The Consortium, is an organization that exists in the Syphon Filter Franchise. Referred to as the International Arms Consortium by Vladimir Nevainair, this shadowy group is responsible for overseeing The Agency's activities as well as the distribution of the Syphon Filter Virus as well as the advanced version known as The Omega Strain. Originally thought to have been led by Vince Hadden, the real leader was Mihai Niculescu who was revealed to be the true face behind the Syphon Filter Conspiracy as well as the man Mara Aramov truly reported to.




  • Mihai Niculescu - Leader. A Swiss Billionaire and the man behind the Syphon Filter conspiracy, he makes his debut in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.
  • Vince Hadden - Second-in-command. U.S. Secretary of State, personally oversaw many of The Agency's activities as well as the distribution of the Syphon Filter Virus. Believed to be responsible for overall control of the organisation for a while.
  • Mara Aramov - Assassin. Former KGB and spy within the Black Baton and Agency, she reported to Mihai (and what appeared to be Hadden for the first three games).
  • Silvers  - Field Agent. Former NSA, he worked with NSA operatives to kill the Oakton Family and later was assigned to shut down a Syphon Filter facility in Australia (as well as eliminate everyone involved).

Controlled Organizations

The following is a list of corporations funded by the Consortium.

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