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 ?, China


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Gabriel Logan


Shot two times in the chest.


Chinese MSS

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Appears in

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow



Dragunov SVD

Glock 18


For the similarly named mission, see Trinidad (Mission).

Leung Cha Qiao, codenamed Trinidad, was a Chinese MSS agent, tasked with the rendition of Shen Rei back to China.


In the 1980s, Trinidad was assigned to the Chinese MSS, where she was responsible for training a new recruit, Lian Xing. The duo assassinated Qwan Tak, governor of Altay, Mongolia. Trinidad sculped Lian into the perfect agent, but Lian's defection has forever stained Trinidad's reputation.

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Trinidad received a mission to bring the scientist and Shen Rei back to China. She first appearing on entering the Lian's room, in Kuranca, Azerbaijan where she meets up with Logan. She attacks Gabe with a knife but fails to kill him. Logan tries to ask some questions but they are ambushed by Spetsnaz soldiers. At the end of the mission she runs away from Logan, and appears again at the beginning of the mission in Tyorma prison where she meets Logan again, explaining the relationship between Lian and her.

She then appears in the last mission in the Al-Jamil base, she meets Logan, Lian and Shen; she tries to force Shen to return to China but realising he cannot hide anymore, he kills himself, not desiring that the X-Z-2 be used as a weapon. As such Trinidad's mission was a failure.

She lastly appears in the post-credits cutscene. When Logan and Lian return to the place where the rest of the team was (in a boxing gym) they find Mujari on the ground and Teresa wounded, she warns about Trinidad, then Trinidad appears, aiming her pistols at Lian. Gabe shoves Lian aside and blocks the bullets meant for her, before returning fire at Trinidad. She hits the ground, mutters a few last words and perishes.

List of known victims

  • Lawrence Mujari
  • Teresa Lipan
  • Gabriel Logan
  • Hotel manager
  • Security guard employed by al-Jamil
  • Technician forced to help al-Jamil


  • Her role is very similar to Mara Aramov's, especially with her appearing and vaporising before being present elsewhere.
  • According to Gabe, her eyesight is terrible, as evidenced by a broken spectacles which he finds in al-Jamil's dam belonging to her. It was knocked from her during a struggle between her and Bitar's guards.

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