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Gabriel Logan The major protagonist of the Syphon Filter series. Logan was a former Agency operative, briefly worked with the IPCA and then became the director of The Agency itself.

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"How many men did you kill to get here? All of them, they were just doing their jobs. Did they deserve to die? I'm just doing what I was trained to do!" Jason Chance during a standoff with Gabriel Logan in Syphon Filter 2

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November 10 2011/ Article created
Chuck Doud and Peter Kepler *Newest Articles*
November 8 2011/ Article created
Edward Benton *New Article*
October 4 2011/ Articles created
Gershon, John Ramirez, Singularity and Erikson *New Articles*
October 3 2011/ Article created
Andy Kovaski
September 29 2011/

New enemy encounters profile section created, info to come soon.

September 27 2011/

New Syphon Filter soundtrack section created, media to come soon.

September 11 2011/ Article created
Lawrence Mujari
September 8 2011/ Article created
Jonathan Phagan
June 10 2009/ Article created
Erich Rhoemer
June 10 2009/ Article created
Jorge Marcos
June 10 2009/ Article created
Pavel Kravitch
June 10 2009/ article created
Playstation Trilogy
June 10 2009/ article created
Black Baton


IPCA Black Baton Pharcom The Agency Red Section CBDC Mckenzie air base's Military force(SF2)
  • Martin Hoffman
  • Carter Smith
  • Alan Jackson
Allies Enemies of SF1
  • Terrorist
  • Terrorist 2
  • Monk
  • Evil Scientist
  • Agency Operative
  • Rhoemer's soldiers
  • Pharcom/Phagan's guard
Enemies of SF2
  • Paratrooper
  • Spook Commando
  • Agency Operative
  • Unit One
  • Russian Bodyguard
  • Jailers Aljir Prison
Enemies of SF3
  • Fake FBI
  • Mara's bodyguards
Other NPCs not enemies
  • Militia Officer
  • CBDC Agent (yellow Hazmat suit)
  • Military Officer
  • Prisoners of Aljir Prison
  • Military Police (MP)
  • Paradise Ridge militia

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