Yes, you're now blocked on all accounts.  Hopefully you can do some serious maturing in that time. Not that I'm telling you to hold your breath -- I think you've stirred up the hornet's nest, and more than sufficient bullshit to justify a permaban, which is exactly what I'm going to advocate. Hoping you can pull your head out of your ass and stop being such a sanctimonious douchebag is more for your own sake.

I really didn't think much of your comments initially, but it's clear that all you ever were was an arrogant fuckin' pissant with no contributions to this place whatsoever, bringing extreme, excessive, EXCEEDING negativity to the wiki. Just empty spam post after empty spam post. What really irks me, however, are your constant attempts to claim bullshit of Garvin etc while YOU spew out your own opinions all over the place, often unrequested or when they didn't make sense for the discussion at hand. It's almost like you want the keys to this forum, or in general, a forum that will be silent but for reiterations of how right your opinions are. 

Well guess what? You don't have the keys to this forum, and you never will. This wiki is meant to be a fun, cool place for SF fans to post concrete facts. You've been a hinderance to that for too long. All your posts are irrefutable evidence you can at best deceptively hold back your endless interpersonal communication malfunctions and volcanically erupt them all over us in one fell blast later on. I've personally grown tired of deleting your bullshit remarks in the attempt to stir up more goddamn drama after all of us worked so fucking hard to smooth over the goddamn rift you tore into this pristine and peace-loving community.

As such I think the troublemaking in here is more than lopsided enough in your area to necessitate you being gone. You're a poison to this forum, a singularity of angst, extreme arrogance, blatant ignorance, exceeding douchebaggery and absolute asshattery. I put up with you until now because you seemed like an apparently nice guy that didn't know any better. I regret to say that I was apparently mistaken. You really don't change, and you really don't understand why people don't like you.

Hope you enjoyed your stay here at least sometimes, hope you learn to improve yourself instead of plugging your ears sometime in the near future, and hope act on self-improvement tendencies to actually better your life. Because if this is how you act on a forum, you must have no social skills whatsoever in person, and despite all I've just said I still feel genuinely sorry for you putting that in mind. But pity and sympathy aren't going to save your ass this time.

As of now, I'm gonna tell you "go FUCK YOURSELF" as parting words. However, I'll try to look at things on a more positive note. I think you need to disconnect from the net, dude, because it's clear you treat it like asylum from real life, while ironically making no attempt to hone your social skills through it because your obsession over how right you are has rendered you essentially incapable of recognizing when you're making a mistake.

Well, I almost irritated myself all over again. To reiterate though, I genuinely hope you learn to fix your own faults and have a better life for it. So, have a better life. But have it far away from here, because I am one hundred percent done trying to hold the shambles of this community together while you keep pissing in the cracks.<ac_metadata title="BAN"> </ac_metadata>

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