Thomas Markinson


Basic Information
Cambridge, MA



210 lbs.

Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death

September 8th, 1999[1]

Killed by

Erich Rhoemer


Headshot, back of the head from above.


The Agency 1997-1999
Black Baton 1999
U.S. Government 1976-1996
U.S. Army Special Forces 1968-1975


Agency Director 1997-1999
Defense Intelligence Staff, Washington D.C. 1986-1996
Army Intelligence, Washington D.C. 1976-1986
U.S. Army Special Forces 1968-1975


Agency Director 1997
Purple Heart - Awarded in Vietnam
Medal of Honor - Awarded in Vietnam

Misc. Information
Appears in

Syphon Filter
Syphon Filter 2 (mentioned)



Voice actor(s)

Eric R. Hilding

Thomas Markinson was the original director of The Agency in Syphon Filter and distributes orders to Gabriel Logan & Lian Xing on every mission of Syphon Filter.

Syphon Filter

Markinson sends them on a mission to find the viral bomb in Washington, D.C, where Erich Rhoemer & the Black Baton lead a assault on the city. Logan finds a fake main bomb at a subway, leading to a explosion, he find & wounds Mara Aramov and Markinson orders him to find the bombs in the Washington Park. the CBDC disarms them everywhere.

Logan heard that Edward Benton was working for Black Baton in a exhibition center, he heads there to find Benton, and kills him. And interrogates Markinson on the way out. He takes Logan to Rhoemer's base in Kazakstan and while planting the bombs on every gasoline tank, he kills Gabrek. And the base is destroyed while him & Markinson make a getaway. While Logan picks up communication from Lian, she is now taken hostage by Rhoemer. And sent his attack chopper to kill him. he escapes again.

Markinson sends Logan to infiltrate the stronghold to inject some patients with a antidote. Deeper in the stronghold, he found Lian alive and she's infected with the Syphon Filter Virus. Markinson is negotiating secretly with Rhoemer for the Syphon Filter virus to the Agency. while Logan makes his way to Rhoemer, he meets with Markinson on a walkway near the missile and both begin to talk about the virus.

While monologuing about the missile and how Logan has no idea what things are going on, Markinson is violently shot in the back of the head by Rhoemer and falls of the edge of the walkway and falls to the bottom of the missile launch site where he lands dead in the bottom of the missile, never to be seen again. At the end of Syphon Filter Lian asks Logan what were they working for and what were Markinson's ambitions, all Logan knows is with him gone they may never know.

Syphon Filter 2

Although not making any appearances, Logan mentions him at certain points in the game, especially when he is communicating with The Agency or talking about it.

He is however mentioned in conversation between Vince Hadden, Lyle Stevens, Mara Aramov and Mr. Cochran. Mara tries to use Markinson against Stevens in their argument, saying a lot of their current problems was due to his actions. Stevens remarks that first he's not responsible for the actions of his predecessor and that Markinson was "not in control" (of the Agency). Hadden then begins to proceed to question Cochran, staying that "unlike Markinson and Rhoemer, you have failed"...before Mara snaps Cochran's neck.


  • Despite being the secret antagonist of the game, he is never actually faced in combat and Gabe does not kill him. It's uncertain if Gabe would have killed him anyways.
    • The same trait is shared by Vince Hadden, who was the "Mystery Man" in this game, going into the second title and finally revealed in the third Syphon Filter game. He isn't killed by Logan, in fact he was to be arrested but Mara Aramov ended up killing him.


  1. Syphon Filter Briefing, viewed via pause menu (not the one before the mission) on Missile Silo level
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