreak. It won't be long.
Lian: Benton, Ellis is down. Orders?
Benton: Resume Ellis's mission, split up. Lian, proceed to the laboratory complex and rescue any sympathetic scientists. Rhoemer will employ a scorched-earth extraction and destroy everything. Logan, find a computer and email the coordinates of this plantation back to headquarters. I have the airstrikes ready to come in on your order. Check your ACD for a list of updated objectives.

Lian: Gabe, get the turret!

Benton: Airstrikes on the way in!

Guard 2: Qué les dije, regresó a trabajar! [I said, get back to work now!]
Slave Woman 1: Para, por favor! (Stop, please!)

Slave Woman 1: Muchas gracias, Señor. Puedo ayudar a mi amiga? [Thank you, but please help my friend.]

Slave Woman 2: Gracias por todo lo que ha hecho. [Thank you, I can never repay you.]

Free the slaves

Gabe: Got it.

Lian: Gabe, Rhoemer is heading towards the landing strip north of the lab complex. One of the technicians warned me that the surrounding jungle is mined to keep the workers from sneaking into the cargo planes. Be careful.
Gabe: I'm on it.

Benton: Careful, Logan. Recon informs us you're nearing a minefield.

Benton: Mission accomplished. Rendezvous with Xing at the extraction zone.
Gabe: Negative. I'm going after Rhoemer's plane.
Benton: You were given a direct order, Logan. Stand down!
Gabe: Logan out.

Wrong actions

Leave Lian

Lian: Ellis is this way. Help me out!

Leave Lian near the turret

Lian: Gabe, the turret has me pinned down. Can you clear it?

Unused dialogues

Lian: Gabe, use a grenade on the turret.

Lian: Careful. There's a sniper. I'll flank him, you keep this angle.

Lian: Gabe, Ellis is in trouble, let's move!

Lian: We're close to the coordinates.

Lian: Ellis's coordinates are over there.

Lian: This way, Gabe.

Lian: Over there!

Lian: See you on the other side.

Benton: You still have objectives to complete.

C-5 Galaxy Transport

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe: Lian had discovered that Rhoemer was readying a cargo plane for escape. I got there just in time...

Benton: Logan, you were supposed to rendezvous with Xing!
Gabe: Lian can handle herself. I have a chance of getting Rhoemer. Why can't you understand?
Benton: This will NOT go unpunished, Logan!
Gabe: Logan out.

Gabe: Benton, Rhoemer has the ABS armor. How did he get ahold of Agency equipment?

Rhoemer rushes down the stairs.

Rhoemer: Incompetent fools! How could ONE man get past so many of you?!

Kill the second pilot

Pilot: Take it easy. You kill me and this whole plane goes crashing down.
Gabe: Right.

Rhoemer: *Heavy scream*

Don't kill the second pilot

Gabe: Got it.

Cutscene 2

Hadden: Rhoemer had escaped.
Gabe: Yeah, Rhoemer escaped.

Pugari Gold Mine

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Hadden: Mr. Mujari. In your deposition you testified that your first contact with The Agency was in South Africa.
Lawrence: Yes. In 1984 there was a viral outbreak in one of the mines. I was sent by the ANC to investigate...

Dejesus: Dejesus reporting in. Just hit the LZ. On my way to the West complex. Over.
Smith: Smith reporting. Everything is going to plan. Out.
Lawrence: Good luck to all. Mujari out.

Guard 1: Terrorist!

Guard 2: Hostile force within perimeter!

Guard 3: Gold thief!

Guard 4: Stop him! He's got a gun!

Guard 5: Kill him! He's here for the slaves!

Guard 6: Terrorist spotted! Shoot to kill!

Approach the workers stealthily

Slave Worker: Are you here to free us?

Smith: Captain. I'm detecting enslave workers in mine 411. Escort them to safety before proceeding with the plan.

Lawrence: I'm here to free all the workers being forced to work in the mines against their will. Where are the others?
Slave Worker: There was a sickness, with many of us stricken and unable to work. Foreman Jones has quarantined them down there somewhere.
Lawrence: I will find them. We are going to blow the mine, but I will get you out first.
Slave Worker: The east passage is the best way out, but it's guarded.
Lawrence: Leave them to me.

Lawrence: Wait here. There is danger ahead.

Lawrence: Come on!

Dejesus: Mujari, I'm taking heavy fire in the Western complex!
Slave Worker: The Western complex is down that tunnel.
Lawrence: Dejesus, surrender to them. I am a few hundred feet away. I will ambush them.

Slave Worker: Go and save your friend. We can find our way out from here.

Dejesus: Mujari... I owe you one.
Lawrence: You would do the same for me. Let us proceed with the mission.

Guard 7: Check your fire! You almost hit the explosives. Run!

Wrong actions

Don't get the explosives

Smith: Captain, I'm detecting the explosives in your area. Go back for them ASAP.

Leave the workers

Smith: Captain, don't leave the workers behind.

Go the main railway without setting the explosives

Dejesus: Have you set the explosives yet?

Go the wrong way

Slave Worker: We need to go this way!

Go the wrong way further

Slave Worker: You're going the wrong way!

Go ahead without the workers

Slave Worker: Hey! Wait for us!

Unused dialogues

Guard: We're under attack!

Guard: I'm under fire!

Slave Worker: Please, help us!

Slave Worker: Comeback!

Slave Worker: We can find our way out from here.

Pugari Complex

Main plot

Smith: Mujari, I've restored power to the main railway.
Lawrence: Good timing. I need to get out of here fast!

Jones: Who are you?
Lawrence: Who are you to enslave my people?! Where are the quarantined workers?!
Jones: We didn't know what to do, they fell ill so quickly.
Lawrence: Where are they?!
Jones: A holding cell in the East mine. We quarantined them there.

Guard 1: He blew the mine! Kill him!

Guard 2: Hostile intruder!

Smith: Mujari, I hacked the main computer and the data transfer is ready to go. But the power to the transmitter tower went down.
Lawrence: I will restore the power. Stay out of sight until I contact you.

Don't restore the power and go to Smith

Smith: Mujari, what are you doing here? We need to get power to that transmitter.

Lawrence: Power's been restored. Smith, you there?

Guard 3: There's another one!

Restore the power right away

Lawrence: Smith. I just reactivated the transmitter tower. How close are you to transmission?
Smith: It'll be ready to go shortly. Out.

Smith: I'm under fire!
Lawrence: Hold them off, I will be right there.

Venik falls out from a window.

Smith: Press 'W' to send the transmission...
Lawrence: Go with God, my brother.

Guard 4: There's another one!

Dejesus: Rest easy, my brother.
Lawrence: The other workers are being quarantined in the East mine.
Dejesus: The elevator will take us down.

Dejesus: Looks like we've got trouble!

Lawrence: Stay here. I will be back.

Cutscene 1

Lawrence: I had found my brothers. But I would not be setting them free. The virus was a strain I had never seen. I kept the samples.
Hadden: How did The Agency acquire them?
Lawrence: I did some lab work for the World Health Organization. Miss Lipan was assigned to investigate the same outbreak as I. She came to my lab and saw the South African samples.
Hadden: Which you gave to her...
Lawrence: I thought nothing of it. She wanted to have them tested by The Agency labs.
Hadden: I see. Do you recall which labs?
Lawrence: Of course. It was PharCom.

Unused dialogues

Lawrence: What's that in the sky?!

Slave Worker: Thank God! We're all being held here against our will. Help the others.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Hadden: Ms. Xing, according to your affidavit you met Gabriel Logan in 1987. Is that correct?
Lian: Yes. I was in Kabul, Afghanistan on a covert assignment for the MSS.
Hadden: The Chinese Secret Service?
Lian: That's correct. Our goal was to undermine the Soviet occupation...

Lian: Gabe had just saved my life from a Soviet ambush. Since we were both working against the Soviets, I agreed to create a diversion, so he could get his truck into the city...

Kill all snipers stealthily

Lian: Got it.

Soldier: Get out! It's going to blow!

Gabe: Xing, if that was you: good work. Soldiers patrolling the west street just headed your way. Hope you can handle the heat.

Helicopter Pilot: 有四個人一個我哋點都徘徊緊而家就毀滅佢如果唔係我過嚟唔到我會保持住佢喺高度我就係我淨返兩個分鐘嘅燃料 [Four hostiles are patrolling the LZ. You must eliminate them or I can't land. I'll maintain this altitude, but we only have about two minutes of spare fuel.]

Lian: Objectives completed. Requesting EVAC.
Helicopter Pilot: 直升機有人識得開國內地點. [Chopper enroute, but you need to clear those Rocket Launchers and secure the LZ.]

Lian: Right.

Lian: Hostiles down. LZ clear.
Helicopter Pilot: 好. 降落. [Preparing for pickup. Good work.]

Wrong actions

Objectives are not completed

Helicopter Pilot: 你要首先完成了任. [You need to finish your Primary Objectives first.]


Lian: Check.

Ignore the pilot for 35 sec

Helicopter Pilot: 我哋畀人圍攻呀你搵佢呀 [We are under heavy Fire, what can you do about that?]

Ignore the pilot for more 30 sec

Helicopter Pilot: 我都冇油啦 [Last warning. We're running on Fumes up here.]

Ignore the pilot for more 35 sec

Helicopter Pilot: 我哋唔可以再等啦我哋冇曬油呀 [We are aborting pickup. Our fuel reserves have been depleted.]

Unused dialogues

Soldier: Enemy spotted!

Soldier: Flank her!

S.S. Lorelei

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Lian: Eventually Gabe recruited me into The Agency.
Hadden: Yes, to help him with murder, assassination, arms dealing, acts of terrorism! You should of-
Lian: Not Gabe and I! We worked for the
greater good. We never committed acts of terrorism...

Dissolve to the Lorelei docked in Ireland.

Gabe: I'm almost there. How much time do I have left to plant these explosives?
Maggie: Not long. My MI6 team is standing by. Recon has trucks being loaded from the south cargo bay. I'm sending Nigel to check them out.
Gabe: Copy that. Heading into the north cargo hold now...

Operative 1: Get this load on shore and get ready to shove off. I don't wanna see a repeat of Egypt.
Sailor 1: Aye. (Okay.)

Gabe: I'm in.
Maggie: Good. My team's in position at the docks. Scuttle that ship and get the bloody hell out. After planting all four charges, head upstairs to recover the shipping manifest and video tapes.

Sailor 1: Get this load secured. They're serious about shoving off on time.

Sailor 2: Take nothing for granted. You see anything or anyone out of place, shoot them on sight.
Sailor 3: We expecting trouble?
Sailor 2: Remember the Suez?
Sailor 3: I don't want to.

Engineer: Damn!

Engineer: Please, don't kill me!

Operative 2: The Captain's busy now, but wants his food sent up immediately. This floor is off-limits so, use the dumbwaiter.
Cook: Yes, sir.

Cook: Oh my God!

Maggie: Logan, I intercepted a message from the ship's radio room. The crew found the decoy, and locked down the engine room. They fell for it!

Maggie: Don't rest yet, Logan. The Captain's returning to his quarters. Eliminate him.

Captain: Give me a hand here!

Operative 3: Captain, are you all right?!

Maggie: Head back to the cargo hold, so we can get you out of there.

Gabe: Out.

Operative 4: He's cornered in the crew quarters!

Gabe: I'm back in the cargo hold but the crane's been shut off.
Maggie: Hang in there, I'll get it myself, but I need some cover.

Maggie: Well looks like we've still got some trouble after all. It's not over yet.
Gabe: Great.

Maggie: Going up.

Cutscene 2

Gabe waiting while the crane is going down.

Wrong actions

Leave the cargo hold without planting the bombs

Maggie: You're leaving the cargo hold. Planting those bombs is your first priority.

Don't kill the Captain

Maggie: Don't forget to kill the Captain.

Don't get the shipping manifest

Maggie: Don't forget the shipping manifest in his quarters.

Don't get the video tape

Maggie: Are you leaving without the video tape? Go back and get it.

Don't cover Maggie

Maggie: Logan, I need that cover fire now!

Unused dialogues

Operative 1: Leave this door sealed and notify the Captain we're ready to shove off.

Sailor 1: Get this cargo unloaded. I got that Russian broad breathing down my neck and I don't need any more trouble.

Sailor 1: We have an intruder! Take him out.

Sailor 1: No, on my ship you don't.

Operative 2: I warned your Captain we wouldn't allow any more breaches in security.
Sailor 2: This cargo is too hot. We're just sailors, what do you want from us?

Sailor 2: What was that?

Cook: Oh God! Don't kill me! I-I'm just a cook!

Maggie: Dammit. The cook spotted you getting into the dumbwaiter. He's notified the Captain.

Maggie: Dammit. You shouldn't have spare the cook. He notified the Captain.

Maggie: Blast! The guard and chief had notified the Captain.

Maggie: That guard has notified the Captain!

Operative 3: Intruder on the galley floor! Notify the Captain!

Captain: The intruder's heading aft! Get our best men down there and stop him!

Captain: Don't let him escape!

Captain: Son of a...

Aztec Ruins

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Hadden: What was your first assignment together?
Lian: In '98 Gabe and I were both assigned to the international terrorism unit.
Hadden: You were working to capture Erich Rhoemer?
Lian: Yes, we've been following Rhoemer for two years...

Dissolve to show Lian approaching the site.

Lian (VO): In '99 we were sent to Costa Rica to find a missing undercover agent. We discovered a sophisticated drug operation. While Gabe shut down the plantations, I infiltrated Rhoemer's lab complex...

Benton: Ellis's initial report on Rhoemer's lab operation contains only a broad outline, so we don't know much about it. Find the lab's computer center and download as many files as you can.
Lian: What about the lab workers?
Benton: Don't kill them. Ellis's report indicated the scientists, like the plantation workers, are being held against their will. We're mobilizing a retrieval unit to pick them up for debriefing.
Lian: Copy that. Heading in.

Guard 1: Manuel, eres tú? Me he caído en este agujero y me lastimado mucho. Ayúdame! [Manuel, is that you? I fell in this pit and hurt myself very very badly Please bring help.]

Revisit the pit guard

Guard 1: Manuel? Eres tú de nuevo? Espero que trajiste ayuda. Me he roto la pierna. [Manuel, is that you again? I hope you brought help. My leg is broken badly.]

Benton: With these airstrikes Logan called in rattling the area, you should be able to cause a commotion here and there without alerting too many guards.

Guard 2: Arrodillarse! [On your knees.]

Guard 3: Qué fue eso? (What was that?)

Lian: I found the main lab computer. Hacking it now.

Lian: Got it. I've downloaded the data.
Benton: Destroy every computer in the facility.

Scientist 1: I was only doing my job!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Guard 4: Qué fue eso? (What was that?)

Scientist 2: Please, don't kill me!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Benton: This courtyard is well guarded. Use the power of the airstrikes to take these guys out. If they notice you, getting through would be tough.

Lian: The cells are locked.
Benton: Find some way to blow them open.

Guard 5: Rhoemer quiere saber dónde se encuentra el doctor Freid. Habla, y Rhoemer promete que la dejara ir. [Rhoemer wants to know where Dr. Freid is hiding. Tell us and Rhoemer swears he will spare you.] (Rhoemer wants to know where Dr. Freid can be found. Speak, and Rhoemer promises to let you go.)
Elsa: No. I'll never turn on my mentor.
Guard 5: Bueno. Entonces batenla, y rompen este templo, y encuéntrame a Freid. [Very well. Kill her, and tear the temple apart, looking for Freid.] (Well, then, kill her, and tear this temple and find me Freid.)

Benton: That's Elsa Weissinger.
Lian: I've seen her file. She's a biochemist.
Benton: Don't let them kill her, she's critical to helping us understand what's being processed in this lab.

Guard 5: Arrodillarse! [On your knees.]

Guard 5: Esta es tu última oportunidad. Dónde se encuentra Freid? [This is your last opportunity to tell us about Freid.] (This is your last chance! Where's Freid?!)
Elsa: Never!

Guard 5: Bueno, pero intentamos. (Well, we've tried.)

Elsa: Are you with the local guerrillas?
Lian: No time to explain. I need you to come with me.
Elsa: I can't leave without Dr. Freid.
Lian: I'll find him. My people have an EVAC location in the eastern fields. Get there. Where's Rhoemer?
Elsa: I don't know. Wait... There is a landing strip north of the lab complex, he's probably heading there! It's the only way out.

Lian: Gabe, Rhoemer is heading towards the landing strip north of the lab complex. One of the technicians warned me that the surrounding jungle is mined to keep the workers from sneaking into the cargo planes. Be careful.
Gabe: I'm on it.

Freid: The artifact! It is of great value to my research. It's down below.

Scientist 3: I was only doing my job!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Scientist 4: Please!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Scientist 5: Please, don't kill me!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Scientist 6: Please!

Lian: We have a chopper waiting for you past the eastern temple. Run!

Cutscene 2

Lian: That was our first exposure to the Syphon Filter virus, and... at the time, we had no idea that Rhoemer was about to be secretly coerced into working for our superiors.
Hadden: Trust, Ms. Xing, would seem to be in short supply in your Agency.
Lian: It got to be that way, yes.
Hadden: But you trusted Gabriel Logan?
Of course I trusted Gabe! If you're gonna be in a firefight, there's no one better than Gabe Logan...

Dissolve to show Gabe and Maggie both taking cover. Each is holding a pistol.

Maggie: Half my team is gone.
Gabe: IRA? {ARM?}
Maggie: They got wind of the shipment somehow. Probably decided they could use the virus for themselves.
Gabe: Who's their contact?
Maggie: Don't know. But we've got to get to those trucks before they do.
Gabe: Let's move...

Wrong actions

Destroy the main lab computer

Benton: That was the main lab computer! We needed that data!

Character quotes


  • Identifíquese! (Identify yourself!)
  • Qué fue eso? (What was that?)
  • Ahí! (There!)
  • Agarrenla! (Grab!)

Unused dialogues

Benton: You can't rescue him from here. Find a way to distract the guards.

Benton: Find some explosives to blast these cages open.

Benton: You have just enough C4 left for the holding cells. Don't waste it.

Benton: You need enough C4 for each cell. Don't waste it.


Main plot

Cutscene 1

Maggie: Are we too late?
MI6 Agent: Possibly. The IRA {ARM} stolen several trucks carrying the classified cargo.
Maggie: Team, we need to move. Our targets are stolen transport trucks; destroy them with your C4.
Gabe: Let's split up. Remind your men not to shoot the good-looking yank.
Maggie: Right. These trucks are heavily armored; your explosive must be placed in a weak spot atop the vehicle. Just remember, none of these trucks are to leave this dock.

Maggie: There's a truck ahead, but this path is a choke point for that sniper tower. I'll lay down cover fire on the tower; you make a break for the truck.

Maggie: Keep moving and you should be fine.

Maggie: I'm low on ammo. Blast that truck!

Maggie: I'm out of ammo!

Maggie: Nice work. Now get in here for cover. I'm almost out of ammo.

Maggie: I'm clear!

IRA{ARM} Member: Lock them in!

Maggie: We locked in. Find a bloody way out!

Gabe shoots an explosive barrel blasting a door open.

Maggie: Excellent idea, Logan! I need to prepare my other squad. You get the truck to the west.

MI6 Agent: Sir, Powers asked me to escort you to her location. Be careful, there is heavy sniper activity in this sector.

MI6 Agent: You go on, sir, I'll neutralize the threats.

Maggie: Logan, this is my best locksmith Jim Russell. He's an MI6 operative, but he can't line up a shot to save his life. He'll be your partner to crack the safe. You must provide cover fire since he doesn't carry a sidearm.

Russell: Give me some good cover while I pick this lock.

Russell: The safe is in the office upstairs. Let's go.

Russell: The safe is up here!

Russell: I see the safe, but I'm going to need some cover fire.

Russell: A classic 50's Walton. No problem.

Russell: I've got the safe contents. You hold these guys off while I sneak out.

Pass the level less than 11 minutes

Gabe: Got it.

Wrong actions

Leave without destroying the third truck

Maggie: You need to destroy those other trucks before moving on.

Continue to leave

Maggie: I told you to go back!

Unused dialogues

Maggie: Logan, I can't hold them off much longer!

Maggie: Logan, don't easy on that C4. It's only for the armored trucks.

Maggie: Logan, I told you to save that C4 for the trucks!

IRA{ARM} Member: Take that, you bloody yank!

Russell: Let's go.

Docks Final Assault

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Maggie: Nigel Cummings is pinned down in the freight zone north of you.
Another crack agent like Russell?
Don't be snide, Logan. Cummings is a top agent, and an even better shot. You need him to get to those final trucks.

Nigel: Hello, Mate, Maggie told me you'd be coming. Our entire squad was cut down by snipers. Stick with me or else... we're both whacked. Ready? Let's move.

Nigel: There's the sniper! Run!

Nigel: We'll never make it through unless we stick together. These crates are a bloody maze. Don't get lost.

Nigel: Huh! Like shooting fish in a barrel, eh Logan?

Slow the pace

Nigel: Logan, get over here.

Gabe: This is the final truck. Time to blow it up.
Nigel: Change of plans, Logan. Maggie just radioed and said to bring this one in. MI6 wants to analyze the virus.
Gabe: We have hazmat crews coming in. Transporting this is dangerous.
Nigel: I'm willing to chance it. Get the gate, I'll drive.
Gabe: If Maggie said so.

Maggie: Gabe, do you have the final truck contained?
Gabe: I think I know who the IRA {ARM} contact is.

Cutscene 1

Maggie: That's it, we've stopped them. It's the last of the virus.
Gabe: Not yet, but any second now.

Wrong actions

Pass by Nigel

Maggie: Logan, Cummings is in trouble. Find him.

Pass by Nigel further

Maggie: You were supposed to help Cummings!

Nigel is killed

Maggie: Logan, you were supposed to watch him! / Cummings, are you okay?

Nigel: Curse you, Logan...

Gabe: Dammit!

Get away from the truck

Maggie: Gabe, I still see the truck on my radar. Are you going to destroy it?

Unused dialogues

Nigel: Logan, that's a deathtrap!

Nigel: I'm hit!


Main plot

Cutscene 1

Gabe: I first met Benton in '87. I was an Army Ranger working a UN border patrol outside Kabul.
Hadden: Benton claimed to be a CIA operative.
Gabe: Yes, the CIA was planning an arms shipment over the border. Covert aid to the rebels. I was tagged to protect the convoy. Two klicks pass the border we came under heavy fire.
Hadden: From Soviet forces?
Gabe: No,
Afghans. Benton told me they were splinter group trying to keep us from reaching Kabul. The attack wiped out my entire squad, except for Benton and my CO Ellis. The three of us cobbled together a single working truck. Benton drove, Ellis was our demolition expert, and I was on point. I was determined to make it to Kabul...

Ellis: Recon indicates heavy minefield saturation.
Gabe: Okay. You stay with the truck and keep the roadway clear. I'll take point and provide any cover I can.
Benton: The truck sustained minor damage and the engine is overheating. Let's try to make it to Kabul at a good clip.
Soldier: Move into position! And target the truck!
Ellis: Logan, another ambush!

Ellis: We're being flanked!

Ellis: Let's move on out.

Benton: Logan, this mortar fire is coming from those ruins. We can't make it through!

Benton: These mortars are zeroing in on our location.

Benton: Road's clear. I'm ready to move.

Benton: I see a roadblock ahead. You two need to take it out.

Ellis: We need to blast this fence. I got the north side, you get the south.

Ellis: Sniper has me pinned down! Hurry!

Gabe: Classic box-trap. Mined on top and the supports are probably rigged too. {Take care of them and I'll wait for the top.}

Ellis: Watch out! I think I see another mine. Give me a few minutes and watch my back.

Ellis: Damn it! Heavy sniper fire from the end of the valley.

Ellis: We're being flanked!

Benton: Let's move. Stay close, this valley is too quiet.

Ellis: Looks clear enough.

Banton: Just blast the fence, so we can move on through.

Cutscene 2

Gabe: When we reached the city, I asked Ellis and Benton to stay with the truck while I scouted our route.
Hadden: Where you met Lian Xing for the first time.
Gabe: She was about to be ambushed by a Soviet patrol. I saved her life. In return, she created a diversion, so I could get into the city. On our way to the rendezvous point, I spotted more trouble...
Gabe: Armor coming right at us. I'm gonna try to disable it. You stay here with the truck; I'll give you a signal when it's clear.
Ellis: Copy that.

Wrong actions

Leave Ellis at the start of the level or to the valley snipers

Ellis: We're pinned down. Get back here!

Leave Ellis at the roadblock

Ellis: Logan, I need your help!

Leave Ellis to the sniper

Ellis: Sniper fire coming in from the east. I can't do anything on the bridge until he's neutralized.

Leave the truck on the bridge or at the end of the level

Benton: Logan, don't ditch us now!

Leave and don't cover Ellis

Ellis: Logan, get back here ASAP! I'm under fire!

Unused dialogues

Benton: Truck is taking considerable damage!

Ellis: Sniper has me pinned down! Hurry!

Ellis: Logan, I need some cover back here.

Ellis: Don't tread on me!

Ellis: I'm under fire!

The Beast

Main plot

Gabe: Benton, get ready to pull this truck back fast if I can't stop this T-64.
Benton: What are you planning?
Gabe: No idea, but I'll think of something.

Lian: Logan? Xing here. You saved my life at the city gates. I hope that distraction did you some good.
Gabe: It worked fine, Xing. Any advice on stopping a T-64?
Lian: Not unless you have a helicopter gunship with laser targeting mortars. Wait. Intel shows an abandoned Afghan rebel headquarters. They might have stockpiled armor-strength munitions. Good luck. Xing out.
Gabe: Right.

Benton: Those munitions should help you get the job done.

Benton: Logan, that tank is making a rush right for us!

Cutscene 1

Gabe: When our contact finally showed up, it wasn't an Afghan rebel, but a Soviet agent. Benton shot him dead and ordered us to leave the weapons for the rebels.
Hadden: "A Soviet agent"? So you're testifying that the CIA was supplying arms to the "Soviets"?
Gabe: Benton
wasn't CIA. He worked for The Agency. He told me to "forget what I had seen". For my own sake.
Hadden: And you did not see Lian Xing again?
Gabe: Not while in Kabul. I assumed that she completed her mission and got out. Lian could always take care of herself...

Dissolve to see a brief scene of Lian in the Australian outback literally "taking care of herself", impaling an Agency medic in the back.

Soldier: *Moans*

Unused dialogues

Benton: Stop the tank, Logan.

Benton: Logan, what are you doing?!

Benton: Great work on the turret. There's a crew inside and the tank is still mobile. Finish it off with some C4 on the top hatch.

Australian Outback

Main plot

Lian: Powers, I just made it to the compound perimeter. I'm on my way to Weissinger now.
Maggie: Roger. Sat link is hot. I've got the area monitored and will keep you updated. Out.

Maggie: Lian, there are four soldiers around Weissinger's tent. You've got to take them out before contacting her.

Elsa: Lian Xing?!
Lian: Who were you expecting?
Elsa: That damned Russian woman, she's supposed to get me out of here.
Lian: Aramov?! And you trusted her? The whole compound is shutting down.
Elsa: It wasn't supposed to be this way.
Maggie: I just intercepted a coded message. Someone named Silvers has been ordered to kill everyone, including the medical personnel. He's also to eliminate the remaining test subjects.
Lian: What test subjects?!
Elsa: They are coming for
me! We must get out of here!
Lian: We're
not going anywhere until I help those test subjects. Where are they?
Maggie: Lian,
what are you doing? This isn't part of the mission.
Elsa: You can't help them, they're infected with the final strain of the Syphon Filter virus and I have not yet made the antidote. The compounds I need are scattered throughout the base.
Lian: I'll get what you need. If you're lying to me, I'll leave you here for Silvers.
Elsa: Hurry!

Elsa: Were you able to get everything?
Lian: It's all right here. Now where are the test subjects?
Elsa: They're being held in their village a few miles from here.
Maggie: Lian, there's a chopper south of your position.
Lian: Got it. We're heading for a chopper. What about your equipment?
Elsa: I have all I need to synthesize the vaccine. Let's go.

Elsa: We must move!

Elsa: The helicopter is this way!

Wrong actions

Go to Elsa without completing the primary objectives

Maggie: Lian. You haven't completed your primary objectives yet.

Don't go to Elsa's tent for 2 min

Maggie: Lian, there's a lot of activity around Weissinger's tent. She's in trouble.
Lian: I'm on my way.

Character quotes


  • Hey! It's Agent Xing! Kill her!
  • Intruder! Take aggressive action!
  • Tango spotted. Shoot to kill!
  • Armed assailant. Open fire!
  • Unknown hostile. Fire at will!
  • Who are you?! Stop!
  • We're under attack!
  • I'm being attacked!
  • Intruder over here!
  • She's over here!

Unused dialogues

Soldier: I know you... Lian Xing has infiltrated the perimeter!

Soldier: Hold! Hold!

Elsa: Don't just stand there, go out and get them!

Soldier: Weissinger is escaping! Kill her!

Soldier 1: Contact Silvers and tell him Weissinger has escaped with an unknown agent.
Soldier 2: I can't reach him, sir! Something's wrong with communications!
Soldier 1: Dammit! Looks like they're heading south towards the target zone. We need to get to that village ASAP.

St. George Australia

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Lian: LZ coming up.
Maggie: There's a secluded hill just south of your position. Set down there. Communications are down, so they don't know we're coming.
Lian: Is the vaccine ready?
Elsa: Yes. There are several test subjects still alive, but I expect Silvers will be rounding them up soon for execution. Give each one an injection and tell them to get out of there.

Elsa: Here, take this.
Lian: What's this?
Elsa: A data disc containing all the information I have on the Consortium. If Aramov is going to betray me, I have no qualms about betraying her. If something happens to me, I want to make sure something happens to
Lian: Maggie, are you monitoring the village?
Maggie: I'm on it. No unusual activity. Looks like they won't see you coming. Keep it quiet, Lian, if Silvers knows you're here...
Lian: Got it.

Maggie: Lian, Silvers is lining up aborigines for execution. You must get to him quickly, and take him out before it's too late.
Lian: What the security look like?
Maggie: There are soldiers scattered throughout the village. Stay undetected or Silvers will go on a killing spree.

Japaljami: Thank you.

Wubugwubuk: Thank you.

Potyarre: Thank you.

Djakapurra: Thank you.

Kakkerlak: Thank you.

Yubongu: Thank you.

Maggie: Lian, there's a small force moving towards your location. They seem to be closing in on your chopper.
Lian: Damn! They found Weissinger. I'm on my way there now. I'm going to steal a truck and try to find them there.

Free all the aborigines and steal the truck stealthily

Lian: Got it.

Cutscene 2

Lian: Maggie, Weissinger's gone. Can you track her?
Maggie: No, and there is more reinforcements heading your way. Blast! You don't have time to go after her.
Lian: It's okay, she left me a disc. It should have all the data on Syphon and the Consortium that we need. Radio Gabe and tell him I'm heading to DC. I'll relay the data to you en route. Lawrence can start downloading in about 20 minutes.
Maggie: Copy. Relay satellite is ready to go.

Wrong actions


Soldier: Intruder alert! Notify the Commander.

Soldier reports to Silvers

Soldier: Commander, we have an intruder!

Silvers kills the aborigines

Silvers: Right. Time to finish this then.

Silvers go away

Silvers: Let's go, Richardson.

Soldier near Silvers reports

Richardson: Commander, we have an intruder!

Don't go to the truck for 1 min 45 sec

Maggie: Lian, hurry to the truck. They're almost at the LZ.

Character quotes


  • She's helping the test subjects! Get her!
  • Hey! It's Agent Xing! Kill her!
  • Intruder! Take aggressive action!
  • She killed the Commander! Shoot her!
  • Armed assailant. Open fire!
  • Who are you?! Stop!
  • Don't let her get away!
  • We're under attack!
  • Intruder over here!
  • She's over here!

Paradise Ridge

Main plot

Cutscene 1

Hadden: Now can you tell me why it is, Mr. Logan, that every agent, every witness who can corroborate your testimony is either dead or missing?
Gabe: I'm telling you the
Hadden: I have a different version of the truth for you: there is no conspiracy, no arms consortium, only a traitor, acting alone or with his friends.
No. You're wrong.
Hadden: You let Rhoemer escape in Costa Rica because he was working for you. You killed Benton, Stevens, Jason Chance and Teresa Lapan, because they stood in your way. You, Mr. Logan, are guilty of treason, terrorism, and MURDER!
No! You're wrong! Gabe is telling the truth.

Pull back to show Teresa in the room.

Hadden: I don't understand. My records seem to indicate... a coroner's report states-!
Gabe: Teresa was
injured. Not killed.
Teresa: We knew that whoever was behind The Agency would be watching us closely. I
faked my death so that I could investigate without interference.
Hadden: I see. Forgive me if I seem somewhat... surprised.

A Federal Agent comes and whispers something to Hadden's ear.

Federal Agent: *Whispers*
Hadden: Very well. You will understand if I wish to hear what Ms. Lipan has to say... in private.
Gabe: Of course.
Hadden: Now, before we get to your... extraordinary resurrection, I'd like to get some background information.
Teresa: Sure.
Hadden: How did you become involved with The Agency?
Teresa: Well I joined the ATF right out of college.

Dissolve to show Teresa in Paradise Ridge.

Teresa (VO): My first mission came when the FBI discovered a survivalist compound in Northern Montana, and I was given the task of advanced recon. I hadn't been in the ATF long, and I was still pretty green. But I knew the area surrounding the compound, and was put on point...

NSA Agent 1: I repeat, agents under fire! Requesting immediate assistance!
NSA Agent 2: Where's that backup?
Teresa: Right here.
NSA Agent 2: Who the f-
Teresa: ATF. Give me a sitrep.
NSA Agent 1: Glad you came along. We got hostile militia forces in the service towers up ahead.
NSA Agent 2: They've had us pinned down for almost an hour.
NSA Agent 1: Three agents are already down. We need these snipers taken out.
Teresa: Leave it to me.

NSA Agent 1: Be careful.

NSA Agent 2: Nice work.

Zack: All teams, this is Zack Geiger. We have an agent down. Agent DeMarco was last seen around Deadman's Gully, but he's failed to report in. Any agents in the area are ordered to find him and report back.
Teresa: This is Lipan. Deadman's Gully is near my location. I'm on my way.

Teresa: DeMarco, I'll be right there.
DeMarco: Lipan, no! It's an ambush!

  • Militia's quote

Teresa: Get out of here now.

Militia 1: He's getting away!

Randy / Billy: Hey lady, these guys ain't FBI. You gotta help us. This is a conspiracy, we haven't done anything wrong.
NSA Agent 3: Shut up and keep moving!

Teresa: Do you know where the power lines cross through this forest?

NSA Agent 3: Over the next ridge. Let's go, boys.

Militia 2: Randy, Billy, get down!

NSA Agent 3: You guys are gonna pay for this.

Teresa: What are you going to do?

NSA Agent 3: I suggest you leave now. This is your only warning.

NSA Agent 3: I said, back off!

Teresa: This is Lipan. Beacons are planted. Send in a strike team.

Militia 3: Get off our land!

Teresa: What the...

NSA Agent 4: You have one more chance to tell us where you've taken the satellite. If you don't cooperate, I will kill you and your family.
Earl: Do what you have to. I ain't cooperating with no Feds.
NSA Agent 4: Kill him.
Teresa: No! Stop!
Gabe: You! Step out into the clearing!

Gabe: What should we do with her?
NSA Agent 4: Kill her. She's seen too much.
Teresa: Wait a minute... what?!
Gabe: Get on your knees.

Using the Mozambique drill, he nails the NSA agents.

Gabe: You can get up now.
Teresa: You're hit, are you okay?
Gabe: It's nothing to worry about.
Teresa: What the hell is going on here?! Who are these people? Who are you?
Gabe: All you need to know is these men are NSA. Not FBI. They're here to retrieve the data from that DoD satellite. Oakton has that data. So his family and his entire group are going to be neutralized.
Teresa: Neutralized? Are you for real? This is insane!
Gabe: The NSA is being commanded by a man named Silvers. He'll stop at nothing to recover that data.
Teresa: What about Oakton's followers? His family?
Gabe: Not part of my mission. Silvers and the data are my top priority. I want you out of here, now.
Teresa: No way. I don't know what kind of spy games you're playing here, and I don't care. Oakton has a son and a pregnant wife. They're innocent, and I'm going to get them out.
Gabe: Alright. Take this. I can track you with it. Call me when you find them and I'll do what I can.
Teresa: Thanks.
Gabe: Right.

  • Militia's quotes & NSA Agents' quotes

Teresa finds Militia Compound and heads in.

Cutscene 2

Hadden: So Logan murdered two FBI agents.
Teresa: Well, that's the thing, isn't it? Nobody around here is who they seem to be are they. Turns out, they were NSA. They'd cooked up a bunch of lies, so they could go in and murder the entire compound with impunity.
Hadden: Continue.
Teresa: Gabe told me to get out, but I wasn't gonna let the NSA murder Oakton's family. I waited till dark and headed in.

Wrong actions

Leave DeMarco

DeMarco: Lipan, don't leave me here!

Character quotes


  • There's another Fed! Shoot to kill!
  • Get off our land!
  • There she is!
  • Shoot her!

NSA Agents

  • Take her down! She's a rogue agent!
  • I don't recognize that agent. Shoot her!
  • Kill her! She's seen too much!
  • There she is! Shoot her!
  • She's interfering! Get her!

Unused dialogues

Militia: It's another Fed! Get her!

Militia: Die, Fed!

Militia: Get them!

Militia Compound

Main plot

Kelly: This is ATF Agent Kelly. Does anyone read me?
Teresa: Kelly? This is Lipan.
Kelly: Lipan?! Thank God. I was ambushed by two militia members. They knocked me out and tied me up. I'm on their property, but I'm not sure where.
Teresa: Don't worry. I'll find you.

Militia 1: Somebody! Help me!

NSA Agent 1: Where did Oakton hide the satellite data?
Floyd: What satellite? Just leave us alone.
NSA Agent 1: Wrong answer.

Reveal yourself

NSA Agent 1: Who the hell are you?! Put down your weapon!

Teresa: How do you feel, Mr...?
Floyd: It's Floyd. I'm a little woozy, but I'll get by.
Teresa: Listen, Floyd, Oakton's dead and his family's in danger. I'm here to get them out. Do you know where they are?
Floyd: They were at the house earlier, but if Dusty's as smart as I think, he's probably taking Debbie to the bunkers.
Teresa: Great. How do I get there?
Floyd: There's a duct way over in the corner, it'll take you to the warehouse. You should be able to find your way from there.

Brown: Commander Silvers, this is Lieutenant Brown. Come in, sir.
Silvers: This is Silvers. Report, soldier.
Brown: The warehouse compound is secure, but those rednecks took out Lieutenant Peppin.
Silvers: Any sign of the satellite data?
Brown: Negative, sir, but there's a lot here to search through.
Silvers: Hold that compound, soldier. I'm on my way now.

Silvers: Soldier, report! Brown!

NSA Agent 2: Where is that data?
Peter: Oakton has it. Just let us go, we didn't do nothing!
NSA Agent 2: Oakton's dead. Tell me where he hid it.
Uriah: Floyd, he probably has it.

Reveal yourself

NSA Agent 2: You there! Step out and drop your weapon!

  • NSA Agent's quote

Uriah: You saved our lives, thank you!
Teresa: Look, I need your help. I'm looking for data that your group stole from the downed satellite.
Peter: I-I think Floyd said he hid it in a deer head. I knew that thing would be trouble. Please, just... get it out of here.
Uriah: Hey, my brother and I caught one of your agents snooping around the camp.
Teresa: You found Agent Kelly? Is he okay? Where can I find him?
Uriah: We just roughed him up a bit and stashed him under the stairs near the well right before we were captured.
Teresa: Right. Get the hell out of here while you still can.

Save only one militia

Uriah: They killed my brother.
Teresa: Look, I need your help.
Uriah: I don't know nothing about any satellite. All I know is we caught one of your agents.
Teresa: You found Agent Kelly? Is he okay? Where can I find him?
Uriah: We just roughed him up a bit and stashed him under the stairs near the well right before we were captured.
Teresa: Right. Get out of here while you still can.

Kill Brown from the duct

Silvers: Guzman, what the hell happened here?!
Guzman: Brown was dead when I arrived, sir.
Silvers: I think we have a rogue agent on our hands. Kill any unfamiliar faces.

Silvers: Have you located the satellite data?
Guzman: It's not in this warehouse. I suspect it somewhere in the south compound.
Silvers: Lieutenant Quinn is at the south compound right now, rendezvous with him and find that data. I'll stay here and keep this area secure. Send Kennedy and Zanny here for backup.
Guzman: Yes, sir!

Teresa: Logan, come in. This is Lipan.
Gabe: I read you.
Teresa: I found Silvers, what should I do?
Gabe: Take the homing beacon I gave to you and find a way to plant it on Silvers. But you need to be quiet though, don't tip him off. Can you do it?
Teresa: Consider it done.

Silvers: Agent Steinkraus, have you found the data yet?
Steinkraus: Not yet, sir. I'm interrogating one of Oakton's captains now. I'll report back. Out.

Miller: Colonel Silvers? This is Miller. We have a rogue ATF agent in the perimeter. She's hostile, repeat, hostile.
Silvers: Silvers to all agents: there's a rogue agent in the perimeter. Shoot to kill.

Silvers: Steinkraus, how's that interrogation going?
Steinkraus: Not good, sir. Brunel accidentally killed the hostage.
Silvers: Unbelievable! I don't care what you have to do, just get me that data! Silvers out.

Quinn: This is Agent Quinn, sir. We have a visual on Debbie and Dusty Oakton. They're headed into the bunker.
Silvers: Get that bunker surrounded. I'll be right there.

Gabe: Lipan, come in.
Teresa: Silvers is bugged.
Gabe: Good work. I'm reading a strong signal. Now get the hell out of there while you still can.
Teresa: I'm not done yet.
Gabe: All right. Out.

Kelly: Teresa, is that you?
Teresa: Kelly?
Kelly: Yeah, hurry up and untie me.
Teresa: Let's get you out of here.

  • NSA Agent's quote

Kelly: Where are you going? Let's get out of here.
Teresa: I can't. I have to get Oakton's family out safe. Don't involve yourself in this.
Kelly: Okay. Take care of yourself, Teresa.

George: Jeb, can we get out through the north end?
Jeb: It sounds pretty bad up that way.
George: But there's an ambush waiting for us at the south end! What should we do?
Jeb: Stay here and wait for help!

George: Stop right there! Kneel on the floor if you wanna live! You got 10 seconds before I blow your head off.

George: Who are you? And why you trying to kill us all?
Teresa: I'm with the ATF. I'm not here to kill you. I'm just trying to get Oakton's family out of here alive.

Save both militias at the warehouse

Jeb: George! She must be the one who saved Uriah and Peter near the warehouse!
George: Sorry, ma'am. We'll follow you out. Give them three targets instead of one.
Teresa: Let's go.

Save one militia at the warehouse

Jeb: George, she must be the one who saved Uriah near the warehouse.
George: Alright then, stand up and take this. It should help you with the ambush up ahead.
Teresa: Thanks.

Save no one militia at the warehouse

George: I don't believe a word you're saying, but I can't kill a woman. Get up and head out the south end.
Teresa: Thanks a lot...

Jeb: You stay behind us and back us up. A ready, George? *Screams*

Jeb: He's down! I'm going in! Cover me!

Militia 2: I'm going out! Cover me in 3... 2... 1!

Militia 3: Get back!

Militia 3: Who the hell are you?!
Teresa: I'm ATF. I'm here to help. Earl Oakton is dead and his family is in danger. I need to get to them.
Militia 3: You're a little late! They're being held in that building, and we can't get by these snipers!
Teresa: I can take care of the snipers.
Militia 3: We're with you then. There's two on the roof, one on the balcony.

Militia 3: On three: Abe'll go left, I'll go right, you back us up. 1... 2... 3!

Go ahead right away

Militia 3: Hey wait! You're gonna get yourself killed!

  • NSA Agent's quote

Teresa: Where is Oakton's family?
Militia 3: That Dusty is a smart kid. He took his mom into the bunker and pulled that dirty mattress over the entrance to hide their escape.

Wrong actions

Kelly is killed

Teresa: Nooo!

Character quotes

NSA Agents

  • She's not with our agency! Get her!
  • She killed agent Benny! Get her!
  • Kill her! She's seen too much!
  • There she is! Shoot her!
  • She's interfering! Get her!
  • Rogue agent! Shoot to kill!
  • She's with them! Get her!

Unused dialogues

Kelly: Teresa, get my back!

Kelly: Teresa, get down!

NSA Agent 3: Where is that data?
Militia 4: Floyd hid it in that shack over there! Don't kill me!

Teresa: Are you okay?
Militia 4: Yeah, thanks. Who are you?
Teresa: ATF. I'm looking for the satellite data. Do you know where it is?
Militia 4: Yeah, I'll take you to it.

Militia 4: I saw Floyd put it there, in the deer head.

Underground Bunker

Main plot

Dusty: Who are you? Where's my dad?
Teresa: Your dad sent me to get you and your mom out of here.
Dusty: Your jacket says "ATF". Who are you?
Teresa: I was with the ATF until about an hour ago. My name's Teresa. I'm here to help.
Dusty: My mom's in labor.
Teresa: Take me there. I'll get us out. I promise.
Dusty: Give me a gun to protect myself.
Teresa: No way. I'll cover you.

Dusty: Hurry! My mom's waiting in the bunker.

Dusty: I need a second to plant this baby.

Dusty: I think we're safe for a bit. There're some supplies around you may need. I'll wait here.

Dusty: You were gone forever!

Dusty: Lady! You're gonna get your head shot off! / Damn! There's a ton of 'em! / Help me out!

Dusty: Stay here. It's dangerous but I know the way. I'll bring you some infrared goggles.

Dusty: Use these. I can find my way around without 'em.

NSA Agent 1: This decrypter is closing in on the pass code. Just a few more minutes.

NSA Agent 2: Target on the stairs!

Dusty: Mom!
Debbie: Who's that? And where's your father?
Dusty: This is my friend Teresa. You can trust her. She's gonna take us to dad.
Teresa: We need to get you out of here now. The NSA is here and I don't think your security doors can hold them much longer.
Debbie: I'm going into labor. I can't move anywhere.
Dusty: But you're barely 30 weeks!
Teresa: What can I do?
Debbie: We have an emergency kit with terbutaline. It's in the food cooler. If you can find it...
Dusty: I'll stay here with mom.

Teresa: Where did you get that gun?
Dusty: Supply closet.
Teresa: Let me have it!
Dusty: No way! Do you have the meds or not? Give mom her shot.

Teresa: I'm no doctor. Hope this does the trick.

Teresa: You ready to move?
Debbie: I think so. I can't run, so you'll have to bear with me.

Dusty: Dad told me to back-up our computer files if the government ever came. I need a few minutes.
Teresa: Dusty, we don't have time!
Dusty: Just a minute!

Debbie: You going to let a pregnant woman go at it alone?!

Debbie: I don't know if I can make it.

Dusty: All done.

Dusty: Down this way, mom!

Dusty: I'm gonna blast this to slow them down for good!

Teresa: Logan, do you read me?
Gabe: I read you.
Teresa: I've got the Oaktons. I need to pickup if you can manage it.
Gabe: I think I can take care of that.

Pass the level less than 14 minutes

Teresa: Got it. (This line is actually belongs to Lian)

Cutscene 1

Teresa: Gabe got us out of there; he was there with a chopper and lifted us out.
Hadden: I see. And since he helped you fake your death... what have you been doing?
Teresa: Mostly I've been following a woman named Mara Aramov.
Hadden: A Soviet agent.
Teresa: She was involved with The Agency somehow, but we never understood her connection; she seemed to work for The Agency, for the Russians, but also helped us. Like she was toying with us.
Hadden: I don't understand.
Teresa: She's good at covering her tracks. But since she thought I was dead, she wasn't watching for me. Probably the most interesting place I found her... was in your office, talking to you.

Military police personnel suddenly show up with Gabe.

Hadden: Wait! You can't come in here like this! You-
Gabe: These are officers from the Special Prosecutor's Office. Mr. Hadden, with a warrant for your arrest-

He is cut off as gunfire rings out, killing Hadden and perhaps the MP's. Pull back to show Mara Aramov armed with a HK-5 near a doorway, spraying the weapon and not flinching. She opens it and exits, still firing as a professional assassin would do.

Unused dialogues

Dusty: You're wasting time! Mom's hurt bad! Find the medicine!

Dusty: Hurry across!

Dusty: Hurry, guys!

Dusty: These heating vents are the only way into the bunker now. Keep a close eye on 'em.

Dusty: Mom, the switch is on the podium. Get it!

Senate Building

Main plot

Lawrence: Gabe, two agents are being held hostage in the Senate lobby.
Gabe: Copy that, on my way. I thought you were keeping track of Aramov, what the hell is she doing here?!
Teresa: I couldn't follow her while I was testifying, now could I?
Lawrence: Since she eliminated Hadden, we can only assume the leadership within the Consortium is shifting rapidly. We need her alive.
Gabe: Agreed. Teresa, you wait here for a backup. I'm going after Aramov.

  • Terrorist's quote

Terrorist 1: Hey, did you hear about that new spy game coming out next year?
Terrorist 2: I hate those things; do never like the real thing.

  • Terrorist's quote

Save the agents after finding the cancellation code

Federal Agent: Thanks for the rescue.
Gabe: Right.

Federal Agent: Thanks for the rescue.
Gabe: Right. How many bombs are we dealing with?
Federal Agent: Twenty, and they'll detonate in 5 minutes unless we find the cancellation code.
Gabe: Damn! I'll get you that code.

Lawrence: Gabe, Mara and her men have taken over the subway, and they rigging up bombs everywhere.
Gabe: If I find the cancellation code, all those bombs will be useless to her.
Lawrence: I bet Hadden kept it written down in his office.

Gabe: Mujari, I got the cancellation code. It's 6-2-4-9-3. Get the code to the bomb disposal unit ASAP.
Lawrence: Got it.

  • Terrorist's quote

Lawrence: Gabe, Mara's men is spooked. The bombs been neutralized and now they hijacking a subway train to make an escape.
Gabe: How do I get down there?
Lawrence: There is an elevator in the building that will take you down.
Gabe: I'm on my way.

Mara still firing a G-18 sprints along the platform and jumps into a train.

Mara: You will never stop me, Logan! I've got one bomb left and a train full of hostages.

Wrong actions

Leave the agents

Lawrence: Gabe, are you rescued the agents yet?

Character quotes


  • Open fire! It's Agent Logan!
  • It's Logan! Shoot to kill!
  • Don't let him get to Aramov!
  • Die, Fed!

Unused dialogues

Terrorist: It's a good day to die, Logan!

Terrorist: Let's get him a body bag!

Terrorist: This is the end for you!

Terrorist: Die, Logan!

Terrorist: What the h...

DC Subway

Main plot

Gabe: Mujari, I followed Mara onto the train. She's headed toward the engine car.
Lawrence: Gabe, you need to take her out before the train merges with the DC lines. If she releases the virus there, the whole city will be infected.

Lawrence: Gabe, Mara's soldiers are taking hostages. You must rescue them at all costs.
Gabe: Got it. A hero's work is never done.

Terrorist 1: Don't come any closer, or we'll blow away the hostage!
Woman Hostage 1: Oh God! No! Please, help me!

Woman Hostage 1: Please, let me go. I don't wanna die!

Woman Hostage 1: Thank you so much!

Terrorist 2: Don't let him get to Aramov!

Terrorist 3: Come any closer, we'll blow his head off!
Hostage: Please! I have a wife and kids!

Hostage: Thank you, I owe you my life!

Terrorist 4: Stay away or I'll cap the hostage!
McGarvey {Garvin}: He'll do it, back off!

McGarvey {Garvin}: You almost got me killed! Expect a call from my lawyer.

Lawrence: Gabe, one of Mara's men is trying to separate the cars.
Gabe: I know, I just felt the explosion. I'm going to take him out.

Find the explosives before go to the doors

Gabe: I just found some explosives and I'm going to blow her out.
Lawrence: Gabe, be careful.
Gabe: Right.

Gabe: Mujari, Mara is sealed up behind bulletproof steel doors.
Lawrence: Damn. You have to find some explosives and blow her out.
Gabe: That shouldn't be hard.

Mara: One wrong move and I'll kill the woman.

Woman Hostage 2: Do you know who I am?! Let me go!

  • Mara Aramov's quotes

Gabe: Got it.

Cutscene 1

Mara is on the ground with Gabe standing over her with a pistol.

Mara: Finish it.
Gabe: It's already over, Mara.

She drifts into unconsciousness.

Gabe: Okay, got it. Thanks. Mara's gone. Apparently, security didn't see anything. Cameras had been wiped.
Lian: Figures. I guess your first task as Agency Chief will be tracking her down once and for all.
Gabe: No. My first job is rebuilding, from the ground up. With people I trust.
Lian: Great. Just what we need... a bunch of raw recruits to train.
Gabe: How about you, Teresa? Looking for a job?
Teresa: No thanks! I'm heading back to the desert for some R&R. Besides, the Syphon Filter operation is finally dead! You don't need me.
Lawrence: Interpol has tracked down the last of the Project Coven sites. They've all been abandoned or destroyed.
Gabe: Syphon Filter is destroyed, but Mara is out there somewhere.
Lian: Where to begin?
Gabe: The same place we always begin: by looking for the truth, and eliminating anything that tries to stop us.

Credits play - Staff Roll

We see a mini-submarine diving into the North Atlantic to recover the Lorelei's cargo.

Mara: *Evil laughter*


Wrong actions

Go close to Mara

Lawrence: Gabe, Mara took out the hostage!
Gabe: Dammit!

Character quotes

Mara Aramov

  • Logan, put the gun down and let's work together. I will make you rich!
  • You're going to need another plastic surgeon when I'm done with you.
  • I've been looking forward to putting a bullet in your head.
  • One wrong move and I'll kill the woman.
  • It seems your aim still sucks, Logan.
  • Show yourself or I'll kill the hostage!
  • Logan, I am your sister.
  • Where did you go?

Unused dialogues

Woman Hostage 1: Nooo!


Common lines

Gabriel Logan

  • Got it.

Lian Xing

  • Got it.


  • *Heavy scream*

Woman NPCs

  • *Heavy scream*

Unused lines

Gabriel Logan

  • Dammit!
  • Right.

Lian Xing

  • *Death moan*

Teresa Lipan

  • *Death moan*


  • *Death moan*

Two Player

Gabriel Logan / Ninja Gabe

  • Surrender yourself!
  • I'm too good for you!
  • Gunplay isn't your best sport, is it?
  • Maybe you should use target lock?
  • You wanna fight?!
  • How many times do I have to kill you?!
  • There is no hope for you.
  • Victory is mine.
  • I'm Gabe Logan, you can't possibly win.
  • Don't be a wuss!
  • What are you aiming at?!
  • Thank you for playing. Have a nice death.
  • Maybe you'll do better at SFO.

Lian Xing

  • You're going down.
  • Surrender yourself.
  • Oh! I'm so scared!
  • Are we having fun yet?
  • Get on your knees and beg.
  • Go outside and get some sun.
  • How many times do I have to kill you?!
  • You don't wanna make me angry.
  • What are you aiming at?!
  • How dare you shoot a lady?!

Anton Girdeux

  • You're going down!
  • I don't like the way you smell!
  • Death is for the weak!
  • It's a great honor for me to kill you.
  • How do you like to be cooked? Flame-broiled?
  • Thanks for playing. Have a nice death.

Bag Lady

  • Get away from my shopping cart!
  • Where is my 2.50?
  • Why didn't you help me cross the road?
  • Come on! Give Bag Lady a big wet kiss!
  • Get over here!
  • People like you shouldn't be allowed to breed!

Dr. Elsa Weissinger

  • Death will look good on you.
  • I thought I already killed you!
  • I've got something for you.
  • Get back here, test subject!
  • Do I decarboxylated your phenylalanine?
  • The coroner is waiting for you.

Uri Gregorov

  • Die, you capitalist pig!
  • You're going down.
  • After I kill you, I will drink to your memory.
  • Victory is mine!
  • Do you enjoy getting killed over and over again?!

Lawrence Mujari

  • Die!
  • I can see death standing behind you.
  • I'm too good for you!
  • Life has been wasted on you!
  • You're going down!
  • You shoot like a crippled goose!
  • Who's the player by yours controllers?
  • Why are you still playing?
  • Respect my gun, and accept your demise.
  • Die without honor.

Mara Aramov

  • Let's dance.
  • I hope you picked out your body bag.
  • Insects like you deserve a slow death.
  • Welcome to your funeral.
  • Do you prefer me, or the real thing?
  • Killing you is always fun!
  • Victory is mine.
  • Why don't you go outside and play with a ball?
  • Stop fantasizing about me!
  • So I see you like to play rough.
  • My name is Aramov. Prepare to die.

Erich Rhoemer

  • Hurry up and die!
  • I'm gonna murk you up!
  • You're wrong, and I'll tell you why.
  • Get out of my face, you ugly stain!
  • Such messy business.

Teresa Lipan

  • I got you in my sights!
  • Stay still for just one second!
  • Turn off the TV and read a book!
  • Who's your daddy?!
  • Help! I'm being chased by a dweeb!
  • You call that shooting?!
  • What are you aiming at?!

Vladimir Gabrek

  • I've been waiting a while to kill you.
  • The time of your death is near.
  • Don't you run from me!
  • You call that shooting?!

Mini Game



Teresa: Assassinate both targets without being detected. I did manage to find you a silenced sniper rifle to help. Good luck.


Teresa: Assassinate the three targets without being detected. Sorry, but recon was unavailable to pinpoint their locations. Good luck.


Teresa: Assassinate all four targets without being detected. Sorry, but recon was unavailable to pinpoint their locations. Good luck.

Special Agent

Teresa: Assassinate all four targets without being detected. Good luck.


Teresa: Assassinate all five targets without being detected. You only have a knife to complete the mission. Good luck.

Complete the mission

Teresa: That's it. Good job.


Teresa: Follow the trails to the firing positions and destroy the targets that appear. There are four sets of targets and your time is limited.

Trainee: After shooting

Teresa: Good shooting. Follow the trail to the next firing position.

After shooting

Teresa: Good shooting.

Complete the mission

Teresa: Good job.



Teresa: Locate two bombs and then provide cover fire for the Demolitions Expert as he defuses them. Be sure to stick by his side; an attack can occur anytime he's vulnerable.

Rookie / Agent

Teresa: Locate three bombs and then provide cover fire for the Demolitions Expert as he defuses them. Be sure to stick by his side; an attack can occur anytime he's vulnerable.

Special Agent

Teresa: Locate four bombs and then provide cover fire for the Demolitions Expert as he defuses them. Be sure to stick by his side; an attack can occur anytime he's vulnerable.


Teresa: Locate five bombs and then provide cover fire for the Demolitions Expert as he defuses them. Be sure to stick by his side; an attack can occur anytime he's vulnerable.

Demolitions Expert: Kick-ass!

Demolitions Expert: I'm on it.

Demolitions Expert: Cover me.

Demolitions Expert: Do your damn job!

Demolitions Expert: One down.

Demolitions Expert: Two down.

Rookie / Agent / Special Agent / Commander

Demolitions Expert: Three down.

Special Agent / Commander

Demolitions Expert: Four down.


Demolitions Expert: That's five.



Teresa: Hunt down and kill fifteen enemy soldiers. You will have to seek them out; don't expect them to always come to you.


Teresa: Hunt down and kill twenty enemy soldiers. You will have to seek them out; don't expect them to always come to you.

Agent / Special Agent

Teresa: Hunt down and kill twenty-five enemy soldiers. You don't have as much ammo as you're accustomed to.


Teresa: Hunt down and kill twenty-five enemy soldiers. Unfortunately, you only have a pistol and one clip. You'll have to scavenge for more weapons and ammo.


Teresa: Sneak through the patrolling guards and find a silver briefcase left by our mole. Once you recovered the briefcase, bring it back here. Don't alert any guards. Good luck.

Get the briefcase

Teresa: Good work. Now return to your start position.

Wrong actions

Assassin / Biathlon / Thief (Trainee, Rookie, Agent): Time is running out

Teresa: Running low on time. Hurry up.

Assassin / Biathlon / Thief (Trainee, Rookie, Agent): Time is out

Teresa: Oh no! You're out of time!

Assassin: Spotted

Operative: Alert! Alert!

Biathlon: Wrong position

Teresa: Wrong firing position.

Biathlon: Out of ammo

Teresa: You're out of ammo. Better luck next time.

Demolition: Leave or kill Demolitions Expert

Teresa: You were supposed to cover him.

Thief: Spotted

Teresa: Damn it!

Unused dialogues

Teresa: That's it. Good job.

Operative: Alert! Alert!

Teresa: Follow the trails to the firing positions and destroy the targets that appear. There is one set of targets.

Teresa: Follow the trails to the firing positions and destroy the targets that appear. There are two sets of targets.

Teresa: Follow the trails to the firing positions and destroy the targets that appear. There are three sets of targets.

Teresa: Follow the trails to the firing positions and destroy the targets that appear. There are five sets of targets and your time is limited.

Demolitions Expert: Locate another bomb!

Demolitions Expert: Locate another bomb!

Demolitions Expert: Cover me!

Teresa: One left.

Teresa: Two left.

Teresa: Three left.

Teresa: Four left.

Teresa: Hunt down and kill ten enemy soldiers. You will have to seek them out; don't expect them to always come to you.

Teresa: Careful.

Teresa: Careful.

Teresa: Dammit!


Syphon Filter 3 - Unused Audio Showcase


Syphon Filter 3 Single and Two Player Characters Quotes