"The deal was you come alone, you bastard!"

"The deal is simple. The disks for your daughter."

The Transaction on Germany was a major conflict of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror where Addison Hargrove attempted to bargain with Touchstone in an exchange. It went awry right from the outset, when Hargrove grew furious and attacked her enemy; in retaliation, Touchstone knocked her over a railing and to her apparent death.

Infuriated, Gabe Logan then resolved to kill Touchstone. He fought his way through seemingly insurmountable odds, battling multiple waves of Red Section personnel and then dueling his nemesis. He was eventually triumphant in his ordeal.



By some unknown means, Red Section had been notified of Gabe Logan's meeting with Addison Hargrove. They somehow stashed equipment caches in various locations around the mountain. While infiltrating the compound, they then engaged the security forces in a firefight, in which one thug was shot dead, either by a civilian packing a hidden weapon or by an armed patrol.

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