• Hi. I can't edit some of Characters pages myself (wanted to add some nice pictures). Also can't edit some other pages too. Can you give a permission or something like that?

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    • I see...can you provide a list of pages you want to edit? I think a few were locked to stop vandalism. I know you are no vandal but this was done when many fuckers were present.

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    • Well... almost every Character page needs a decent picture, and maybe some info. 127 Characters pages total - 56 of them closed for edit. List of closed Character pages:


      Addison Hargrove
      Ahmed Salim Fadhil
      Alec Kabanov
      Alex Birchim
      Alima Haddad
      Andre Proust
      Anton Girdeux
      Askar Saydahmat


      Black King
      Black Viper


      Colorado Bridge Bombing Commander


      Dane Bishop
      Derek Falkan
      Dillon Morgan
      Dimitri Alexopolous
      Dosbol Samaev
      Dr. Jandran


      Edward Benton
      Ehud Ben Zohar
      Elsa Weissinger
      Erich Rhoemer


      Fahid Tamer


      Gabriel Logan
      Gary Stoneman
      Ghassan Al-Bitar


      Imposter Gregorov


      Jane Doe
      Jason Chance
      Jonathan Phagan


      Lawrence Mujari
      Lian Xing
      Lyle Stevens


      Mara Aramov
      Mihai Niculescu
      Mikhail Pulikovsky
      Mikhas Ivankov


      Nigel Cummings


      Pavel Kravitch


      Robert Cordell


      Shen Rei


      Teresa Lipan
      Thomas Holman
      Thomas Markinson
      Trinidad (character)


      Uri Gregorov


      Vincent Hadden
      Vladislav Gabrek


      Walid Abdul Khorsh
      William Crusher

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    • Lmfao..i see. I will undo the locks but is it possible if you work on transcripts in the meantime?

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    • Almost finished SF3 transcript posting.

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    • I saw it..thank u so much. For OS i foresee a SHITload of things to be done. Including cutscenes, CODEC, awards...the list goes on. I will need EVERYBODY pulling their weight here.

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    • For The Omega Strain I have long planned the following: I will scripting 1 level completely, then go to another level.

      • Briefing (via hex)
      • Mission (include Cutscenes, Radio and also unique conversations from Radio Log in pause menu)
      • Zeus Data for the mission

      For all that, I break into the game resources and extracted all audio data (they already divided by levels). About Zeus Screens, I saw you uploaded these in 2010: and they are holy....shit they horrable! Just a photo from TV? Really?! :) I suggest to replace them by extracted directly from the game.

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    • I see..we can figure that out but more importantly we will need the script first

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    • Also, there are a few YouTube videos with codec convos.

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    • I have changed the protection level for all the pages you requested. You will now need to log in to edit them.

      However, I may consider changing some back to a status of being only editable for admins and staff depending on their significance. So let me know when you're done editing.

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    • I've made a new Infobox for characters:

      Now with multiple tabs. You do not mind? :)

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    • Interesting. I think that's very good!

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    • Hi Foxhand...if possible could you extract the maps from Omega Strain so we can highlight objective points? It's one of the extra-ordinary games since only that has par time...So it would immensely help people if we could have screenshots of the maps, along with objectives in order to create walkthroughs.

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    • Maps in Omega Strain? You mean 3D Maps? Or these 3D green panoramas? Well, I'm not hacker to do things like that, yeah I recreated some maps before for CS GO and maps for Minecraft but... Anyway I have something else: In 2012, when one of Omega Strain sites still existed, I copied some nice maps , I have maps for every level except IPCA Training. Maybe we can use these?

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    • This is awesome! The training would be a bonus too. Can you do that for each mission?

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    • Ok, I uploaded all maps in Images section for future use.

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    • Hey Slasher! You forgot to open Thomas Markinson for edit.

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    • I have done it

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    • When do you think you can do the OS script? Or should I continue with it?

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    • Planning to start at the beginning of the next month. Of course you should continue, why not? It will be a little easier for me if some parts of transcript already will be written.

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    • The maps you provided are AWESOME, but Kyrgystan doesn't have legends. Can you pull up a map of that mission that is like all the rest? With numbers and labels to show objectives etc.

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    • Ft763 wrote:
      The maps you provided are AWESOME, but Kyrgystan doesn't have legends. Can you pull up a map of that mission that is like all the rest? With numbers and labels to show objectives etc.

      I don't added Legends to all other maps, they were already was with Legends tags when I copied them from site in 2012 (this site now is closed). IPCA Training and Kyrgyzstan levels were absent in that site for some reason. Instead, I was able to find another Kyrgyzstan map without Legens. We can try to add Legend and other stuff manually to that map, but in that case - we need to know what and where to add. I do not remember this level very well to add tags. Maybe I'll do that in the future.

      I also have Maps for Syphon Filter 2 and 3.

      PS: Markinson's categories have not added after all :)

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    • Yes i see about the maps...we can figure it out. As for markinson, something is wrong and i could not seem to add em. I might try again next time.

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    • I believe Sf1 also has maps. We can work on those in the future. For dm and ls we can eventually make something for them too.

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    • Hi Foxhand, if possible please leave the characters who are not essential to the story as 'player-determined' for their status. Examples include

      Richard Erikson


      Sam Jones


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    • A FANDOM user
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