Gabe Logan: "He's dead..."
Teresa Lipan: "Kress must've been feeding the ZP information about the UN. That's the only way the ZP could've held out for so long."
Gabe Logan: "Yeah. Kress was a Red Section mole working inside the UN. Damn kids never had a chance. The bastard was posing as a medical worker, and I left them alone with him. How did Red Section get someone placed so highly in the UN? How many more young kids like Janzen are going to die before we get some answers? Logan out."


This will be an all-out war right off the bat. Two enemies will be opposite you; blow them up with the explosive shell. A few more guys will next arrive. Wait for them to approach, and then cap them. Be careful not to kill them too quickly.

You will now have to contend with a pair of missile-launching motherfuckers who exploit an elevated position to snipe at you. One is on the left catwalk and the second, the right platform. There is a special SMAW made for tank-busting directly opposite you in the truck bed, but beware of its horrid capacity: the thing only has a maximum of ONE round. Anyway, you can try hiding inside the truck, then sniping the assholes with MB-150 darts.

With them down, Kress will reappear. Man, he's really a coward eh? Sneak up on him and use the knife.

A tank will approach, and Gabe, having a positive outlook, naturally assumes it's a good guy - but suddenly it discharges its smoothbore, with Logan barely taking cover. Now...Zivmovic heard Kress' radio call for help, and he's pulled out all the stops. Shouldn't you oblige him?

Return to the truck bed and nab the anti-armour missile tube. Switch on your EDSU goggles and you will find three distinct weak spots on the tank. Generally speaking the front panel is the easiest, so concentrate on the side panels and THEN that one. When all three are blown up, the tank will explode, killing Goran. Mission over.


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